Animals Within Animation

So this year I have gone once again more into the creative quadrant or sector whereby studying more within the so-called ANIMATION plane of existence and awareness and clearly it can be suggested that early INFLUENCES within many a person’s life and history came about via being a fan of this or that or the other cartoon.

Yes whilst we are perhaps at our youngest as infants we do not necessarily consciously take in what is occurring about ourselves though I think it is “GENERALLY” or “USUALLY” a given that many a parent falls into stereotypical like behaviours of being a parent. That can of course mean many things in this day and age of so many societal wide like living standards and differing strokes within differing realms.

However it can often be demonstrated that given the choice between leaving a baby in a carry cot in a room with a TV playing Horror Movie The OMEN versus leaving the baby in a carrycot within a room playing Disney Pixar’s NEMO are clearly differing choices and options. Yes many of us perhaps “DISMISS” a child taking in the World about them in a kind of “They cannot understand” or “remember” such incidents and that can “potentially” be true in the sense of how memory has been demonstrated to work-the repetition gradually building a bridge between external and internal then gradually building a bridge between short term and long term memory prior to some systems and actions occurring on an almost intrinsic non-conscious Auto-Pilot styled fashion.

Very often it can be demonstrated that those who have trained and drilled and worked hard have those patterns and can rest assured that they will work in the fashion one expects-the negative or downside that I have not spoken upon recently is this one of “older” or “buried” memories and patterns returning to bite you in the ass-so to speak. That perhaps related to the WHY I spent so much time Meditating and “Clearing”.

However as I have this year reduced meditation I have found that more and more Deja-Vu like events are happening and also that some are out-of-order as to timings and sequences and patterning’s. The conscious window is said to be so small that Targeting or Centering ourselves within our own Intentioned Trajectory can be a continuous and ongoing series of minor adjustments and so on-clearly some systems and ways and means of going about things are better designed than others-for instance some courses literally seemingly tell you to ignore Negatives within your World and stay on positive patterning-and we can each demonstrate that such things occur in swings and round-a-bouts it is no good my running obsessively into various topics creating RESISTANCE when non-conscious verbalised commands have been perhaps implanted on a non-conscious BASIS that are causing FRICTION and INTERNAL INCONGRUENCE.

I can personally say that as I have proceeded with multiple modalities that I have become more and more Centred and True and Congruent and whilst others about myself will likely continue in differing ways and view and perspectives of the World-IT can be demonstrated that greater interaction CAN OCCUR without returning to full fighting and battling and distress and so on. Clearly once Threshold and awareness and knowledge has been raised we can pay less heed and attention to those whose IDEALOGUES and so on are incompatible with our own though likewise potentially IDENTIFY common SHARED Factors and Teachings that are common Themes and Threads throughout Society as a WHOLE. Society in general having many shared and handed down from generation to generation prior lessons and learnings.

So yes cartoons and “BABY” entertainment shows such-as Tweenies and Teletubbies are probably the NON-CONSCIOUS baby theme of current teenagers, where my own generation was watching repeats of Bag Puss and Trumpton and Jackanory and Playschool type shows.

How far does anyone have to explore-well these things can perhaps be demonstrated to not require in-depth knowledge of so-much as understanding that they are there. Present day TRIGGERS cannot all be placed at the feet of our parents and the Society we grew up and around. The further I have advanced the more I have come to see that absolutely everyone might be regarded as SIMMING IT in some fashion and that is not the same as SIMMERING SOUP.

So recipes come in all shapes and sizes and forms and where our ATTENTION goes can be misdirected with SMOKE and MIRRORS and we can ask ourselves those questions (IF WE WANT TO) as to what we were missing within any given SCENE & SITUATION. What non-conscious links and materials containing IMPORTANT DATA or INFORMATION can be allowed to come to the fore within my writings and output and so on.

Staying present in the HERE & NOW is not the same as being or staying constantly CONSCIOUS-HENCE having the recall and how you are placing information in and taking information out becomes the system of choice. Clearly it has been demonstrated by far more advanced Meditators and peoples and persons than myself that many LESSONS & LEARNINGS however FAST we want to WHIZZ through them do not occur at some ACCELERATED and OVER-CLOCKED RATE OR MANNER.

I think I suggested previously that the difference between Holosync and Holosync Two was potentially related to Quantum Computing and how enhanced COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS and ABILTIES developed from the differing ASPECTS of OVERLAP between the Traditional Layout of the Alpha and Beta and Theta and Delta patterning’s and the ACCELERATED PATTERNINGS of the long-term users. Clearly they have CHOICE & OPTIONS as to how quickly they themselves have learnt and how best to proceed with handing and passing knowledge on. Some clearly obsess with maintaining a SAFE “Status Quo” whilst others at lower levels such-as myself are potentially WILD & RECKLESS as to the way in which we go about things.

I think Aerosmith once sang a song “Don’t get mad, get even” and clearly whilst early on it can be easy to DECLARE WAR on peoples and persons such-as myself-far too often further realisations when further depths of exploration have been carried out with lead to very differing CONCLUSIONS. So when various things came to my own awareness I began to stop bashing some quarters within some quadrants over the head-though likewise elsewhere was still on the RECEIVING end of misdirected nonsense.

Choice is choice and I have little interest in fighting over issues that I do not consider as related to myself.

We must always remind ourselves that we REALLY are ALL ACTORS & ACTRESSES and as much as we would like to point the finger at this one who wronged myself or that one who wronged myself-over the longer course it is likely that people will think some AH-HA that brings about a more CENTRED and MATURE and all-encompassing view of the World and the associated Systems that are in place to ensure that whether we like it or not we are genuinely mostly SELF-RESPONSIBILITY like INTERNALISED SYSTEMS.

So yes the title speaks on animations with animals and clearly we can say what would a CAR based around this animal be or that animal be and so on-the DEGREES of separation of course as to CAUSE/EFFECT PARAMETERS. We can look to some realms and find much work has already been completed though our own non-conscious can be suggested to work out all the required non-conscious mathematical calculations that change the way in which we see the World. Whether we are BROADCASTING or FORECASTING-someone somewhere has already beaten most of us to any punchline that we can think to think of.

I will leave this one here-thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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