I Agree With Cameron

Yes he has taken a stand against TV debate selection of candidates prior to the forthcoming election-perhaps high-lighting the fact that whilst a PUBLIC might expect the presence of the Leading Parties Leaders-The Conservatives, Labour and Liberals-how does a non-entity party such-as UKIP justifying having they’re leader taking part in such debates unless other more deserving Parties such-as the Greens also have a presence among the Podiums.

Sounds strange-though we have to remember that a number of smaller parties have existed for a rather long time and do have Parliamentary Representation-whilst some Fascist Party forms and grabs all the headline attention-we now see Pub Landlord “Al Murray” saying he is to stand against Farage and given that scenario-we could well see a Comedian in the commons.

Yes I said Comedian though again “Al Murray” perhaps typical in his performance of High-lighting know-it-all loudmouth Pub extremists-the pub landlord character perhaps a little reminiscent of a prior generations “Alf Garnett”.

Elsewhere we are seeing the continued fallout from the “PARIS INCIDENT”. Yes an Al-Queda faction is apparently claiming responsibility from somewhere in the Yemen, and meanwhile a massive print-run is taking place of the Satirical Magazine that was attacked. The usual 60,000 apparently being increased by 3.000.000. Yes the “MOTIVE” in such instances are highly questionable and many a person of course refuses to budge from particular attitudes and behaviours as to such questionings-death and fear of death of particular beliefs and so on often some of those largest or biggest of blocks to reality.

So what is the MOTIVE for a larger print-run we can ask ourselves. Clearly I want to buy a copy to show SOLIDARITY says many a person-solidarity & support can be shown in many ways without purchasing some tiny market niche magazine that is being given a somewhat over-saturated level of importance by all these goings on. I think the Jehova’s Witness and Mormon’s and so on have larger regular print-runs of their own respective literature and no-one rushes to buy or purchase those materials every time some Anti-Religious abuse is dealt out to worshippers of some of the smaller World-wide Organisations or indeed the more commonly known standard bearers of so-called Christianity-The Pope I see visiting Sri Lanka in his Glass Box Pope Mobile representing Catholicism and of course we have various International Denominations of Anglican Churches that spread throughout the Commonwealth.

Elsewhere we are being told that the ISS International SPACE station has “potentially” experienced a gas leak of some description-many dangerous and toxic type gases do of course have chemicals added to them to highlight to our bodily senses the presence of what are very often undetectable to conscious awareness like substances. Yes many a substance was not known to be harmful until someone keeled over next to that shiny rock or those hazy fumes emanating from the ground and however. I think a MIXTURE exists within some environments hence Geologists and chemists and so on taking samples from Volcanoes and other dangerous hotspots.

Elsewhere we are of course seeing the Detroit Motor Show and I noted that Tesla was highlighted for its Electric vehicle expansion plans and so on. Detroit of course famous perhaps for more Historical success than present day and age though I am sure The Presence of the Motor Show demonstrates that some industry still exists within that region-even if the World has moved on from Detroit as a Highlighted CENTRE of Industry.

Yes I think perhaps some Triangle type region in relation to music and cars is actually demonstrated though not being good on Georgraphy I would not want to name the other Cities. The problem of course with SCALE is that we could fit Great Britain into the USA many times over and likewise much of mainland Europe. So Historically we somehow punched high above our respective weight for quite a few generations and even some of those larger nations that have since surpassed ourselves simply through size and the greater presence of natural resources owe some debt via History to “DEAR OL’ BLIGHTY”.

Yes we are also of course seeing and hearing reports of Wide-spread Snow fall and so on across the UK and I have Historically of course linked the Heavier Weather the USA had to ALLEGORICAL comparison with Jack Frost and Ice Queen type characters-we perhaps now seeing a shift or rotation of such things occurring-how accurate it is to measure as to where the TIP of ARROW actually originates is debatable given how many systems and so on occur through-out the Wider World.

Yes they often show Weather Maps with arrows here, there and everywhere and in terms of understanding all the various information’s that any of us are being bombarded with we can once again see the difficulty in seeking to accurately KNOW exact ORIGIN of a particular PATTERN & CYCLE. We can perhaps based in knowing or having “WITNESSED” repetitions gain some INSIGHT into predictable occurrences-though we are all perhaps gradually more and more preferring to simply maintain focus on more regarding thoughts and feelings and behaviours. A work colleague suggested I was writing my Biography when he saw myself making some notes-though anyone who works in any “slaughter house” type industry perhaps can see that the biography has already been written in the form of ACIM or A Course In Miracles. The “Rocky” story seemingly followed that kind of a theme, he (CENTRAL CHARACTER) having started out within some meat industry environment. So the best option perhaps to work through something like ACIM and then start clearing out the mental flotsam and jetsam and see how you feel now compared to how you felt when you began.

Likewise then that book could be regarded as a failure for those Long term workers who remain within such slaughter house business’ unless of course the place has changed so much it is unrecognisable from when you began-that perhaps a “potential” consideration for many workers who find themselves within such ECOSYSTEMS.

Those of us with alternate aspirations can of course seek to continue to remind ourselves of many of the lifelong illusions we have within our respective noggins and step-up, step-down and move around with perhaps better internal navigation and compassing systems than when we first started out on such ENLIGHTENMENT EXPLORATIONS.

So as I explained to the colleague I generally prefer noting outside of “work” materials to the internal and as suggested also recently in COMPARISON terms-all environments that any of us find yourselves within is valid DATA at all times-the only issue then becomes one of FILTERS and so on. Even if we have such filters we can perhaps learn as to how they are used-we do not necessarily need Summer filters in Winter or Spring filters in Autumn and so on-so again simply ways and means to rationalise some of the logic and reasoning and likewise if we wish to break present or current “SUFFERING” type strategies we can do self-inquiry as to self-consciousness and responsibility and what can be done to alleviate particular issues that are brought to our respective attentions.

Everything we write is note taking and even though many people lead far more busier lives than myself-if you have a REGULAR ROUTINE that you go through quite regularly whether it is a School trip or shopping trip or visit to the gym or whatever you can write up notes on that one aspect or area of your life. What did I see within this street, ten cars in a car park-which one stood-out today. These are all mini-feedback and return systems that we can develop (or potentially) simply require activating in some fashion and then look at wider World events. So I myself simply select a particular journey and sit down and take notes-anything from location or direction of birdsong to colour of a passing individual’s hair or hat or shoes and so on. The more you carry out such EXERCISES the more you can perhaps become attuned to staying consciously aware and awake with the best feedback and return that you practice. Highs and Lows and peaks and troughs in abilities do seemingly occur throughout the year though gradually and surely I have come to find improvements in what I note and am aware of and so on. How did I feel about this or that or the other event. Again we in many respects have already been though or have experienced many things that we take note upon. So when such things are clearer within your mind you know that you can “Let-go” many a seemingly negative TRIGGER and so on.

Well enough from oneself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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