Does Competitive Musing Work

So when we look throughout History we often find when researching that many an “Artiste” whether a painter or sculpture or musician or writer that they very often use this idea of HAVING A MUSE. Muse in this sense simply some people or persons that they have used to inspire themselves into action of some description or other.

When we look to the Music scene we can of course say that most or many a song was written in a muse like fashion-oh I cannot have or love this person and so on. Clearly I have repeated as time has gone on that you can find very good INTERPRETATIONS as to words and IDEAS such-as LOVE that are very differing from any of the TRADITION IDEAS. A typical and differing explanation given by Jedah Mali who has studied with various so-called meditative Masters and so on and likewise it might perhaps be said that many of the Learning Strategies associates and courses and indeed the holosync associates and so on all have generally in some fashion created new ways and means for people to look with new eyes and fresh perspectives as to how we see the World.

I have of course repeated how I coming from an “ARTISTIC” type background actually rejected most of those bases in a somewhat extreme fashion-given that family members had seemingly covered all the best options-painting myself perhaps into a corner of some description. They do of course say he who laughs last laughs loudest though how many of us will laugh on our deathbeds is of course debatable in the same way as debating whether a Fat Lady singing always appears at the end of an Opera.

So having taken to meditation and studying various modalities and IDEAS as to TRIGGERS and clearing and changing the way in which we think is almost like a fulltime pre-occupation though I have found it one to be excellent in the sense that where once all about myself was making we more and more sick and ill and incongruent-having changed the systems and perceptions upon the World I have gradually and steadily seen health improvement and raised my so-called Sympathetic vibration and looked at all the assorted complexity of differing modality to see when and where differing orders of layers of reality and so on fit in.

Clearly it might be suggested that many courses are offered in the best order-though I seemingly even with meditation chose my own order-so perhaps thinking or possibly knowing that what was right for one person was not necessarily right for myself. In terms of integration of IDEAS and learnings and teachings it may also be suggested that you have to have learnt this particular lesson more deeply and fully before this other one.

Clearly the SEEKER and SEARCH for the answer can lead us down roads and routes that we may or may not have chosen and likewise we can always look to find the positive benefit to any given happen stance. I think in general most extremism (from a meditative view-point) is often a REACTION to some imposed or enforced viewpoint that does not necessarily fit our own current level of developmental awareness and so on. I perhaps having had a steeper hill to climb than some others though I can also say I have been quite pragmatic in the adoption of using techniques and strategies that work versus letting go of IDEAS that have not seemingly worked at particular times. It could be said that I can still go back to other IDEAS and try them again when I have become more advanced.

A typical technique that I still find myself using is this one of EFT tapping for instance, quick and easy and of course it perhaps acts as an easy stimulus REMINDER to what was being taken in or viewed or read at any given time.

Likewise I like the idea of sympathetic resonance though such things do not come necessarily easy to some of us-so some topics of debate and conversation are ALWAYS going to shut most populations and peoples down however much EXPOSURE we are given-that perhaps where my own ill health came from-being shut down by constant bombardment of issues that 1. Were not my own and 2. That were perhaps overly pre-occupying peoples in ecosystems and environments that I found myself.

So in Qigong for instance we go through various IDEAS as to slow movement and visual practice that again acts as a kind of mental stimulus to OPENING our internal bodily systems and functions and releasing many an unnecessarily blockage or “CAPTURED TRAUMA” likewise the provided MUSIC within many a Learning Strategies course can perhaps operate in a similar FASHION as to releasing many an internalised ailment and of course I have already spoken on how I sought to carry out new learning at the same time as releasing the old. When we look to IDEAS such-as TRANSFORMATION and LEADERSHIP and so on-we can come to see such things as ongoing-in the sense that practices that we once thought of as CONSCIOUS begin operating more and more as a natural almost automated system.

I think I spoke previously on how easy it is to take up some remedy and then find yourself being SHUT DOWN AGAIN. Clearly it did feel like that early on with meditation-though I did quite rapidly get to a point where I was clearing undesirable materials and so on faster than I could capture them. Clearly some vested interests are always going to OVERCOMPENSATE for some prior presumed prejudicial IDEA-though I generally think that unless you really have raised threshold and so on-that some subject materials are best left to those with such issues-I can proffer advice to a SUFFERER of this condition or that condition-though that is not the same as having some particular ailment or condition. Even when we adopt IDEAS that are all-encompassing such as BODY HEART & SOUL we still have to live and function as members of society and so on.

When I carry out my regular note taking and so on-it really does simply act as a MEASUREMENT gauge as to what thoughts and feelings and so on are STIMULATED at any given moment. So I might walk down the street and pass a pretty woman and think I know I’ll write “Your Beautiful” as James Blunt did or likewise if someone is looking somewhat Aggressive I can again MEASURE as to the thoughts and feelings experienced and the ACTUAL “WHAT HAPPENED NEXT” the difference between using a past experience to what happened within this PRESENT INSTANCE. So for instance I may have once had some aggressive person attack myself and be “HOLDING” some historical memory whereby every similarly recognised “ACTION” stimulates the old fear or RESPONSE pattern however we DESCRIBE such a pattern-clearly if someone looks or TRIGGERS some aggression response and then WALKS ON BY-whilst you still may want to keep your wits about yourself you can ADJUST to the present response of how your thoughts and feelings are.

Difficult to explain beyond this suggestion of keeping a focus on the IDEA that all is NOW and so on. Most historically captured traumas of all descriptions are not necessarily worth having-whether from a Health perspective or otherwise.

When we look at COINSIDES for instance it can be demonstrated that the PLEASURE PAIN model perhaps a popular one exists for a reason-some of us who have suffered heavy accidents perhaps get caught in THAT PATTERN CYCLE that “Potentially” causes more of the same. Though clearly from an unenlightened unaware state we are not necessarily going to RECOGNISE or have such reasonings as to “CAUSE & EFFECT”. That of course the possible model that attracts CRY WOLF and other Negative behaviours towards ourselves.

We can then of course look to see if we ourselves “INSTIGATED” such an instance or whether it was instigated by someone operating from a lower level of awareness or typical non-conscious patterning.

So I can genuinely say that I have released multitudes of so-called NEGATIVE IMPRINTS in relation to those kinds of coin-side patterning and cycles-we really do not need many of them-especially those that were perhaps learnt in childhood where we perhaps had little CHOICE or OPTION as to how we behaved around adults and big people and so on.

So within my own study I have generally found that a CYCLE OF ENLIGHTENMENT also exists whereby some people are unaware of ORIGINATION of the source of a particular pattern-all too easy to think it is those sat in front of yourself or those within some categorical group label-when in reality it can very often be some third party who is simply stirring or playing out some historical pattern imprint as regular as clockwork on a given numbered day of the week or month or year, strange though true the REDUCTIONIST methodology to learning where you stick to the fact can be the very best way into the EXPANSIVE philosophy-much in the same way as some BIZZARRE TEACHING that “THE WAY UP IS DOWN”-yes again until we are meditating and learning strategies and understandings as to various modalities these thing really are BIZZARRE.

So I note what I saw and thought and felt and then note what actually occurred-rather than SPECULATED. Yes many a remedy is about encompassing the idea of VISION and dreams and imaginings-though we do of course need to get some FUNDAMENTAL & FOUNDATIONAL REQUIREMENTS IN PLACE as a trustworthy operating system to be experiencing these things from.

So when we find ourselves operating from a trustworthy set of baseline parameters we can then perhaps better NAVIGATE where we place our own focus and intention-far too often we allow ourselves to be influenced by unhealthy or undesirable extremist patterns that detract us from more empowering patterns and so on. I found when I set out meditating and so on-that the response from Society was generally extremely negative and detrimental-though gradually as others followed and experienced similar realisations and learnings an ever increasing group of peoples and persons took up the remedies because the offered INCENTIVES & BENEFITS seemingly out-weighted unexplored negative claims. Again as I have suggested we cannot escape coin-sides and that is perhaps where some Teachers focus attention to bring PUPILS to that realisation.

Many laws of the land and teachings that we have taken on board are ARTIFICIAL and ARBITRARY and in reality for many an issue we can of course choose whether or not we want to exercise our opinion on particular subjects and issues. In general we can say that children or persons and peoples of particular mental facilities or difficulties are in requirement of greater protection perhaps than others-for some that may be lifelong and others simply until an age whereby they are deemed mature enough to understand many a societal debate and so on.

Well this has gone on and on so I will stop there for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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