Medal You Say For Doing What

Yes strange though true-year in and year out we see an HONOURS LIST being published and year in and year out we hear of related commentaries on why the awards have not been handed out appropriately. I think given the way in which such things occur they are of course always going to come with a certain level of forehead slapping. In reality when we do like for like comparison with other realms we come to some that it is not all that differing really.

We must remind ourselves that you can gain a DEGREE at many an alleged INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION in the study of this Celebrity and that Celebrity much like a MASTERMIND contestant having a “SPECIALISED SUBJECT” of their favoured “soap opera”. Can I comment on any particular individuals? Well in fact the only one that had any kind of instant recognition for myself was James Cordon (I think) and that was simply because he is one of those one trick pony type comedian characters.

What how dare you, say his fans.

Well he is the typical STEREOTYPE “I’M FAT” gag man and actually not very good at that (In my opinion) compared of course with others who have filled such roles previously. Yes he perhaps checks many of the politically correct requirements that a Bernard Manning failed upon though how hard can it be to always play the “fat dumb bloke” kind of equivalent to a Frank Spencer-I just thought of a DEATHBED sequence in the TV series EMMERDALE that he would have not passed an audition for a and I guess that comes down to standards and the requirements thereof.

Yes of course I must be jealous –how hard can it be to play a cleaner.

So what else-well clearly like many a person I am employed for X hours a day by an employer and the usually larger REMAINDER of time is my own to do with as I would personally choose. Some commitments also bite into such time though it can of course be demonstrated that many people have similar choices and combination of similar component like strategies for dealing with such things.

Now I did write about JELLY BEANS recently and further to that it can of course be used to go across realms in the sense that they are SUGAR that has been given particular colour and flavour and we could of course play CARS with them if we wanted. Yes you can get your jelly beans out on a tray and play all sorts of games with them rather than just eating and snacking upon them. You can spell with them, create pictures with them and well very many things can be done beyond the most basic of function eating.

The same can of course be said for many a food-who remembers the film Close Encounters when a HUGE MASHED potato pile was shaped into a mountain. Yes I think that was one of the last times we saw real mash made with real potato in a movie. Probably not true though I do recall that the so-called SMASH Robots were becoming ever popular at that time-don’t have time to boil chopped potato for xx amount of time and drain water and add butter/milk or cream and mash. Get SMASH. Yes they do say many a modern meal is a CONVENIENCE in the amount of time saved cooking though in all honesty-many a recipe of certain types can often be left to cook once prepared and left in an oven and so on. I think the issue for many especially single people is what to do with the excess. So for instance when I was with family I could cook and know that there was enough for all-though when alone and not scaling down a given recipe I would clearly have far too much. So I would then often scale down cooking until I found myself turning into a ready meal guru as the preferred option. Yes I am sure others have not gone down that route and were I in a family so to speak I would likely cook more than I do though some find the kitchen a chore and others a place to escape to or indeed live within. Yes you can go to a dozen different households and find that a DIFFERENT ROOM is regarded as the room of CENTRAL IMPORTANCE to a given family. So some might have a TV lounge, whilst others are Sitting Room, whilst others are Kitchen, whilst others are bedroom. Yes some things of course depend on circumstance and how a property is CARVED UP so to speak though in general again many properties follow a similar like schematic of you have been in one you can probably work your way around most properties.

I think psychological tests have possible been carried out whereby they have switched all the various “expected” rooms and so on causing disruption to an expected mental norm that some folks have-we can of course demonstrate such things quite easily by going into any former large address that has been carved up into bedsits and so on. The disputes and so on within some properties can probably go on for years without ever being satisfactorily resolved and it can be better to move on from some such properties. One person owns the lease and another group owns the house and another person owns individual flats and so on and so forth.

Yes we can see a nightmare before our eyes in some situations and circumstances and still we walk into them as though blind to all the competing factions that are going to rip you to shreds given that you fail to comply with one or others DEMANDED compliance ruling.

Now some folks wonder as to my taking notes regularly and so on and really it comes down to truth of what you see and being congruent in such things-many a course says as you go about your day-make notes.  Exceptionally easy to do and you can often come to SEE how RIDICULOUS many a possibly abhorrent thought really is-or likewise see through nonsenses that are presented by various people’s and persons as some unexplained or unexplored truth that is often wrong.

Well I have a teatime working day today so will leave this one a little shorter than usual.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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