Yes Always Wondering What One Can Write About

And as is often the case we don’t have to walk very far to have an ah-ha or indeed search through a mornings news headlines. So I popped to the shops this morning and as always the streets where I lived “Terraced Houses” are often packed with residential address vehicles-we the residence have to apply for permits and so on. Anyway a couple of cars were sat on opposite sides of the road and one was GOLDEN in colour and the other was PLATINUM in colour and of course such colours-we can investigate as to other realms-in this case we did at one time speak on CREDIT CARD levels everyone really proud of the Gold Card at one time until someone whacked out a Platinum.

However that was not the thinking dynamic that I personally found myself thinking about-I believe once again I can speak on so-called INTEGRAL LIFE PRACTICE and KEN WILBUR, he of course a writer of many books and courses and I happen to like some of the written materials and indeed the associated learnings of integrated levels of awareness and so on.

So within the Integral realm it is suggested that a Gold Standard is akin to the say “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” whilst the Platinum Standard is suggested as “Treat others as they would like to be treated”. I think we can see that one is a dualistic COMPARE whilst the OTHER is a “Going the EXTRA mile” type of formula-again these things can GENUINELY take time to step into as processes and systems so whilst I can well imagine many a person myself included (early on) would almost naturally assume that such a set-up really is enabling anyone and everyone to take or rip you to shreds and so on. Clearly these things perhaps as you go into any of the further enlightenment type practices can seem daunting-though again I have found that it really can be about pushing yourself to step through or over those so-called (within your own mind) mental fears and blockages and so on.

It is probably better for people who are fully working from an Integral perspective to explain than myself-though I must say that in review books over and over again the Ken Wilbur courses are once again in alignment with ideas as to differing levels and stages that you go through as you advance into the weird and wonderful realms of enlightenment. Some things can seem RIDICULOUS though really you simply have to keep on going-and again in many ways record honestly as much as you can about your day to day thinking and what you may have seen or heard or touched and so on-yes all these things can be simplified with doodles and pictures and likewise one word trigger like references-though I have found that all the strategies that nearly all the various “learning” courses recommend is often forms of note-taking and so on. So that perhaps strange thing to do after so many years of perhaps already having had your school days-though I am of the belief that you are never too young to simply all these many combined IDEAS & RITUALS into some DAILY SYSTEMATIZED STRATEGY for making the most of our already inherent inbuilt abilities and so on.

What else-well I see Bryan Ferry is in the news via an INDIRECT association of his son having been in some vehicular accident. I think it is perhaps somewhat harsh given that he perhaps most famously sang the song “Slave To Love” and as I recall it is one of those songs that used to be overplayed on many a duke-box and grab-a-gran night at the local disco’s and clubs. Yes I was thinking originally of Gary Numan who sang Here in my car that of course another popular vehicle related song. I think this season is actually one of HIGH-RISK related driving incidents and whilst we have had the bin lorry related accident up north-we can see that many a relative or family and friends are whizzing all over the shop to catch up with one another and so on.

Elsewhere in the news we are hearing that a Jordanian Pilot has been captured by ISIS and apart from the so-called PROPAGANDA coop we perhaps do have to become concerned for his survival given the already demonstrated penchant for merciless executions-again this does appear to be RELATED to particular GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS within the Middle east Landscape-so I am sure that the assorted military operational coordinators know exactly where planes and aircraft and so on were flying and locations-though likewise given the vastness of the ISIS EMPIRE and it really has grown according to some research maps-I think that anyone who decides to set foot in the region really does need to tread carefully as to how they go about surveillance and so on.

Yes many things are of course modelled by us as youngsters pretending that we are this person or that person that we saw in some film or movie though in real life terms I am sure that everyone prefers to stay alive and have the best available strategies to enable those things-pilots are perhaps higher value given all the training and so on-though I guess that all the family and friends of the various murdered captives do not place ransom like values as to worth.

Elsewhere I saw that I famous comedy writer has died and of course I grew up watching a number of comedy shows that he wrote-are you being served and Allo Allo perhaps being the most highlighted or famous and again we can see that in comedic terms a deliberate EMPHASIS was indeed placed on STEREOTYPES for all the characters=and again it might be said that we must on some level concur with the wholesome or all rounded of the humour-no single group were necessarily treated harsher than any other. So COMEDY when done in such a fashion or manner with that strategy is potentially better than some stand-up type comedy that we saw during the eighties and nineties-very often a number of famed comedy persons simply went wholehearted against one particular group for there own selected AUDIENCE.

Of course some audiences are easier to please than others and those of us who are more moderate in many a belief tend to perhaps be the ones that miss out. Yes some suggest that the polite and mature middle ground is not allowing things to get out of your system-however I have encountered multiple extremists over recent years that I think are the ones who have not gotten anything out of there system-ranting and raging about politicians and opponents in sports is all well and good if some purpose is being achieved-I think that devils advocacy given my own recent years of experience is not a place to necessarily go in order to attain accelerated learning and personal growth and development. You really can possibly think horrible and nasty things about others-though far better to record them somewhere in a private diary and then WITNESS broader EVENTS from around the World-we really do see some somewhat greater levels perhaps of LEVERAGING during the winter time that perhaps why it is the season of wintertime though clearly we do not necessarily given MODERN WORLD TECHNOLOGY have to fall into all the TRAPS. We can concur and be happy to watch happy people on TV or we can get all annoyed and agitated by the same repetitious event cycle and patterns occurring annually. So each modality has its own awakening campaign and the simplest ways really are to make a personal diary and witness DATES and events and ask those “how do I feel about this” type questions. Yes we can say we are too BUSY though in reality I find carrying out a daily writing quite therapeutic and when I can cross reference via the dates and or other learnings that I have-I can come to see greater and greater differing levels of Societal wide repetitions and actions being carried out and so on.

I could of course recommend a multitude of presents for people though I have seemingly moved away from a money centric life-not sure as to reason though it will perhaps return to being a source of pain at whatever level we find or think ourselves at.

Yes a multitude of things grows on trees and someone somewhere decided that mutual swapping of IDEAS and learnings was a good thing and then someone else said well what you are giving myself is not as valuable as what you are getting so I want extra and then the various processes of development started whereby here we are today living in a financially ruined World where money systems are the quoted as reason for not placing value in human life beyond them simply being resources to someone somewhere.

Yes I could stop writing at any moment though simply want to continue enlightened development process systems too see what happens next.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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