The Interview: Part Deux-The Bay Of Pegs

So I have found myself thinking heavily on this issue of so-called PEGS and the multitude of variations of usage of aforementioned pegs and in keeping with day-to-day International News I thought I would EMBELLISH a little via Cuba-Kim il-Jong type references.

So pegs-I am or can be said to be of a generation that grew up around peoples using clothing PEGS or pegs to hang washing on the line-the line very often hanging between two points in the garden such-as a couple of trees or indeed purpose built lines-later we did see at one time an ever popular INVERTED UMBRELLA type device appear on the market-hard to describe beyond saying that to myself that was the easiest reference to use-so where we see a parachute or umbrella with the dome in the upright position-when it comes to some manufacturing of some devices the can be said to be “upside down” or INVERTED, and that might be said to what can occur so-to-speak with various imagery that we pick up. So I use a rhyme referencing the STAR of David and when you take any given star shape it can be demonstrated that you can think of it as two DELTAS such as I mentioned recently where a star could be traced across the middle giving us two differing ELECTRONIC like structure & forms, when you are in the Northern Hemisphere you might use the Star Pattern as your reference and when in the Southern Hemisphere you might use the crossed Deltas and of course in SWITCHING or PHASING between the two positions you are training yourself to be able to effortlessly and easily move between differing OPTICAL IMAGES. Hence my mentioning the Optical Illusion wiki page. Many teachings suggest that we from a young age become somewhat HARDENED to particular ways of viewing and seeing the World and many a course is about softening your so-called gauze and broadening your overall field of vision.

We hear or are told that some people are long sighted and others are short sighted and many or multiple systems demonstrate practicing switching into your perhaps less dominant mode. Clearly most of us must fall somewhere between the long and short on some SCALE and we can go hardball into statistics and worrying about such knowledge or simply practice using differing distance references at the same time as perhaps changing view to the external being akin to some invisible force field that is crossed (In Data Terms) the “ME” and “Not Me” I think Paul Scheele and one or two others speak on this issue within multiple Learning Strategies Courses-when we are in the womb or indeed new born knowing that the BOUNDARY between “me” and “not me” does not exist until some SENSORY STIMULUS EVENT causes us to rationalise within the hemisphere between our ears that this is “me” and that is “not me” such as a sensory NERVE-ENDING-SIGNAL creating a previously NON-EXISTANT BOUNDARY or BORDER within our brains.

The so-called separation and the immature EGO perhaps start up at this point and Modalities such-as Holosync create the necessary kinds of stimulus to make us RE-EVALUATE boundairies and borders-and I have of course throughout the years suggested imagining yourself to be within a World of Water-you can perhaps go from being sensory introverted to sensory extroverted.

We often hear of a difference between extrovert and introvert though more interesting from my own studies has been the reference to INVOLUTION and EVOLUTION and both kinds of study can help get people’s heads around IDEA’S relating to INTERNAL versus EXTERNAL whereby much like rotational Gravity can cause various outbound effects-get a glass spinning top and place some sand within it and see what happens to the sand when you spin the spinning top-is an easy DEVICE to create though something I have perhaps not seen.

So returning to PEGS, as a youngster I could have been all wrapped up in some CARRY type device and watched as a parent pegged washing on the line and likewise when we go into the realm of FILM and so on we also see “Classical” CELLULOID FILM being pegged on mini-lines within some Lights out STUDIO, particular Frequencies can ruin celluloid type film when over-exposed and so on.

Interstingly when it comes to cartoons-the Artist’s did actually often also recommending a pegging system for page notes and so on-today of course we a variety of RING-BINDER like devices that hold pages in place-though artist’s do still speak on pegging-Disney used to peg at the base of the celluloid pads whilst Warner Brothers apparently used to peg celluloid sheets at the top of the pads or vice-versa-that is of course an interesting ANECDOTE that I garnered from within one of multiple Cartoon Books.

So again differing REALMS have differing though COMPARABLE SYSTEMS and for us in the AWAKENING and AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE development seek to CLARIFY EACH OTHERS particular SYSTEM and when you think about it-it is the same as a cook or chef going into a NEW employment and learning the WAYS OF THE KITCHEN.

The same can of course be said for anyone who has studied within any realm via college and University Courses whereby you generally either DEVELOP your own system based on your own training or indeed fall into line with a pre-existing system.

Both methods of course have plus & minus’s and I could of course mention work-though will not because I can state that the ENVIRONMENT has CHANGED though likewise many a long term employee has also changed whilst others are INTRANSIGENT to ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES not necessarily “SEEING” the World with any new CRITERIA. The World continues to SPIN irrespective of any given individuals desire to MOVE or NOT MOVE with current best practice or RULES & REGULATIONS and so on. Some things can be of benefit in questioning of existing of imposed systems whilst others have clear criteria by which changes had to be made within no uncertain terms.

So it can of course be said that most of the courses and learnings that I have acquired and passed on to others come with so-called MENTAL PEGS & HOOKS or indeed mental pegs and hooks and again such things can become so ingrained as to be effortlessly and easily brought ON-LINE at the appropriate time and place and so on and so forth-simply via the letting the non-conscious and conscious work together in a more STABLE EQUILIBRIUM. Clearly I could do a never ending series of all-encompassing courses that run in parallel or indeed some HIGHBRID courses that implement the very best from what has gone before and I can say that I have actually carried out both of those in the sense that you know and learn what selection of NUANCES and so on from various MODALITIES best fit any given moment or day or however one wishes to describe such things.

So progress is down to individual choice and options and the learning that whatever is going about yourself you can endeavour to reclaim your own mind and heart and personality and so on from those who have “potentially seized your behaviours. Yes debates can be had on good versus bad within all realms and aspects of life though clearly it can be demonstrated that apart from perhaps becoming a more law abiding CITIZEN of the EMPIRE that navigation systems through life do or are best restructured to accommodate wherever or whatever your present requirement is.

I am fortunate in perhaps having a high threshold and level of abilities though at the same time am potentially more susceptible to attacks of various sorts-whilst someone else may be more geared toward being a Spy or Military Operative, and of course we can see that we have the various versions of interactivity between the inward bodily realms and outward World realms-so I may have good IQ and EQ and Sprituality whilst someone else may have HIGHER PHYSICAL strengths and PQ and each POTENTIALLY falls within some factorised scale of PLUSES (+) and MINUS (-). Clearly we can all train to be at peak performance though I have overall found progress to be gradual-you cannot go to a gym and lift a weight and suddenly declare yourself as fit as someone who has been carrying out said activity for multiples of years-likewise the same can be said for the other various abilities.

So really we all perhaps want good cross-realm communication abilities and also KNOW that each unique individual within every realm is operating from a position of TRUST in training and SYSTEMS and personal growth and development and so on. All to easy to become High or even Low-jacked only to later regret some misbehaviour that such things can cause. So an example of that might be a typical Christmas type Situation “I’ll let my hair down and go out drinking-what happened next?” was it option A or option B or option C or option D and we can of course all perhaps relate to any given positive or negative versions of story outcomes within each other the given categories.

So yes I am thinking that note taking is like pegging and that we can phase and switch and rotate and become accustomed to the best SYSTEM REQUIREMENT within any given day-to-day place or ENVIROMENT that we find ourselves within as we go about day-to-day operations and LIFE and so on.

Yes some like to be regimental in the way they go about life and others like to be la-di-da and we all again fit somewhere within some kind of factorised scale and my own Learning and Requirements are that whilst I have my own life to be getting on with-there is little harm or damage in passing on appropriate learnings and teachings to others within any given other realms that you encounter or who choose to follow yourself. Do right by others where you possibly can still stands as a K.I.S.S. “keep it simple sweetheart” style and way to go about things. Clearly some of us can perhaps doubt whether good/bad can be as easy to speculate upon as they once were-though we are perhaps all of us best realising that whatever direction you take you can look to find the seed or idea of a positive equivalent benefit from any feedback and return type system that we seek to accommodate within our own lives.

Yes unveiling previously unnoticed awareness’s and knowledge’s is ongoing as one continues with any series or set of teachings as differing peoples have differing ITINARY and CRITERIA by which they are expected to have as guidelines and principles by which to live.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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