So Each & Every Year We ARE Via The Popular Press Given Reviews

So each and every year at this time we often see an increase in award type shows and the year in a blink on an eye type review materials-and I of course might be regarded as somewhat ignorant to many of such goings on I generally taking information in on a non-conscious basis rather than consciously. It could be said that we all do this-though clearly it can perhaps be demonstrated that some incidents and stories are ones that we are all aware of or indeed we know are simply STIRRINGS of self-publicists such-as yours truly.

Knowing differences and dissecting what is important on a person-by-person basis is of course up for debate in the sense that as has been demonstrated over-and-over again someone somewhere manages to grab some STAR-LIKE moment of being Famous for 15 Seconds and likewise others become infamous for 15 Seconds and that is of course quite easy for many of us to understand.

Given the modern World of Automobiles and road rage incidents and planes trains and automobiles whizzing & speeding everywhere like Blots On The Landscape anyone at any point-in-time can have brief moments of LETTING RIP at other peoples and persons about themselves.

Likewise such patterns can of course be caught and captured from those about ourselves and likewise we can seek to depart from such patterns and attitudes if we find ourselves presented with the opportunity to seek to remodel ourselves in some fashion-choice is choice of course and many a person claims to be set in their ways and that being the case one does wonder why such things are not taken into consideration.


Well I saw a news item saying that some bets had been placed on the Queen using the Christmas Speech to ABDICATE and I though well she has clearly served the NATION for many Generations and is not getting any younger-though clearly one was given the impression that she has long regarded herself as a LIFER in the sense that whilst some decisions and so on are easily swapped about and changed that other issues can be suggested to go far deeper to the HEART of many a belief and Doctrine that we grow up with and adapt to and so on.

I think perhaps that she comes across from a third party perspective of having a deep respect for the position that she and her family hold within various societal structures and that a change in figurehead family status is exceptionally unlikely-though given the time of year we might regard such speculation as typical ANNUAL chancers trying or seeking to pull a fast one on the rest of the gambling community.

I personally think a better bet is to write up a fake future such as demonstrated by Ian Morris in Why The West Rules For Now and then see what little nuances of change can be deciphered within such writings-we can of course do such things for any writer at any point of study within our lives-though it is interesting that a female member of the ROYAL FAMILY is being highlighted whilst a NEW as yet unknown sex GREAT-GRANDCHILD is on the way. Will Prince George be the big brother looking after his younger sisters interests or will they fight like cat-and-dog as many a brother and sister is known to do-yes I think I speculated a female previously only for George to turn out to be a boy-so clearly that demonstrates just how easy the so-called SWINGOMETER and various STATISTICAL METRICS can mislead and misdirect and all the rest of it.

So I was wrong on George though at present given this information I am thinking a GIRL-HOWEVER in la-di-da CUCKOO LAND “Old Wives Tales” we are often told that morning sickness is far worse and extreme when pregnant with BOYS and clearly this is seemingly the case once again with Kate so smart money is perhaps once again on a boy.

So what else-well the Sidney Siege is still ongoing as to dissecting information and so on-Iran of all places has made a statement saying that they had notified Australia regarding the Cleric-though clearly it can be difficult to CUT through the various levels of information SWAPPING. Clearly it can be said that many of the more EXTREME type individuals left Home Country’s through differences with INCUMBANT leaders and government and so on-so in other words he may have been a TERRORIST within his homeland-and this is something we see over-and-again where ASYLUM is claimed abroad only for the same individuals to then take the piss out of the Country that has WELCOMED them and so on.

The debate on being STATELESS is of course ongoing and has been an ISSUE in relation to the Guantanamo Bay Prisoners simply in that Homelands either refused many of those held or indeed would not agree to abide to some International LAW on HUMAN RIGHTS.

So the same swings and round-a-bouts TOPSY-TURVY World in which any of us finds ourselves can be exceptionally difficult to NAVIGATE though clearly WAYS & MEANS can be demonstrated to lead to greater levels of CLARITY as to how particular Pyramid like SYSTEMS have formed, and it can be WISE in any given population to seek to ALIGN yourself with ESTABLISHMENTS or at least acknowledge and decide on what side of any given debate and topic you are on. I DO think that of course as one peels back layer upon layer of Historical CONFUSION we can find that many a debate is not worth while having and WE ARE all-of-us better of operating perhaps from a TOP-DOWN and CENTRE-BROAD perspective whereby you see what those at the top are doing and then work your way down through the CENTRE and then perhaps OUTWARDS within your own personal SERIES of PARALLEL choices.

I as a cleaner for instance know that workwise if I clear debris at a higher level prior to the lower levels then I will less likely have to repeat the job, gravity causes most dust and grime and dirt to fall downwards and likewise even at the lower levels we can PERFORM and FASHION ourselves according to circumstance-however times do change and some folks fail to become ACCCLIMATISED to all the changes that have OCCURRED about themselves. This time of year in the way media presents and so on does see a GENERAL opening up of awareness’ through multiple generations and some people demonstrate and ACCEPT such occurrences whilst others run around play hardball games of black and white strapnel flying out in all directions and those of us unfortunate to get caught in the IDIOTS sights can of course decide upon how best to RESPOND.

I think everyone wants a LEVEL of QUALITY COMMUNICATION and also everyone wants to TREAD wisely in order to walk the path that most successfully navigates all the various bombardments that ENVIRONMENTS throw at us.

I spoke or wrote about how I once felt as though my arm acted without my conscious brains assistance and I think we will be seeing an increase in such incidents at this time-in fact I did recently find myself having several incidents day-after-day as though something was GRABBING my ATTENTION in a no holds BARRED fashion. What were the incidents-well the stand-out first one was a CHOKING FIT where I in an enclosed space suddenly found myself with eyes streaming and unable to breath as though being affected by a HIGH-LEVEL of NOXIOUS GASES and little in the way of Oxygen then a day later I found myself having to wash and rinse my EYES-OUT after some SPLASH-BACK hit myself in the eyes and these types of affairs can happen within MULTIPLE-REALMS of existence-I know that such things can happen at work and likewise simply in a bathroom or Kitchen at home or going to the SWIMMING BATHS and having a REACTION to the chemical in the WATER and so on.

Yes in HEREFORD PARLANCE-WHO recalls the open swimming pools they used to have on the Bishops Meadow?

They were of course still in useage during my child hood though have long since disappeared and I recall that they were painted an Aqua Blue or Cyan type colours perhaps representing the SKY reflecting the SKY though clearly the water itself had a CRYSTAL CLEAR quality although given one or two of the HOT SUMMERS we do of course know that such water can feel very cold or very warm.

Simply swapping pools at the current baths demonstrates the CHANGE in TEMPERATURE and such combinations can affect all of us at any given time within our lives, how easy is it to climb into an overheated bath or indeed over-chilled bath.

Yes returning to present day CULTURE we are perhaps going to see all the PERFUMES & COLOGNES making extra-special appearances as though a once a year usage or buying of such things is going to change anyones UNDERLYING CENT. Interesting how such things are thought about in the sense that when I were lad getting outside and playing and so on was regarded in a good light in helping to create a BODIES DEFENCE SYSTEM where these days of course an obsessive SOCIETAL WIDE CULTURE exists of AVERSION to all and anything that has not passed some SUPERBUG TEST.

Well I think I will leave this one as another note taking MEANDERINGS on this DAY OF OUR LORD WEDNESDAY 17/12/2014.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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