Merry Christmas Anyone

Yes today is of course one where many a family is perhaps getting together or friends are getting together and doing annual drinking and present swapping sessions and making merry so I hope you are one o them and if not why not-the reasons can of course be broad and diverse though I know myself that even when I was no longer with family or in relationships that I could choose to go out for a walk in the park and gain some fresh air and very often a public house or two opens for the afternoon-so there really is no reason for anyone to necessarily stay bottled or cooped up alone in some cocoon unless that is of course the choice. I can genuinely tick of all of the above from a history point of view and given the options for going for walks and going to the pub and staying cooped up and so on the best remedy was of course not staying cooped up-we can do these activities at any time of our lives of course and any day of our respective lives though it can perhaps “POTENTIALLY” feel more extreme or HEIGHTENED in terms of emotions and so on if you have comparable historical memories. Progress even whilst being blessed within a now moment does still occur in terms of day-to-day measuring and weighing and so on.

So many a person does not necessarily want recommendations from myself on Christmas day-though if you did the same as myself and bought some of the recommended reading lists such-as those on the Learning Strategies Website-it can often be worthwhile including some of those kinds of recommendations within your reviews especially if you have stepped up a level within your Holosync Levels. Another “Ancient” work I found myself reading was in fact the book “Spiral Dynamics” and that again is one that is recommended across multiple modalities of research especially for those folks interested in the Integral Colour System and MEME’S SYSTEM.

Meme’s are not an area I have really covered all that much as they are perhaps already covered in many ways in other terminologies in other courses-I do recall that Rosey’s elder sister Daisy was once presented with a mini black poodle as a present when she was far younger than now and her response became the pet’s name-ME-ME. ( true).

Yes so quite strange all these things though again as we all know irrespective of History we can return ourselves in a multitude of ways and so on to not really being Sims or Clones so much as having the opportunity to reclaim our health and-or perspective on many a Societal Issue. I myself being Dave have of course studied multiple materials in relations to GENES and DNA and RNA and EPIGENETICS and various related therapies to those modalities and again even with simply practices such-as regular EFT Tapping you can gain greater awareness and clarity and shifts and even potential “RELIEF” from many an irregular bodily malfunction type condition (I was interested due to daughters Epilepsy) though have found myself seemingly experiencing positive like shifts simply through have read through and studied such materials along with my “Regular” meditation practice.

Yes step-by-step the road seemingly becomes broader and wider and the landscape flattens out as to your “Horizons” and “Future” prospects-everyone of course has to make such decisions in life as to which colour topped biscuit to eat or button to press or wire to cut and likewise choice is choice as to direction. So whilst we have yet to have had our Queens Annual Address to The Peoples of Britannia and The Commonwealth I did wonder as to what I myself would write as a Christmas Speech.

I have of course great experiencing at writings simply through regularly blogging and likewise having studied a massive amount of materials related to the so-called Four Powers for Greatness-Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Of course I can realistically claim to be somewhat far removed from many a person’s list of Celebrated Expertise on such matters-though perhaps like many others it can be all too easy to fall into confusion and conflict rather than maintain focus on uplifting and rewarding strategies as to how to go about improving your own sensory abilities and skills and ECOSYSTEMS.

Yes ecosystems and environments all begin somewhere and given the ever popular favoured “REMEDY” “Listen to me-I’ll save you” we can of course be thankful that I place my own attention on other matters. Yes as one or two gem-like jewellery books suggest such-as Arnold Patent’s with You can Have it all and Money and so on you do come to see that anyone at any age can beg, borrow and steal ideas that they have read elsewhere and then get a book published and earn income for that book having being published-I do often wonder why I have not done this-and I think it is clearly due to associated CELEBRITY IDEAS such-as promoting and glad-handing and Autographing and so on.

Yes AU has been heavily on my mind recently and I was going to write a piece speaking on Auxiliary Augmentation Audiences and then had a realisation that I do not have a damned clue as to what I might mean by that-also another WORD that is exceptionally HIGH in the FACTORIZATION stakes at present is CLUSTERING. Yes we could break it down and suggest clue stirring or any other number of words though I was thinking that in terms of peoples and persons using particular processes and modalities then a cluster might simply be a FAMILY or a MOB or a GANG or a TEAM and so on and likewise within the bodily realms and indeed within PHYSICS relating to Particles and Waves that we can via several modalities that I recommend change the way in which the body operates. Some might be concerned as to why I speak on those kinds of topics though when we look at some Hospital REMEDIES for particular ailments then it is often demonstrated that magic bullet like strategies are adopted that only affect CLUSTERS of the ROGUE cells so to speak.

Yes as I suggest I am not in anyway shape or form an expert on such matters though I know that some peoples again at this time of year when meeting up with family and friends often go on about particular HEALTH related conditions and in reality it has whether we like such things or otherwise been demonstrated that many ailments really are simply about changing beliefs. If it worked for so-and-so then there must surely be HOPE for any of us when we find ourselves becoming afflicted in any way shape or form-I also notice that the Ebola is being High-lighted in speeches as are wars and refugees and as is often the case-someone always manages to have a louder voice on some topic than others.

Yes it can sometimes be WISE to keep Schtum-though likewise I see no harm in making recommendations to friends and family as to possible Enlightenment and ways of SEEING the WORLD ANEW.

Progress occurs as a rapid pace as those of us who have watched our children grow know only too well and as to whether they learn any lessons from ourselves is of course debatable though I do wish that in many ways-the Technologies and learnings and so on had been far more widely distributed and available than they perhaps are now.

So a Christmas day without a voice going high-and-low through multiple pitches and tones and resonances though of course-the application of going where no-one has gone before requires finding a respective NICHE in an as yet undiscovered or under-utilised area of expertise and like every other unique being upon the tiny planet in a small map grid quadrant of the Galaxy-I have some food to be digesting and wondering upon.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day as no-one else can have it for you. Thank you for reading, God Bless and Xylophone 😉

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