Once Upon A Time Some Historical Bloke

Once upon A time some historical bloke by the name of Darwin got himself a ship and a crew and navigated about the Globe making many a drawing and picture of the things that he had seen as they traversed the various as then yet unexplored Islands and interacted with the various NATIVES in LATIN NAMED “ABORIGINAL”.

Eventually they returned from said explorations and he eventually came up with some documentation and Theory that SPLIT SOCIETY wide open in terms of belief creating a so-called CRACK or CREVICE divide within Debating chambers of The United Kingdom and Great Britain and the Wider World. The Origin of The Species is of course quite TAME by today’s standards though it might be suggested that in many ways the concept and context in which such things are done does leave many unanswered questions and of course generation after generation of populace have sought to find ways and means to BRIDGE the divide created between so-called Church and State and other INSTITUTIONS be they Science, Law, Religion, and of course the many ARTS.

So any of us can ask “WYE DARWIN” and how have all the various smokescreens and illusions affected anyone of us who have found ourselves caught in-between many of the so-called parallel running systems of Democratic debate and so on. First of course we have people who say God and religion are the cause of all wars-despite in fact more deaths coming about through non-religious warring situations and scenario’s.

EXAMPLES: Well we can point at Hitler and his posse of “I’ll save you” Nazis-nothing very much to do with religion-beyond heavily persecuting and slaughtering huge number of Religious believers. Stalin and his posse of “I’ll save you” Communists-nothing very much to do with religion-beyond heavily persecuting and slaughtering huge numbers of Religious believers. We can of course likewise say that millions of starving peoples about the planet had little to do with Religion-though very often something to do with some group or posse coming along and declaring “I’ll Save You” and then going to war and effectively destroying a Countries INFRASTRUCTURE and all the rest of the so-called systems and glues and so on that can make or break Countries in terms of Survival. Many such examples have often been in RELATION to SCIENTIFIC VALUES. The worth of particular Commodities and so on. WANT TO BUILD A BOMB-A NUCLEAR BOMB-YOU cannot simply go out and dig yourself some PLUTONIUM-that is one of the sad facts related to many a SCIENTIFIC VENTURE. Scientists always claims neutrality of course-though given all the WARS to provide SCIENCE with substances such-as Plutonium and OIL and many other hard to come by substances be they mineral or metal or however one wishes to describe such things-blaming RELIGION is of course another smokescreen-and it can perhaps be demonstrated that states that live by so-called Religious values are often better than those that do not. Most EXTREME cultures and companies and so on-are often those that have opted out of so-called “CHRISTIAN VALUES”.

So SCIENCE is just another “I’ll Save You” PROGRESSION LAYER on top of RELIGION “I’ll save you” that was a PROGRESSION LAYER on top of various warring cultures and general FREE-FOR-ALL “ANARCHY”. The problem of course that many a Western Culture (UK TYPICAL) wanted to do away with death and destruction and so on-after losing so many times-peoples through all the horrors of war and all the rest of such activities.

Clearly then all those “ADVENTUROUS” type activities the excitement of fighting and warring and so on grow staler and staler as we come to see “VIA POWER MEDITATIVE PRACTICES” that they are all smokescreen illusions and distractions and “TIME-FILLERS”. Time-tabling perhaps an activity that some folks are able to “MAXIMISE” for themselves whilst others among us struggle or typically prefer to be less advanced within our own planning. Swings and Roundabouts perhaps in the sense that we can become “UNSTUCK” so to speak within any IDEA realm and likewise we can bring ourselves towards more CENTRED “Compass of perfect contingency” like activities. Clearly most of us have a conscious or indeed non-conscious belief that MONEY is in truth what enables us to carry out or not carry out many an activity-though when we perhaps open our eyes to awareness and many a so-called bind and shackled point-of-view we come to see that really having some level of COORDINATED ACTIVITY with awareness of cycles and patterns and so on-and understanding that CLUES point at “IT” though are not “IT” enabling us perhaps to transform to ever greater perceptions of experiencing health and wealth and whatever any given individuals INTENTION is.

So as has been suggested on multiple occasion-many a person only opts for what most know non-consciously to be true when they are in dire-straight’s of some description-then we of course have choice and any choice we take does not have to mean that we have shut of other choices. So go to the Doctor for your drugs and medication though likewise if praying to Scientists is more worthy than praying to some ABSTRACT IDEA of “beardy bloke looking down from the Sky” do that.

Generally I have through all the many studies and learnings come to see that really the best place to be is as they suggest NOW-though likewise answering and coming to terms with many a lifelong wrong belief can require some patience and some dedication and perseverance as to LEARNING and so on. Some strategies that were developed through Science clearly BENEFIT SOCIETY though it is interesting as I have suggested that most within Western Cultures and Realms at least within Higher Realms whether as Royalty and Government or elsewhere still often attend Church Services and Sing Hymns and so on.

So some in Society can perhaps be asking themselves if Duly elected officials or even those who have been born into some positions of Higher Office are ABLE to integrate IDEAS as to Church and State and so on without having any particular issues-why cannot we.

My own progress with the learnings and teachings generally suggests that we can all of us take more all-encompassing and INCLUSIVE type attitudes towards many a Societal issue-though likewise who we take such teachings and learnings from is CHOICE. Many perhaps feeling limited create or encourage that culture or IDEA of limitation to those about themselves. Again I think MOTIVE has to be questioned and it really can be beneficial to step-back and not be some loud-mouthed know-it-all. It can of course be suggested that we all of us “potentially” have that “me, me, me” ATTENTION seeker type character somewhere within our own being-though I have generally found it gradually easier and easier to let many such characterizations go. Little value in taking IDEAS and so on forward when we all have choice as to how we live our lives and those that we wish to share such IDEAS with-clearly everyone can be INTRANSIGENT and everyone can be INTOLERANT though many of the learnings and teachings are often about bringing ourselves to levels of WISDOM and of course it could be suggested that some find WISDOM easier to acknowledge and understand than others.

Many a person can rub along with those about themselves quite easily & happily though likewise as is often the case-we often overcompensate for someone else’s perceived FAILING when in fact the failing could well be within ourselves. Whether we regard life as a marathon or a sprint one of the best and simplest of pieces of advice at any age is “IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO CHANGE”.

Yes the World whether you regard it as within your own minds eye or simply some external place you live within is like one gigantic SHIP that requires so much distance before a change in direction can be achieved and our bodies-hearts & minds are very similar in many respects. Though again I do think given the longevity that some of the Technologies I recommend have been around that clearly some optimum like systems and so on must be calculable and ascertainable by anyone who is prepared to put a little work into it.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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