How Can I Achieve A Fluid Integrative Mix Of Modalities Teachings & Learnings

Well this is one of those potentially troublesome issues on the sense that so many teachings and learnings and advancements are being created all the time that I am sure like many a person-I find myself covering topics and areas within one REGION that I have potentially already covered elsewhere in another slightly differing FORMAT or STYLE or THEME and so on. So for instance it is know that I long recommended studying “cartoon” creativity type books and so on-and of course many a person will go “poop” not for me you blah-blah. Dismissing such things as beneath themselves or however one wishes to describe any personally RECEIVED negativity. However the FUNCTION of those recommendations was of course related to the IDEA of STORY and how such things are CRAFTED in particular realms-cartoon and anime and so on-most Westernised peoples have seen at some point within their life and whilst it can take a “LOT” to impress some more “EXTREMIST EXPERTS” on many a topic many of us find ourselves enchanted or “AWED” by various progressions that have been “DEVELOPED” or “CREATED” within those kinds of “ENTERTAINMENT” realms.

So anyone who followed such advice based predominantly on my “PHOTOREADING” research may perhaps wonder where I turned attention to after all the cartoon like materials-and of course the most obvious area that many again return to is “CINEMA & FILM & TELEVISION” though rather than “IN-FRONT” or the lens acting performance and judgements as to how good this programme is or is not my STUDIES took myself into the realm of studying areas such-as CINEMATOGRAPHY and DIRECTION and all the FOUNDATIONAL & FUNDAMENTAL type materials that go into that film upon the big screen or little screen and so on.

What is interesting is of course that this kind of research has been perhaps repeated over and again and in fact in many ways-The Learning Strategies type courses “”PAY HOMAGE” so to speak in breaking down all the “to many of us” confusion and conflicting “EVIDENCES” and “SYSTEMS” into very easily integrated courses. So you can do as I do because “Dave S Perkins” aka “David Simon Perkins” aka “DSPerkins” simply enjoys reading and studying all the various “METHODOLGIES” or you can of course simply opt for a “COURSE” that you think and feel complements “WHERE” you personally have a focus and concentration and so on and so forth.

For myself of course I liked studying the DIFFERENCE between analogue and digital within the realm of Cartoons and integration thereof (hence the preceding picture from a COMBINATORIAL MOVIE “WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT” where TOONS were added to so-called live acting and so on).

Likewise many a published book that I have studied again very often suggests “NOW UPDATED” with Digital Age Technological teachings and information’s and so on. Again they simply “REINFORCE” many of the “ASPECTS” of the teachings and learnings that are to be found across the many teachings and learnings that are to be explored and so on. Again I spoke on storyboarding and such techniques can be found use in Theatre and Film and Training for Jobs within Industry-that is effectively what Training Manuals and Trainers and APPRENTICESHIPS are often all-about.

Likewise speaking on the topic of DIGITAL for instance-we take “SAMPLES” or “SLICES” of DATA as opposed to everything and Digital is far easier to Manipulate and play around with than Analogue was. So OBSTACLES were found and then ways and means developed to “OVERCOME” so-called perceived obstacles. A typical course that has involved COLOUR RELATIONSHIPS and LENS FOCUS and so on-is of course AURA SEEING, and within materials such as Cinematography and “CREATIVE ARTS” within Film we often have similar guidelines to Camera Lens and Wide Angle versus Short and so on-all these things perhaps developed in “CHICKEN & EGG” fashion based on modelling-clearly it may be suggested that the “Human Eye” has possibly been modelled at some point as have animal type eye effects and so on-and clearly more recent advances have often created “IMPOSSIBLE” effects-by that I mean effects that simply cannot be done with anyone regular vision system “BEYOND” closing your eyes and “IMAGINING” such things and so on. My study and research actually suggests that many a well-known Cinema “SFX” aka “SPECIAL EFFECTS” was happened upon by accident-so playing around with IDEAS and how can I do this or that or overcome this obstacle is often a popular theme within the “BEHIND-THE-SCENES” realms of many “PRODUCTIVE” Company.

So again-if you have studied a particular course and want to fill in gaps or answer questions that may or may not have occurred as a result of some previous study you can simply as I have suggested take a more all-encompassing course such-as photo-reading and then study a more broad or wide-ranging literature or body-of-work on the topics-many courses of course are like accumulated “BEST-OF” type featurettes that contain within them perhaps all the foundational ELEMENTS-though further research is down to any given individual to carry out for themselves in many ways. Of course it could well be argued that many a person has no real desire to become a PRODUCER of any kind of wares-hence so many peoples working for “pre-existing” Companies and “set-ups” likewise we can use the greater knowledge as we continue in our meditative investigations with various forensic like interest in sub-sections and so on to come up with our own professional niche or SPECIALIST area of expertise.

Anyway as I say-the study of broader areas can be done simply to agree that the best elements have already been demonstrated within pre-existing course-or likewise we can ourselves say well actually I really would be interested in this particular area as a 2nd or even 3rd level kind of follow on sequence of teachings and so forth. The foundational or fundamental books for film and TV are quite large in scope and not all that unreasonably priced (I thought) considering the “WEALTH” of information to be found within some of the materials. Clearly perhaps they (Film Industry) have a somewhat “ELITE” image to many of us with more traditional jobs and lives though you would be surprised just how easy anyone can learn such materials quite quickly and indeed set themselves up as a master of cinematic illusion and again that perhaps answers many a so-called “magic” debate-such topical books often tell you the “SECRET” as to “HOW” many “classic” wows came about within that industry. Again those things such-as “SPECIAL EFFECTS” developed as industries in their own right in many ways. I think George Lucas originally Created “INDUSTRIAL LIGHTS & MAGIC” simply for effects for his early film works and they of course for anyone who stays for the titles often listen across many productions-as are a number of other companies. I think Dolby is well known (as an example) for various Cinematic Sound-systems and again each well-known company has multiple Competitors. Taking a lead in any given area is one of those demonstrations of the WHY the World operates “IN REALITY” as a kind of so-called “ZERO SUM GAME”.


A company is created to carry out an activity that does not presently EXIST. Someone else comes along and say well I like that though I think I can do better-so we all think well that 100% market share of the first company has just been bitten into and now the second company has a 35% share. Then someone else comes along and says well actually guys, and we then have a 55% a 31% and a remainder 14%.

AH but

Each day and week and month and year that the now developing industry is continuing in all likelihood is also creating and expanding market.

So originally the “It will never catch on” product has an uptake or income of $100,000 for its first year of operations. And if it is thought to be a worthy investment other people will likely become INTERESTED. So the Company perhaps GROWS to ACCOMMODATE new custom and likewise another Competing Company sets up.

So say five years go by and the first company is now on $2000,000 a year with 70% market segment share and the Company playing catch-up or (very often) larger Corporative Body sets up competition that owns 30% of market with $1300000 a year income.

So that is very often the so-called MODEL that many a business relies upon when starting out-and clearly the same theory can perhaps be stated on an INDIVIDUAL basis for any given person within any given realm. So really everyone man or woman or child is perhaps their own respective industry. Though likewise for many issues that seemingly pre-occupy many a man or woman-the so-called spiritual approach too many enlightenment teachings can be a better perspective approach to life to be taking initially at least within many an area of life. Far too many of us especially when younger often charge into situations and scenario’s with know-it-all attitudes only to find ourselves unravelling a few years down the line through circumstance of lack of awareness or knowledge of greater levels of human endeavour and the respective teachings and learnings of those who are more enlightened among society.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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