Beards, Car-Horn’s & Megaphones

So I was recently in conversation with some work colleagues during one of our short breaks and found myself being DECLARED RANDOM in the sense of the way I linked particular topics of conversation to various “TIME PERIODS” and so on. The title perhaps a demonstration of such linkages that I had happened to REMINISCE about in regard to.

I am unsure as to how the topic of BEARDS came up though clearly in the last 10 Years at least we have been bombarded with images of Middle-eastern men with beards as being representative of this Culture or that Culture.

Here in the UK over the last couple of years we have had a BEARDY BLOKE culture come perhaps heavily into fashion again though in a non-fashionable way. So someone came up with Movember (I think it was) where blokes were encouraged to grow a mustache or beard etc. for “CHARITY” and many decided that once having a beard or mustache to keep the styling.

The last time that I personally recall as being a time of large numbers of UK blokes with beards was actually the 1970’s when I was growing up-we can of course point to people who have IGNORED trend cycles in General-though I think it can be or has been demonstrated that many a Business & Company imposed “Clean Shaven” styled requirements upon the male staff-many of earlier GENERATIONS who set up business’ and so on having served within the World Wars and having it perhaps drummed into themselves as to DRESS CODE and appearance and so on. I remember Secondary School in particular was run in that fashion where the Headmaster (A Mr Howe) at that time really did keep a exceptionally STRICT DRESS & APPEARANCE CODE in place.

I think many of these things have been heavily watered down over the years as court case after court case has been won by this group or that group. I think it is actually a RESULT of such court action by some Religious Minority being allowed beards and so on that has opened the door so to speak in changing “SOCIETAL ATTITUDE” it might be suggested that in media realms especially beards and so on have often been FROWNED upon or given heavily negative type connotations. Anyone who has taken to meditation and raising Threshold can perhaps understand that all and any Negative Connotation is in the mind of the holder though also is often UNEXPLORED as to reasoning. When you question and reason your OWN PURPOSE so to speak as to why you do this or wear that it can be VERY DIFFERING to some EXTERNAL CLAIM from some IDIOT seeking to stir things up.

So when you look to the external for validation of anything within your own life and body-within the lower echelons of society you can all but guarantee that someone will “potentially” seek to KNIFE yourself in some fashion (via sharp tongue). Clearly it is often suggested (for instance) that WOMEN do not like men with beards-though in reality given the SOCIETAL WIDE obsession with being CLEAN SHAVEN and so on-how can you really know-these things perhaps UNTESTED CLAIMS rather than known facts.

Yes are you your own inner mental boss or do you take orders from So-and-so whose reasoning you cannot guarantee to be on a par with your own. Yes either party in a relationship can tell the other party that they are not keen on this that or the other-though clearly the INDIVIDUAL still has CHOICE.

So yes beards are seemingly “IN” so cycle wise 1970’s.

The car horns, well I found myself whistling some tune and then realised it was the type used on a car horn years ago-again from the 70’s and I suggested that all these modern and very often BLAND vehicles coud do with SPRUCING up in some fashion and clearly the RETRO CAR-HORN could be a simple remedy for someone wanting to given the modern motor some uniqueness. Not a good IDEA apparently according to colleagues-though I thought it was.

On a similar topic-how many of us have reverted to the “CLASSIC” house phone ring tone. I have used it for years having grown tired of all the sampled ringtones and so on. I have noticed for at least the last year that where once I was in a minority-it has become a ring tone of choice for many people. Where once I could be sat on a train and KNOW it was my phone going off-now I sit in carriages full of people all checking the phone having all opted for the simple and basic over all the samples and music and so on. (strange though true).

So Megaphones-I think again it was the 1970’s where we often saw a man with megaphone talking to the Union at the gates on strike and so on and we also had CITIZEN SMITH type characters in the TV realms. More recently In HEREFORD at least we have seen VANS wandering the streets with MEGAPHONES attached to the roofs and playing some pre-recorded message like rag & bone men or something like that. I am not absolutely sure as it is generally sounds quite GARBLED.

So yes unsure as to why I have become more random and indeed why I am relating everything to my childhood years though perhaps that is simply where all various MENTAL TRAPS & CAPTIVITY and so on originated and in exploring and MEDITATING and so on you come to perhaps REUNDERSTAND and reinterpret many of the BELIEFS & MODELS that we used.

So this perhaps a blog article quite simply saying that in RETROSPECT I am seeing a rather large 70’s type related SOCIETAL WIDE INFLUENCE OCCURRING. I am also sure that other who are older or even younger may actually be able to PINPOINT exact specifics and years for differing things within their own “THIS IS WHAT I AM PERSONALLY NOTICING” write-ups though clearly in breaking down the mental walls and redesigning your life and compass and direction we can perhaps take such processes into consideration-or not if everything within your SPHERE and WORLD is as it should be. Yes I know that when we go back throughout History Shaving and Broadcasting Devices have a relatively SHORT History, though being able to accurately MEASURE the time periods can be quite useful-maybe I will go and see when Wilkinson Sword & Gillette came into being or when the first Amplified Megaphone. I do not know a great deal of history anyway though again it perhaps comes back to the IDEA I wrote upon yesterday of CONTEXTUALIZATION. Clearly as a baby and toddler the CONTEXT was differing to how I may NOW perceive such things-few people MEDITATE enough to explore such things though my own REASONING suggests that for anyone wanting to REEVALUATE life the Universe and Everything-you can very often start within your own respective childhood and likewise see WHERE YOU PERSONALLY ARE within the greater DATASET that is all about us.

I recently heard from someone who had viewed the Disney Film FROZEN and was told it was exceptionally average in comparison to the classics-despite being the largest grossing in History according to some records-perhaps that an example of THE FROZEN SMITH.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 😉

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