So What Did This David Make Of That

Yes-so I was informed within a recent meeting that I have several unbooked holidays owing to myself and that they (The holidays) require using up and given that circumstance-I thought I would select dates that fitted in with other activities or courses that I have personally signed up for.

Having said that I somehow managed to stay up this morning and fell asleep later than perhaps intended-when I came to my computer and checked my emails-I found myself wondering as to why I had not received any confirmation details for the New Course that I had signed up to. On this occasion I was once again at fault-I having given the provider of the course an alternate email to that used as standard and the email address included is rarely used and I had not checked as to the filtering system-I found myself with confirmation email and indeed further update knowledge hidden away by the sorting mechanism of that particular email address.

So I breathed a sigh of relief that I have not been forgotten about and that Learning Strategies had indeed actually followed my instructions-integrating the course within my regular on-line library account whilst using the alternate email address for correspondence than the address that I usually provide.

I then read through correspondence eagerly checking for what I needed to know about the course and my pad being a somewhat integrated device often automatically takes myself to follow-up links and so on. I read through the provided materials and hit the button to check “time-zone” I not having a clue as to what the given time would translate to here within the United Kingdom location of Hereford. I arrived at the screen to be informed that the live event teleseminar began at somewhere around 7 pm GMT UK time and I myself of course went into shock/horror I’ve missed it looking at the present time of somewhere approximately 8:30 pm GMT.

So anyway after hitting another link I was immediately afforded the opportunity to listen in to an immediate replay of the live event and so listened to that event as though it were live-I potentially perhaps missing out on goodbyes and so on as the end of the replay seemingly cut-off whilst going into a mini-meditation session toward the end of the allocated time period.

Anyway as is familiar to anyone who has followed myself for any given length of time-I often give a review of some description as to these courses and the materials held or contained within. I felt that I listened in quite attentively and followed Sam Horn and Pete Bissonette as they interacted and Sam explained how some of the step-by-step thinking strategies and processes would work and had come about and how the underlying criteria for the decision making processes included within the course was demonstrated in many Real World examples and anecdotal “Stories” that she shared within this-the preliminary course opener (for lack of better description).

So learning seemingly came about almost immediately as I made notes whilst listening in and jotting down some of the stand-out points that were made during the course. Much was perhaps dedicated to DEADLINES and the usage their-off. We all of course potentially have a multitude of deadlines that we have to work within during our respective lives and it can of course be demonstrated that some are more feasible to operate within than others-hence inviting the possibility of a what is the problem and how can I turn this problem around or into a Solution and all carried out via a guided decision-making process.

So I have the course materials and I have listened in and also have the online library for repeat sessions and some transcripts will also arrive within my Library when the session has been reformatted into the written word.

Another interesting parameter I was highly interested in-was the IDEA presented of creating Mastermind Groups as a way of becoming motivated and inspiring other people toward any given publishing deadline that we (as a group) have set ourselves-likewise several “OBSTACLE” type attitudes and questions were presented and explanation given on ways and means to RETHINK our approach again to the decision making process.

I of course am known to have shut up shop in many ways-due to highly negative bombardment of continued abuse and attack and so on-so how can somehow “given that background” find ways and means or alternate options to so-called survival and clearly a typical Solution is teach and bring others to greater levels of awareness for themselves and likewise perhaps go beyond ideas as to present limitations. I cannot get my message out within present situation or confines so I will leave or look for peoples and persons further afield who can be contacted and who may share my own ASPIRATIONS and MOTIVATIONS and so on. Finding alignment with any given group and of course seeking to create positive and rewarding self-full-filling prophesies is in many ways what many of the overall strategies to enlightenment are all about.

So for myself at least I have written out some answers to questions presented within course materials and likewise can hopefully use such information to propel myself and any of my own readership and contacts and mastermind groupings forward in a positive and uplifting and rewarding sequence of events and criteria.

The way in which many of the processes and step-by-step nature of the processes occur is of course taken at any given individuals own speed-though likewise in transformational coaching terms I am already looking forward to future sessions-and the “leave them wanting more” approach is perhaps again-as old as time itself.

So I can highly recommend the course to peoples and persons who have perhaps stuttered as to where to begin (in simplifying things) or indeed as another powerful foundational coaching layer or knowledge base-the proof is often said to be in ACTUAL PHYSICAL REAL-WORLD RESULTS that we personally EXPERIENCE, therefore my initial encounter with a new Teacher is positive though giving a STAR RATING at this early juncture or point would be a counter-productive bias as I am sure the Many Teachers and Trainers and providers of these Technologies may or may not agree or disagree with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Is Accuracy Avoidable In The Now

Another strange question-though one worth considering. I noting various “WARNING” like news items such-as the failure of a Snowstorm in New York, USA, to materialise and likewise we are hearing from Holocaust related Auschwitz survivors and all these reports are often of course debated as to accuracy and fact/fiction. So in the case of the New York Snow Storm of January 2015 they can say that a storm has occurred just not to the “Major” degree given in the realm of “SCIENTIFIC” prediction. Likewise whilst most people accept that MASS MURDER occurred within the German run World War II Polish Death Camp Auschwitz-the level once again has always been debated as to actual number of deaths. Clearly such things might be regarded as meaningless or acting as filters to underlying TRUTHS. Were we part of some collective been subjected to enslavement and subjugation and torturing and so on then we ourselves would likely feel very differing in attitude to very often pre-established attitudes and behaviour’s.

So I recently mentioned the IDEA of Lenses and Filters and very often interpretation of events is related to presently established beliefs and of course hour well developed our respective brain is in relation to the way in which any of us view the World.

Another area within another realm currently undergoing great debate are of course the various OSCAR nominations-the reason that I bring this subject up is in fact because I mentioned image streaming from the Genius Code course and prior to that write-up had indulged myself with some of the included practices from within that course.

So strange though true part of my image streaming was again a seeming repetition of some events I had experienced on an earlier occasion whilst carrying out that activity and was perhaps linked to Oscars.

I recalled seeing the Oscar Schindler ACTOR from Steven Speilberg Movie “Schindler’s List” the film about the industrialist who allegedly saved large numbers of Jews from death simply via the allocation of jobs within his factory’s contributing to the German War Effort. The only difference was that within my image stream I had imagined placing some scroll into a honey comb like wall whilst his figure loomed large over myself. Unsure as to interpretative meaning though always worth jotting such things down. Reality of course can be that we have rather large quantities and collections of imagery within our respective noggins and techniques and strategies to tap into such things still later requires DEBRIEFING as to the signs and symbology and interpretative meanings given.

So the fact that I had been placing scroll into some catacomb like wall suggests possible BEEHIVE like insect realm activities. Likewise having a figure looming large over myself possibly suggests “BIG BROTHER” type issues or indeed PARENTING were I a child being made to tidy up in some fashion. Likewise because an image thought links to that particular ACTOR within that Particular Film it may well of course link to the so-called DEAD SEA SCROLLS that were said to have survived within caves for quite long periods of time simply placed there by Jews escaping persecution within that particular region during that particular time period in History.

In allegory of course and interpretative meaning it might be suggested that is the Model Used by the Elites for however long to control the masses. The I will provide you with work model-the debate then of course as to whether the work or environment and respective ecosystem is worth surviving within.

That can of course always be debated as to merits and otherwise of any employment environment though clearly if a particular realm has regular or reoccurring “negative” events then one has to perhaps start questioning the CONDITIONING that causes such events to occur.

Yes each generation can “LATCH” onto negatives within any realm for instance in the GP and NHS realms you may expect to regularly see death-likewise within the Military Service Realm. A tradition of family joining armed services often see “INTAKE” reduced during times of WAR. So a psychology exists within individuals of “WANTING” a career and so on though the negatives associated with particular realms can come to the forefront when such things are being constantly high-lighted within the media realms. Likewise these things perhaps down to what you yourself are paying attention to.

I myself admit to keeping an eye on the New and Wider World-though such activities from a personal development point of view might be regarded as negative. Likewise you can point to people and persons who have no interest in the wider World beyond watching “people like myself” soap opera’s and public entertainment shows. Put yourself forward to be lambasted and gain some recognition or otherwise if your vocabulary includes the downsides of any given activity.

Does WISDOM include DISCERNMENT is another question I found myself wondering about-given the nature of AWARENESS and various aspects of the Learnings and Teachings we can come to see that the IDEA of “ME” and the IDEA of “NOT ME” is in many ways a double-edged sword in the sense that “do not do as I do-do as I say” is another popular activity saying among the masses and of course also the Elites. Though clearly most want to be higher in a pecking order than otherwise.

The issue potentially then becomes one as to whom is advising any given STAR PERFORMER within any area of life. So someone can come in to a work environment and have great CV and prospects and appetite for personal development and growth and then gradually become indoctrinated by the peoples and persons that they find themselves among to the degree that they are no longer operating from “possibly” the wide-eyed innocent and motivated position that they began with.

Such issues can of course lead to congruence issues whatever your own respective level of awareness and of course it was exceptionally easy for people early on to lambast myself in some fashion though I do think that as larger groups have become more aware and enlightened that an overall greater equilibrium has come about in many ways among various realms that I find myself within.

We do have it repeated that what does not serve you falls away-though clearly there is probably an ongoing MEASURABLE CRITERIA by which such IDEAS are marked. Many a realm chooses BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW though clearly in the double-edged sword stakes we can suggest that however much a “COMMUNIST” all things being equal IDEA exists that in fact GREED and so on or ulterior motive as to influence and manipulation means that wisdom can often be ejected when enough pressure is brought to bare on any given individual.

So who is saying what about whom and what realms are empowering in acknowledging understanding of supernatural events and so on and who is still maintain a status quo that no longer fits the environment or ecosystem that they find themselves within.

We all for the most part or largest constituency have eight fingers and 2 thumbs spread across our two hands (if we have those) and likewise similar amounts of digits at the end of our legs on our feet. So counting is as old as time itself and perhaps one of the earliest forms of measuring that anyone learnt.

I have begun meandering again so will perhaps leave this sequence as it is-I have actually taken the night of work tomorrow Wednesday in order to participate in the new course Teleseminar though will of course have to translate the timetable accordingly for UK-TIME. I think that perhaps an issue for us in the UK-where by in seeking to take courses from international companies the time zone issue can cause problems. What we need are perhaps equivalent Organisations and Teachers elsewhere in the World than perhaps the World Centric United States. We then have to perhaps ask-why do these enlightenment technologies freely exist outside of our own particular realm whilst we seemingly have no such equivalents acceptable within our own growing up cultures and so on.

Yes debate to be had on what is and what is not acceptable-I will be looking again toward the Oscar issues-I see that Sherlock actor apologising for saying coloured people rather than black after being lambasted by political correctness. How few of these people campaign to call pink people pink rather than white. Likewise I would not refer to my mixed race daughter as black because she does not fit that PERCEPTIONAL MODEL any more than a china man or indian does or any other ethnicity. The referring to people as black is clearly biased toward “PURE” African persons of colour rather than the multitudes of other shades and varieties that exist around the World. I throw that in because we are of course hearing of Genocide within some African States and those responsible are of course no better than Hitler. So you cannot replace one type of Genocide with another type of Genocide is perhaps one of the Greater Truths-hence my repetition of treating anyone from any culture with dignity and respect until “perhaps given reason to otherwise”.

I can of course say that I respect that point of view though can explain why I personally disagree with it-in many an instance of Political Correctness gone MAD.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Writing The Wave Elizabeth Ayres

So a book I have previously recommended both here and elsewhere was of course the above titled book “writing the wave” and of course it might be regarded by some folks as somewhat very basic in terms of what is being taught and so on-though as I have suggested previously if you have spent most of your life not writing or documenting and so on and do not want to feel as though being hit over the head with “Lectures” and so on then that is perhaps a more fun mannered fashion or style of book that anyone can follow quite easily to get themselves into some writing habits and idea generations and so on. Likewise I myself am looking forward to the New Learning Strategies course that begins this Wednesday Write Well Write Fast Write Now-this of course a matter of opinion as to need though I have gradually come to adopt an in for a penny in for a pound approach to the courses and teachings and learnings that I can ascertain from the various disciplines and likewise I often find myself surprised in some fashion as to something apparent occurring that I was previously unaware of-I should say in advance that I am not a “NATURAL FIT” for the course in the sense of having I think read a SAM HORN (The course Lecturer) booked entitled “POP” that was among the photo-reading course recommendations. The book perhaps not one that I would have read beyond it appearing upon the reading list-though as many of these teachers demonstrate over and over again they are famous and successful with No.1 positions on acclaimed Bookseller Lists and highlighted as Shining Stars whilst I myself am “potentially” a demonstration of Talent and Abilities being under-utilised in some fashion. These things are of course swings and roundabouts in the sense that anyone within any realm can be “HERALDED” as a knowledgeable and worthy of reading who has never been heard of outside that realm. I of course have read many such books by such peoples and persons across many realms simply through the enjoyment of the study and likewise fill in areas that I perhaps regard as being gaps within my knowledge set.

So something new for myself to look forward to-though likewise many a process is seemingly carried out in step-by-step fashion where you potentially have to do some basics of some of the recommended activities and so-called activations and so on to begin genuinely getting some of the gradual shifts and changes in awareness and your own level of skills and abilities and likewise repetition whether we like such things or not can be included within such IDEAS.

Typically for instance I made a trip to town this morning and when I arrived home once again made myself some notes-further to that I can once again say it did seem very much a Deja-vu sequence or repetition and because I do take such notes and indeed write this blog regularly as possible I can look them up and see when the previous occasion occurred-was it on a same day-easy to speculate as many of us fall into routines for days of the week-though in terms of PATTERNS & CYCLES I really am talking of all-encompassing like sequences of events of peoples and positions and locations and so on.

When you have those kinds of experiences you can then perhaps have an ah-ha as to concepts such as patterns and cycles and likewise the IDEA that in many ways we operate in highly unconscious sim like fashion.

I was once again thinking about how I could explain many a detail to the uninitiated and beyond personal experience of the Technologies and so on-such explanations cannot do them justice.

I previously suggested that people perhaps sit and close eyes and practice visioning and imagining and then writing such things down and it was The Genius Code Course I think that went further with the IDEA of image streaming and likewise writing the wave above has a similar “LAST NIGHT I DREAMT…” whereby you then can write out a real dream if you can recall such things or likewise simply make something completely up and of course perhaps a day or two later or even further down the line go back and compare what you wrote to how things are now. A popular strategy is often placing goals for the year in an envelope and then opening it again the following year and seeing how close you are to having achieved such things. They are of course self-motivating strategies and I think potentially one of the areas I struggle-oh no you don’t, oh yes I do.

So a typical example was that years ago I did as I have repeated on occasion study electronics and indeed went on to University to Study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and that was for myself a stepping stone toward a particular goal that I had set myself at some younger stage of life in relation to robotics and androids and the creation of a walking talking machine of some description. Yes my studies demonstrated that many a robot is actually designed for purpose rather than many of the all-encompassing Human-like creations such as Star Trek TNG characters Data or indeed Star Wars C3PO or other “Fictional Realm” humanoid like creations-that perhaps a typical example of “people like myself” syndrome that the Authors may or may not have been considering when coming up with such things.

Likewise now the diversification and modelling of nature and purpose led engineering and so on has generally led Science to actually “for the most part” avoid humanoid like robotic creations-yes we see some occasionally famous creations costing Millions and Billions of research and funding-though those are often high-lighted simply because overall the industry has seemingly moved away from the human model-however that is a differing “PERSPECTIVE” to that of someone such-as Ray Kurzweil who is perhaps a leading light in the Cybernetic Research and nanotechnology realms-the integration and AUGMENTATION of Humans and Machines.

Some will say what is the difference though again I set myself goals in relation to seeking to bring character “Data” like creations into reality not “Borg” like creations-they perhaps a typical example of The Mad Scientist like effect-though clearly we have already seen people being given artificial working limbs and hearing implants and even sight implants-so it is not something to be sniffed at in the sense that when IDEAS are shared and-or research into differing realms stalls for whatever reason another cross-realm like research or re-direction can occur to make or take the best learnings and apply them in a sensible or constructive fashion or manner.

So anyway I have of course also set newer goals in relation to several courses that I have taken and a number of those have begun coming to fruition in one fashion or other so perhaps for myself in many ways merely a matter of persistence. Even when REPETITIONS OCCUR we can note things that were not necessarily apparent on a prior occasion. So typically I can mention walking around town and on one day I might think I will count the number of shops within a precinct and on the next occasion see how many logo colours I can recall from those within the count and so on. Differing triggers and so on very often begin appearing almost naturally when they are needed or required most.

Elsewhere I have actually since speaking on studying behind-the-scenes TV and Movie industry research and Directing and Storyboarding and moving onto SOUND related behind-the-scenes research have found myself thinking a great deal about so-called LENSES & FILTERS.

Clearly in the awareness stakes it could well be suggested by some folks that all hinges upon LENSES & FILTERS though-potentially more than that I think when we understand some of the sound-wave dynamics and so on we come to see that all is in many ways generated in an engine like fashion within your own respective mind and body. So much of my lifetime of many areas of studies into many realms has actually led myself to Companies that have created or Engineered various MODULE like components of best practice that anyone can use to benefit themselves within any area or aspect or field of life that they so wish. I of course continue to perhaps desire to move forward with some of my long lost goals though clearly (at least within my own mind) many of the tools designs and modular fashion and study material has contributed to perhaps a greater wealth of knowledge in the overall plan-if I can say I ever consciously had a real plan.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Eye Witness or Ear Witness

Yes so one of the courses that I once again found myself returning to recently was Sonic Access and that is perhaps regarded as a compendium of the best elements from other courses within the Learning Strategies product range. After going once again through part of the Sonic Access Meditations I found myself thinking that I would probably as what is the difference between this version and that version their also being a Four Seasons follow-on product to the original. From my own point of view I would perhaps suggest that it is the type of course that can alleviate any felt need to rush through many of the early Holosync Levels and so on although I of course cannot know that because that was pretty much what I myself did. Having said that I did leave a rather large gap between sessions of Sonic Access and in returning to listen once again to a couple of the meditations was pleasantly surprised in the reinforcement like effect that occurred in the sense of the combinations of technologies used. That product perhaps a demonstration of what can be achieved through the bringing together of some of the very best learnings and techniques that can be created to improve whatever area of life anyone happens to be seeking some improvement within. I was once again thinking personally in terms of Health and in redoing that particular course I did think I felt some almost immediate beneficial like changes-so as I have suggested previously-if you take up Holosync and then think you want to rush through all the levels as I did-you could slow down and do no worse than use Sonic Access as an accompaniment enabling yourself to perhaps follow the recommended guidelines for each level and so on within the various Companies and Associates Product Ranges. I as I said previously stuck rigidly with one company at a time-where possible to alleviate my own finance stresses and so on and likewise you do find that various courses can be taken for free at the so-called lower product level-the choice then as to whether you want to study any particular element or learning modality and so on.

Elsewhere I strangely decided to have a break from writing for a day or two-simply to access how much progress if any I have actually made. I do think in many areas of life some great strides have been made though likewise practice of any particular activity does of course take time. I use time to write these boring and bland blog articles. I also take time when making notes of any travels that I carry out and so on and likewise take time in transferring such detail into a presentable format. My notepad tends to be a combination of multi-coloured inks and sketches and notes around notes and all sorts of little additions of awareness that seemingly spring back at differing times. So for instance if I go for a walk and decide to take notes afterwards I might say I saw a pine tree and a couple of birds were tweeting and I saw a person on a bike and someone else in a purple BMW saloon and lots of little factual snippets of information that have zero relationship to anything else-beyond any potential link that can be made within the hemispheres between ones ears. So for instance I might suddenly think-oh that team or person playing this or that sport has a bird sound for a name or a club plays in purple tops and so on. Likewise I will often ask what else was I not paying attention to when I was focussed on the birds or the cyclist or the car and so on. Yes it sounds strange though the more and more I have continued with note taking the more it has become a conscious routine and wakefulness and awareness has grown as a result of those kinds of activities. Most of us according to study use exceptionally small percentages of our potential brain power and likewise learn from an early age to shut out much of our sensory intake.

So the more you pay attention to what you are noticing the more you can see what things are potentially more or less important within your life on a day-to-day basis. Likewise within my reading I did find myself wondering as to this IDEA of EYE WITNESS versus EAR WITNESS. Quite simply the ear witness was a phrase I noted in some now quite old book that was converted for kindle and I of course happened to buy the book and then found that phrase and wondered.

What comes first given that in general whilst we do have quite wide forward staring eyes-when events occur from any position about ourselves we are usually ACTING upon other sensory information prior to the eyesight (so to speak) clearly many a meditation is often about closing your eyes and possibly doing some chanting or indeed visualization exercises-though likewise we can ask as to what other senses are we using within those visioning’s and so on. Do you dream in colour with sound and smell and touch and so on. It has of course been found that many a person having particular dreams has later awoken to find themselves disoriented in some fashion or other. Likewise the greater or improvement within the integration of the differing sensory realms does seemingly take time to adapt to-we all know that as I recently wrote a clue that is a positive trigger for one realm could be a negative for another-hence the repetition of perhaps focussing on a very few realms that you develop real interest in. Far too become a fan of any given player or team or nation only to later constantly seeing them fail in some fashion. Yes all clubs go through peak and troughs though generally from a proactive and-or pragmatic point of view there is little benefit in taking up some of the technologies I recommend and then remaining intransigent to thoughts and feelings and behaviours that are not going to see yourself prosper in some fashion.

We are of course soon entering into the Month of February already and will soon of course be told that Spring is just around the corner though for many I am sure that these few weeks since Christmas have probably been blitzed though somewhat. Not that I count days-just that it can often seem like just yesterday that I was doing this that or the other or having this conversation with so and so and here we are x days, weeks, months, years even down the line. So one learning that never goes out of fashion for many a person at any age is still thinking and feeling as though they are at some younger time of life and so on. Youngsters of course will complain of oldies acting out and having all the best kit and gear and so on-though likewise why should anyone of any age feel obliged to fit some expectancy of behaviour from externals who may or may not have suffered as much as they themselves or indeed people who have never shown any gratitude or appreciation for the people about themselves and so on.

Well I will leave this one here and say

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

Wow All These Story’s And Nothing Too Write

Yes we do see people over and again saying nothing to do or bored or more interested in watching than participating-though interestingly the more you take notes of what you see and hear and think and feel as you go about your own life-the more you perhaps introduce variation into your own particular life. So where once you may have been mostly unconscious as to the reactions you are having at the external stimuli surrounding yourself-you can more and more feel in control of your own sensory abilities and filters.

I noted that the new Windows is going to be a free upgrade for those of us already using their devices though have not heard anything further-they do usually send out fairly regular email updates of forthcoming software and offers and Microsoft related “goodies”. I mention that because we are seeing that Microsoft are entering into the realm of Holographic Computing according to multiple outlets-in Fact I think I did see some article in the past related to testing of such equipment. They having taken a differing approach to that taken by Google and other Companies seeking to work within that realm.

Companies such-as Google can of course even if abandoning particular projects (such-as Google glass) seek to use the respective data for new IDEAS and Versions or opportunities that the research provides. Microsoft using a model that suggests that a Model World can be projected about any user of their software/hardware developments and research.

I myself of course am known to taken regular notes on several of my fairly regular walkabout’s and one of the most noticeable things for such IDEAS as projection glasses and other interactive devices is the ISSUE of LIGHTING. I myself regularly traverse particular routes in Late evening / early morning like hours where light is TYPICALLY differing to that of the noon-day Sun and any devices would perhaps have to be “THEMED” to accommodate differing light conditions-much as we have differing “THEMED” equalizers for music on some of our MP3/MP4 Gadgets. Yes where you can select a music or sound theme for Rock or Classical or Pop or [insert favoured musical variety] and Headset devices would (in my opinion) have to operate along similar lines. Of course it can be said that some realms already have THEMED “LENSE FILTERS” for differing effects-such as Night Vision and so on though that is a differing ability or requirement to what a “MASS” Public device might be required or expected to have.

The problem then perhaps with all VIRTUAL REALITY type research and development is the appropriate usage and again we can see that research developed within one realm can of course be used elsewhere or within other realms-the issue then perhaps becomes an issue of how to CONTROL such developments-if we have any such desire to control. In terms of databases for instance a DEVELOPER can have a HIGHER PASSWORD CODE than perhaps an end user of some INTERNAL COMUTER SYSTEM. (Many business’ have such password levelled systems and many an end user has options available based within a particular working environmental requirement or need). Typically within the NHS (for example) a Clerk might have a differing level access than a nurse and likewise “DIFFERING” THEMED FRONT INTERFACE. The INTERFACE perhaps an idea that I have not spoken on very much though-it might be suggested that our Windows and Android operating systems and so on-we predominantly use as end-user interface levels. Software developers for differing systems-often have the same software though ACCESS is granted to other Higher Level PROCESS sections within their USER-THEME than us average day-to-day Mr & Ms Bloggs.

I rambled on somewhat for that section-though yes anyone can often buy software development tools and then arrange differing levels of access for differing users and indeed create differing theme for differing requirements from differing sectors of any Organisation or Business.

Clearly you then perhaps can fall into the REALM of ESPIONAGE whereby some folks want or believe themselves as requiring access that they presently have not been granted. Swings and roundabout-though most requirements can be accommodated within many a development TOOL.

Elsewhere in the news we are hearing that a former home secretary has died and is on the receiving end of varied number of obituary like statements. All I can really say is that within the rank and file of the Thatcher Years Government he perhaps was presented as a more moderate image and so on than a number of his colleagues. I think again he was one that had a particular “STEREOTYPE” image and was given appropriate jobs that reflected such things as “STEREOTYPES”. Some may say of course than any individual in wanting to break with any given DOCTRINE may well want to set a NEW STANDARD in not “FITTING” some pre-designated assumptions and presumptions and so on.

That perhaps something else I have learnt from continued WRITING of NOTES and MONITORING my own WORLD. Whilst I also continue to MEDITATE-I have often found that thoughts feelings and actions can be “LEFT OUT” of write-ups and very often being “IGNORANT” to some external stimulus can also bring about more positives within your life or ECOSYSTEM or ENVIRONMENT over the Longer term. That perhaps a “FAMED REMEDY” used by those who have been locked-up and have taken to writing. The Nelson Mandela type individuals or indeed Jeffery Archer-he one that spent time behind bars and wrote upon his experience. Behind bars of course meaning HMS Prison rather than public houses and Night Clubs and so on.

So I write and write and make regular notes and people get interested and then disinterested as it becomes an established Environmental Event. I did during work breaks at one time “READ BOOKS” at break time and that was ALSO taken up by a number of other Colleagues-though of course things change and people and person’s move on and a new group appears with other activities such-as playing cards. So lots of differing groups have far more varied and differing activities that they can do for ten minutes of however long it takes. I say this because it is easy when in any NEW ENVIRONMENT to feel EMBARASSED or PRESSURISED into some undesirable COMPLIANCE with a given “GROUP” or “CONTROL FREAK” status-quo. Anyone can IGNORE given status quo and accommodate themselves (within reason of course). I think that is a lesson some learn and others do not. Again the do I feel FREE & COMFORTABLE doing my own preferred activity or am I feeling HARASSED into some GROUP COMPLIANCE that I am not keen upon.

That sounds troublesome-though in FACT might be regarded as being like a fight for a TV REMOTE CONTROL. One person wants to watch “BIG BROTHER” like channels-whilst others prefer a Movie channel in the background-or other CHOICES such-as chatting with colleagues and so on.

As I say the more DIVERSITY that any given populace is able to operate and feel comfortable with the better (In my opinion). So anyone in understanding the RELECTIVE INTERNAL-EXTERNAL INSIDE-OUTSIDE PARAMETERS can seek to alleviate their own “SUFFERING” (if any) by simply seizing their own choice of activities and interests and topics of conversation without forcing such choice on others about themselves.

So some folks have an interest in positive uplifting and rewarding lifestyles and the pursuit of excellence or learning and crafting improved skills and personal development whilst others do not.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Who Would Be You

A strange question perhaps though one that many a person asks themselves throughout their respective lifetime in one fashion or another. We can as per usual look about the World to see what news or incoming information is of most interest to any given individual within any particular realm.

So during the last 24 Hours we have seen the US President’s Annual State Of The Union Address to the respective Houses of Congress and The Nation. We of course can look on to see the general course or direction in which he is intending to take the United States for the remainder of his Presidential Tenure. I myself like most people merely saw brief media edited high-lights and as with all politics-that particular address is seemingly a Tradition where everybody is “Polite” irrespective of political slant-and of course a Republican response was also given. So we here in the UK have weekly Prime Ministerial Questions within the Houses of Parliament though am unsure as to occasions where both houses are represented-I think Black Rod and Staff Ceremonies are usually inclusive of both houses for The Queen’s speech.

Elsewhere we are hearing talk in relation to RANSOM demands-and I am quite sure within the realm of Business and in life in general that similar negotiating tactics will be being seen even if they are not interpreted within the cross-realm allegorical context that I usually seek to introduce to any so-called analysis. So we might suggest given the Democratic President is now in a position of having two Republican houses running the Country that he may well be regarded as a lame duck-as has been seen previously with other President’s-he himself perhaps only able to gain support in relation to areas that are supported by all-sides those very often of course being areas such-as Military budgets and spending and so on.

Here in the United Kingdom we are seeing that the Harry Potter Author has won some court action against a newspaper for printing early aspects of “HER LIFE STORY” that she herself feels has been misrepresented-somewhat strange going’s on (in my opinion) given her present so-called bank balance and wealth and general all-round success. Though I think we all have that desire to represent ourselves as to how we are perceived and portrayed and of course many can relate to the idea that “mud sticks” irrespective of such things being truth or lie.

We are also of course seeing that Weather related stories are ongoing with typical pictures of heavy snow in some regions-we here in Hereford seemingly fortunate beyond the chilly nights of having often missed many a more extreme Weather Condition-often said to be caused by the surrounding valley’s-unsure as to truth of such claims though locally I am sure many a person has seen a Weather report and waited for “weather condition” only to be “LET DOWN” in some manner. Yes new computers were introduced to better predict such patterning’s though it can often seem as though a rain cloud or snow cloud took some “Bugs Bunny” turn at Albuquerque-the question then becomes what district or town can be used as a UK-ALBUQUERQUE.

The Big NEWS for people who are dedicated Computer Fans is of course the all-new polished and pristine Windows 10 operating system-much criticism was given of the predecessor Windows 8 though I in all honesty actually like 8 and am using that particular operating system to write this article with. Much competition exists within the so-called PAD-TABLET realms though I bought myself this one as a personal treat a couple of years back and have been quite strict as to usage and what other programs and so on I allow on the device. Where once with Computers and Laptops I had multitudes of software from all Companies “TAKING OVER” the computer and becoming impossible to use-I deliberately kept this machine predominantly free of software from other alternate vendors and that strategy has actually worked-this perhaps being the only “GADGET” complete with a fully functional operating system and software such-as the Office Suite that I have never had any reason to complain about in any fashion. So vendors sell and give away multitudes of trial software and teasers and “must haves” and we have choice and unlike my earlier computers and laptops I opted for a “minimalist” approach to see what might ACTUALLY occur with that particular approach. We do of course have the so-called “dumb terminal” issue with many gadget’s anyway though I know from experience of witnessing people with phones and other android like tablets that you can still become ENSNARED by many things that are unnecessary-again perhaps simply through that Societal like greed of keeping up with the Jones and so on.

That is not to say that I may have missed out on some good stuff though it is often suggested that what you do not know you cannot miss so to speak. So that once again an issue of DIRECTION & FOCUS.

I should of course today in pre-meditated fashion promote given that we are of course also seeing talk of THE JEWS within the media-planning some exodus according to some reports whilst the German Leader of a recent anti-islamic march has been ridiculed with pictures from within his own History as his dressing up of his beloved Hitler.

So none of us can escape such things though we can meditate and slow our thinking and be better prepared as to interpretation of such cycles and patterns-and perhaps release and let go those thoughts and behaviours and actions that do not necessarily serve ourselves.

Many a person of course seeks to be “IN ALIGNMENT” with family or group or herd or employer or Government and so on and that is all well and good if such activities are empowering and to the overall benefit of such groupings though very often we find self-saboteur like behaviours occurring from people’s at any level of Organisation who claim to be representative of said Organisation though are simply “DEFENDING” some personal position to the “DETRIMENT” of the Organisation. Whether such things are being carried out consciously or non-consciously in stepping stone or step-by-step fashion you do have to question your own reasoning. The “jump” “how high” command and control attitudinal fashion that some Companies give to management or chain of command and control like personnel often becomes “CORRUPTED” via personal interpretation as to cause & effect.

So we can all of us monitor cycles and patterns and we can all of us choose to make Wiser choices within any area or aspect of life. This perhaps one of those times where we may once again see “WHISTLE-BLOWERS” coming to the fore-many a realm or person is often encouraged from a young age to not like “grasses” and “informers” and “tell-tales” and other variations on such wordings.

My own view is that various levels of such behaviours exist-does an International Spy tell-tales when reporting to bosses. Who has turned upon whom and what again is “The Motive”. Yes dissecting motive of any given behaviour whether your own or someone else’s might again be regarded as The Booby Prize (throw that in for the Page 3 Debaters). Another subject that has been appearing recently.

So whether someone is a man or woman or child-choice exists as to most appropriate course of action and very often of course people are operating within higher levels of mental complexity conflict and confusion than is often given credit for. I have of course mentioned studying Psychology materials within my research and again that is often about separating FACT/FICTION coin sides.

We can each of us only truly know our own personal motive of cause & effect behaviour. Elsewhere I found myself again taking notice of so-called POWER & ENERGY related issues-that differing to power-mongering-I simply mean bodily power and keeping the Heart Beating and so on. We are intricate cellular beings that can be attuned to The Greater Realities though likewise we do not necessarily have to know full working knowledge of IDEAS such-as computers and electronics and logic gates and so on to know that these things can be brought on-line and work for or toward our own personal Health and Wealth and Well-being and life intentions and so on. I have drifted into the World of meanderings again so will leave this one here.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Do Video Slots Take Learning Strategies Coinage

So I recently received a seemingly somewhat random comment and the link took myself to some VIDEO-SLOTS on YOU-TUBE and I have of course recently mentioned LAS VEGAS somewhat “famed” as a gambling “MECCA” with Casino’s full of such machines. Further to that of course we have among many a Learning Strategies Course a SYMBOL. The symbol very often being a DA-VINCI lie arms and legs stretched out within some respective COLOUR BUBBLE. Were we to turn such a cel on its side it could well of course be thought of as some kind of INTER-DIMENSIONAL spinning liquid bubble or indeed a coin or within the cellular realm as a CELL.

Yes this is just a PSYCHO-BABBLE MEANDERING as to various combinations of ILLUSIONS and how such things have come into BEING. I once again experiencing some VARIANT with known parameters of cyclic patterns and events. Yesterday of course I wrote mentioning Diplomacy and Standard and for the sporting WATCHER it could be related to a game of CRICKET perhaps. I am not absolute on what Distinguishes one group of sporting fan’s from another though heard a report on cricket at some point during the night.

So that of course takes us to CLASS DISTINCTION’S perhaps in the sense that differing groups of populations have differing FOCUS as to the sports and so on that they follow and again we can SPECULATE what a person at this “PRESUMED” mental level within Society might be interested in viewing or following or watching. That just another ANGLE to consider. Again being British and so on and this refers predominantly to Commonwealth type sports. So my referencing BETWEEN FRAMES using H could also refer to forthcoming RUGBY competitions.

Yes it does seem that any realm we find ourselves within whether when young or old can be mentally geared toward “SEEING” through the various immediate cycles and patterns to potentially more rewarding activities and IDEAS as to how anyone can become a FISHERMAN rather than the CATCH (or otherwise-if you have vested interested in SECURITY or other such issues).

The security issue is interesting in the sense that it often causes people to not go through the TRIGGERS & DANGERS whether real or imagined-many of course IMAGINED OBSTACLES based in “OLD” patterns and cycles that many have within some collective Herd like PSYCHE.

Creating your own blog or video industry and reports whilst learning from those who have blazed trails previously can really be the best option within the IDEA of switching into beliefs in prosperity and health and wealth and so on. Many a person says “CHANGE THE RECORD” in respect of those now ancient turntable music players-though likewise within IDEAS such-as WISDOM you really only want to replace KNOWN “EVILS” (so to speak) with positive and rewarding reactions and perhaps some personal proactivity. Yes NAVIGATION and DIRECTION is ongoing for many and I recommend and utilise technologies and abilities and skills that enable anyone to make those changes-though choice of course means good or bad as individuals and as various groups or collectives.

So we are always asking HOW CAN I DO THIS and likewise reminding ourselves that if all is now then many an event within anyone’s lie can already be considered to have occurred within some fashion. If we had a negatively charged event we can LEVEL it out so to speak in re-interpreting from a HIGHER place on the HILL or alternative angle or perspective.

Many of my later learnings and reading and studies are perhaps areas and topics that on a non-conscious basis I have previously carried out or covered. Things such-as my re-studying electronics and computer systems and music and sound effects and so on. All areas are ones that I grew up with to a certain extend prior to later returning to them from alternate angles. Okay so I can joke that I may have been a NATURAL DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR simply through my initials though clearly we want to sort through opposing beliefs as to ordering and organisation and so on and the belief of course of NURTURE.   It does appear that NURTURE is more important than nature and it might be suggested that confusion and conflict comes about for many people simply through seeking to have a “best of both Worlds” that simply cannot be resolved at the level at which such things were created. Clearly many a futuristic Science Fiction speaks on Cyborgs and computer robotic like peoples and in many ways society does follow such patterning and behaviour-whether consciously or otherwise. Stripping away mental filters of all types and reorganising your own beliefs whether in a compartmental fashion or otherwise rally does seem to be the best option. If it works for the so-called ESTABLISHMENT though-out the World then it can surely work for myself also-at least in those areas where some foundational teachings and learnings are no longer in conflict with a prosperity consciousness and so on.

So Story boards are given us regular as clockwork on TV and FILM and we very often want to believe that they can work for ourselves and likewise some seek to use all-encompassing labels and ideas that seemingly do not genuinely exit beyond some imaginary realm-yes imagined abilities and strategies and techniques have been demonstrated and proven to work over a long period of time-though the stepping into the shoes and witnessing is surely better than experiencing some events and TRAUMAS.

So apparently some of the things I write about have been tried within the Film and TV industry and even given names-we are all of course aware of IDEAS such-as Time share Holidays and in terms of being SIMS and ANGELS or however one describes such beliefs it might be suggested that we also have timeshare minds-and with correct approach to teaching and learning we can raise Threshold and choose what components and modularity’s we personally ASPIRE to-within of course the all-ncompassing IDEA that the only limit really very often is IMAGINATION whether you regard that as some numbered frequency of waves or rain within some Technology or real world stimulus and experience-prior to being physically born we can ask what were we-and where we we?

Yes some folks try to demonstrate that you have to become this that or the other in order to continue to exist-when in fact if you were a GLOBAL THOUGHT or however then surely such a thought exists throughout all of creation whether now of a future now or a past now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

A Process Of Diplomacy

So as I have steadily built up my collection of Learning materials and continued with my meditations I have found myself more and more coming to the conclusion that Diplomacy Skills are seemingly lacking within some quarters at the present time. We can of course see a present day dispute regarding some letter that has been sent out to Mosques from some Government official-and slings and arrows being fired to and fro as to interpretation. My own view on that issue is of course wrong in the sense that my overall impression of the excessively RADICALISED is that they were often already BARRED from many of their own Communities due to the extremism. Anyone such-as myself who had a “Church” upbringing for several years “KNOWS” that factions and groups very often form within many a RELIGIOUS organisation and very often find themselves being kicked out or asked to move on elsewhere where their own Teachings and Learnings are perhaps more accepted or however one wishes to describe such things. Some simply move to alternate Church Communities and others form their own. Likewise we see the same in Politics hence groups of former Tories and Fascists uniting to form UKIP. We also see the same in Football-how many a local team was “FORMED” out of the remnants of some prior club breaking or splitting up. I know from a time that I myself played for a little while that such activities can be generational or quite simply people moving on with their respective lives from some STAGE or POINT that they hold within the Noggin.

So you once went to Church or supported the Tories or BNP or belonged to this Saturday or Sunday local Sports Team and a year or two down the line-disagreement or dissatisfaction occurs whereby you decide that you yourself might be more appropriately suited to finding more compatible company or peoples to carry your favourite activity out with.

So yes I look at the present Headlines and instead of the direct arrows of commentating without “KNOWLEDGE” of a particular subject we often have to look to those who have performed such roles. I see some Film by Clint Eastwood is presently under scrutiny as to how his film glamorises or otherwise Snipers-the interesting fact of course that in many ways negatively perceived commentary might be regarded as sniping. Given the IDEA of WAR and having all options available I do think clearly that some SKILL must surely be involved within such activities and we do of course see marksmen like sports within the realm of the Olympics also so that urge to pick up a stick when younger and fence with it or use it as a gun perhaps one of those non-conscious activities that us males indulge in irrespective of attempts by parents to shape a child’s learnings and lessons of life and so on. We can also ask how many a person groans at failure to shoot the star out of the paper when a fairground comes to visit. Likewise I have chatted with some colleagues who are occasional clay pigeon shooters and even they suggest that such activities require a certain level of dedication to raise your own STANDARD-I myself of course use a High Pressured Water Pistol on a daily basis (within the working life) and such things again require some practice-some might roll their eyes at the IDEA that a water pistol requires some basic action and pressure control and so on-though I personally think it is something that many people lack or fail to get to grips with.

So I myself have eventually received my “SOUND” related order-though not without visiting a Post Office on 4 occasions and eventually experiencing the fortune of bumping into the Delivery Driver after having wondered as to “WHY ME!” Yes I have had packages in recent years sent from America via international delivery services and packages from Europe via international delivery services and all came rapidly and arrived within scheduled or designated windows and allotted timeframes. I pay for some super speedy delivery (something I usually avoid in favour of X “working days” type selections) and fail to get delivered to by the so-called British crème de la crème.

These things do not mean such events are going to be repeated on each and every occasion of course though I can look to the IDEA of “WITNESS” as to date or day and other Spiritually Inspired awareness’ as to potential cause and effect and ask those more rewarding questions as to what can I learn from these events and how can I ensure that my awareness on other occasions with similarly known Universal Patterns and Cycles is geared toward positive Results.

What else is going on-well we are seeing the Ukraine issue once again being brought to national attention and of course my own view on that topic was related to a clockface of compass about that particular Region in the sense of going from X-Many Countries to a new X-many Countries about a particular spot.

Yes it is to early to know if any alarms or triggers have occurred in relation to the Audio-Visual type materials I have acquired though in terms of CONTENT it is interesting that many a Movie soundtrack is wrong or inappropriate to a “TRAINED EAR”. That is of course according to writers and authors said to have trained ears.

How does that relate to other areas-well in fact it is once again a matter of PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS. Where sound is originating and located within a given sequence of shots or animations and so on. These days of course we all know that DIGITAL SOUND SYSTEMS and PROCESSES are far easier to manipulate and move about within a LOCATION or VISUAL REALM than they were within the realm of Analogue.

What cross-overs have I not presently mentioned?

Well in looking at a roll of “classic” film we can often see that each photo is a frame and of course that might be akin to the steps on a visual of a LADDER-Though we do not call ladders H-LADDERS-It could well be a useful IDEA for those interested in the IDEA of INTERSECTING INBETWEENS. The letter H of course could also “REPRESENT” multiple L like conjunctions and mirrors were we to recolour each section accordingly. So in “CLASSIC” analolgue photography we usually had a film running VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY and they would have some pre-designated “LENS” SHUTTER “SPEED” such as so many frames per second. We see similar within Cartoons also where it was arbitrarily decided that a minimum 12 per second was required to give a smooth motion image.

I could go into further graphical explanations of ways and means that Companies such-as Disney and ILM got around Technological deficiencies though it is in print for those who do their homework. So with the ADVENT of DIGITAL came the ability to once again operate within a COMPASS-BUBBLE. We have perhaps all blown liquid bubbles and watched as they drift about prior to popping and so on. Anyway digital is just representative numbers held with a memory location without all the sequential pre-ordering that comes with analogue. The number of so-called DIGITAL EFFECTS that can be performed are seemingly limitless and have now been used to great effect within multiple realms for many years. Most men and women have heard of things such-as AIR-BRUSHING how many a CELEBRITY PHOTO is enhanced or given a touch-up and that is a DIGITAL EFFECT. Yes someone somewhere often took a great deal of time to carry out such activities with older Technologies though again such things are swings-and-roundabouts. I think that some films such-as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN actually sought to give a visual that related to the TECHNOLOGY of the particular ERA. So we think WOW and so on at many effects though many are in fact simply DIGITAL VERSIONS of former ANALOGUE technologies and techniques and so on.

So even when the WORLD has moved on from many a Technology-A new AUDIENCE can EXPERIENCE older techniques and technologies without them necessarily knowing that is what has occurred. Only the die-hard CRITIC perhaps interested in dissecting films for “BLOOPERS” and so on. According to the work I have been studying huge numbers of “SOUND” bloopers exist and it might be regarded as an area that is always looking to improve techniques and control and so on.   I think we have all been wowed over the years as to some SOUND RELATED SPECIAL EFFECTS (SFX) even if we were unaware just how much the sound “CONTRIBUTED” to a particular VISUAL that we were impressed by and so on.

Anyway that’s enough for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

In the Year

In the year 1985 a TOP-SECRET CRIMINAL ORGANISATION formed within the criminal underbelly of Hereford City-UK. The organisation rapidly spread tentacles of influence throughout the City and the wider locality-the organisation came to be known by the UMBRELLA label as INTERFOWL by those monitoring the local Criminal Underworld. In response to the rapid growth of the criminal classes-it was decided that a NEW INTELLIGENCE Organisation would be developed and created within the Region to monitor and curb the activities of the Criminals-whose negative influence had begun creeping into territories and realms once controlled by more aspirational and rewarding groups within the Region. The HVH would itself remain TOP SECRET. Knowledge of operational Agents and networks would also remain TOP SECRET. The Cat-out-of-the-bag formula used by many former INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES & other Establishment Organisations the World-over would not apply.

So “How difficult is it to start writing-and then continue writing and drafting and storyboarding and so on?” Well I have repeated quite over over the last few years that I went through PHASES whereby I sometimes felt that I wanted to “GET ON” with writing articles and at other times required pushing myself through some “MENTAL WALL” or barrier that was seemingly preventing myself from utilising my time most effectively. As I have continued writing articles and studied various courses and continued broadening my various knowledge bases and “understandings” of the Technologies I have of course found some aspects easier than others and likewise some things that were pre-occupying my time and mind fell away whilst other more interesting activities took over. Likewise in relation to that you do gradually more and more come to see that many of the Teachings and Learnings are networked together in many ways in such a formulaic fashion that choice’s and options as to what requires or indeed does not require doing next “becomes obvious!” or not. Yes I have also experienced those feelings of thinking I am at some PEAK and at other times that I am at some TROUGH though overall as I continued the overall EQUILIBRIUM of my Learnings and rolling with it I came to see more and more that THRESHOLD ISSUES really exist across more than one aspect of life. Whilst I took up meditation and Holosync that was predominantly “ENGINEERED” around the IDEA of raising Threshold in a somewhat GENERIC fashion-I also later took courses from Learning Strategies such-as The Genius Code whereby Threshold was mentioned in relation to imagination and visual exercises. Likewise continued STUDY of Photo-reading has lead myself to the belief that THRESHOLD really can be applied to more than one compartmentalisation that we hold within our hemispheres between our ears-and likewise switching or exercising communication between the accumulative Thresh holding abilities within an INTEGRATIVE model really can potentially be the best all-round model to seek to raise yourself up with (so to speak).

So I have mentioned recently about studying CARTOON materials and a word such-as TOON does of course have an ambivalent or switchable type nature in meaning suggesting sound as well as vision and likewise my study of behind-the-scenes type materials has given myself greater INSIGHT into the realm of Movies and Television and SFX and so on. Likewise some may wonder what I moved onto next and again you do not necessarily follow the same kind of path that I have followed-though the REALM of Sound Design and so on is one I have returned to. I think I spoke previously mentioning a couple of music and sound related books-and I have returned to that realm from an “ALTERNATE” position of sound design and so on related again to the behind-the-scenes movie and television type sounds.

Will such materials mean another full-circle of completion like event occurring-well these things are of course debatable in the sense that I studied lightly on this topic and that topic and then returned to this topic and when you look at it from such a position you might be regarded as being “ALL-OVER-THE-SHOP” or being a Jack-of-all-trades master of none-though further study does suggest that from an AUTHORING or DIRECTING like position-you really perhaps do need that OVERVIEW like position from which to operate-whereby you can then perhaps zoom into more detail on particular topics that you feel are out-dated or can be returned to with greater INSIGHT. That typical of my suggesting that some things within some courses do not make full-sense until you find yourself studying another course that brings realisations back to the prior study course materials. So you could study all or just one or two courses from a Corporate Entity and be happy with the learnings and teachings or you could continue as I have done with the little bit of this and a little bit of that picking snacks at the buffet table approach.

So within the FILM & TV industry you actually find that many of your regular day-to-day programmes are created out of the sequencing order that you view them. This scene was created and filmed prior to that scene though in the COMPLETE VERSION post-production editing and so on and so forth is used to bring all the various ENTITIES into the STORYBOARDED at the beginning MODEL.

So you perhaps create a STORY and then ask questions as to what differing departments and organisations are required to bring your story to some wider AUDIENCE. Very often of course you have many ART related Companies and professions-people such-as Make-up and Costumes and “SET DESIGNERS” and everyone working within some budgeted timetable and SCHEDULE for their bit of the PRODUCTION.

So the GRAND FINALE of your particular CREATIVE ENDEVOUR could well be done first and the first bit second and the middle bit last-depending very often on how much work any given individual is able to match your own schedule with. Very often these days especially within film and TV-WE hear or are told that Special Effects (SFX) are taking up large budgetary requirements and will take longest to add to various productions-that of course also the same for sound and so on. Very often these days multiple versions of particular SCENES are recorded again with differing views and slightly altered scripts and then the post-production editors decide how they themselves feel it is best experienced.

Many a person has perhaps watched some program about the making of and you often used to see a ROW OF CHAIRS with titles upon the back such-as Director, Producer, MR STAR, MS STAR and so on and likewise the CLAPPER BOARD with chalked writing upon it-these days we also see DIGITAL CLAPPER BOARDS and who remembers the TEST CARD & TONE that they used to BROADCAST when a TV STATION was not broadcasting regular programming.

So again an industry creates an industry to fulfil a need or requirement and eventually we get to see some FINISHED VERSION of a FINALISED PRODUCT. Yes we all know of out-takes and directors-cuts and so on-though again variations as to IDEAS will always keep happening within any realm of life and I speak on this CHOPPING & CHANGING and the INTEGRATION of out-of-order sequences to once again give emphasis to the IDEA that life very much in REALITY happen or occur within that fashion.

So some non-conscious events cause particular things to happen at some point in your life and it is often only when going back a few years later and reviewing such events that you come to realisation as to possible CAUSE & EFFECT. Likewise some folks are dedicated toward awakening and enlightenment professions and often demonstrate a great deal of PASSION in what they themselves believe they are doing. One of the biggest quests that I have undertaken (though perhaps a side issue) is in relation to cause and effect and when and where were particular “possibly non-conscious” INTENTIONS brought into being. Again we often not “SEEING” our prayer to GOD or SCIENTIST or whomsoever being answered due to our PERSONAL FILTER MODEL. My own view is that within the teachings I have studied you really can be better of integrating the best of what has gone previously simply to set yourself up with a working foundational model that can be successfully built upon rather than constantly finding yourself having set up on a beach full of quicksand.

Yes unsure what I should be monitoring in the wider World at present though several arena’s and “EXPERTS” have suggested that this particular week is often regarded as a make-or-break for those that made NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and so on-will I fall into the same old patterns and cycles or are the resolutions working-how can I flick the switch into a new mental World and Model that works each and every day-again something I have written-we can be resolute in all intentions that we give ourselves each and every day-if we develop a passion for what we are studying or learning or putting together such things can be motivational and incentivising. Yes I think even within the realm of TRANSFORMATION and so on-that it can be about letting go of restrictive IDEAS such-as glass ceilings and so on-many a belief unfortunately taking an instant to explore and come to a decision about.

Well enough from myself-I have of course been writing quite consistently for some time now and many events and so on that I encounter and witness are always in always decided upon as to how I do or do not choose to experience life.

They say that many things are simply “HIDDEN” by our filters though I have come to think that the IDEA of ALTERNATE & PARALLEL REALMS and so on really does EXIST and the issue perhaps becomes one then of “LIFE ON MARS” styled issues within one’s own head. So we can all be our own superhero or superheroine and all use our all-encompassing sensory model of reality to step-by-step make the conscious choices as to how our own body heart & soul operates in projecting or generating our individual uniqueness within the Greater World.

Do you want to be in the HVH? Yes that of course just another variant of an interesting dynamic I found myself recently contemplating and of course it can seemingly be the choice when going across realms of Heaven Versus Hell, or Hollywood Vegas Hereford, that IDEAS of competition and what is genuinely rewarding versus otherwise. So creative energy exists within all of us-not just those who embarked upon such existences earlier in life and we do of course have EXAMPLES of people who demonstrate over and over again that all life can be mentally tuned and navigated into improved Health and Wealth and Prosperity and seeking to do right by those that do right by yourself. Many a course I have taken gives Principles and Teachings and Universally Accepted Generational Hand-me-down like teachings that can bring us to such lessons and learnings and realisations that give greater understandings and synchronous events within the Wisdoms of Time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So of course we are once again seeing the yearly OSCAR nominations and some will of course be interested in who is going to win best acting performance and all the usual Movie Industry Type GLITZ and Bright Lights Big City IDEAS.

The British Media has of course HIGH-LIGHTED British related nominations a leading contender apparently some film about A Brief history Of Time Author and leading International Scientist Stephen Hawking known to have visited Hereford within recent months-perhaps that a CLUE in some fashion. Of course the film is about him rather than starring him though anyone who has to take on the role of suffering a degenerative disease and so on has to perhaps put in an exceptionally believable performance likewise that chap who played daughters favourite Sherlock is also within the CONTENDERS.

Yes that is for the Ladies of course though I have noticed that lesser light has been given to reporting of British Female Stars (for us blokes) this year-we do of course have some well known award winning actresses though likewise the so-called “making it in Hollywood” perhaps has a GLASS CEILING for many an actor and actress and performer of any activity really. We must not forget that many prelude events occur and also that many award TV SHOWS cut so-called “PRELIMINARY AWARDS” those that are for many of the “COLLECTIVE” BEHIND-THE-SCENES type individuals. We do of course get a certain amount of Cross over with some behind the scene awards-Musicians and famed singers often cross-over into the realm of acting or recording a “BOND THEME”.

Yes so many hundreds of “AWARD WINNERS” with Shiny Statuettes on the mantelpiece or propping open the garage door and so on and us HUNGRY viewers wanting or desiring to know if our particular favourite manages to gain RECOGNITION that we know they deserve. Swings and Roundabouts of course-we can all quote names and I have previously many a well-known Movie Industry Personalities and film makers and STUDIO BOSSES that never seemingly appear to win the top prizes. Eventually some do manage to gain recognition though such things are debatable as to worth. Is recognition by the Academy (Within any Country) going to put food on your plate-do tactics such-as high-lighting the lack of recognition work-or are you really better of not getting drawn into such disputes and continuing to graft and craft ever greater levels of skill and ability and wider popularity audiences and so on.

Clearly it has been demonstrated over and over again that many a personality eventually gets recognition because they perhaps become highly listened to and regarded and influential within their own particular field or whatever that they have devoted a life to. Many of us can “complain” at lack of recognition for many a regular life activity that seemingly gets high-lighted as meaning this that or the other within some STARS life. Though as is often the case with the Technologies I promote you do find that to prosper you really do want to record and note only the rewarding and positive and uplifting type thoughts and feelings until at some point much of the game of black & white negativity falls away within your own Heart & Soul and Body and so on. Yes sometimes folks think that they can up the ante and such things do happen-though likewise you can ask the more rewarding like questions as to what can I learn from this particular response from these peoples and persons. How can I improve upon and build upon any improvements that I have experienced up until the present moment in time and so on.

Yes so what else-well I should be HIGHLY ANNOYED-I seemingly having missed a parcel delivery today have to now wait until Monday prior to being able to collect some goods. Having paid for speedy delivery of course means that I am now out-of-pocket though clearly in not being available to take delivery the responsibility falls with myself. A postcard note was left suggesting a local collection point that I visited twice and was told “come back Monday”. Some drivers do of course “TRY AGAIN” visting addresses later and whilst other drivers perhaps have tighter schedules to work to or indeed simply cannot be bothered-had an estimated delivery time been given in advance I would have made myself available though one was not given a time on this particular delivery.

So no awards for that delivery company when a better service was received from an alternate service provider from the same Purchasing company-even more annoying-I had presumed delivery based on Historical deliveries and the usage (unbeknown to myself) of a differing service provider caused my not getting “my stuff”. Plenty of other things of course to think about in the meantime, yes Not sure when the Oscars actually are though given that everyone is an actor / actress and everyone has choice-especially those who have become more aware and awakened to greater realities and attuned to various cycles and patterns that occur within the World and Universe whether you regard such things as internal or external.

So why say Hollywood-Vegas-Hereford as a title-well clearly we in the UK of a particular generation are of course used to watching a famed COMEDY with LONDON-PARIS-NEWYORK written on the side of a three-wheeler. Any comedy based in Hereford should surely have HOLLYWOOD-VEGAS-HEREFORD written on the side. Yes Hereford does actually have some internationally known performers-I think we have had some singer in recent years and of course the City typically does get itself high-lighted via The Computer Games Industry often simply due to a famous internationally regarded Regiment being mentioned within various War Game and 3D shoot-‘em-ups. We who are not involved with such activities beyond living within the City do of course potentially suffer “Comparison with the garrison” that I think I wrote about at one time-though like all aspects and areas of life many things are simply about what you yourself focus and pay attention to and so on. So whilst many a person who joins any Military perhaps aspires to famed peaks we within other realms can continue to want to be James Bond or who-ever we personally had a Hero’s as youngsters. That perhaps an issue I found myself thinking about-the “FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT” issue perhaps works or worms itself into many a person’s consciousness when young whereby things are taken for granted as being how they are within the realm that you live. It is often only when you are in a differing MODEL environment BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY or indeed have moved from that arena to a small quiet locale within some village that you can appreciate perhaps more of what you had in any given other environment.

Yes Appreciation and Gratitude was recently brought to my attention once again-and as I say very often you have to have left or moved on from some pre-established limited Model of the World to somewhere new or differing to really “GET” Appreciation and Gratitude for the things that deserve such things within your life. It really can take time getting reacquainted with differing life arena’s and the inclusion exclusion within your own hemispheres between your ears of what you yourself to be good and bad aspects of life the universe and everything.

In terms of Herds we do see that many of these OUTSIDERS & REBEL like individuals (AWARDS) often become part of ESTABLISHMENT and in alignment with the teachings and principles and systems that have been handed down within such realms for many generations-though likewise it can also do no harm in exploring what niche and abilities and so on can you yourself contribute that has not been previously contributed and so on. I of course like the break down the components and complexity down into segments and then reformulate them into better complexity though again such ideas are easy to describe and understand to yourself and likewise potentially confusing and conflicting to others.

A description perhaps of imagine that you create a jigsaw puzzle with play-dough or clay or some other moulding like substance. I am sure we have all at one time in our lives mixed up differing colours of such substances and it can be difficult to separate them out-though likewise one can think that they do not need separating out so much as removing the mental model that say there is something wrong with this that or the other in the first place.

Yes I will be reading news on the OSCARS and then perhaps writings some opinions and commentaries as to what or who or otherwise I think is deserving of universal acclaim and gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉