Panoramic Portraits In Space

So a quick scan of all the important headlines this morning leaves myself wondering as to what to write upon once again and I find myself being able to commentate upon this issue of portraits and sculptures.

So I see this morning a reference to the fact that David Cameron has yet to carry out a “SITTING” for an official Parliamentary Portrait-A regular occurrence that is perhaps a perk or otherwise of the job of Prime Minister.

Why might it not be a Perk-well clearly historically we did not have Photography and then people and persons perhaps really did have to sit for hours and hours in front of some “OFFICIALLY APPOINTED ARTISTE” who would proceed to create a painting or indeed figurehead bust or sculpture and so on-how still can anyone sit for a prolonged period of time is of course down to the individual though likewise “ARTISTES” carrying out the painting and sculpting and so on are not particularly known for operating within the realms of mental Normality that is often a given for the rest of many a population. How often is “so-and-so is an ARTISTE” used as some “EXPLANATION” for giving huge quantities of “SLACK” to behaviours that most other realms would find “INTOLERABLE”. I use that as an example of LEEWAY though clearly it can be demonstrated that leeway is actually given differing terms and meanings throughout many realms as greater or more depth & teers and levels of functionality are introduced to fill gaps and so on.

This a slight “digression” though I noted that someone within the US Military was quoted as suggesting that particular types of TRAINING would have to be given the chop if they wanted to RECRUIT some kinds of EXPERTISE in relation to Computers and Hackers and Cyber Forces and so on. Few Long Haired spotty lazy oiks would stand up to be counted when they know they cannot get through “TRADITIONAL” fitness training and so on and so forth. How true that is really is debatable-whilst I as a teen was engaged in Sporting Activities and could generally demonstrate a level of all-round fitness-I could also demonstrate a level of computing skills although having said that I must admit that some of those Computer types that I have known throughout my life really do “FIT” some of the worst stereotypes and so on. However by the time I attended University in “LATER LIFE” I thought that a far more “DIVERSE” cross-section of peoples were at that time demonstrated to be doing Computing though again debates can be had as to the “WATERING DOWN” of subjects and so on. I think the Course was perhaps “HARDER” than many alternates-given that I had a “FULL TIMETABLE” where many TRADITIONAL COURSES seemingly have far more “GAPS” within timetables whether they are classed as “LIBRARY TIME” or “SELF STUDY” periods and so on. So given the ful timetable related to the course and expected ongoing modular coursework-it really would have been difficult to make or find time for some other perhaps “ESSENTIAL” activities such as fitness and so on-however my circumstance was differing in that I went home to family regularly where most students perhaps had late afternoons and evenings and weekends where more ACTIVE adventures could be carried out.

So reutnring to the topic in hand Mr Cameron has not sat for a Prime Ministerial Portrait and across the so-called POND known as the ATLANTIC we are provided with information as to how PRESIDENT OBAMA has recently sat for a FIGUREHEAD BUST. Though in this example the sitting was in an ALL_ENCOMPASSING CENTRED POSITION in front of HUNDREDS OF LASER SIGHTED CAMERAS creating a 3D PRINTER BUST of the Presidential Head-the article also mentioned how prior President Abraham Lincoln had suffered somewhat within his sittings with the use I think of PLASTER CAST.

The TRADITIONAL idea being that a MOULD is made via the wrapping of yourself in some substance such-as Plaster-Of-Paris until it sets and then a mould has been created that when removed can be filled with some other substance.

We could of course in THEORY make mould’s for anything such-as Jelly, though likewise the removing of a set mould can perhaps be akin to the whipping of a sticky plaster-taking along any HAIRS that happen to be in the VICINITY and so on. Yes I think such techniques are similar to the Ladies WAXING legs and so on though clearly us blokes perhaps less acclimatised to such activities-yes I know some people shave all sorts or body parts for differing sports very often seeking some AERODYNAMIC advantage though likewise I think again such things fall into the realm of Psycho-symmetrical as to BELIEF-so where once people had “LUCKY CLOVER” in a pocket such things have gone to greater and greater beliefs in the power created via this activity or that activity. It does not take a genius perhaps to think that any given individual of a particular body symmetry and so on is going to be better at some activities than others, I recall how I was an excellent sprinter at one time though distance running I was fairly average and moderate.

So top tips are often that whilst any of us can raise our game in any area we seek to raise our game-overall it can GENUINELY be best to CONCENTRATE on the SKILLS and so on that you already know you have and hopefully build from such a position. We can look to Decathletes and so on to demonstrate that all-round abilities can be optimised though likewise differing individuals within such Sports know that they are often better at this group of activities than these others-similar to Triathletes perhaps in the sense that all the sports might be considered as distance and endurance type activities.

So elsewhere I found myself returning to the IDEA of PRIME NUMBERS and clearly it can be demonstrated throughout time that they seem to be relevant to many a systematized process-however given my purchase and study of Numerology and conversion to SOUND of ALPHANUMERICAL symbols and so on it can be demonstrated that huge numbers of people shoot themselves in the foot so to speak in making claims from some assumed IMMUNE position in relation to this label or that label-the conversion between SOUND & SYMBOL and other small details can make “ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD” as to fact & fiction beliefs and so on-hence they being a worthwhile study simply because many things that people have INTERNAL FEARS in relation to can often be put to rest by the shifts that some modalities create. So continued life-long learning really can be beneficial as can maintaining a steady pace or focus as to your own INTENTION and so on.

It might of course be suggested that whilst we are moving living creatures and so on that we are of course MODELS in the fashion of where we have been influenced into this behaviour or that behaviour and likewise why some things occur more to some than others. I was thinking about that TRANSFORMERS film I recently watched and how at the end Optimus Prime had set of into space to seek some people or persons known as “The Creators”-strange though true he carried with him an article known as “THE SEED” that was perhaps said to seed planets in the fashion of a “Genesis Project” that was seen in some Star trek film a few years back. Elsewhere of course I was wondering if any link can be found between idea’s related to SEED and IDEAS related to DEUS.

Apart from the LANGUAGE issue of course and the ploughing down through all the NATURE VERSUS NURTURE Debates we can of course see the ROOT of so many a so-called issue within any given man or woman’s life. Likewise being able to see from a FRESH PERSPECTIVE or ANGLE or position on the hill or mountain can also of course help in understanding Global to Local views and the operating of the differing sensory realms and so on. So in that film it was suggested that some Scientist had decoded Transformer GENOME much like Science decoding Human Genome and I could recall how it really was taking us back to that time of all the genetic MUTANTS type issues-the X-Men type comic characters typical examples of FEAR related to cross-breeding with animals and I think we saw various Horror Styled films as to MAD DOCTORS and SCIENTISTS and likewise when it came time for REALITY “WHO REMEMBERS “DOLLY THE SHEEP” and just how “BORING” & “DULL” the buzz that was created really was-yes it may have had a wow factor just like the original Test Tube baby type Science did-though likewise one does come to wonder just how much in life is REAL GENUINE SCIENCE and HOW MUCH is PSUEDOSCIENCE that just got “LUCKY” in some fashion. Studying here means you are qualified to say this whilst having worked here says that you must be this. Yes swings and round-a-bouts though I must say that within some realms-when you KNOW everything often hinges upon PSYCHOLOGY and you want to break the old patterns and cycles that are detrimental to life the Universe and Everything. Yes such things take time and whilst any one individual can demonstrate or invalidate many a Historical belief-these things really can be akin to stepping stones and so on into the Horizon that is ever present at the distance that it always was and will always remain-clearly we need moon-base Alpha to explode and disappear into some distant quadrant vortex within the Universe though such things we are told will mean our death as a species hence some distant search for life elsewhere and PREDICTION as to Humans moving on from EARTH and into the wider Universal Abyss of Dreams & imaginings of artists authors and Aristocracy apparently.

I will leave it there for now I think

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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