So Strange Things Can Occur When You Fail To Pay Attention

So there I was wondering what I could write about-here we are just a few days prior to Christmas and I find all sorts of strange things occurring about myself as I go through the usual day-to-day motions.

Yes I spoke on optical illusions and found myself thinking about Paul Daniels and his from my childhood “And That’s MAGIC” catchphrase. He of course being a Magician spent (as one assumes like all Magicians and indeed Scientists a lot of time working through Theories as to how to go about create particular EFFECTS. We have of course also seen Magic Exposure Shows demonstrating how particular effects were created and even the ones that I recall carrying out such activities (Penn & Teller (I think they were called) still managed to include some other kind of Magical TWIST at the end whereby an illusion was created within or outside of another illusion much like experts in various other realms manage to confuse us with variations of the so-called DOUBLE-BIND. I spoke on double bind previously (Heads I Win and Tails You Lose, (being the simplest of examples) and of course you do find as you progress that they are also often referenced ELSEWHERE as being ENCAPSULATED.

Encapsulated simply meaning one within the other in a NESTED FASHION such-as the Famous Russian Dolls that are a typical (at this time of year) PRESENT that many a person could have as a stocking filler of some description.

So what has that got to do with anything-well clearly as “PROGRESS” is made with meditation and associated Technology Systems you do come to see more and more how all the little jig-saw pieces have been ENGINEERED to somehow very often come together at some known in advance appropriate moment and so on. These things perhaps down to everyone’s own personal experience and the various STAGES that you go through-so for instance everyone was somewhat #SHARP early-on in the way they went about treating newcomers and so on within various realms and we can of course show that the further many of us have progressed the more we find ourselves coming back to some mirrored starting like point. By that I could for instance say that some of the early AWAKENING research was in many ways included in newer modalities that I have taken up and the reality as everyone already knows is that as much as we like to have family and friends and identify with this more than that and less than the other that CHOICE and OPTIONS are the BUZZ (NOT LIGHTYEAR) words to adopt to the way you go about life.

So I have also of course found myself thinking about the so-called RIDDLE of the Sphynx and we did of course also have a RIDDLER within the Superhero realm as an ARCH-NEMESIS to the Caped Crusader known as The Dark Night or Batman. I speak on that because I did recently arrive to work thinking about THEME TUNES that we live by and it can be FUN to have your own favourite theme tune-I sometimes whistle particular “ancient” theme tunes as I go about working and I also mentioned Batman because I was thinking of Del and Rodney when they arrived as Batman and Robin at a party only to find it was NOW A WAKE, whilst TRIGGER whilst not knowing of the change had himself managed to BLEND-IN with the change of occasion.

So we all have what I perhaps mentioned previously ANECDOTES, and we can all tell anecdotes that are inoffensive and true as to how we know the World about us to be-of course some REVEL in being extreme-I see some EXTREME EXAMPLES are currently appearing in the DAILY HEADLINES.

So everything is IMPERMANENT and as we go through the STAGES OF ENLIGHTENMENT and FREQUENCY STAGES we perhaps have long lost IDEAS and sparks of intuition and so on happening within our lives.

Yes multiple generations all coming together at Christmas Time and likewise we all perhaps have silly stories to tell that give us a better PERSPECTIVE and VIEWPOINT than we may presently have. I think those things are related to ENGINEERING and the simple IDEA of re-using pre-existing MODEL repeatedly whilst at the same time experiencing a NEW-something causes you to RAISE your HEAD up to see some sign on a wall that you may not have previously noted and likewise I can ask when did RIBBONS become so popular on Christmas Trees-unsure I that is TRUE as I myself grew up with TRADITIONAL STAR & ANGEL type IMAGERY though the CORPORATION TREE whilst looking very nicely put together has a RIBBON-IS that an AMERICANO Style or fashion that has once again creeped across the Atlantic-ribbons are of course popular in Women’s Hair and on Present Wrapping and for Tying around OLD OAK TREE’S though as to the top of the tree starring role-one does have to think hard as to any kind of MEANING-YES perhaps someone’s way of removing the so-called RELIGIOUS CONNOTATIONS and CREATING A Neutral or PAGAN STATE.

Something to RESEARCH perhaps-though I do mention of course Witches and Wizards at various times throughout the year and perhaps these things come about depending upon our own stage of growth and development-I think Bill Harris wrote on that within his blog and anything where we do not know how something has been created often appears MAGICAL to the rest of us.

I think CLAUSTROPHOBIA can be one of those stages that various peoples and persons go through at differing times of life and clearly some are more susceptible than others to any kind of PHOBIA imaginable-though likewise we perhaps have to have a FACE FEAR attitude in the realms of Psychology whereby when you realise CHOICE and OPTIONS are available you can return from any kind of BRINKMANSHIP that you may be experiencing-I think one-upmanship is often an issue and the one that is highlighted within my interpretation of present day news.

So we can reward ourselves for our good psychological behaviours and fail to note the negative issues-yes I know all about coins though that is not what I mean so much as we seemingly getting more of where own focus is-going BEYOND-the call of Duty and that extra mile I think is something that does cross the Atlantic in terms of both APPRECIATION and REWARD and I do of course say thank you to those who have rewarded TRUTH & HONESTY and ENLIGHTEMENT over some older IDEAS that we all of us from all realms have perhaps had to LET GO in favour of BETTER LIFE CHOICES. I do not seek to force people into realms and associations they may not feel they relate to and neither do I think that anything should not go on without constantly returning to asking how can I demonstrate such CONCEPTS and so on without sometimes ranting and raging like a BLOODY IDIOT. I think the Religious Model whilst good in behaviour terms has perhaps been reduced to a secondary consideration during this time of year though likewise it is interesting that the TEACHINGS are what BIND whether DOUBLE OR TRIPLE everyone TOGETHER.

Well meandering have wandered all over the place and again that is a sign of the times perhaps.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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