Forgiveness On A Tuesday And My Heart Stood Still

Yes of course I do not know the proper lyric though did notice an ARTICLE suggesting that today is going to be the largest and busiest shopping day this week-though shopping is of course related to tills not stills and grassing also in some quarters.

So the language we speak and the words we use are of course exceptionally confusing in our day-to-day language and it is no wonder not wander that some of us become somewhat SPHYNX SIGHED in shrugging our shoulders at seeking to explain the many differences and variations that are available in becoming reacquainted with some degree of SPIRITUALITY and so on and so forth-hence so many fraudulent peoples and persons pretending to have little or no level of enlightenment-even when it has been recommended and demonstrated over and above and beyond any requirement of further explanation and proof within some quarters and realms.

Yes forgiveness does of course start with the person in the mirror and several modalities do actually recommend the usage of a MIRROR. For instance within Photo-reading we are asked to use a mirror whilst drawing blind that gives us a differing kind of COORDINATION to that which we gain VIA directly looking at what we are doing. Likewise we often see in DRAMA-CEO styled individuals bashing workers over the fact that they are not paying enough attention to his EGOTISTIC self.

Of course ANOTHER kind of rotation that can be performed is to think of my SUGGESTED STAR and STAND upon the star as you might when walking down the HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD and imagine that star BEAMING up all around yourself like it might if you were standing on a Star Trek styled futuristic Transporter. Also we do of course see that in BUILDINGS it might be consider that a certain type of GREEK COLUMN was styled within that fashion.

Likewise we see old CIRCULAR UFO space invader CRAFT that also have that beam of light as they go around kidnapping peoples and persons in the middle of the night-so many ways have been DEMONSTRATED within differing RESEARCH modalities and teachings to get across this message that you can take any seeming pattern and PROJECT it within this DIRECTION or that direction ACCORDINGLY with present requirements. Another modality that uses the MIRROR is of course AURA SEEING and again it is simply a matter of having a long and relaxed gauze at particular coloured or indeed black and white images and then carry out a particular TEST practice within a real life mirror-I cannot remember the exact purpose though I think it was to ACTIVATE you seeing an AURA about your own personage. I was very much interested in the AURA seeing from another angle and did actually find that it worked with a long practice-very quickly in fact. So when you can see that something works you likely continue practicing such things until they can become almost second nature and part of who you are as a person.

Likewise another ARCTIC related article ESPECIALLY for the dyslexic was related to the BIN LORRY incident-we have of course heard this year from the Special Forces Soldier who claimed the so-called bullet-I am unsure on such matters as I do know that traditionally in HISTORY many execution like activities and FIRING SQUADS were provided with RUSSION ROULETTE styled tactics whereby no-one necessarily KNEW WHO fired the so-called FATAL SHOT.

Clearly matters have moved on from that time period though likewise every area of life has it’s own variations on PECKING ORDERS OF MERIT and so on. At this time of year I am quite sure as a youngster I would complain as to having a seemingly lesser present than someone else-perhaps demonstrating the selfishness that the bodily ego can induce to all-comers-likewise such matters can of course be explained in better terms and reward of positive reactions over petty jealousy and foolhardiness. I guess some of us give away far too much of our so-called POWER to our children and all the rest of these things-though likewise given the REACTION to some TEACHINGS and LEARNINGS we can perhaps once again fall into the REALM of-“I would not want to be in his shoes.”. Yes this year we have seen group after group demonising various WORLD LEADERS and WORLD SUPERPOWERS and in-and-on every continent we can see that POLARITY of populations and belief systems exist though very often from an INDIVIDUAL point of view these things perhaps come back to experience-so lifelong dedicated peoples and persons within any area who have worked their way up respective societal PRESITIGE LADDERS can go completely unfazed by negative reactions to the work that they carry out and love passionately and all the rest of those things. Likewise some of us perhaps lower down within Societal prestige ladders likely perhaps fail to respect the success of others and then wonder as to why we are perhaps on the scrap heap in the first place.

I should at this point note of course that anyone within any realm can seek the forgiveness of others whether publically or privately and likewise in meditation and technological terms some might say such things are not necessary though likewise the FORGIVENESS for anyone is differing to FORGING your way through the WORLD on a pray and a hope only to find that you have been deaf dumb and mute on matters that really can make a difference to the way in which you go about day-to-day like.

So yes Bin Lorry in Hereford is not a bin lorry in Glasgow is not a bin Laden in Pakistan is not a SLED PULLED BY REINDEER flying across the WORLDLY SKIES throughout the coming days. Yes we do of course think of horse and carriages as somewhat antiquated though in some quarters we do get to see those Traditions being maintained by the Country Set and so on and so forth. I actually enjoy watching and viewing some “OLDE WORLDE” styled programming and RITUALS and we do of course see more of such EMPHASIS on these practices at this time of year-who can forget Bill Murray telling his staff to pin antlers on the mice to match his EXPENDITURE BUDGET.

Yes budget and taxes and money whether we are alive or dead or making ends meet can be a full-time preoccupation and bringing ourselves about in the steering of our respective life courses can of course take forgiveness over-and-over again until we truly are feeling CENTRED as some being of light shining on all around and demonstrating that IT IS NEVER TO LATE to VIEW the WORLD about ourselves with childlike eyes and innocence once again as we pay our respects to those people and persons who have made a positive difference to the lives of others that they have ENTERTAINED.

Anyone can claim a 15 minutes of fame as the saying goes and likewise it is easy to complain about inheritance of wealth-I personally believe that like many before myself I was looking within the wrong place and such lessons can really be a dynamic onward and upwards series of realisations and so on as to what keeps the BRIDGE OF HUMANITY AMONG THE STARS whether working in parallel with a PARALLELOHAT or simply continuing to see and accept blessing and love and that feeling of being appreciated whenever and where-ever you find yourself experiencing NOW.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone and I want…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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