How Can I Better Contextualize This Issue

So it has been demonstrated over and over again via Meditative Technologies and Teachings that everything in life is given a CONTEXT by which we seek to live our respective lives by. Some folks or indeed many folks have historically within their own lives tried to rationalise a particular issue by using some catch-all that does not work and likewise it takes times to clear many a Historical ill though or feeling from your system-though we can of course simply go to ever higher levels of the various and assorted Technologies. It really is all too easy to say that it is all about this one topic or that one topic-though clearly we can CONTEXTUALIZE many topics into broader and wider categorical IDEAS and I think that it what has been carried out or indeed achieved by some Teachers and Masters and so on.

Any choice or decision or option can then perhaps be CONTEXTUALIZED within knowing your own respective mind and the MOTIVATION or INTENTION that you are working within.

Consistency or inconsistency can perhaps be better understood from a perspective of contextualization of thoughts and feelings and the subject matter to which you are seeking to rationalize or understand.

That perhaps an ISSUE of CONGRUENCE and a topic where many a possible remedy can be found for some ill-health conditions (In My Opinion).

So motive can often be said to be about adding Bell and whistle thoughts and feelings and actions that do not necessarily exist to some underlying truth that all are aware of at some non-conscious level-something is there though simply in the background-likewise the “People like myself” syndrome vary often SKEWERS people’s views as to understanding someone else’s psychology. Is it better to strip away all such hazards from your own systems and processes or simply bolt-on new teachings that you were previously unaware of.

I of course have attempted both at the same time in the sense of clearing historical type thoughts feelings and actions or remedies whilst at the same time seeking to better understand more spiritually inspired thoughts and feelings and actions and so on.

I know myself that given that it took several years of meditation to clear many a detrimentally harnessed psychology that knowing where you gained such things is in and of itself a toughie. Was it as a child or as an adult-was it during that relationship or watching that TV programme or listening to that radio in the background at work and again we are data collecting machines and turning any given non-conscious INTAKE into some worthwhile output is an ongoing issue. What was imagined and what actually occurred very often the trap we fall into to-especially when it comes to speculation. So many a person perhaps watched all those dashing hero type movies that are ten-a-penny from some quarters and likewise such things do not come without hazard when it comes to Psychology of where your own focus is. Far too many of us guys for instance act like dogs with two dicks though such behaviour can cause INCONGRUENCE especially if you already have steady relationship and family and so on. Far better to stop kidding ourselves on many such topics beyond perhaps sharing stories or anecdotes as to our own historical adventures. Likewise it can perhaps be demonstrated that many a women does not believe themselves to be in need of RESCUE etc. and I think that has perhaps also been demonstrated more and more in recent years. So it might be suggested that the equilibrium between ESTABLISHED ROLES and presumed roles is at odds with reality. I recall when I was far younger that many a societal wide issue was seemingly obsessive in relation to MONEY and likewise am sure that many people got together simply through realising that we can live better lives together than otherwise. Relationships were it could be argued “INCENTIVISED” though to us then young people it perhaps felt more “PRESSURISED” and of course I think such a cycle has been occurring once again over the last year or two.

It might then be argued that when you strip away all the LAYERS OF DEBATE and REASONINGS and RATIONALIZING, that non-consciously at least the picking and choosing and options really are all important. Far too many assumptions are made in relation to someone outside of our own control’s knowledge and awareness and so on. And I know from experience that it can be far too easy to think that someone is operating from the same motive or reasoning only to later find that the topic was simply wrong or misunderstood in some fashion.

So we can really strip away all the various layers, and of course many simply rationalise that everything is about this topic or that topic. Far too easy to get hooked on one area of life to the ongoing detriment of all other aspects. We see this in the sense of people myself included potentially taking or handing out what might be regarded as POTSHOTS as people whose motives we judge to be “other than” what is really true.

Clearly we have choice as to how we operate on such matters-a typical example was that I recently found myself experiencing what I believed to have been a “CRY WOLF” type issue on a particular matter-a couple of weeks go by and then a “REAL” example of the scenario existed where I could only hold my hands up as to guilt. However what if the earlier cry wolf’s had been taken seriously (say points on a license for a car driver) and then the real event occurs and I (in car driving terms) would lose my license.

I think some areas of life have so-called 3 strikes and you are out rules within so-called games (perhaps baseball or yellow/red cards in soccer, or the take 5 in ICE HOCKEY).

So what can be done to remove CRY WOLF behaviour from becoming the INCENTIVISED behaviour of choice? (This can actually be demonstrated as a typical working life example across multiple realms). Given of course that it might be suggested that all are party to any given Environmental Ecosystem and everyone operates as to some fairly RANDOM (in truth) mix between being objective and subjective and likewise how can alternate methodologies be introduced to reduce contagion on negatively used tactics.

Strange though true we are of course seeing something similar though on a very differing topic in the media in relation to Prince Andrew, he of course grew up in a bubble so to speak as to being known World-wide and likewise like many a World famous person he can expect a certain amount of mud being slung in his direction-on this occasion it is seemingly one of association being enough to hang him high. Clearly when it comes to the sex issues-women will judge according to popular “all men are the same” like quotes whilst men will either possibly AGREE, DISAGREE or CRINGE.

Yes I think the trying to throw all peoples of one sex or work place or social group or however into ONE BASKET really can be better examined as to TRUTHS. So many a bloke when in a group of other blokes will big themselves up as to prowess and so on and likewise we are bombarded of course with media demonstrations of “look I got all this money, simply for telling my story of how I dated a famous person and so on”. Yes the role modelling nearly always descends into the realm of sex and sexuality and FEW really examine beyond the scratching of the surface on such topics. How many men are accused of cheating whilst it is the woman who is cheating or vice-versa. Such things of course are debatable as to “getting away with something” Though very often it might be suggested that such behaviour are RATIONALISED by the peoples and persons involved as serving some other purpose. We have heard reports over the years of Couples who have both allegedly cheated on each other and of course we do hear that it is impossible for anyone to successfully PURSUE PERFECTION.

As I have progressed with Meditation and so on I can in all honesty say-that whilst I may have once perhaps acted like a dog with two dicks like many other single blokes; that when-ever I have been in any given “proper” relationship that I have generally behaved, and likewise I can discriminate between “thought” and “action” is the thought the same as an action-given how much media provides us with “thought candy” so to speak.

Yes the sex’s do seemingly have differing attitudes towards cheating-first of it is generally regarded that more women get away with it than men though likewise the VIEW or PERSPECTIVE is differing as to what is RATIONALISED as cheating. Strange though true we can ask what is going on?

Yes I think many a song or popular fiction has encourage IDEAS as to TRUE LOVE as being some BODY HEART AND SOUL AFFAIR. And clearly then the criteria by which we are judged to be cheating is more dynamic within the heads of some people than others. Likewise it is all too easy to become labelled or branded in some fashion or process that we genuinely have little awareness of. Yes the raising of Threshold and understanding the RELATIONSHIP between BODY HEART & SOUL perhaps makes all the DIFFERENCE as to TRUE deeply embedded CONGRUENCE that cannot be twisted and manipulated and so on irrespective of slings and arrows.

Yes much up for debate though I think perhaps understanding the DYNAMICS and relations between those CRITERIA makes all the difference-many a person suffers ill health and so on simply through being overly attached to body and body function and so on at the expense of being congruent and centred within all aspects of such dynamic ecosystems and environments that are geared around BODY HEART & SOUL.

That is of course just another kind of MODEL though it does seem to be one of the most popular and in cellular terms of waves and vibrations and particles clearly some folks make themselves ill through being in DENIAL of activities that they may or may not carry out. A typical classic example could be the middle aged bloke with a large international porn collection who then claims to hate foreigners and so on. That is the sort of incongruence that can cause people ill health because the differing ASPECTS of the BODIES CONSCIOUS AND NO-CONSCIOUS are out of ALIGNMENT with the TRUTH as the conscious and non-conscious know the truth to be.

I give that as an example-though again it does seem as I have progressed that it REALLY is the INCONSISTENCY between conscious and non-conscious and Spiritual and Bodily that can make all the difference in becoming well again for many conditions. So we become more transparent as to honesty with ourselves and writing articles exploring such information systems and then see how we ourselves are in relation to what comes out of our own mouths.

That is why I suggest to many people to be WISE as to what you are competing for as to what comes out of your mouth and what is truly important and where you focus intention and so on, whether you realise it now or later you could very well be setting yourself up for some “bad karma” simply through having to many inconsistencies in all the various ways and means of scales and measures by which such things are choreographed. We can perhaps think ourselves consistent in mind and body and action or bury and hide greater levels of complexity within various components until we are deeply suffering as a result of our own behaviours and so on.

I opted to align myself with the improved thoughts and feelings and actions as I progressed and have seen all-round all-encompassing improvements within many areas of life as a result-as I am sure have many others who have followed similar courses of action.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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