So This Morning Woken Up Earlier Than Intended

So this morning woken up earlier than intended I found myself thinking about ways and means of getting the best out of many a learning and teaching and so on and strangely enough you do find that quite simple things such as common courtesy can actually go along way when you think about it.

Please and thank you very often some of the earliest words that we learn within our respective lives-well I say that of course though do have to honestly doubt that within some quarters and realms.

What else-well I did once again find myself thinking about words and indeed how some are abbreviated-so for instance we have Dr and that can of course be changed by the addition of other alphanumerical characters taking us into the land of mice with dor or through an opening in space known as a door. We can of course say oh well that explains the historical reason for anyone’s presence within the current time frame if we change spelling to daughter doorter?

Yes though quite simply some folks perhaps get overly locked into one dimensional strategies as to it all being about chasing women. Those who already have a women in their life or simply have other more IMPORTANT ISSUES TO DEAL WITH-can of course think of other areas and aspects of life to apply DOOR reasoning to, such as a job and career and making money and so on, far too often it does seem that many a person who talks a good talk in competing over areas or bases that they already have covered are actually doing themselves more harm than good-I say that simply from the perspective of someone who has noticed various malady’s seemingly afflicting such individuals more than others-though clearly given IDEAS such as contagion we can see how these afflictions and obsessions can spread.

We could in fact suggest that DOOR is simply an all-encompassing POINTER to some quite simple and obvious things. Each and every NAME LABEL for instance could be a DOOR that leads to another door that leads to another door. So where once we got all confused as to why this is spelt like that whilst this same sounding word over here is spelt like this-we can disregard such DELIBERATE confusions and focus on simplifying such things within whatever realm and ecosystem or environment we find ourselves within.

So just as computer systems have developed with routers and hubs and servers and so on we can see the so-called way in which technological advancement has occurred down through the ages of any given persons pre-history-by that I mean what events and twists and so on had to have happened in order for you as a thought within a body to now exist.

Clearly we can see that comparable language structuring and musical notations and of course comedy and humour and so on have occurred within may a person life to exist within the present day-I also I believe mentioned that in Evolutionary terms it might be considered that most folks have shared childhood type stories whether biblical or otherwise that were used in perhaps allegorical or metaphorical fashion only for us to unknowingly perhaps become ensnared as to wanting to be like this hero or that heroin and so on. Clearly the further we advance with simple meditations and clearing out what may or may not be detritus we come to see things are far more interconnected than previously thought and that likewise whilst all this horror and so on is occurring within that sphere of the globe we PERSONALLY do not have to necessarily be influenced by such events beyond witnessing and taking note of what is occurring.

So a note today might simply be that another Airliner has gone missing within a particular region of the globe-this time I think Asia and the place is clearly fast becoming akin to a NEW BERMUDA TRIANGLE like zone (In my opinion). Yes the number of craft disappearing within the ASIAN SECTOR so to speak is perhaps worth comparing to previously DOCUMENTED history of the Bermuda Triangle Region, no I am not suggesting that Aliens and Weird Spaceships and UFO’S and so on, so much as being interested in how the cycles and patterns are gradually shifting down through the ages in an almost shadow lag. I say shadow lag in the sense that we in the WEST consider ourselves to be spearheading into the FUTURE and all these other regions are perhaps following or playing catch-up via hanging on the coat-tails of the shadow of advancement and so on.

Difficult to explain such theories though we can say that ONE REGION took to the skies then another and another and again such things can perhaps be show within a pyramid type structure, though clearly that does not serve spherical navigation charts and understanding-well it can though again how much anyone needs to know as opposed to having some inkling is of course choice.

I have studied this and studied that and such study beyond anything else enables myself to be more of a calm and relaxed shoulder shrugger to many issues-whilst some perhaps go through REPETITIONS of historical cycles and patterns thinking that they are somehow personally going to change such events after the fact. We can of course all hold and have opinions though it can be demonstrated that separating ACTUAL FACT from any speculation and so on can actually be the best remedy for many issues. What did I actually see versus what did I speculate. Speculation might of course also take us into the realm of dream land-though clearly designing a dream lifestyle for yourself is potentially differing from wearing some pre-existing model of reality simply because no-one could be bothered to tell you otherwise-or indeed we were to confused to THINK CLEARLY that some other perspectives and POINTS-OF-VIEW can exist that are not necessarily in CONFLICT wih the one that we are seeking to impart to people. Far to often a one dimensional perspective is taken for granted rather than multiple dimensional perspectives, hence my recently speaking on top down view and side view and profile view and so on.

We can with assistance from folks who have developed various technologies, think of ourselves as sat in that MEDITATION POSITION and then viewing or CREATING the WORLD about ourselves much as we might when within a STAR TREK STYLED HOLOSUITE.

This does of course take us into the realms of WRITNG and being AUTHORS in the sense that we can go into our place of work or family house or church or were ever and shut our eyes and imagine the scene and picture as a Disney or George Lucas or Steven Spielberg might envision such things. Yes you can choose the dark and disturbing type directors and producers also though I simply putting across the point that very FEW STORY MODELS actually exist beyond your typical Romeo and Juliet and so on-we pretend that this is different from that though we can strip away any given scenery and location and reduce such things to DIALOGUE and then place such dialogue into ANY INDUSTRY or scenery and location that exists within the World. Likewise for anyone interested in the animal like caricatures we can extend such things into Disney and Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers type characterizations-clearly it can be demonstrated that some people want to be the cruel evil and twisted psycho’s whilst others want to be honest and true and so on-choice is of course choice though we do find as people take up meditation and see the positive benefits in relation to behaviour and all the various integrations of sight and sound and other sensory abilities that irrespective of age or time of life that they regard themselves-a more all-encompassing and broader sighted strategies often creeps upon you and before you know it you are stepping through those door to door links within your own mind-what animal would I animate this person as within my animated dream-what sort of personality would that person have-we often find that many a truth can be found as to portrayals when we strip away all the lifetimes worth of compartmentalisations that exist. Yes we can all select our own attributes and variables above and beyond those that others seek to place on us though clearly some IDEAS and attitudes and behaviours and knowledge and awareness’s are more life empowering and life enhancing than others.

Far to easy to think that a book page can be reduced to one when in fact we can always demonstrate that two sides exist irrespective of whether one side of the sheet you are staring at is blank and so on.

I think it was OASIS who sang about casting shadows and not looking back and of course when we look at the story of Jacob (not cream crackers of course) we can see that his wife looked back and turned into some pillar of salt. I am unsure as to the meanings of such portrayals though clearly however much we seek to stay set in one time period the more we perhaps potentially become trapped within unnecessarily painful cycles and patterns of pain. The time as they say is always now hwever much we seek to look back to some historical moment of personal glory or success. Clearly they do say that we can model and remind ourselves of our successes and enhance those moments to experience more of those type of thoughts and feelings and actions though we must also say that we really do want to step through the window of time into the NEW YEAR with greater VISION and IDEAS as to how can I demonstrate greater levels of ability within the areas of teachings and learnings that I have chosen to purchase and move my life forward with and so on.

Yes a strange day to be writing upon and another area I found myself thinking about was PARROTS and PARASOL so one a bird famed for mimicking and being dead within the Monty Python sketch and another a type of UMBRELLA if my SPELLING is appropriate.

Yes step-by-step through highs and lows the clock ticks forward whilst seasons ebb and flow we can of course look upto the sky though looking back perhaps the sun and moon know why-a tale of ADVENTURE a story to write who is wrong and who is right-the judgements of sages the survival of man and all in all did an Astronaut fall-The Star Man cometh or did he not-the aliens landed according to blot-we all have patterns and cycles we use-some are the best that the establishment use-does being in alignment cause resistance and pain or simply remind you of passions within chains.

Yes I am clearly not fully thinking appropriately at present though it is still early for many on a Sunday Morning GMT as they say in London or wherever people and persons happen o being going about life the Universe and Everything.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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