Now Some Folks Come Along From Time To Time

Now some folks come along from time to time and WONDER as to what I mean exactly when I use TERMINOLOGY such-as PARALLEL REALMS. These things are very often issues as to experience and belief and so on and as I suggested previously it can take a year or two of meditation and WITNESSING THE WORLD and taking notes and so on to get your head around such IDEAS & MATERIALS.

First of all-we can suggest our immediate Body-Heart & Soul is any given individuals 1st REALM and very often people have difficulty separating INTERNAL versus EXTERNAL issues-though it really is like stepping stones in the sense that as you progress with Power Meditation Learning Strategies Technologies you come to see the World in very differing ways.

So you yourself might be one realm, another realm might be the NATION within which you live-your Country (so to speak), after that another realm may be your “place of work” and another realm might be your local SUPERMARKET and another the SPORTS that you follow and so on-so really REALM is just another badge or label that creates what is for more advanced meditators “THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION”, again as you witness all the so-called BARRIERS you do gradually find that you whilst raising Threshold come to see that each and every person or individual is operating from the WORLD within they’re own respective HEAD.

So a statement that World Peace will never be achieved, is akin to saying I will never have peace within my head (AH-HA), that of course the reason why some teachers concentrate and focus themselves and pupils on so-called calming and relaxation techniques and getting used to the IDEA of INSIDE-OUTSIDE REFLECTIVITY and so on.

So you could say that I encourage the WITNESSING of so-called SYNCHRONICITY among so-called realms. A typical example was that a recent HEADLINE suggested French Police SWARM Forest and my place of work has in recent days had the Heating on in the canteen may a person at a break time saying “it’s a bit WARM in here”. Clearly that is a “LATERAL thinking or non-linear thinking type strategy.

Another realm of course can be other Countries and so on though as you witness and write and take not of COMPARABLE synchronicity very often through following someone else who has advanced-you get to see what I mean. Likewise whilst this is written text-very often we are told to TRANSFER anything that we see into another FORMAT of some description whether through drawing or language or whatever.

So I recently wrote on HORROR and we then had Terrorism in another Country France-many international allies offering sympathy and indeed ASSISTANCE if they (THE FRENCH) feel it is needed-they being a somewhat (stereotype) nation are likely to REJECT such assistance considering these things an INTERNAL AFFAIR-however in terms of INTELLIGENCE many NATIONS are of course already sharing a fair bit of intelligence, hence other REALM badged or labelled ENTITIES being brought into existence such-as NATO and INTERPOL and other BORDERLESS BODIES that confer and coordinate over Wider Ranges of Populations and so on and again they very often develop so-called “BEST ESTABLISHED PRACTICE” type ways and means of going about things-we sometimes find ourselves complaining of “REDTAPE” and other times being thankful that a red tape delay caused some new information to become available that was not previously known.

Typical to that for instance-I did not write an officially published article yesterday apart from some note transference activities and in witnessing terms it has been a “BUSY” week. So here in HEREFORD (another realm) local news was reporting and HEADLINING a brutal stabbing at some local house-unlikely to make NATIONAL NEWS or AWARENESS.

So you might say those are SYNCHRONICITIES and local awareness can be used to SCALE and FACTORISE to international type synchronicities and likewise GLOBAL news and so on can be reduced to witnessing local PARALLELS and so on.

So MEANINGS then are all important and of course each and every meaning of any given term is down to how any given person INTERPRETS such things-though likewise as SOCIETY has built up and so on we come to see that some MEANINGS are taken givens for many words and so on and if we do not no-we can look them up in a dictionary-I recently found myself looking up the word EULOGISE and EULOGY even though I have I know done so previously after overhearing it somewhere. So we cannot keep huge knowledge sets easily within our noggins because our CONSCIOUS WINDOWS (within scientific studies) have been found to be exceptionally small-the next best things of course writing a thousand words a day such-as this journaling blog. A work colleague name Luke asked myself where my blog was when he saw myself taking notes and whilst I told him anyone can look the blog up-I have little “interest” in debating CONTENT within working life and so on-I explained that I had once regularly used Facebook for myself and indeed my daughter playing games-and IDIOTS and bullies, some of whom were within working realms seemingly referenced all and anything written to coordinate HATE CAMPAIGNS against myself and daughter-I REPEATED TO LUKE and anyone overhearing the conversation-that ANYONE CAN READ THE BLOG-though debate on content is not going to occur because THIS BLOG HAS MY NAME AT THE TOP OF IT and there are 7 BILLION people in this World so beyond being “mates & friends” few have reason to necessarily follow myself and my writings-unless some “OTHER” Motive exists. So as many know this blog is monitored by peoples and persons across multiple life realms and I regard it (The blog) and content as generally NEUTRAL, I have little interest in returning to be “HUNTED & STALKED” within any life realm as I was during the FACEBOOK FIASCO days.

So the techniques offered and demonstrated here are often used within SECURITY realms-whether Police, Military or Intelligence Agencies in the training of staff and likewise we as a public can use the same TECHNIQUES to improve our SPORT GAMBLING type feedback and return systems (if we so wish).

We can follow any realm and then look to witness SYNCHRONICITY within favoured SPORTS, I have often found that World Touring Sports, such-as Tennis and Golf and Formula one are perhaps easier to start with than TEAM sports-having said that of course the BRITISH Commonwealth does have SHARED international TOURS of Cricket, Rugby and more “British” type team games that are often neglected by the WIDER WORLD.

So we perhaps choose a sport and then start trying to “SEE” synchronicities and so on-and we very often “FIND” that one of the HARDEST things in WITNESSED “CLUES” is that any given CLUE can be a positive for one sporting “CALL” and a negative for another sporting “CALL”.

So very often for instance when I was interacting with Bill Harris on Holosync it took some time to identify all the differing SPORTS being monitored and so on, differing CONTRIBUTORS all having differing FOCUS’ that sent many of us perhaps into HEADACHE.

So you see a newspaper report and some STANDOUT word makes you think that BONGO is going to win the TENNIS, you put all your money on BONGO and he loses and meanwhile MONGO won the GOLF and you go ARRRHHHHH.

So that was early on a common occurrence fo many people-AND WHY I suggested people start with just one or two sports and focus and concentrate and relate all incoming “INFORMATION” to those sports-a you progress you come to see things in greater and more all-encompassing TERMS-though generally the start little and then grow into your new found strategy and techniques and so on. Even those advanced long term meditator type peoples have admitted to errors very often along the lines of what is written above of simply not getting the right or APPROPRIATE SPORT. Clearly anyone who follows particular WRITERS within NEWSPAPERS can probably come to GAUGE what favoured writers likely follow-though I generally write in a quite boring fashion that is generic because usually a year or 2 of forehead slapping occurs before anyone really gets into a so-called “BEING IN THE ZONE” kind of phase.

Anyway I have an early start and late finish to day at work so will leave this one here.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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