Is It Real Or Just Imagination

So this perhaps a question that many of us have asked ourselves during the course of our respective lifetimes and also I think the lyric is from a former Christmas number one tune-though in reality of course some of us have a history of Drinking and whilst I myself am fairly teetotal these days I like everyone else can wander about town and so on and seemingly have apparitions of what is going on right before my eyes.

Yes I have written upon this theme previously though clearly we can those of us who now drink less perhaps see that you really can get yourself into greater and greater states of enlightenment and so on simply by documenting as much as possible.

So you go to town and instead of dismissing everything that you may have witnessed you write as much as you can recall down on a reference pad or a blog diary such-as this one and when you follow such systemised processes you come into alignment with how you yourself witness the World. So as an example I could write that this morning I set out on a journey into town, on Ledbury road I noticed a parked up blue hatchback vehicle that stood out from the other vehicles parked up along the route-I also noted that it was somewhat packed up with all sorts of odds and ends all squashed into the rear seat and boot-yes you can put as much or as little detail as you like though the more you write what stood out for yourself on a day to day basis the more CONGRUENT you can become. Far too easy to enter into some joint venture with a group of differing people and then become confused and conflicted-hence why such things really can be best done alone. Yes I know we all like to chatter and discuss many a topic-though as any expert will tell you in relation to CRIME SCENES and so on-you can take a dozen people for witness statements and get a dozen different IDEAS of what people think they have or have not seen.

So I carry out such tactics and techniques quite regularly only really writing down what I know to have been CORRECT-whereby if something is HAZY or not quite sure-whilst these things can come back to yourself it could simply be that it is not the most important think to RECALL at the present moment.

Yes debates in differing realms can be had as to what is most important-though in my AWAKENING studies I have found it to be worthwhile being ACCURATE to the DEGREE that you are able to TRUST your own eyes and recall abilities and so on. On top of that you can of course follow the IMAGINING VISUALISATIONS and so on that some modalities provide us with though such things really are often using differing aspects or areas of the brain.

So quite simply things can improve for anyone when you are not being muddled by other muddled people and persons-and unfortunately as we all know we can all have experienced a level of becoming muddled-or following people and persons that do not necessarily have our own best interests at HEART. Yes I do think that such ACCUSATIONS return to haunt us time and again-though I also feel CONFIDENT that over the longer term when you stick to the provided tools and methodologies as much as possible you come to see a very differing UNIVERSE or WORLD and whilst any of us could potentially be adversely affected as many of us have been in the past-it can also be the best way to actually raise up and relieve ourselves of various historical fears and concerns and all the rest of it-people can throw UNWISE labels and judgements at anyone else until the cows come home though gradually a KAPOW will with continued practice potentially occur whereby you are like the Captain in the Pirates Movie who gets them to rock the boat until it turns upside down into a new World-and yes we often hear negatively induced labels about some such topics though clearly ONE POINT OF VIEW is known as your own INTERNAL and the other some strange EXTERNAL claim that someone claims to know your own thoughts and actions and how you have lived your life and so on-and when you think about it even making that kind of a claim about someone else is surely exposing what is within your own mind and being and so on.

Hence my repeating quite regularly to right what you saw rather than what you SPECULATE. SPECULATION is usually that SEEKING issue whereby 1&1=2, and whilst that may be perfectly correct as a mathematical model-we are talking about tuning ourselves into being able to separate FACT from the many SPECULATIONS that rush into our minds.

So you know at this time of year we can find a Wrapped Gift under a TREE and have a SHAKE and WEIGHT test and SPECULATE and GUESS as to CONTENT-though really what you can write down as a FACT is that you have a “something” wrapped within this colour paper (perhaps) and this colour ribbon and that it is signed by so-and-so etc.

So yes even in a CIRCUMSTANCE where we naturally have trained ourselves through respective lifetimes to speculate and guess and all the rest of it-we can put down FACTS as we see them. Strange as to why I am writing those sort of comments though clearly the NOSY parker INQUISITIVE brain is nothing to be WORRIED or concerned with. We want to be inquisitive and investigative in order to better FUNCTION and have fun in our lives and so on-though far too often we DENY fact over embellishment and things such-as little white lies and so on.

Far better to become honest and transparent or translucent if that is possible than to over indulge in practices that can send you to the FUNNY FARM-whilst I have worked in a Former mental Hospital that is not the same as having been an INMATE or indeed PATIENT. So yes everyone has an inquisitive brain that is likely bulging with ideas and speculations and this that and the other though all any of us can truly do is to seek to become congruent within our own minds and that means FACTS over THEORY.

Well not much longer and everyone will be saying IS THAT IT all done and dusted for another year-though clearly we can as I do simply write whatever comes into your own head and be congruent with that material.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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