Samuel Beckett

So I have in recent days found myself NOTICING that particular title and we can of course do various search and references for that name-however the easiest one that springs to my own mind and indeed falls in alignment with the “Thought Within A Body” Teaching is in fact the TV series from several years ago entitled “QUANTUM LEAP” the IDEA that in some FUTURE TIME a scientist develops a particular experiment and tests that experiment upon himself-whereby he becomes like a PINBALL though within space and time and whilst he as an “OPERATIONAL THOUGHT” enters the bodies of other people-they of course are “TRANSFERRED” into his body at some FUTURE POINT. The experiment was said to have been in error and he found himself seemingly forever jumping to differing people through time and space and not returning to his own body-the Computer SYSTEM was working out the “SIMULATED” coordination and so on in order to correct various wrongs that had happened in space and time-or he himself UPSET the TIMELINE via INTERFERENCE in the events of one or other time period that he found himself within.

So yes-we can see as we progress that some IDEAS can be REDUCED to fundamental Classic Type Teachings over-and-over again-though that might in some respects said to be the booby prize-a difference perhaps between knowing you yourself have made substantial progress and seemingly being locked into some REDUNDANT patterns and “PARALLELS” that are no longer the best set of circumstances for us to find ourselves within.

Elsewhere I made a Buzz Lightyear REFERENCE and clearly when we look throughout HISTORY we can say well this person looks like an Astronaut whilst that Person looks like Ronald Weasley and so on. So external pattern matching is differing to CHARACTER pattern matching in the sense that one can DISGUISE the other. All to EASY in my opinion to think the WORST of someone simply for them looking like some NEGATIVE MEDIA PERSONALITY or CELEBRITY than WHO they actually are-AS a combination of growing cells and patterns and frequencies within a body.

When we CLOSE OUR EYES we can of course remind ourselves of various SHAPES such-as the CLASSICAL TRIANGLE and the lower left & right corners can be said to be akin to DUALISTIC style thoughts and patterns whilst the UPPER POINT might be regarded as non-duelistic. Many a person misunderstands those most simple of THEORY though I have come to see that no matter how much we have raised ourselves into THE SINGULARITY POINT we do still have to operate and perhaps give insight and understanding to the DUALISTIC REALM.


So imagine that the NON DUAL POINT is PARALLEL to awareness and knowledge that TRAVERSES-ALL interpretations of HISTORY though-out time and SPACE. Much like the ABSOLUTE FINAL TWIST before the DEALER within a CASINO takes your money off yourself-when you thought you had a WINNING HAND.

Likewise imagine that the DUALISTIC POINTS are SERIAL to awareness and knowledge that TRAVERSES-ALL interpretations of PERSONAL HISTORY through-out TIME and space. We can come to see that the “PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF” SYNDROME really does “COVER” any LEVEL of awareness at any given point in DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. They do say that some behaviours and patterns “FALL AWAY” when you gain progress and further INSIGHT and so on-though likewise NEW ENCOUNTERS do tend to ensure that you may find yourself CONFRONTED with OUT-OF-DATE or out-of-sync with yourself operations and THEATRICS & MELODRAMAS going on about your personage.

So I like to think at present that the non dual point is like that HOLOSUITE that we see in various SCIENCE FICTION programmes and likewise that might be AKIN to a THEATRE PRODUCTION during REHEARSALS. Rehearsal’s of course take place whether through APPRENTICEMENT within any given realm or TRAINING within any given realm or indeed SCHOOLING within any given REALM.

So repetition of being in SYNC within a COORDINATED STRATEGY of everyone in SOCIETY playing the so-called ROLE that they have within their own ENVIRONMENTAL MELODRAMA.

Melodrama is ANOTHER word that I have found myself thinking about recently and again whilst DRAMA TRIGGERS simple ACTION MELODRAMA perhaps suggests something a little more-perhaps the addition of SOUND that runs in sync with the drama and action and so on.

So ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY can be raised to that HIGHER POINT and then EXPERIMENTED with to form links between differing OPERATIVES within differing WORLD-WIDE realms and some repetitions can be pre-cognised and others that potentially have not REQUIRE not re-choir thinking about beyond present day knowledge and awareness.

So we all perhaps had some ““I want to be…” OMNIPOTENT “when I grow up”” and very often whether these processes are CONSCIOUS or NON-CONSCIOUS falling into pattern matching with successful people and personalities and understanding that not everyone is going to understand can be a beneficial attitude towards life the Universe and Everything.

The HEAD-ON-BACKWARDS approach clearly is a PARADOXICAL like representation of understanding DEJA-VU theory though likewise as I have suggested I gave myself the HYPNOTIC like COMMAND to BACKWARDS ENGINEER some of the early RESEARCH materials that eventually LED myself to various understandings and teachings surrounding the IDEAS in RELATION to ENLIGHTENMENT.

Clearly looking backwards is not all it is cracked up to be-though likewise we do often have to document events whether we like what has gone on before or otherwise. So you might say that I went into some over-clocking mentality of being a speed freak and yes that continued for quite a while though I have mecome far more RELAXED in my awareness and understanding of the CREATED & ENGINEERED HOLOSUITE type strategy than I may have previously been-so being in alignment and witnessing and pattern matching and understanding parallel lives and synchronization all contribute to CONFIDENCE in your ability to NAVIGATE whatever ILLUSIONS & DELUSIONS illusions that an be thrown our way. Someone somewhere has worked upon layer & layer of theory for many a circumstance and having prior experience of ROUTINES & PROCEDURES & PROCESSES can bring anyone to greater and greater ATTUNEMENT to the WAY of keeping things simple.

What was there in existence prior to my existence and what will be in existence after my existence and HOW CAN I ENSURE that my little part within the CELLULAR STRUCTURES & STRATEGIES of time and space are ENTERTAINED within that place of limbo between the CONCEPTUAL REALM SYNCS of HEAVEN & HELL.

A though within a body is of course not necessarily matched with IDEAS such-as colour and sound and frequency though given the HERD action of such matching’s you can be better in sync and sound and vision of light than otherwise.

This is once again meanderings and notes-and nothing has to mean what is meant though clearly I have a desire to move away from ranting and raging at OBSOLETE IDEAS in favour of rewarding APPRECIATION and FRIENDLINESS and inner WISDOM and external acceptance that whilst I can change and move forward-in order for this that or the other to occur some external action also has to have taken place and we can perhaps all of us see that such things have occurred to an extent that we can record and repeat things in ANECDOTAL type thoughts and feelings rather than SPECULATED upon enquiry or inquiry-those always bring myself into conflict and confusion as to meaning though as I have progressed at various INTERSECTIONS of EVENTS I have come to see that answers to questions asked on the website have had people seeking to answer them perhaps also wondering whatever next has to occur in order for further progress within their own MENTAL realm and ENVIRONMENT.

Yes I am straight laced and straight faced in writing these things though I do also have a sense of humour when I am given the opportunity to EXPRESS my humour hence my setting up my own blogsite and constantly giving myself POINTERS as to HEIGHTENED AWARENESS that appears within my realm on a day to day BASIS.

Yes one can feel like NEO from the MATRIX on a daily basis although the Ladies probably prefer the ALICE in wonderland Model-as the thought in a body patterns and sequencing however we can perhaps suggest that both are in many ways the same.

Big Picture and Little Picture and Medium Picture, Yes the Riddle of the Sphynx suggests 3 ages of man and we can perhaps extend that MODEL across multiple phases within our own lives whether laterally or literally or horizontally or vertically until many a new learning becomes the learning and strategy and SOUL ACTION of choice.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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