Have I Tried To Do To Much At Once

So this an accusation that I perhaps aimed at myself though in retrospect I do feel that much In the courses of action I took were perhaps appropriate given various circumstances that were occurring within my life.

So some say why meditate, why make notes and so on. Well one it helps clear your own mind of many a non-conscious behaviour that may or may not be desirable and two helps bring you toward congruence in your own being and so on.

So when you watch people patterns walking streets and so on-you see all the same behaviours within vehicles-people tailgate each other and perform over-taking manoeuvres and so on. So irrespective of “DOMAIN” or “REALM” labels the same things can be reduced (within the realm of behavioural psychology). So then we can ask-what are the patterns that are being actioned.

Very often (In my opinion) they are often from STRATEGIES learnt in childhood sporting activities. So you may have carried our Physical Education lessons from a young age, and likewise perhaps belonged or otherwise to sports teams though we all know with such lessons that various peoples excel at differing activities whilst others excel across a broader range-very often simply through belief in their own respective prowess at such activities.

So why study such things-well we can break our own self-limiting or self-defeating attitudes and behaviours in favour of more rewarding attitudes and so on. Clearly it might be suggested that is halve the problem. I am walking around like a Rugby Player and everyone else is playing football or however. Likewise those are just sporting realm variants. We can also see variations on tactics and so on in any given shopping trip within some premises. Marketers and so on go to great lengths once anyone is within a premise to gain a sale. We all know of the old sweets next to the counter tactic and likewise some people “ENJOY” being made to feel special by all the attention of shop assistants as they spend hours and hours traversing multiple stores. We can all demonstrate switching attitudes depending on levels of awareness and so on and how much time we have to carry out particular functions.

Typical Differences? I now live a short distance from the City and can pop into town and shop and get home quite rapidly. I used to live roughly 45 minutes (in car) from any “MAJOR” shopping hubs or places where larger shopping trips could be made. So such differences are of course dependant on where you live as does behaviours. I have lived both Central City and Suburb City and within the Countryside and my own preference in terms of “Peace and Quiet” is actually in smaller village and Countryside like settings. Yes you can draw up the moat and be insulated against the World within any property where-ever it is located-though differing “suck-ins” and so on are guaranteed for differing populations.

Things such as crime and violence and more extreme like activities happen across all realms irrespective of location-though percentage wise perhaps typically more occur within City’s. Likewise I said I made notes including silly little details on things like BIRDSONG. Birdsong can also be separated out. So some patterns within birdsong occurs also. I’ll hear a la-di-da happy little birds followed by a deeper cwaw cwaw like sound from crows and carrion type birds and then SILENCE and then the cycle re-occurs. So we are literally sensory domains and our senses can become so HARDWIRED to STRESS and FEAR and NERVOUSNESS that we start believing that such things are the same for everyone everywhere. When with some simple and effective meditation technologies you can reduce the stresses and fears and nervousness type issues-or simply reinterpret them. We do of course switch quite rapidly from excitement to otherwise type extremes when younger and then “learn” to fit in with many an expected behaviour of any realm we find ourselves within. Clearly it can be demonstrated that all realms irrespective of anyone’s desire to influence or manipulate have their own STANDARDS-and we can be given positive INCENTIVATION for some behaviours over NEGATIVE INCENTIVATION.

Many an incentive & reward effect psychology has been demonstrated to work though likewise how “free is free” to be a regular upstanding pillar of the Community or otherwise if you have set yourself up to be some example of other than. It does seem to myself that the negative reward psychology is once again abused within some domains and realms and we see this reported as a mass herd like behaviour within the news and so on-when they talk about broad sweeping statistics on Economics and percentages of inflation and gas and electric and other house like infrastructural like costs.

So everyone can in “THEORY” take the positive reward model and move away from negative incentives though given that all these things occur and happen on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS per person-no matter how much any one person says let’s stay positive and grounded and centred and so on-most take a year or two of meditation simply to get to a point without TRIGGERS going off-left right and centre.

So most of the strategies that I have witnessed and learnt are about separating and breaking down everything into components and categories and sub-categories and so on. Likewise we do not need most of such information apart from perhaps redesigning or re-thinking our own particular behaviours and responses to things that occur in the greater and lesser worlds about ourselves.

So pick a realm and then note the kinds of details that you can apply to chosen sports and so on. What colours are you seeing in this realm that concur with sporting colours. What names do you over hear in a street that match famous sporting names. Yes most people are fans of this activity or that activity and overhearing is an oft occurrences for many people-though dissecting reasoning when you compare with DIARY ENTRY DATES or you chosen realm of focus and so on-can make all the difference.

A popular one I have perhaps mentioned is that I work within a multi national corporation that employs peoples and persons using multiple languages and signs and symbols that we give Label and name to are of course simply sounds. Our brains can often automatically seek to translate across differing languages and though such things perhaps make little sense within our own FIRST TONGUE-I do find that understanding HOW the brain does this can reduce many a fear or negativity and likewise TRIGGER positive responses within your own mind-when you apply such things to other focussing activities. So you HEAR some blah-blah “JABBERING” that makes little sense though your brain rationalises particular words within your own language and you can NOTE such things and then see if any relationship link is “APPARENT” within a given sporting realm that you watch or however. I have found the inclusive positive reward and feedback incentives systems to over the longer term be of more benefit than tactics and techniques that involve “CONTROL FREAKERY” that many a gossip or nonsense generator comes out with. I simply write record repeat many things over and again-likewise we anyone can ask “why is this person saying this that or the other about this other person over there when I have only ever had positive experience of that person.”

We all perhaps start out somewhat in conflict and confusion as to what is negative and what is positive and likewise-why incentivise detrimental unhealthy attitudes among any given population beyond of course “politicking”.

So I write very bland and boring materials and also my private like note taking. We can pattern match across dates and languages and varying World-wide cycles and colours and it really as I suggested can be fun when you get into the swing of such things-though likewise depending on people and persons you find about yourselves you can take a little longer or shorter to grow into such routines and behaviours. Every area of life can be demonstrated to have swingometer gauges and measurements and scales as to what people regard as acceptable to themselves or otherwise. Some realms of course well known to obsessively distract many a person from where they themselves want to focus and maintain some equilibrium of focus and so on.

We are of course seeing ourselves being shepherded perhaps by various World-wide attitudes and behaviours though often it can be wiser to pay attention to such things than otherwise-especially when you have a desire to raise your own threshold and vibration and level of abundance and health and so on.

Cannot think of anything further to say at present-I myself want to catch up with News-I think the pope has given a speech on Freedom and another famed author is having a YEARLY critical condition. Strange though true that does seem to be another pattern either side of Christmas some famed author falls into ill-health. Yes that is singling people out perhaps among the 7 Billion population-though again it does seem that we need few of such external influence beyond what we LEARN and then continue to Learn and grow and adapt to as where we personally choose to focus and “do right by those that seek to do right by ourselves and so on”. Easy to be a commentator within any area or aspect of life though likewise those of us who are older know only to well-that for every positive and rewarding message and story that is told-alternates do exist and vigilance whether through personal requirement or group vigilance can pay dividends-far too often as with present coverage of Muslim faith issues-we are seeing Collectives high-lighted “en masse” generics without understanding that those of us who live in red-neck outback like white cities such-as Hereford have to be more vigilant for white extremists such-as those recently demonstrating within Germany. That young guy just arrested within Washington a typical example.

So awareness and enlightenment is usually regarded as inclusive and taking a stand can be against any plotters of any extremist like activity and behaviour-not just those directed and focussed upon via mass media. Smoke screens and mirrors and illusions occur all the time and of course witnessing and circumnavigating and learning effective tactics and techniques for staying awake and aware can make huge difference for most people within most common man like lives.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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