So What Is Worthy Of Taking Note Upon Today

Well I did actually find myself having a somewhat long overdue review of a number of on-line courses that I have gradually purchased from Learning Strategies-I had initially gone to all the expenditure of having CD’S & DVD’S packaged and sent via various companies though given how “CLOUD” computing has taken of it quickly made more sense to simply buy and listen on-line and so on-I remember years ago during the 1990’s in fact that I was working in an office and even then the IDEA of a paperless office was being touted as the thing to have though generally as anyone how worked an office in those days can probably recall-no-one actually trusted the various and assorted HARDWARE to actually genuinely have any belief in a so-called “paperless office” yes in many ways the NHS system that I was using in those days was actually predominantly a so-called DUMB-TERMINAL (a keyboard and screen hooked up to some central computer system elsewhere). These days of course that is seemingly where everything is once again headed-so where once many a person invested in all the various gadgets and specialty software to perform this that and the other function that no-one else had access to (dependent on personal taste etc.). These days many or all of the pads and smartphones and so on are predominantly operating in dumb terminal capacities as are many game console systems. Yes strange though true in HUMAN TERMS we see greater and greater pushing down of certain requirements within business streams and flow whereby where once a Supermarket may have stored and packaged many an item themselves these days many such requirements have been handed over to the suppliers and of course that is what is often referred to as STREAMLINING whereby each retailer is perhaps reducing their own respective cost via the mechanism of handing the cost responsibility over to suppliers.

That tactic is of course the one that KILLED off the British Manufacturing Sector as all the Major Manufacturers and many Corporations rushed Overseas for the manufacturing of many goods-so it will be interesting in the short and long term as to how these things pan out so to speak-clearly the FOOD industry has differing requirement than many a manufacturing company whether for clothes and furniture or cookers and computers and so on. Though I suspect that given that people at all levels of the respective chains will want wages and income that whilst miner’s strikes were ignored and steamrollered over-when it comes to the FARMERS and Landowners and so on-we will perhaps see a very DIFFERING OUTCOME & RESULT. Yes much land and-or farms have been bought up by various international giants for the continuation of food production and it can of course be cheaper for them given the scale of internalised economies over the possibility of being held to RANSOM by external producers. Yes we see some Countries have long since subsidised the Farming Industry and so on though likewise when those industries have been brutalised within some other realms such as was seen in one or two African Countries it did not take long for the population to go hungry.

In fact such things have appeared time and again down the Centuries-whilst this generation predominantly looks to starving Africans-it was not all that long ago that we saw Starving Europeans whether via Russian Crops being destroyed via disease and weather or Irish crops being destroyed via disease and whether. So whilst many an IDEALIST or IDEALOGUE rages about genetically modified crops and so on-they would probably be making far more noise if action had not been taken to seek to try and remedy many a crop failing.

Yes it might also be suggested that some Companies have taken the exercise too far in the sense of creating seedless varieties that require the purchase of further seeds each year though again it can of course be argued that some of these issues are related to CREATING THE BELIEF in money as a so-called zero-sum game. The only real debate perhaps that many of us have is knowing what skill or ability do I have that I can provide as a service that other people would be willing to purchase. Likewise it can be suggested that when folks are happy with a service they recommend it to friends and likewise if unhappy report it to the law or however such things are done. Yes swings and roundabouts exist though over the longer term I think most people who took up the technologies I recommend have gradually come to see that the benefits often outweigh negatives and so on.

It can often seem like you make error after error though likewise when you genuinely start seeking to find any positive within the worst of any given circumstance over the longer term you can learn to become more forgiving or focussed on the things that should perhaps matter most to any of us.

Yes these things can be easier said than done given the daily bombardment of various media-whether our favourite tv programmes and sports or news or whatever. Or we can really do is seek to factually take notes and so on on what did I see or do today. What things stood out for myself today.

Clearly it has been demonstrated for instance that whilst a Disney took story’s such-as Peter Pan by J M Barrie or Jungle Book by Rudyard Kippling and gave them somewhat happy storylines-that other versions exist that are perhaps closer to the original works.

Why do I mention that-well very often when we are dissecting scripts and screenplays as I myself am somewhat well known for doing-you do come to think that in many ways you really can live without many of the DARKER VERSIONS or ELEMENTS within any given story line.

So I joked about this IDEA of being DISNEY PIXAR’D though for many of us I think perhaps having been through the mill of one description or another the IDEA that we can abandon or the darker materials of a story and FOCUS on rewarding uplifting things is surely a BENEFIT to be welcomed and cheered and so on.

Some might thing it strange that I say such things though I really do think having grown up watching many a horror and playing exceptionally violent games and so on that I can allow more room in my life for the so-called lighter materials and thoughts and so on that come with watching comedy and more light-hearted entertainment (if at all given my general ignorance of TV & FILM & MUSIC these days).

So perhaps more difficult for us blokes to get our heads around given the general attitude of watch violence and be men and so on though clearly I am TALKING & TEACHING more about stepping back and taking a more panoramic attitude to such things-where we are not constantly hot-headed and getting drawn into ridiculous nonsenses that some peoples and persons seemingly obsessively want everyone else to be involved with.

Yes in terms of note taking and write-ups it really can be beneficial to focus on positive and uplifting also I have found-so whilst I think I spoke on writing Historical related I disliked this person or that person and so on-it really can in many ways be better to simply report on the more uplifting and rewarding things. Some “ATTENTION SEEKERS” within some realms are perhaps operating from negative related patterns and so on-that they do not necessarily see in the same way as those of us who have or want brighter futures.

Some think that they so-called game of black & white simply means be excessively on one side of the table at all odds in some extremist fashion though generally many such individual’s also seem to be the one’s that suffer most when it comes to rational reasoning or health and so on.

Some of us choose to learn and have gradually made or not made progress according to our own preferred intention or desires or simply through lack of external options. Clearly I can say I deliberately ISOLATED myself in many ways though it can also be shown that I was targeted in such a fashion that I had little choice in many ways as to what to do. It is often suggested to people caught in marshes and quicksand and so on that they should remain still and not struggle and so on-we used to see such things quite a lot in old Tarzan movies I think. Yes of course waiting is not always a good option though everyone perhaps has to judge for themselves as to timings as to what they feel is the next best move to make or the next appropriate strategy.

We can of course simply blot everything out with meditation though as many experts suggest-if you are going to purchase and buy the courses then you may as well seek to gain the best established practice and learnings from them and attain ever greater levels of awareness and alignment with the greater so-called truths of reality.

Well that seems an appropriate length to leave my meanderings for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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