The Jesters Apprentice

So I like many other people decided to watch the Dr Who “Christmas Special” and as is often the case I am known to have Historically (at least) been somewhat critical of these Standalone Episodes-how did this one entitled “Last Christmas” fair-well actually within the RANKING of Christmas Specials this one actually jumps straight into one of the higher positions-yes definitely top 5 from my perspective and I can see that whilst I did not necessarily follow much of the preceding season (said to have explored darker themes) that this one does live up to that commentary-however we must remind ourselves that we have perhaps all been that little child surrounded by tall adults being drunk and talking and this one perhaps gave nods to many an adults potential childhood fears. The film series Alien was perhaps referenced and also I think Sir Richard Attenborough he whilst having performed and made many a movie perhaps best remembered by the present populace for his Santa Claus portrayal within MIRACLE ON 34th STREET. Yes it might be suggested that the IDEA of NESTED LOOPS of DREAMING REALITY was OVER-PLAYED though I think that the DIRECT APPROACH taken can in REALITY genuinely be the best APPROACH-I say that from experience of my own history and seeking to explain many a THEORETICAL and feeling like banging head against BRICK-WALL.

The title here is of course a reference to the forthcoming new series of Dr Who-where the first episode is said to be entitled “The Magician’s Apprentice”-that of course fills myself with CURIOSITY as I am known to have had a Disney SORCERORS APPRENTICE avatar within the facebook realm for many years although I have perhaps mostly neglected Facebook in terms of interest in recent years.

What else can I speak on-well clearly ATTUNEMENT is perhaps where many a person DESIRES to carry out clearing on History Fear and INTERPRETATION and so on-and clearly it can be demonstrated that multiple REALMS have similar TUNING SOLUTIONS.

How So?

Well I have Historically recommended ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and that is of course FREE although I suggested usage in COMBINATION with other modalities.

I work for a Company that has a work Area entitled ACM and again it might be suggested that the parent corporation is attuned to the greater awareness and knowledge and so on.

Likewise I live in Hereford and we do of course have an internationally famed local regiment where one of the leading Authors is known by the PSUEDONYM Andy McNab and again we can see that ATTUNEMENT and so on might be regarded as where anyone from any realm desires to be. I personally used to get all the McNab and Ryan books regularly at Christmas and Birthdays and am sure many other guys did also-though clearly beyond the realm of being Entertainment I cannot claim to have gone through such peoples life experience beyond portrayals within other MEDIA REALMS and that is of course the same for most of us-when it comes to Elites of any kind whether the Royal Family or however such things are demonstrated within any Geopolitical Realm about the Earth and Greater Universe.

We have also of course within Tennis seen the RISE of Andy Murray and again it might be suggested that people have chosen FAMILY type names and attunement type names for the benefit of the CHILDREN. So we can say that in some areas of life that the JESUS TO A CHILD MODEL still works whatever our age. Likewise within some WORLDY ORBITS that model has perhaps been downgraded hence others coming along and saying “well let us try this new model instead”.

So the IDEA of a WORLD of INTER-CONNECTED dreams REALLY is perhaps TRUER when we explore and progress in our respective lives and research.

What else-well I finished yesterday with the word XYLOPHONE and clearly when many of us were little or far younger than we are now we perhaps had one of those small with coloured musical bars xylophones. I am unsure if they go by that name though such instruments have been popular for much of the last Century.

So it can be demonstrated whether through a conductor of a choir or orchestra coordinating instrumentation or a choreographer organising the dance or a Theatre Producer organising a Theatre Production that we can really reduce everything via APPROPRIATE ASSOCIATION gaining greater attunement to SYSTEMS that actually work in alignment with awareness and knowledge and so on and so forth.

Clearly if we can associate a colour with a particular sound and we can associate that association up through the 5 Octaves and likewise expand these associations we can improve our own respective feedback and return type thoughts and feelings and so on.

We do of course take in far more than we register on a day-to-day basis and further exploration usually leaves us thinking OMG I do not really need that trial of historical associations when I can replace it with this all new and improved system that I may or may not have been better of being attuned to in the first place.

Yes so repetition through modalities whereby we gradually SHIFT into ever increasing alignment with AH-HA’s and having new IDEAS as to how we can bring others to see these things. Clearly given the MODEL of seeing or SENSING is believing that many a person lives by-when we are able to raise our threshold and maintain our own improved maps we become INCENTIVISED to make further PROGRESS within the NEW TRUTH rather than returning to prior confusion and chaos. Again some people are perhaps naturally attuned whilst others among us have to work and it and I choose to work at it.

So I associated with colours of the Rainbow with electronics via knowledge of so-called resister colour coding and likewise the same was done by Learning Strategies within particular MEDITATION IMAGES. The CELLULAR issue is perhaps potentially a differing kind of issue in the sense that the NATURE versus NURTURE argument becomes REDUNDANT.

It can be suggested that we come into the World as a BLANK CANVAS on an EASEL and when you look at CHURCH GEOGRAPHY we can see that we ourselves are perhaps like the Church as a KEY within a KEY SYSTEM.

So in SCALING terms the CHURCH perhaps set the Original Model with a CENTRAL CATHEDRAL and then ORBITED PARISH Churches and so on. The same MODEL system can be demonstrated to have been used across most REALMS and areas of expertise and so on.

So I can look at a CIRCUIT BOARD and think that the CIRCUIT board is like a MAP of a given GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. Clearly we can perhaps say that your average City or Town or Village MAP has become confused and so on via people not knowing of greater awareness and building left right and centre in some uncoordinated pattern or fashion. Likewise we can STRIP AWAY such issues via practicing compassion and visualization of CLEAR FIELDS and even walking around with a Compass Hanging from our respective necks like an expert in Feng Shui and orienteering.

So many methods exist to remove the so-called SENSORY BLINDS via improving our ABILITY to TRUST INTUITION. Yes we have all perhaps sought to TRUST intuition with a varying degree of INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS though again given the LIFESTYLES that some of us have chosen or the pre-existing Hero’s we have chosen whether in Music or family or Theatre and Film we can see how DIVERSE the WORLD and LANDSCAPE really is as to ATTUNEMENT OPTIONS and we can likewise with Holosync or other binaurial beat modalities for instance-simply choose to always use the ALPHA meditation or the Gamma Meditation or the Theta Meditation-clearly the Delta does not seem to have a pre-existing standalone Model though that is of course our assumed NATURAL DREAM STATE.

Are we good at INFUSING our lives with our dreams and can we DECIPHER the patterns and maps via recursive strategies until we gain ever increasing levels of awareness and knowledge and integrative theories of attenuation mappings.

Yes the more we can within our own respective lives see the links between our SENSORY input and SENSORY output the more we perhaps take up that CENTRE STAGE position of feeling more secure in ourselves and our beliefs about the World and better navigate our lives and so on. Yes stepping stone remedies are carried out and casting shadow’s whilst we ourselves perhaps cast shadows into the FUTURE or in reverse as to how the respective BRIDGES of INTELLIGENCE and DOCTRINES of Therapy occur.

A favoured episode of Dr Who was related to a quote from one actress who said “A DOOR ONCE OPENED CAN BE TRAVERSED BOTH WAYS” The local library door that was once one of those spinning star doors (when viewed from atop) similarly like a turn-style disagreed-I recall many an occasion of trying to make the door turn and spin in the opposing direction-much to the chagrin of other peoples seeking to enter into the Hereford Library.

So we can within any realm seek to break down our knowledge into a PROFILE side view, or a slice view, or a top down view and clearly if we are people with a car or other road going vehicle we can seek to identify the purpose of the vehicular positioning of mirrors and so on.

The further I have advanced the further I have found myself simply finding gaps in knowledge and filling them in-I once studied engineering though specialised in Electronics and did a “Mechanical” first year. I recently found myself researching a book on mechanics and those pulleys and ropes and cogs and wheels can be found within WATCHES or indeed within the time period of the INDUSTRIAL revolution. So we can group and cluster ideas as to belonging to particular THREADS and the more we associate such THREADS seamlessly across differing realms the LESS PROCESSES we find ourselves having CONFLICT with. So a potential mental MAZE becomes a clearer and broader series of ever increasing pattern matches.

This is once again simple notes and people we are now in BOXING DAY and I am of course wondering as to what TRADITIONAL boxing day events can be interwoven and interlinked in an uplifting and rewarding fashion and so on. Clearly shopping is a popular activity for some whilst other among us prefer RECOVERY from the prior day. Yes I really can talk until the cows come home and much of what is written here is actually solely for the purpose of becoming CONGRUENT WITHIN MY SENSES and WITNESSING ACROSS REALMS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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