Well That Is A Strange Headline

So I can actually say that I wrote quite a lot yesterday though I also found myself on each and every occasion descending into possibly controversial materials and for that reason decided not to publish preferring instead to return myself to more uplifting and rewarding thoughts and so on.

Such tactics of course perhaps go hand in hand with issues related to “INTERNAL DIALOGUE” and when meditating regularly you often do come to see just how much internal related issues perhaps started or was triggered via “EXTERNAL DIALOGUE” such issues perhaps related to the IDEA of INSIDE OUTSIDE reflectivity and so on. So it is suggested by many a Teacher that we want to set ourselves various INTENTIONS and then perhaps repeat them to ourselves through means of internalisation until such things can run almost routinely on auto-pilot. The downside of course possibly related to Historical NOISE (what we have already “captured” throughout our respective lives and of course the repetition (potentially) of External incoming prejudices-I use the term LIGHTLY meaning in the sense of TRAUMA that we as an individual may or may not relate too.

So what headline? Well I noted a couple of stand-out Headlines of interest today-one in relation to so-called CANCER and how cancer researchers have concluded that these things are or can simply be a matter of fortune or misfortune-lucky or unlucky.

Clearly they have carried out scientific research and know what they are talking about though clearly it is also demonstrated year in and year out that some people seemingly overcome all the odds to make well documented recoveries from allegedly terminal conditions including and not withstanding cancers.

My own view is perhaps related to some of the “LA-DI-DA” shaped remedies in the sense of how you with regular practice can form thoughts as to regularly imagining yourself expelling ailments and so on whilst breathing in the goodness of the Universe. Clearly these things are perhaps regarded as PSUEDOSCIENCE though I think a positive more empowering philosophy and psychology can indeed go along way toward regaining one’s own health and vitality and so on. So I did read among the many books that I ploughed through last year one entitled “You Are The Placebo” and I also read through quite a number of brain heath styled materials related to how we thing often governs our respective results as to so-called cause and effect issues.

That perhaps the WHY when I find myself falling into possibly less than savoury ranting’s and raging’s I will often choose not to publicise such things because they are often (In my opinion) related to environmental or ecosystem contagion, so they can consider themselves as having been expressed in some fashion through or via my notes. None of us perhaps however much we want or desire to control the external can of course do that-though differing environments seemingly having differing IDEAS as to what is genuinely ACCEPTIBLE. I think I spoke quite a bit previously on the IDEA of where you place your own FOCUS and so on and clearly when it comes to some “peoples & persons” it can be perhaps demonstrated that they have unhealthy attitudes towards colleagues or other members of society and so on. Some folks of course seek to “OVERCOMPENSATE” for such things and again that is a FOCAL ISSUE so not always the wisest choice given that any given group can have a DYNAMIC that consists of a broad variance of attributes and variables and so on. Far better to keep focus maintained on your OWN INTERNALISED ISSUES where you (with practice & assisted power meditation technologies) can place focus on more rewarding opportunities and a belief in good health and so on.

So we are of course within the realm of a new year and new year’s eve does of course sometimes carry many a hazard-something I perhaps wrote upon and chose not to publish in the sense that we are encouraged to make new rewarding and uplifting plans and so on and very often the party that we chose to attend descends into chaos and seemingly results in a false start to the new year and so on. Yes whilst such events are less so now I can recall several teenage years and indeed in my 20’s and 30’s where being hung-over on new year’s day, was a common practice along with many an OMG as to some of the various goings on that often strangely occur each and every new year. Yes some patterns and cycles and so on are quite easy to predict as are aftermath type thoughts and feelings depending of course as to how any of us as an individual was or was not involved with any particular activities.

So a strange psychology also in the sense that we then go into a 01/01/ within any given calender year and I was also writing heavily in relation to that subject -perhaps having some upheaval as to some ancient or historical thoughts and feelings and so on. Possibly related to that “I wonder where so and so is now” or this that or the other person is doing and so on. Human nature or curiosity or perhaps thoughts and feelings of missed opportunities and getting older can of course return to Haunt us-at such societal wide HEIGHTENED occasions. I have generally in all honesty usually sought to carry out some mental clearing on such thoughts and feelings as and when and so on that they occur. Very often in reflection it can as we all now have turned out for the best that our life did not necessarily follow a particular course or pattern. Likewise we can also take any lesson or learning that we may or may not have noted at the original time of some recalled events etc.

So that is cancer briefly spoken on and of course new-year-the other headline that seemingly stood out was talk of “a bad batch” of some particular drug causing illness and death among users. That of course poor reporting surely-if drugs are “OUTLAWED” or “BANNED” then very often it can perhaps be demonstrated that it is because they are predominantly “bad” anyway. Yes I have seen arguments as to MEDICAL USAGE for many banned substances though likewise the “HEALING” element from some plants and so on have long since been “REPLICATED” in laboratories and then the “REAL DEBATE” for those seeking “medical usage” becomes “PSYCHOSYMATIC”.

Yes I again think that potentially goes hand in hand with the word placebo that I wrote above-though I do think yes some qualities cannot be replicated though many “ill-effects” have been caused in “TRIAL” scenario’s whereby some placebo is given and then receivers within the trial have acted as though they were High or whatever on the drug and-or otherwise-they often being asked to RECORD as to what “GROUP” they thought themselves being within within the given trial.

Yes many drugs company actually encourage “BLIND” testing so to speak within the data-set and trial just so some baseline statistics and so on can be demonstrated. I think that is a standard practice very often they “The Company” wanting to be able to demonstrate positive effects and so on above and beyond any given average or mean percentage of people guessing or falling into alignment with pre-existing psychological beliefs.

A very tough subject to perhaps gauge successfully given that everyone is unique and responds accordingly to their own respective dialogues and so on and so forth. Yes bells and whistles at the ready we will know doubt be expecting some round-up of villians to be occurring in relation to some of these deaths though likewise many a person will likely be thinking that it is difficult to sympathise with some kinds of CRIMINALITIES. Yes very often such debates are down to whether you personally have experience in relation to an issue with friends or family and so on. Likewise some in Society perhaps turn their backs on people who have been uncovered as CRIMINALS whilst others takemore moderate approaches. Clearly an exceptionally “GREY AREA” in the sense that when you travel to differing Countries many things are treated in a differing fashion and we all like to perhaps belief that we will operate within the law of the respective land-however few travellers actually genuinely do that hence we having a whole batch of TV comedies and so on related to the so-called COSTA DEL CRIME and other regions where so-called ex-pats are making their presence felt.

Yes swings and roundabouts in the sense that if criminals did not exist then we could do away with institutions designed and set-up to deal with aforementioned criminalities.

Other headlines of course related to abandoned ships of immigrants and Ebola and of course the multitudes of yearly REVIEWS that each and every media outlet has decided to come into alignment with within their own respective field of expertise of course.


Well I found myself recently watching TRANSFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION and that had perhaps a differing cast to the one I had grown used to watching-the film whilst enjoyable was perhaps a demonstration of how they (production company) were seeking to inject or infuse the FRANCHISE with new life-the introduction of a higher level of villain and also a reworking of older villain. It was enjoyable though nothing stand-out that I could say I have not seen before within some fashion.

So that of course typical practice within many Companies-our sales are down we need to inject or infuse new life into this project in order to sustain growth or appeal to a new audience or indeed otherwise if you are running a franchise down.

We are of course being reminded of a forth coming election quite regularly and I myself was quite convinced that the Tory party had tried to lose a few years ago when John Major was in charge-society opted for “better the devil you know” and I think we could see something similar this time around though perhaps much will be made of smaller parties having an IMPACT on how we the peoples are Governed.

I also found myself reading a particular book that I cannot recall the title though it was interesting in usage of the Word Commons beteen to more extreme left and right positions and whilst the book was not related to politics in particular I did think or was reminded of how our Parliamentary representation is mostly regarded as no longer representing the COMMONS-THAT being us so-called average person in the or on the street.

Yes we have of course also had opportunity to change the parliamentary process and rejected the change-although in reality it seems that it is occurring anyway with more smaller so-called parties gaining seats here and there. Is the system really that good a quality or did fear mongers win out? I think the fear mongers won out-though likewise society has not changed a great deal when we look at the Politaical makeup as being between the SHIRES & The CITIES.

Yes variance exist and they have spoken on pushing or giving more powers to regional bodies though again such things have been attempted before and someone somewhere usually finds something to complain about. I think it was well documented how when Hereford & Worcester was unified as to how Worcester seemingly stole all the shire’s silver & gold and failed to return much of it when separated-I have little idea as to how true such things were though it was a locally ACCEPTED AS FACT TRUTH to local populace.

So I think I will leave this one here and see if anything new crops up in the meantime.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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