The Compass Of Perfect Contingency

Yes, I know another somewhat vague and potentially “loaded” title-however if you let me explain a few of the thoughts that led to it-you may well come to see an alternate point-of-view that is rewarding for you as it is for anyone who adopts such an approach.

First of all within the “IDEA” of Learning from young age and so on-it can be demonstrated that many a thought patterning “INVOLVED” storyboarding for an “ACTION”. These storyboards may also be regarded as the “SWITCHING” from trance state to trance state.

So an example- “DAVID HUNGRY”

What can I do? What food do I want to eat? Do I have that particular foodstuff nutrious or othewise available? Each thought likely flickers through “MULTIPLE” choice actions and outcomes. A storyboard version “WITH” the desired food, A storyboard version “WITHOUT” the desired food, and of course each “THOUGHT OUTCOME” leads to another “PROCESS”.

So the word “CONTINGENCY” is often demonstrably used as though for some “B-PLAN” or “C-PLAN” or however many “PLANS” have whizzed through ones head at any given moment for an “ALTERNATE” to what people often in some kind of “INTRANSIGENCE” regard as the “A-PLAN” storyboard.

So what if instead of having an “INTRANSIGENT-PLAN” we are always in an almost automated fashion switching to present best “PLAN”. That might of course sound strange-though again within my study of Hypnosis Techniques and so on-that was very much how many an “AWAKENING” event came about within many a persons “LIFE”.

So you perhaps thought-I want to think better and clearer and all the rest of it and you perhaps think-well that guy of the Telly was popular and he offers a book saying he can help myself with this issues or that issue-and of course it can in many a circumstance be demonstrated that what in the realm of Hypnosis and NLP is known as Modelling Frames can within TV and Film and Radio and so on be called “STORYBOARDING”.

So we learn to storyboard from young ages-if I do this action this event will likely occur-given prior experience, clearly in MEDITATION and so on realms we have the DUALISTIC versus NON-DUALISTIC IDEALOGUES to come to terms with-the average person in the street very often operating from and constantly flicking through DUALISTIC options of storyboards that are potentially “outdated” and reflective of some prior historical “NEGATIVITY” within their own mind or indeed “POSITIVITY” if they happen to be someone who has lived a so-called “BLESSED LIFE”.

So raising threshold and learnings strategies and experiencing “OVERWHELM” very often leads to greater “FLOW” as to “ACTION” and “CONTINGENCY” of actions whereby you are not constantly at loggerheads with any given “ECOSYSTEM” or “ENVIRONMENT” that you find yourself within.

The simplest of questions can be Do I need a million repetitions of storyboard of this sequence of events-it can be demonstrated very easily within many an individual’s life that we do not-hence the “IDEA” of clearing huge quantities of long term stored “TRAUMA” and seeing the “WORLD ANEW” from a more productive and dynamic system of storyboard perspectives and angles and so on.

So mind-mapping and drawing and so then perhaps encourages greater “CONSISTENCY” of “CONTINGENCY SWITCHING STORYBOARDS”. And likewise we can take note in any given “SEQUENCE” of respective feedbacks and “COMPASS-LIKE NAVIGATION” of the so-called World about us.

So storyboarding whether through imagination and visualization clearly “HIGHER” within any person’s mental operating system-than is often given “CREDIT”-many a person often working from some long learned “AUTO-PILOT” that may or may not be serving themselves in the most appropriate of fashions-potentially causing any number of differing effects-be they “EFFECTS” of ill-health or bad relationships or good relationships and good health and so on.

These things perhaps again related to the “IDEA” that what does not serve you “FALLS AWAY” clearly I can demonstrate that many people took such learnings on board after taking up and advancing “POWER MEDITATION TECHNIQUES” though likewise there is often a “SHADOW LAG” effect as any given “COMMUNITY” takes on board the lessons and learnings and how any given “AGENT” (we are all “AGENTS”) within the realm of Storyboarding and World Modelling and Computer Processing Systems chooses to “NOW ACT”.

So a typical storyboard for a film maker within a factory might be “The Canteen” story board shows various groups at parallel aligned tables, next shot shows one group at one table, then perhaps a shot of each person at the table in “PORTRAIT” as some “TOPIC” of conversation is debated within a given group.

So it can be suggested that we all of us have “NON-CONSCIOUS” versions of all these techniques and strategies and so on within our respective heads-and of course the idea of “INTENTION” is that we can raise our awareness to greater levels of “ALL ENCOMPASSING” strategies enabling each and every-one of us to become the “DIRECTOR” of our own words, thoughts, feelings and actions in a “CONSCIOUS” fashion-at least during the time of our seeking and “LEARNING” improved sequences and thoughts and all the rest of such things. So whilst we can have little “CONTROL” over what others say and how they manipulate and influence, we can be more “AWARE” of our own given “RESPONSE” within our own “BODY-HEART&SOUL”.

Yes group dynamics and so on always means that “DUALISTIC” attitudes and behaviours often take “CENTRE-STAGE” though likewise when you know various “CHARACTERISTICS” of peoples about yourself and in the wider World you again can better “GAUGE” your own respective response and potentially learn to switch yourself into a greater level of flow leveraging or self-storyboarding and improved contingency planning.

So it has been demonstrated that “SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME” to events type thoughts to any storyboard can be better to maintain than potentially “NEGATIVE OUTCOME” type thoughts to events. Again these things often require the peeling back of layers and layers of “OLD STORYBOARDS” when really we want to always be present “HERE & NOW” utilising ever greater positive FEEDBACK & RESPONSE SYSTEMS to our own respective lives and perhaps the lives of friends and family and those that we love and so on.

I will leave this article of meandering here as I am now going to write another article on some of the news events that are seemingly going on about the greater World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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