Send In The Clowns

Yes so I mentioned Jesters within the title of an article recently and whilst in modern times we generally regard jesters as clown like characters usually associated with being the 53 and 54 cards in a standard playing deck-we can of course once again look to the historical comedy reference and indeed some of the possible thoughts and feelings and actions that such character provoke.

I for instance when far younger than today have memory of visiting a CIRCUS and whilst Circus’ still indeed tour this was back in the times when Animals were still included within such shows. The memory is exceptionally vague though I remember a so-called Ringmaster in Top Hat and Red Coat similar perhaps to those we see within the realms of the so-called HUNT.

The only other seemingly recalled memory was that of CLOWNS running around chasing each other and throwing buckets of water at each other-when it came time for them to interact with the audience I recall the fear as they came running around only to become showered with a bucket of SAWDUST.

Yes clowns and jesters and so on are of course used possibly to represent games of so-called black and white in the sense that the FACE & MAKEUP is perhaps regarded as a MASK to what lies beneath and likewise I spent a great deal of my younger childhood being babysat so to speak by a generation of women who white powdered their faces. I guess that whilst such things are commonplace in terms of makeup usage each generation seemingly has its own VERSION of such practice.

I have on occasion for instance noticed that some Polish Women within the work environment or ecosystem have a practice of applying a cream coloured type paste on the faces and I guess such practices are used to hide or cover blemishes and so on to recapture feelings of youth and so on.

Each generation seemingly teaches itself a favoured set of practices and preferred make-ups and so on. These days of course I prefer to speak in terms of reflections and mirrors within a framework of understanding metaphorical and allegorical learnings and teachings and those are perhaps differing to in-depth feelings of bodily related issues. I think once anyone within any realm or ecosystem environment has opened up so-called bodily channels and internalised systems of healing and so on that other long lost thoughts and feelings and so on can often of course arise-though likewise we often find ourselves being better able to communicate and express ourselves than previously thought possible within such teachings and learnings.

So I speak on this issue because I know that my daughter has often expressed a disliking of clown like figures and characters very often in that relation to makeup-though she herself has on occasion demonstrated these kinds of make-up practices as she has grown and examples of Halloween make-up can of course stand side-by-side in comparison with the “looking pretty” kinds of makeup that many a female teenager takes to using as soon as they are allowed.

So another reference that I later looked up was the Dr Who episode that I quoted from and it was a story related to King Louis XV although he was a minor character the main focus being upon his so-called Mistress. We in the UK of course can look at the Royal History and it is said that similar EXAMPLES can be shown within UNITED KINGDOM HISTORY.

So what?

Well returning to the HEREFORD THEME-WE are one of those places that has a DISPUTED claim as to some former Kings Mistress this one in particular entitled Nell Gwynne and again I think for myself at least it is interesting from the perspective of Locations of related maps and Geography and so on. I think that a small street that is used as a short-cut incline into a hill runs up from a former river bank location right up to the Cathedral and INTERSECTS also with BROAD STREET and KINGS STREET-so we can look at such INTERSECTIONS with NEW ideas as to how these IDEAS occurred to previous City Dwellers and Architects and so on. I also mention the name Nell Gwynne because I recall from childhood helping clear an old Theatre site on Edgar Street that later went on to become The Nell Gwynne Theatre opposite the Football Ground. Again that has long since disappeared and a new community Arts Centre now stands within that location-one I have visited on multiple occasions over the years simply to watch Pantomime and Film and so on when the daughter has been visiting. As she has grown she has perhaps become less interested in those sorts of activities and I am of course now in the realm of the “embarrassing dad”. That perhaps akin to the IDEA of TRENDY DAD and other DAD like figures that have gone before.

Someone WHO KNOWS TO MUCH about the REAL ME is of course where those kind of Psychological Issues ORIGINATE though of course I generally seek to allow her varying sorts of leverage and-or freedom as she has grown simply to ENCOURAGE personal growth and development. I think many of us can recall from childhood being “PUT IN OUR PLACE” by some adult Threatening or using terms as to various kinds of seemingly “EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL”. Again as I progressed I have come to SEE that letting go of such Historical Thoughts and Feelings is often the BEST PRACTICE. IT IS Far too easy to HOLD ONTO some grudge from many years ago and then whilst your ATTENTION is FOCUSSED on those kinds of thoughts and feelings and related actions-you miss out on the OPPORTUNITY to RECOGNISE that times have changed and that whilst you may have sought to use those thoughts and feelings as leverage or MOTIVATION-very often they actually hold you back from being all you can achieve and designing your own life in the manner of positive expectations and rewarding yourself in the so-called NOW.

Yes again these things are potentially differing for men and women though as you progress you do come to see that in influence terms many a REACTION and so on is very often the same-I do think Women are generally given far greater scope than men when it comes to some issues though it is often shown via STATISTICS that in swings and roundabouts terms we can see BALANCES occurring within the so-called EQUILIBRIUM and so on.

Yes the IDEA of some Butterfly flapping its wings in one realm causing a storm elsewhere is of course mathematically related-though when we look at the EXTREMELY HIGH NUMBER of peoples on the Earth-some 7 Billion I think and the scaling or factorising of maps and PROBABILITY FRACTALS we can come to see that we really are often whilst adopting an INTEGRATIVE approach to awareness also best ESTABLISHING appropriate boundaries and so on as to how this THOUGHT within a body-is going to work rest and play and so on.

So yes boundaries and reflective mirrors and intersections of mathematical formulas and sounds and thoughts and feelings and just about everything really can be demonstrated to be inter-related or interwoven and we can all of us when speaking on such issues as awakening and awareness and so on understand the so-called game of black and white dynamics where by whilst some choose to live in continued EXTREMISM we all of us can be better off explaining theoretical over physical.

Progress for most people usually requires the letting go of particular IDEAS as to various maps and realisations that we are all unique individuals who have options and choices and some of those choices and options when analysed and thought through to LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS really do not hold as much water as some of us may have previously have liked to think.

Comedy is of course also related to clowns though from the perspective of personal growth and development within any given realm-it really can be best to establish what is COMEDY.

I can for instance point to one or two folks who when I was on Facebook regularly published some HIGHLY OFFENSIVE in some quarters HUMOUR-HOWEVER such things were often ROTATED in some fashion such as that demonstrated within some Jeremy Lloyd like comedy fashion whereby everyone was portrayed in a less than savoury light or light-hearted STEREOTYPE. Very different from ISOLATING ONE INDIVIDUAL or minority group and then constantly bombarding such peoples and folks with highly offensive prejudice.

Yes the intersecting lines of differing realms and interpretation of actions in relation to lifestyle choices and all the rest really can make all the difference-some DEMAND that you hold grudges against them as some POWER EGO TRIP-THOUGH likewise those of us who have sought to RECAPTURE our own thoughts and feelings and so on can continue to DISPELL MYTH for TRUTH and HARMONY and a MATURE APPROACH to how we go about relationships and learnings and teachings and so-called INTEGRATIVE LIFE PRACTICES.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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