Intersections, Conjunctions & Alignments

So I found myself linking a number of differing strategies as to present day learnings in the “HOPE” of helping other folks have realisations as to cycles and patterns and so on. It can be said of course that whilst I recently purchased an OFFICIAN styled “Numerology Course” that over the longer term much was based around such IDEAS anyhow-many people perhaps remember how I studied and spoke on Bram Stoker creator of Dracula based on Vlad the Impaler-based in history of a sort.

So on Tue 6/1 we had a night of a FULL MOON (oft linked to Horror Story’s), Likewise it is often suggested that WOMEN’S menstrual Cycles occur in conjunction with the moon-though these are claimed observations rather than absolute facts.

Another detail of course The TERRORIST ATROCITY in France in so-called City of “ARTISTES” Gay-Paris for apparently being SATIRICAL-PARIS.

Now anyone with a modicum of AWARENESS knowledge can also note that pretty much within CALENDARS we see HEIGHTENED nonsense and IDIOCY (Lunacy) on any given date with a 7 in the number.

So that perhaps 3 possible conjunctions, intersections and alignments that can cause seemingly “INTENSIFIED” psychology within any given group-whether expressed through frustration, or anger or nonsense baiting and childishness and immaturity.

When we have raised our own THRESHOLD and so on we can oft look for ALLEGORICAL meaning gien within media that we perhaps group up with. So for INSTANCE many of us grew up watching Prison Comedy STARRING RONNIE BARKER as Fletcher and accomplice Gobber, and in the MOVIE of the serial they spent an awful amount of time seeking to BREAK BACK INTO PRISON.

For the MALE population that is perhaps akin to wanting to have Children and so on. The womb perhaps possibly regarded as an ULTIMATE like prison for however long a pregnancy gestation is.

Again whilst many courses teach AWARENESS and ways to see through SCREENS & ILLUSIONS as to the way society really is, most or many months and days and weeks and years have “POTENTIAL” reset like points for some people-causing “lack of judgement” and so on.

We are of course all agents or actors & actresses within any given ECOSYSTEM or ENVIRONMENT though likewise many FACTORS exist that quite rapidly put people “back to sleep” in some fashion. A work colleague recently asked the purpose of my note taking and so on-and I came to the conclusion that much of it is simply about keeping myself somewhat CENTERED when very often all around are playing out non-conscious patterns, some of which have HISTORICALLY not just for myself but for many others caused illness and various HEALTH MALADIES.

So clearly like a rotten egg or apple within a basket ruining the entire batch it does not take a genius to work out that that some TOPICS go around like MALWARE VIRUS’ and very often someone somewhere (possibly even those that “INSTIGATE such matters” could later find such things returning to HAUNT themselves. I think like any parent we can all relate to having been “OVERLY STRICT” at some point or stage within our children’s lives and very often unless some BALANCE is introduced into some areas we find that particular issues are ALLOWED to run UNCHECKED and unquestioned.

I think anyone who feels they have made Health progress and awareness consciousness and so on would rather bite the bullet and have a blowout from time to time than allow particular ISSUES to FESTER AWAY as they can, we can perhaps all point within some ECOSYSTEMS and ENVIRONMENTS that have been demonstrated to have peoples of all stripes and colours and so on-and some topics are effectively allowing one or other grouping to SEIZE peoples focus from where they themselves may prefer to be focussed. Very often a typical example can be “middle-aged” couples in long term relationships taking “POTSHOTS” at people about themselves instead of DEALING with issues within their own relationship, or indeed INTERNALISED LEVEL of conscious awareness psychology or otherwise.

Yes the so-called rules of impermanence do seem to suggest that know-one goes unaffected-hence the raising Threshold being a popular SOLUTION, though likewise even with a raised threshold some people should perhaps speak up more often and be RESPONSIBLE when they see things getting out of hand in some manner or other.

I could of course happily IGNORE many a thing that goes on about myself-though do not particularly like seeing anyone suffering-even if it is an instigator of some non-conscious cycle of idiocy.

So swings and roundabouts thought clearly personal development can be directed toward any area of life that any of us wants to concentrate and focus upon, there is little VALUE in bashing anyone over the head-though given that HIEGHTENED times do present themselves within the patterns and cycles awareness allows us to take notes and perhaps take a larger perspective than we may or may have not previously considered.

So I have referenced IDEAS such-as ADAM & EVE as allegorical and metaphorical in nature and clearly we are seeing A&E Accident & Emergency being also highlighted in various manners within headlines, so choice as to what is causing us or TRIGGERING particular attitudes and conditions within any given population-though again anyone noticing the year might relate the 2015 in some other fashion than what is taken at face value.

Clearly I think some SYSTEMS of how anyone goes about staying conscious are differing as new concepts and ideas are always or often being introduced-though likewise some typical “CLASSICAL” examples such-as the popular Pythagorus MUSIC-TO-SYMBOL translation can seemingly make all the difference and again it has perhaps been demonstrated that whilst I took and bought many a course I had already in many or multiple ways accumulated much of the KNOWLEDGE, we all too often perhaps have overly HISTORICALLY relied on ill thought out “FILTERS” and so on.

I spoke recently on the IDEA of letting go “DARKNESS” and so on as part of a given continuous upwardly mobile like philosophy though likewise ome folks in some realms do have an INTEREST in being able to at least “WITNESS” detail and so on.

So we can draw and doodle the world about us in colours as representing greater reality-prior to being translated into black text within books and so on-though likewise we can pattern match in always in the sense of not OVERLY reallying on EXTERNAL “EXPERTS” who may or may not have our own best interests at “HEART”. Again I think such things come down to choice and some types of chatter and focus are better dismissed for anyone to genuinely make the progress they may or may not desire within their own life and body and so on.

I seem to be rolling into further meanderings at this time, so will leave this post here. I do make notes regularly that are not always published-though it is interesting as I say from staying awake and consciously being awakened that some people seemingly have “AUTOMATED PRESS SELF-DESTRUCT” psyches within them.

Debates to always be had though we all have to accept that most rules and regulations and laws of the land and so on are ARTIFICALLY CREATED AND ARBITRARILY INTERPRETED-perhaps why the GAP exists between Governmental Opinion and public opinion and of course subjective versus objective opinions also. Strange though true I spent a great deal of time studying the relationship between subjective and objective a few years ago-though it was as nowhere as well EXPERIENCED as it is NOW in the sense that there is a non-aware psychological “ATTEMPT” like mode to carrying out such things and a genuinely deeper understanding of such things and the various models and relationships and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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