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So following on from my earlier article I can say that on my travels to and from work I often simply witness the World about myself and in making notes of differing things I grow ever more congruent so to speak in what I am thinking and feeling and my own response or otherwise to events as I make my journey. Along wide marsh street as I was travelling home in the early hours of night for instance I saw a Property Sale sign that was seemingly fixed behind a drainpipe on a building or warehouse or shop or stores outer brick-wall. I thought it somewhat strange in the sense that most advertisers and “SALE SIGNS” and so on want such things to be seen and noticed-yes I clearly noticed the sign though perhaps in critical fashion as to “LOCATION” as opposed to possible otherwise-in “compass of perfect contingency” thinking I could think-how clever is that-the fact that the sign is behind the drain post has actually created a “MENTAL HOOK” where had it been in the open it may have passed unnoticed as all the many other signs and sensory stimulus’s do on a day-to-day fashion.

Likewise of course I said I would comment on the wider World News and in fact I do have to play catch-up somewhat as I have not really seen the news properly for several days. In fact many a Friday publishing is either written first thing in a hurry or last thing in a hurry having returned from work and indeed about to head-off to work.

So after arrival at work on Friday I noted that unusually the news channel was on and reporting of moment-to-moment events in PARIS was taking place-I unaware that multiple Hostage & Terrorist activities were taking place-only having heard of something on Tuesday I think it was.

I recently mentioned Peter Pan I think and we saw “Much Abu About Nothing” finally being sent to Prison in the USA-Abu Hamza (HOOK-HANDED-CLERIC) perhaps famously outstayed his welcome in the UK for a number of years due we were told to “Human Rights Legislation”. These things not absolutely true of course-because that is another catch-all like generic statement that often passes under most peoples’ RADAR. The reality perhaps that an IN-DIRECT sub-section of some laws and clauses within such “CATEGORIIZATIONS” are often used to avoid detention or justice or however one wishes to describe such things.

Elsewhere we are being “TOLD” that a female terrorist with “CROSSBOW” is being searched for within FRANCE having avoided detection and detention at the present time. The news again somewhat vague as to what is a “TRUTH as a FACT” and what is a “TRUTH as a SPECULATION”. We seemingly being told the assumption that is was “SHE” who murdered a Female Police Officer at some point-forgive myself if that is incorrect as at time of writing this-I have still not seen up to-the-minute reports of these events.

Clearly anyone speculating then can perhaps wonder as to “ESCAPE”. I saw news that she was not present after the Police had taken action-clearly “CONSPIRACY THEORY” is that she was not the accomplice or simply left prior to events later in the day-or indeed “DISGUISED HERSELF BEFORE HAND IN POLICE UNIFORM” and slipped out unnoticed among all the “RAIDING POLICE OFFICERS” similarly attired-as we often see within the realms of “FICTIOUS FILM & MEDIA” Other options of course are also available-though it can be clearly demonstrated then that anyone within any realm wants to be able to “THINK” in terms of all possible availabilities and options without “FILTER”. Filter usually regarded as some “RELATIONAL” issue that any given person has not taken into consideration-much like a favoured “SPORTING TEAM BIAS” knocking people and persons “OFF-CENTRE” in how they go about “DISSECTING” any given sequence of events and so on and so forth.

So any given group of peoples and persons and indeed any OBJECTS or sensory stimulus is then as suggested earlier an AGENT within a given realm or present mental-mapping that people are presently operating from. We can ask what “EFFECT” does that object there cause upon this situation and scenario-typical favourites we have perhaps all witnessed within storyboards and indeed film is the French Chef “COMEDY” of some intended “currently still alive food” seeking escape-whether a frog or lobster or horse or rat or Anyone know something the French or indeed Thai’s will not eat? Yes of course that a stereotype though interesting as to what parts of the World have all-encompassing attitudes and what areas of the World are “Particular” and so on. We in Britain have of course also seen Comedy demonstrating “desperations” so to speak. A season of Blackadder years ago had much TRENCH WARFARE humour related to front-line “RECIPES” they having on one occasion Rat-O-van said to have been a rat run over by a van.

Clearly many a horror story related to Historical warfare demonstrates over and over again the importance of getting “INFRASTRUCTURE” in position and place. In film and media these are often “NEGLECTED” though again any realm even the movie industry has a huge “COLLECTIVE” of aforementioned “INFRASTRUCTURE” operatives-from the people seeking best locations, for particular actions, to people “SPECIALISING” in a specialist “ROLE” and many a typical terminology is actually demonstrably “SHARED” across most realms.

We have THEATRE OF OPERATIONS and what will happen if we carry out this activity here and this other one over there often well “CHOREOGRAPHED” across multiple realms in a “REHEARSAL” of operations and “TRAINING” and so on to seek to advantage any given “AGENT” or “PERFORMER” within their “DUTIES”.

So we can use huge amount of VERBIAGE of words that are often thought of as nouns-that an interesting twist within the writing realm-many words are given noun and verb status and “INTERPRETATION” or indeed “CLARIFICATION” between understandings of usage can be a struggle when we are young and so on-often simply becoming sucked into the STORY that we are reading at any given moment. Many a REMEDY TECHNOLOGY that I recommend are about separating out the “COMPONENTS” and then potentially bring them back together again in a more “ORCHESTRATED” fashion-“let’s not forget the sound & vibration & wave aspects”.

So many “REALMS” have and “APPLY” multiple awakening strategies and techniques though very often it can take “shock & awe” to really knock some of us out-of old patterning’s and unhelpful cycles and so on-very often we become “ACCLIMATISED” to routines within REALMS that pre-exist without ever “QUESTIONING VALIDITY” again from “Herdlike Activities”.

The “classic quote” of course being that one of a problem not being “SOLVED” from the “LEVEL” at which it was “CREATED” perhaps similar to the old MTV advertising “ADAGE”, “IF you are not part of the SOLUTION, YOU are part of the problem”. Far too many perhaps “settling” into less than savoury or helpful storyboards. Again storyboarding and GENERATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY of what “ATTITUDES” and so on are occurring within IDEAS as to “INHERITANCE” within workforces and so on, perhaps can change things about somewhat and we as individuals can Notice in “MODELLING” terms those who are “SUFFERING” and who are perhaps not with regard to whom we ourselves want to “LEARN” from.

I think the classic issue many of us grow up with is that one I think I wrote upon “Do not do as I do, do as I say” It can be demonstrated that such statements are perhaps unwinnable “BINDS” so to speak-though awareness and planning and accepting greater truths and so on can shape all the difference as to the formulations and calculations that are constantly and concurrently running through our respective parallel lives and so on.

So life-long learning really is an-ongoing sequence perhaps of navigational like attitudes and thought processes and combination of linear and non-linear mappings that we can seek to benefit ourselves and those about ourselves with or indeed otherwise if we “REJECT” particular stereotypes in favour or finding out and separating TRUTH from SPECULATION and so on. Is this ACTIVITY going to win myself Friends or foes-is this activity going to cause positive environmental contagion or negative environmental contagion.

I do and have oft repeated that this blog is best read by peoples and persons “USING” some of the the teachings and learnings and technologies I recommend on there are of course many other MASTERS and CONTRIBUTING “THOUGHT LEADERS” within the wider World and I know many are just as rewarding and uplifting as those I recommend-though likewise we all perhaps have to start somewhere in the raising of our own SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and discipline and understanding of the assorted topics and debates, focus and concentrations and so o enabling choice as to what any person choices to INTEGRATE or otherwise within the Hemispheres between their own ears.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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