Bertie Botts & Bertie Bassetts

So I mentioned at some point during the year as to how the daughter had bought some Harry Potter related sweets entitle Bertie Botts Jelly Beans and of course as anyone who has seen the film series knows they are given somewhat revolting names and surprise surprise they actually decided to manufacture them for real and they really are in the realm of yuck when it comes to “trial by tastebud”. That of course perhaps originally an example of being offered a sweet only to later wih you had not accepted.

I think we all used to see Bertie Bassett type liquorice allsorts style adverts only to later try liquorice allsorts and many a person of course decided at a young age that they are not all that keen on liquorice flavoured sweets. I personally do actually quite like them-though again they were the sort of sweets that my Cheshire Great-Grandmother used to have within her collection-not sure as to any meaning beyond a simple understanding of child hood like fears as to the peoples and persons you encounter as you go about your day and life and so on.

So yes the daughter recently acquired some more of these Bertie Botts sweets and gave myself a packet and I am perhaps going to pass on them given previous knowledge as to taste and flavouring.

What else-well I spoke on ROLE MODELS and clearly we all when younger have huge numbers of role models that we are bombarded with as we go about life-some of course simply fall into family type practices and beliefs whilst others like to take examples from the TV and Media realms and play them out and so on. Typical popular favourites for boys are of course Superheroes and Espionage Characters and so on-whilst similarly styled characters also have been gradually introduced for women and of course we can also point out polarity’s within the male hemispheres and polarity’s within the female hemispheres.

Are there any ways to reduce non-conscious triggers from long lost thoughts and beliefs and so on. Well clearly the simplest is to LEARN as to IDEAS such-as WITNESSING and stepping back from being within story to witnessing story and so on. Some say that such things become more fun though generally I think that is dependent upon the realms that you have found yourself within.

We can also within some spheres explore the teaching that any given TEACHER has given us-so for instance a popular Teaching that was repeated to those of us who took up Holoync was “THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY” and as you advance you can get to a level or point whereby you begin to question even those such teachings.

Some things are perhaps labelled with signs suggesting “DANGER-KEEP OUT” and “TOXINS” for a reason and likewise such things can of course be extended to characterizations that differing peoples and persons play out about yourself as you go about your day-to-day life. It can of course be demonstrated over and over again that many a person “THINKS” that they are the “ONLY ONE” who has a particular name or has a particular job role and so on-we do of course gradually work through our own respective family and given names and so on-I say this because I recently mentioned the WORD “PSUEDONYM” and clearly whilst such a word or series of symbols contains characters that are found within my INITIALS we can look about ourselves and find other people who may have similar symbols within names and lives and all the rest of such things.

So that can effectively seem like being caught up in some TANGLED SPIDERS WEB though I know-that the best remedy for myself can be to look to IMMEDIATE reference type locations as to interpretation. So whilst some reader might thing “He’s referencing myself” in reality I really can link the word “PSEUDONYM” to immediate family without ever thinking to go further afield. Clearly that an example of a LOCAL to GLOBAL type strategy-though the reverse is true in the sense that I can say well the word came to my own AWARENESS via a GLOBAL REFERENCE so again we can struggle with witnessing via trying to find to many meanings or simply ZONE in too the most obvious that may be applied to ourselves within our own respective lives.

What else-well I did see a Puppet show van earlier today as I went for a stroll down the corner shop-and we can say well most of us grew up watching various kinds of PUPPET SHOWS. We can point to those that are NATIONALLY KNOWN or INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN or indeed simply known within various locations specific to particular CULTURES within particular regions of particular lands and so on.

Typical examples are of course THUNDERBIRDS (Gerry Anderson) or THE MUPPETS (Jim Henson) that I think went somewhat international whilst more regionalised examples were PUNCH & JUDY (many seaside locations). We did of course have popular characters that expanded and then reduced again as Characters such-as SOOTY and associates and we also perhaps go into the realms of VENTRILOQUISM. Whilst we know many of these puppets were operated by humans in some fashion such peoples were generally hidden from the audience where ventriloquists tend to be part of the show such-as ORVILLE and CUDDLES and SPIT THE DOG and Ray Alan with ever drunk LORD CHARLES, so down the generations the IDEA of people on strings and hands and so on can be demonstrated to be an ever present and likewise we can perhaps take a VIEW as to SOCIETAL WIDE beliefs and behaviours as to so called STRUCTURES and so on.

So whilst the entertainment industry demonstrated that anyone can paint a couple of eyes on a sock and start doing characters and voices that is akin to how many a Business made its beginnings. Many an independent business person simply through trial and error grew a business until they had landed upon ESTABLISHED best practice via experience as to the best way to carry out particular activities. Likewise no matter how much you show and demonstrate and teach BEST ESTABLISHED practice within any given realm-you can all but GUARANTEE that there are those who ignore all that they are told in favour of making all the same mistakes that some took years to iron out of best practice strategies and so on.

Yes it does not matter how much you seek to establish a best practice-everyone interprets such things in their own IMAGE very often blinded by SELF-TALK and SOCIAL NETWORKS as to how good or bad they really are. That of course takes us into the OBJECTIVE versus SUBJECTIVE and few can claim to GENUIELY be able to successfully separate those IDEAS or indeed find an ALTERNATE to those IDEAS.


Well within my own recent reviews I have been studying particular MODELS as to the relationship between differing so-called WAVES and FREQUENCIES and those again can very much INFLUENCE how any given person is OPERATING-whether they can see such things themselves or not.

In this instance I am talking about the RELATIONSHIP between GAMMA, ALPHA, BETA, THETA and DELTA.   It has been demonstrated that given that most of us come to such teachings as to these break downs in LATER LIFE that we can think that we are the so-called DOGS at being ALPHA when in fact we are behaving BETA and so on and likewise only gaining information and researching each so-called sector can leave any given person with a better IDEA as to what their own FLAWS and so on may be.

Each realm can be demonstrated to have a GENUINE CHARACTERISTIC behaviour associated with such labelling and likewise FRAUD like behaviours associated with such Labels.

Very often these are associated or INTERLINKED with the SUBJECTIVE to OBJECTIVE model that again brings many a person into some pre-existing INTERNALISED HISTORICAL DISPUTE. So such IDEAS very often become disputed through what for many a BUSINESS should be secondary or even Tertiary considerations.

Yes the COMPONENTS OF COMPLEXITY when researched can raise your THRESHOLD HIGHER once again or take you back to having to deal with pre-established issues that you have not dealt with appropriately.

Anyone who followed my SUGGESTION to research DATABASE type RELATIONSHIPS can perhaps better understand these things-as they really are very often related to PROTECTIONIST SYSTEMS & SECURITY and so on-again very often from long lost times in our lives from childhood or indeed adulthood if you have experienced EXCESSIVE TRAUMA at any point in your life.

So the REACTIVE versus the PROACTIVE comes into DISPUTE very often because we often take what e think to be PROACTIVE STRATEGIES from a REACTIVE position-if that makes sense.

Clearly OVERTIME we want anyone to have carried out enough personal research and clearing to be CENTRED and OPERATING from some OPTIMUM perspective and view and likewise understand that all presented MODELS are just that-they are used as POINTERS TO IT rather than being it-and we can also PREDICT the so-called stages and ladders of progress-hence BILL HARRIS being able to write some EXCELLENT BLOG ARTICLES on the stages of GROWTH and AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT and so on.

So any given individual can generally only KNOW what is going on within their own respective mind set and given the million and one other peoples who SHARE a NAME or JOB or LIFESTYLE CHOICE many predictions as to differing peoples behaviours becomes obvious. Some can ALWAYS seem EXTREMIST to some peoples-whilst others can always seem a SOFT TOUCH to others.

Again I have spoken on CIRCLES and many a circular model demonstrates that the extreme points are in fact very often simply expressive VERSIONS of the same IDENTITY.

Can anyone calve a genuinely enhanced IDENTITY for themselves beyond all the nonsenses and debates-yes I think they can though clearly such action is again a choice and finding such a role requirement in life or developing such a role model in life is choice.

So many modalities are developed that are HELPFUL whilst far more are developed that (In My Opinion) are unhelpful as to STAGES OF GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT.

I could have stopped for instance with the original Velocity site-though chose to move forward from that position and likewise everyone has choice as to NAVIGATION through all the research of respective information’s and INTERACTIVE RELATIONSHIPS.

What BEHAVIOUR is telling someone that they need to act out as “VICTIM” and what behaviour and STRATEGY is more neutral and mature and demonstrating a better navigated “as things exist NOW” best establishment practice.

Yes plenty for anyone and everyone to get IDEAS from though very often finding the THREADS is part of the process.

So IDENTIFY a childhood model that you may or may not have enjoyed. Identify what your thoughts and feelings are in relation to such (very often) long lost issues now as an ADULT. Decide what INTENTION you can set yourself for how you would like your THOUGHT relationship to be ith such an issue at some future point.

That of course related to the sphynx riddle again though I was thinking that in keeping with the re-understanding of words and language that HOLOSYNC could be rephrased “HAUL US IN” or “HALL OF SINS”. Yes some things are repeated at differing times and are clearly related to what is going on within our respective lives and realms and when we are COLLECTING and ANALYSING DATA such as that held within a DIARY or JOURNAL.

Well this one has gone on and on of course though I was thinking about how we can MANIPULATE SOUND in so many ways as to make old thoughts and feelings VANISH without so much as a SWISS SIGH at having avoided war through suggesting they would BURN ALL YOUR MONEY.

Yes I have just realized I have not had a TOBLERONE this year and will perhaps have to go rushing to see if anywhere has any of those large ones left. I did whilst looking for Christmas PRESENTS find myself going through this list and that list and not being able to IDENTIFY what some folks might want-my brother a TYPICAL EXAMPLE in the sense that he and his Missus BUY everything that they want for themselves and actually spoke to them on the subject in the sense that it is the same for many people of my generation.

I joked that I had genuinely thought about buying them a CUCKOO CLOCK that I had seen at one point and that of course perhaps reminded ourselves of Aunt Mona and her house of Clocks and Ornaments with EYES THAT STARE as soon as it goes quiet and the sun descents in the sky and so on. The amount of sounds and so on that can INDUCE FEAR without any portrayal is quite amazing. We many of us these days have GUGLING RADIATOR SYSTEMS in rooms automated central heating systems and so on. Alien a famous movie that relied on the INDUCTION of fear without reason.

So strange though true-simply meditating and so on can clear all sorts of long lost childhood thoughts and feelings without a by or leave whether you think you want or desire to be free of such things or otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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