Wow Tuesday Already

So here we are once again staring into the abyss of another yearly cycle that may or may not have been experienced previously by some and is being looked upon differently for the first time by others.

We do of course all have choices as to meanings and so on and likewise we can come to see that particular behaviours and attitudes and so on can be life enhancing and supportive of improving everyone’s life experience whilst other behaviours and attitudes can of course have the opposite effect.

Far too easy to fall into line with Polly Parrot like behaviours expected from a boss that when explored in greater depth you come to realise are just that-Polly Parrot Role Modelling where the “common sense” has somehow been extracted from a given ecosystem or environmental process in favour of “JUMP” “how high” expectancies.

Personal development and growth and basic life skills are of course a difficult one in the sense that some business and some class structures and systems often encourage stereotypes that it can be all to easy to fall into without thinking that alternate options exist or can be formulated that work for everyone-when everyone of course often takes up the approach of the path most already walked.

Of course some paths that have already been walked are broader and wider than others though the only way to see things in a new light can be to OBSERVE and RECORD what happens when I do this or I do that and so on. I did for instance SUGGEST a couple of reinterpretations on the words Holosync though I did later come up with further suggestions that I have not publically published-so we can speed up and slow down any kind of DYNAMICALLY STYLED sequence of incoming IDEAS and pull them apart and dissect and PLAY using whole brain thinking strategies and empowering ways and means of going about sharing information and so on.

I have of course noticed that I have gradually shifted from so-called Dear Dave letter writing this year and that perhaps an indication of moving on from some issues-though whilst I move on we will of course always see people CLINGING to “OLD GUARD” hand me down “NONSENSES” & prejudices and so on. Choice is choice though I really do suggest that peoples seek to broaden HORIZONS rather than ECLIPSES.

Yes no IDEA why I throw that in though I was actually thinking I perhaps OWE a Dear Dave letter though clearly cannot ever really be sure of who is reading at any given time and indeed how such INFORMATION is taken, clearly I seek to make many a write-up tongue in cheek though it has been demonstrated over and over again that many people within particular LIFE ROLES do not ENGAGE the neurons and brain functioning that some of us seek to employ.

For instance I could write a letter such-as the following and some people would regard such a letter as a MASSIVE ATTACK on them personally whilst I may say such things are not personal and likewise LITIGATION is perhaps one of the LAWYER styled wordings that many of us got all wrapped up within from young ages.

Change of mind I am not going to write

Dear Dave, We the Thespians At CME

Dear Dave, we the thespians at Cement Mixer Enterprises are most disappointed that you have not written a letter recently, any more of your malarkey and you’ll be finding yourself buried in concrete boots and have a happy new year.


Hi Bongo

Yes I have not written letters for some time though clearly many of us can claim to have moved on from particular subject matter and topics whilst others are perhaps still confused as to what is a legitimate way of characterising a scene or situation and so on and what is simply FANTASY of someone else’s confused and in conflict mind.

The generational psychology of course is an ongoing issue for some “Old Guard” peoples and persons and likewise we can say well actually when does a new generation switch into the REALM of being “Old Guard” themselves and what contribution do such individuals claim to have made as to PROGRESS or changing to improved attitudes and best practice and so on.

We all perhaps know some folks who will never change in any way shape or form irrespective of the EVIDENCE before they’re own eyes and likewise when presented with some type of EVIDENCE it is dismissed or redirected as being something to do with so-and-so over they’re and not myself.

Yes the PROBLEM is often one of gullibility as to what practice or way of going about things is best at any given moment or time. We can within the lower echelons of Society point to folks who really do not have much between the ears and constantly require having the same information repeated to them day after day-and likewise when you take to writing and WITNESSING you can come to see that no matter WHAT YOU ARE TOLD as to your own intelligence within or across the given measuring modalities of any given realm-you have a choice as to accepting such information as being of importance or otherwise.

I am often AMAZED at the way in which LITIGATION styled attitudes are developed and handed down from generation to generation. Cleary someone says-I will take you to court and SUE you if you say or do this or claim that or the other-though likewise we can clearly demonstrate that some issues really are worth exploring as to TRUTH and staying CONGRUENT within your own body and being and so on.

Clearly I have not spoken a great deal on LAWYER TERMINLOGY and LAW though it can of course be demonstrated that when we look across multiple realms and CHANGE sound or VISIONARY DYNAMIC that some very OBVIOUS links EXIST throughout the SOCIETAL SPECTRUM; irrespective of what any one given individual such-as myself claims or say or does.

So for instance we have the ROPE that can be tied into a lasso, and I yesterday mentioned Sooty-so it can clearly be demonstrated that whether you are conscious of the way we are all seemingly manipulated and coerced and so on-that breaking free or getting to a point of genuinely feeling free to set your own INTENTION can be an ongoing life course so to speak.

Clearly many a person seeks to TRY to fit Reality to the model that they have found themselves within at any given point in life-though it can be demonstrated that such tactics and so on can only take you so far before you have to accept DEFEAT in some fashion as to INTERPRETATION and meaning-many a person POTENTIALLY operating below an awareness threshold that can backfire on the activities and attitudes and teachings that they seek to impart on others. The Karma debate is perhaps debatable though clearly not being excessively gullible or becoming sucked-in to the behaviours and so on of some peoples within some realms can be the best navigation course to steer.

I could of course write multitudes of IDEAS as to ways and means to interpret differing activities and associations and meanings of given words and so on-though many are simply choice as to how any given individual desires to continue within their own respective life.

Yes we are perhaps in one of those time zones whereby more imaginative type strategies as to how one can go about life is occurring-the lull prior to the new year HIATUS perhaps though attention as always can change the way in which anyone carries out self-talk and self-transformation and what processes if any can one adopt at any given time to empower people rather than possible otherwise styled ideas.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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