The Technology Of The Senses & Surroundings

Now a popular and simple mind-bending technology that I recall using when I was young were of course so-called 3D GLASSES. We used to get those paper glasses that were REQUIRED wearing for particularly well designed IMAGES that layered the ink strokes on cartoons and movies slightly out-of-sync that looked strange when looked upon with regular non-glass altered VISION-though when viewed through the combined RED & BLUE colour filtered glasses managed to FOOL the brain into the belief that IMAGERY was been 3D’D into SPACE.

Since the INTRODUCTION in more recent years of Computer generated modelling the effect can be suggested to have been SUPERMAXED in the sense that the computer systems can calculate all those tiny NUANCES that a regular Artist may have had some difficulty with. Again the effect is using a differing model of reality to that of the earlier generation and we see this in the STANDARDIZATION of the so-called MIB (Men In Black) Glasses that we find ourselves being handed out when we attend various movies at the Cinema or Pictures.

I am unsure as to the size of the roll-out of the technology though clearly some STANDARDISATION came into being and was agreed upon after various Companies had tested and tried a multitude of various techniques. So now when we look at some of these 3D movies with and without the glasses we are not necessarily AWARE that they are made for 3D we cannot (DUE TO HIGH-RESOLUTION) SEE that the picture is designed for enhancement. I believe part of the technology is actually CREATED within the glasses themselves-and that might be said to be one of the so-called SECRETS.

This particular usage of certain colours within a bog-standard looking visual-combined with FILTERS within the glasses gives a RECOORDINATED view that seemingly throws the imagery into your WORLD.

The POTENTIAL downside to such TACTICS is of course that-we can all be sure that INTELLIGENCE agencies use such technology in other ways. How often have we seen SECURITY MEN wearing dark glasses or perhaps (IN THIS DAY-&-AGE)-CONTACT LENSES-that perhaps enable them to not be SPYNX-EYED by any populace designed MIRRORS and SMOKESCREEN ILLUSIONS that the people they are guarding encounter during glad-handing rituals with the public and so on.

We were told a few years ago about how some Glass had saved the lives of various personnel within some targeted realm simply through the glass skewering the IMAGE that was being projected from inside the target building. So some glass “SHIFTS” what can be “THOUGHT” to be seen by some percentage of measurement that causes assassination attempts and plots and bombs and sniper bullets to fail to hit target.

Yes the so-called realm of James Bond STYLED espionage is perhaps upon us-though we must always be aware that if something can be though then it can exist. Likewise we can perhaps through practice and Meditation and so on-realise that we ourselves can RECALCULATE REALITY to fit any given model of ILLUSION that is THROWN at us.

So we can learn to stay true to the MODEL within our own mind beyond anything that the EXTERNAL WORLD wants us to think or MANAGE or NAVIGATE. We can of course say-well that is not going to work which is why these things were developed as ENHANCEMENT TOOLS for our personnel in the first place-tools of course are debatable until the cows come home-in the sense that for every INNOCENT user of some sophisticated technology-someone somewhere can likely think of a less than innocent usage-and in terms of so-called “SIDES” and whose side are you on-we would perhaps rather our own peoples and persons have such TECHNOLOGIES than any presumed OPPONENT.

Yes I concur that whilst some think things are completely unnecessary that some of us in lower Societal like positions probably have not advanced enough to TRULY CONCUR with how some of these operations work. Clearly if you have spent time developing technology and working out all the various COMPONENTS that go into bringing a project to FRUITION then you surely deserve the PRESTIGE AND-OR REWARDS that go hand-in-hand with SOCIETAL APPRECIATION for such activities.

So all realms within our minds-eye can be interwoven and inter-linked and one by one activated at appropriate time of choice by the purchaser and user of such inter-realm technology to gain ever-increasing levels of awareness and knowledge and enlightenment and AH-HA’s and so on.

Again these things are debatable and I do indeed often find that many a debate are made somewhat REDUNDANT ONCE any given individual has PURCHASED and PAID for the Technology that they are using-likewise I wrote recently on the IDEA of the Sphynx-and I have in the past suggested Frankenstein to be a comparable HUMAN MODEL. So we are perhaps all of us a combination of a multitude of inputs and outputs and we always within always have choice as to how we can go about improving our own lives and linking in with pre-existing ESTABLISHMENT ELITE practices and so on and so forth. We can OPERATE as a group or team and ACKNOWLEDGE that we are still individuals with our own (potentially) UNIQUE Suite of Abilities and STATISTICS whether regarded as mathematically calculated or otherwise.

So once again we return to questioning and building the respective component parts and modalities and bridges to answering questions such-as How can I contribute to the Human Race or whatever your own intention happens to be.

Yes I was thinking that we are of course close to the KNEW YEAR RESOLUTION ZONE and of course SPELLING in these SIGNS & SYMBOLS is not the same as spelling within other UTILITIES and MODALITIES and practice and drilling and thinking and questioning can bring about World Peace and enhanced Wealth Health and Purpose of loving life and so on and so forth.

How accurate any of us become within our own respective life-spheres is an ongoing course of action-though likewise wisdom can be questioned as to who the real stars are and who are just popular media celebrities and who have made real contributions to the lives of others and who have not beyond HIGH-LIGHTING the many flaws that we as a RACE of CREATURES upon the PLANET possess. Yes all too easy to battle in real life when a multitude of consoles and video games exist to let people work many an issue out of their own respective model of reality-and likewise we have had a great year of SPORT that can remond us of our need to stay physically grounded in the HERE and now rather than the HERE and FORD. Interesting of course that Henry Ford did actually state you can have any colour you want as long as it is BLACK when introducing the Model T-and these days we can look upon the STAR WARS UNIVERSE and see that the DARK-SIDE later came to be known as SITH.

I personally like suggesting over and over again to people to practice and imagine “What would this sentence or series of parallel signs & symbols sound like…” were we to have no teeth. Yes easy to say though some folks cannot get there mind around the most simple of fractions of possibilities.

I have no IDEA as to what other people are using in terms of the Technological recommendations though in speaking on the 3d issue I think that demonstrate that few cannot be fooled by SONIC MODALITIES and FENG SHUI Modalities and gaining or coming into ALIGNMENT with HOW YOU REHEARSE your ways to the STARTS.

I saw another POEM reference recently in the form of “Old King Cole” and cannot recall if I wrote that down=though was thinking that in-order to simply many a teaching and given that Numerology REDUCES everything down to the manageable calculations achievable with our FINGERS & THUMBS we have on our LIMBS we can perhaps simply find a particular childhood RHYME that is not A CRIME for EACH MONTH or indeed each DAY or EACH SEASON.

So the more you play MIX-N-MATCH (WHO ELSE MISSES WOOLWORTH) the more you come to see a WORLD of POSSIBILTIES AND POTENTIALS than otherwise-and likewise I am now going to SURPRISE MYSELF by asking some further questions as to HOW CAN I DO THESE THINGS FOR MYSELF and so on.

Yes many a modality is a STARTING POINT NOT AN END POINT and it is all too easy to fall into the WRONG FRACTAL SPIRAL when we are intent on CLARITY and PURIFICATION and being in FLOW with what we personally set out as our intentions and stepping stones to goals and targets whatever realm they happen to be within.

Is Dave DRUNK-well given the way in which I overindulge at particular times of year it would not surprise myself to think that whilst I am all present and correct know that within my History I was perhaps drunk on this day in some alternate year and so on.

Yes I will leave this one hear and think about WHY I RAMBLE in my speech when rambling is perhaps best left to SHEPHERDS and HAPPY WONDERERS and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading whether you are ALICE OR NEO-Have an INTERESTING CHRISTMAS TIME. 😉

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