So I Seemingly Find Myself Recalling Scattered Memories

Scattered memories of course suggests that no obvious links exist between various events that we have recorded within our respective noggins and so on. So for instance I fould myself thinking about “Old School Ties” and rather than my Secondary school tie I was actually thinking of my Primary School Tie and of course given the nature of young children I probably suffered gravy tie quite often given that as school children beyond tucking them into our shirts and trousers we did not use such devices as tie pins and so on. Speaking of that of course can take myself forward in memory via many years to other ties that I have worn through-out my life.

I think I wrote at one time about having worn a BOW TIE when having been in moonlighting employment working for a video production firm and that was of course all related to DANCE and whilst most of us think of such things as quite popular and common-at that time such things had generally disappeared from the so-called national consciousness beyond of course localised clubs and circuits and so on that many stage and theatre like groups are involved with.

I think one of the MAJOR BENEFITS not only of retuning your mind is that when you include compressed like thoughts and processes and gain advanced hearing at regular speed you come to see how many confusions and conflicts occur. So whilst the News or Noose headlines are full of shock and horror at the way events occur within society as a whole-gradually the more you witness and INTEGRATE so to speak various new tunings such-as alphanumerical relationships to sound and other sensory abilities you find greater ability within yourself to simply RELAX perhaps regarding many an issue as a repetition or nothing to become overly concerned about and so on.

Likewise many an issue as is often the case is transmitted through various populations-so we can all perhaps see that when any given area or group of people raises threshold and awareness among any given populace that that too can become transmitted to wider circles and populations and so on. So where once we could all go around pointing fingers at those who we believe to have done us wrong-we can let those who want to see the new paradigm continue to see the better developed paradigm and so on and go perhaps less affected by those who refuse to see what becomes exceptionally obvious to those who have sought enlightenment and change within the hemispheres between one’s own ears.

Yes confusion can rain as to understanding SCATTERED memories though in reality when you simply note such things down and look at dates and the wider World you really do come to see greater levels of inter-connectedness and so-called 6 degrees of separation and so on.

I see that a train station closure is causing chaos in central London and the war of words continues between North Korea and The United States and Technological Advances are once again being predicted for the year of 2015.

Yes I having looked at many an email in recent days have come to some strange conclusion that 2015 must truly madly deeply be a very special year to exist within. I am actually not wholly certain that such claims are entirely true though cannot easily disagree with so many far more advanced experts than myself.

Clearly every day and every week and every month and every year and every century and so on that we take a BREATH OF AIR INTO OUR LUNGS and then EXHALE THE ASSORTED BODILY TOXINS might be considered as being a successful demonstration of still being alive-whatever and wherever you happen to find yourself and so on. Some folks of course suggest that everything is entirely about MONEY and in some ways that could well be true though likewise I think as I have progressed I think there really are some trades and exchanges that many of us would in reality REFUSE irrespective of COST. Easy of course to say “Everyone has a price” though it can of course be demonstrated that for every person that pays such a price someone somewhere is potentially suffering through refusing to be flexible and adapt to change and so on. Clearly we can all be intransigent on particular issues though some kinds of digging your heels in are potentially more thought through and purposeful than others.

So that perhaps where many a number of us has suffered in saying this that and the other in childhood only later to perhaps regret-though we can of course now remind ourselves of the most basic of teachings to seek to take the feedback and adapt and change accordingly with that feedback. Clearly some folks are confused between ideas as to spiritual teachings and so on though as I have said and had it repeated to myself also-the further you progress the more you come to see that many a teaching has to be explored mentally in terms of self-inquiry and questioning and when we speak of meditation we also perhaps include various BREATHING TECHNIQUES.

Again from my own studies it is actually suggested that whilst we are encouraged to be all logical and precise and absolute and empirical within calculations that in fact denies the facilties provided by other areas of our respective brains-so irrespective of your given LEANINGS towards any kind of thought process-whether you are Right Side dominant or Left Side Dominant you can with practice and so on become more and more balanced in your understanding of the theory and indeed the various recommended practical work that many a course offers.

This one perhaps slightly shorter than usual though it is Saturday and we really can learn to make those differing realms operate in a far more lean fashion than I previously thought possible-so continuation into 2015 will continue in an understanding of measurements and scales and patterns rather than being the measurement and scales and patterns and so on. The ability to step back and witness rather than go headlong into issues that we may or may not necessarily relate to and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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