Does a Little Bit of Vive La Revolution Go Along Way

Yes of course it has long been noted that the French love protesting and Rallies and all the rest of freedom of speech like IDEAS that we in the rest of the World often seemingly COWER away from in many respects. Many a person opinionated until some PUSH comes to SHOVE line-in-the-sand is drawn or however one wishes to describe such things.

Clearly within the IDEA of Worlds within Worlds and so on-we can of course look to symbology in relation to LANGUAGE such-as FRIENDS and FRENCH both in linguistic type terms cross-overs that many a regional variation of language can confuse and indeed bring people to internal-external conflict and confusion.

It can as we progress with any modality of course serve us to ask “What would [inert label] say/do etc”. Very often we look to perhaps “Thought Leaders” and it can of course be demonstrated that many people are regarded as thought leaders across many a discipline. Likewise we in Britain despite many claiming otherwise already had a revolution-yes we kept the monarchy within our own system-though a revolution non-the less occurred. People often citing the continued existence of a monarchy as PROOF that we are not up to revolutions.

What occurred following such political upheaval in other areas of the World-well we can of course see that Republican type democracies came into being, with Presidential Elected Figurehead and Various upper and lower debating chambers of Regional Politicians. Likewise in some Countries it can be seen that within History many Dictatorships also appeared under the “GUISE” of some other democratic type label. We saw “INTERPRETATION” of Carl Marx like communism within the former Soviet Union-though whilst not being a “god-damn-commie” I in a purer sense of the interpretation-would suggest that the VARIOUS STATES that adopted and took up “COMMUNIST IDEOLOGIES” were not walking the “PATH” written by MARX.

So that perhaps akin to any given word within any language being BASTARDISED in some fashion. It can of course OVERTIME be shown that eventually “ACCEPTED” interpretation of word and meaning is that which is most common among any given population-and dictionaries very often change to reflect such “MASS” interpretations and so on.

Clearly the French can claim to have INFLUENCED much of the Greater World in the same fashion as us in Britain and those in the Spain and Portugal Regions of the planet. Yes the study of history not a popular one though in answering questions as to “CYCLES” and “PATTERNS” and movements of ESTABLISHED WORLD-WIDE changes occurring we can of course say that this event over here occurred as a direct result of that event over there. I see David Cameron is making a brief Sojourn to the USA to visit Mr Obama this week and The USA actually can perhaps be shown to have followed the French Model-not sure exactly when they fell out-so to speak-though I think French noses were put out of joint during the 1939-45 Conflict and General Charles De Gaulle seemingly took a High-Handed ignore external influence we will do this the FRENCH way-seeking to perhaps give them some return of psychological pride or however such things are to be described.

Of course in terms of POLITICS we do seemingly see that particular words are seemingly “GRABBED” and claimed by various groups. Why do we call Environmentalists Greens and warmongers Hawks and so on and so forth. It can clearly in many ways be shown that most BOUNDARIES as to behaviours and beliefs and so on get changed quite rapidly by people when presented with HARSHER truths.

Yes INTRANSIGENCE often exists on all sides of many debates-though from a personal point of view as has been suggested on multiple occasions extremists on spectrums are seemingly at confusion and conflict because they interpret the same thing in differing manners-one of those binds perhaps.

The study of behind-the-scenes materials for the TV & FILM Industry is great at demonstrating how our view and focus are often taken away from where they perhaps should be at and likewise of course when they make Thrillers and Detective type dramas and so on “CLUES” are often given simply within the viewing realm that you are drawn into viewing. Much like the game Cluedo-although I think those kind of dramas are less now than when I was growing up-many a Production having its ORIGIN within the Theatre and Stage Industry. I think Faulty Towers was a typical comedy that easily translated and could be performed within both environments.

Yes similar things still occur now-though far more external outdoor type materials are seen within broadcasting now than when I was growing up. Many programmes filmed in front of “LIVE” audiences-by that I mean beyond Game Shows and Interview Shows and Jury Voting Shows. Everything from comedies and sitcoms and a far broader and wider spectrum of stuff in general.

So many a person came along and said we cannot do this in front a live audience and they introduced “pre-recorded laughter prompts” within many shows that were often out of SYNC with when and where many a person would genuinely LAUGH.

Strange though true.

Yes so many audience based shows simply vanished or became targeted within particular type genealogies of show. Ever more filming started taking place within towns and cities around the broader landscapes and of course we all lapped such things up. Hence many a City being wall-to-wall aerials on roofs and more recently SATELLITE DISHES on side walls and so on. Yes now they talk of broadband infrastructure in terms of digging up the roads and that has gradually occurred in many a place-though likewise you always have debate as to should this group over here subsidise that group over there.

This is a HIGHLY DEBATABLE TOPIC and one that perhaps demonstrates that in many an ECOSYSTEM and ENVIRONMENT “SELFISHNESS” wins out above and beyond “SHARING”.

A typical one that has longed rubbed myself up the wrong way is LOTTO cash distribution-I adopting the “CLASSICAL COMMUNIST” IDEA that the money should be distributed back to the REGION and GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION that has invested in such gambling. Year after year we saw money being high-jacked for London based projects that many of us have little interest in visiting to see. Likewise money has since been said to have been high-jacked to pay for NHS facilities and so on-again something I strongly disagree with.

So it has been suggested that “YOU CANNOT PLEASE ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF HE TIME” and that in many ways is true-though as regular as clockwork I can repeat than when you know the difference between a GRID and a CIRCLE and how such shapes and patterns can be used to TRIANGULATE differing shapes and forms and frequencies and intermix such things with the Colour distribution spectrum and interweave that with most people’s requirement for some of the most basics of life such-as an income to feed themselves and purchase food and clothes and a roof over the head and so on-we come to see that many an AREA and REGION and DISTRICT is obsessively “LOCAL VERSUS” based operating systems. I of course local (from Hereford) though having lived elsewhere have predominantly been treated PSYCHOLOGICALLY as a TRAITOR or other less than savoury type attitudes.

This region does in fact actually have a FAR GREATER mix than many other regions within the Country-though likewise in terms of getting on with it-my attitude is one of pragmatism. Some adopt highly pragmatic approaches to “getting on with it” wherever they find themselves, whilst others continuously cause others about themselves to suffer through unexplored “FOR LOCAL PEOPLE” styled nonsense without ever explore METAPHYSICAL IDEAS as to where “LOCAL” begins and ends-those more advanced in POWER MEDITATIVE LEARNINGS AND TEACHINGS can perhaps demonstrate that local or regional or national or international is in fact “where ever I happen to find myself at any given point in time”.

Yes enough from oneself for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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