Snooper Cell Sleepers Among Us

Now some of course will always want to KNOW what notes I am taking because like nearly all peoples the IDEA of LEARNING perhaps runs PARALLEL with CURIOSITY and HOW CAN I… like non-conscious thinking strategies-likewise we all of us can learn to NOTE, STORYBOARD, FRAME instances of a given moment and likewise such an INSTANCE can be expanded upon as can the underlying IDEAS behind such things.

Many of us it is said-stumble upon greater truth from time-to-time and dismiss things as though uninteresting or not worthy of further ANALYSIS or INVESTIGATION.

One IDEA that many a POWER MEDITATOR can perhaps use to understand the DIFFERNCE between FACT and SPECULATION is to practice such TECHNIQUES & TACTICS.

HOW? Well the most popular one is of course being “NEW” within any given SCENE, SCENERIO or Environment or ECOSYSTEM. So we can play stepping-into-the-shoes of “NEW PERSON”.

In human terms of course that might be akin to WONDERING what the World would be like if I were a “NEWBORN” much like that cartoon character that I recently posted-though likewise I doubt many newborns would have CIGAR in hand operating as some Baby Mafia Boss-such things of course have been attested within film “Look Who’s Talking” I think examples of such a GENRE though we can do such activities within our own lives.

What do I know about baby’s?

Baby’s often sleep a lot, they often grow rapidly, they seemingly go through a very simplistic cycle of eat-sleep-repeat and so on-though likewise we as human EXAGERATE & EMBELLISH as to what is going on-look it smiled or giggled at me and so on.

So in fact a FRAME INBETWEEN FRAME sequence of STORYBOARDS might in fact be a baby like activity in the sense of being AWAKE SLEEP AWAKE. The baby could of course wonder as to how he/she shut eyes one moment at Parents and awakened within Supermarket or awakened within Car or awakened at Family Friends house, or awakened in Buggy/Pram in the street and so on.

So baby does not know the linkages between each SCENE or FRAME or STORYBOARD SEGMENT and can only SPECULATE or GUESS as to “HOW DID I GET HERE?”

Likewise in ADULT terms we can operate in a similar fashion if we imagine that each moment is NOW and NEW and we ourselves are “NEW” within any given EXTERNAL ECOSYSTEM what would you write down about the places you find yourself and the people therein.

So people complain about myself at work because I generally have little to zero tolerance for “BAITING” and so on-though it can clearly be demonstrated that being “NEW” in an environment and constantly being SUBJECT to “POTENTIALLY” offensive language, behaviour, PREJUDICES (whatever anyone’s given stripe creed etc.) is likely going to send WRONG SIGNALS to NEW workers and peoples within such environments. Yes debates can be had-though likewise given the EXTREME TRAUMA & CLEAR PSYCHOSIS that was operating among huge numbers of “Long-term” staff-both management and workers-such things have to be gotten a grip of.

Far to many are perhaps settled and comfortable “I’ll not change my ways-put up or shut up etc.” whilst the rest of the outside World and Society in general has long since moved on from many an ATTITUDE or BEHAVIOUR. Any of us can count on our fingers the number of peoples and persons who “FIT” what we as an individual could well regard as being “EXTREME” from our own regarded or presumed “NORM”.

So the FACT FICTION divide is of course coin side in NATURE and MODELLING/GROOMING may well also be regarded as a possible type of coin side. Yes the word grooming is potentially “LOADED” though I generally use that as a GENERIC in the sense that it can be said when you go for a job or what-ever that you are being “COACHED” in some fashion-coaching perhaps in Society regarded as a SPORTING BOSS type term-I personally thinking most would use COACH/GROOMING as a possible substitute for the other depending on what side of any given table you find yourself.

The things often down to “FILTERS” of course though were I being COACHED to carry out a particular “WORK” activity I would call it coaching-on a break time however if I were being bombarded with some of the nonsense PSYCHOSIS that floats about the place within some groups I would like switch to thinking it is “People like myself” grooming of some description-and likewise many a person becomes “EXTREME VIA OVERCOMPENSATING” for “OTHER THAN SELF” presumed inadequacies or IDEAS as to what is acceptable.

Typical ATTITUDE Being “I have this FRAMEWORK of Car, House 2.4 Children” and fit societal normality in all that I do and say. I operate like one of the lads when in all male/female groups and more modestly within mixed groups and so on.

Likewise OVERSPILL occurs in some environments because of MIXTURES within “SHARED” facilities such-as CANTEEN and so on-we have all perhaps “BEHAVED” ourselves only to find someone else comes along who breaks all the so-called positive behaviours we ourselves have predominantly taken on. Do we fall into line with such people or simply wait a little longer until the larger group message is taken in (whether consciously or otherwise). Yes swings and roundabouts exist though clearly in REDESIGNING our own ways and means of going about many issues it really can be better to not NOTE or FOLLOW particular “ATTENTION SEEKING” behaviours and perceived “EXTREMISM”. Yes from my experience in the last couple of years of note taking I have found it better to genuinely seek to not “SPECULATE” simply note a FACT without embellishment.

In writing terms-yes I could well embellish in the manner of a writer with various MUSE like characters-though likewise early on in COACHING of such SKILLS-you really do have to be “DISCIPLINED” in your approach to “WITNESSING”. So it is not EASY to IGNORE many things that go on about ourselves-though likewise we can do internal enquiry or inquiry and so on and as do I relate to that, If I had a SCALE or SWINGOMETER.

Where on the SWINGOMETER would the ARROW now be pointing. We have perhaps all seen those SWINGOMETER like measuring gauges and we can use such a system for any given CRITERIA as to THRESHOLD, AWARNESS and all the rest of such things.

STEPPING BACK from being in the story can really take a year or more of dedicated practice and likewise we can ask ourselves “Would I really be keen to reinforce the present model of reality when I know what happened to so-and-so over their!”

We can all point out cases or indeed use INSTANCE from within our own experience as to life taking a WRONG or BAD turn and many can be through that IDEA of INTRANSIGENCE CONTROL as to how we ourselves “think the WORLD is” as opposed to how it might really be regarded. Any of us a little bit more aware and advanced knowing that we are really only responsible for what goes on within our own noggin and likewise we have choice as to whom we are INVOLVED or otherwise with. Clearly issues of CONTROL & FREEDOM are issues that are returned to again and again-many people have HUGE QUANTITY of “US & THEM” type attitudes and behaviours constanstly switching “perhaps” between differing “INSTANCE FILTERS” in the manner suggested above. This us and them is a different us and them to that other one-again all “ARTIFICIAL” mental boundaries use to reinforce the “ILLUSION OF SEPARATION”.

Why would I want to strip away such boundaries?

Well clearly choice is choice-though generally over the longer term-it does seem that you go through PHASES as to the CYCLES & PATTERNS you witness. My own experience suggests that no matter how much TRUTH & REALITY is presented to many a person-the most POPULAR MODEL that many HOLDS within the Noggin has huge numbers of Negative Connotations. However when you go through the mental walls and barriers and explore truths of language and so on you often come to see that EVERYTHING will always have a dualistic coin side because of the way the brain operates.

Now are there any simple basic parameters that I can introduce to accelerate other people and persons awareness.

Well I have done that in many ways though simple comparison across realms really can “HELP” in understanding how to “REDUCE, REINTERPRET” and so on.

So study of MEDITATION and some LA-DI-DA modalities will often introduce TRIANGLES that have three corners.

The STUDY of ELECTRONICS and some other associated PHYSICS SCIENCES will often introduce TRIANGLES that have three corners.

Likewise WAVE MODELS can be found within Study of most underlying realms-again some MEDITATION demonstrates such things as do the various SCIENCES.

The SEPARATION of COLOURS and RELATED FREQUENCY tables can be found within comparable realms also.

So really we can CROSS-REALM a course such-as those provided via the INTEGRAL ENLIGHTENMENT styled courses (they seem to be the most all-encompassing in model terms). With some basic understanding of WAVE FUNCTION and so on.

Many a person of course has an “ITS TOO LATE” attitude though we do see a lot of ALPHA & OMEGA beginning and end type CIRCLES occurring whereby particular things had to happen “OUT-OF-SEQUENCE” simply to gain a greater awareness that the ROUTES and patterns within the Noggin can indeed be “FASHIONED” via many a course such-as those of Learning Strategies and other Holosync type related modalities into improved overall THINKING STRATEGIES and so on.

The detritus and mental flotsam and jetsam can often early on with OVERWHELM leave us feeling somewhat INSECURE (perhaps) as to “NEW” perceptions of the WORLD, though likewise we always have that choice as to how we go about sharing such information and indeed as to whether we desire to continue in particular DIRECTION of start afresh a NEW moment and NEW day and so on.

Enough from myself I will of course be interested to see the World without SPECULATION in order to later improve “speculation modelling” that perhaps another form of coaching for the ARTISTS and DREAMERS and so on-though likewise we often have to throw the coin out and simply opt for NEW IDEAS that work within any given phase or stepping stone that we presently find ourselves upon within the compass of perfect contingency.

I have used that wording quite a lot recently though again it is an IDEA rather than some ABSOLUTE. The difference perhaps between a WORD on the PAGE and A PHYSICAL COMPASS in HAND and indeed a DREAM COMPASS within a VISIONING MEDITATIVE EXERCISE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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