So of course we are once again seeing the yearly OSCAR nominations and some will of course be interested in who is going to win best acting performance and all the usual Movie Industry Type GLITZ and Bright Lights Big City IDEAS.

The British Media has of course HIGH-LIGHTED British related nominations a leading contender apparently some film about A Brief history Of Time Author and leading International Scientist Stephen Hawking known to have visited Hereford within recent months-perhaps that a CLUE in some fashion. Of course the film is about him rather than starring him though anyone who has to take on the role of suffering a degenerative disease and so on has to perhaps put in an exceptionally believable performance likewise that chap who played daughters favourite Sherlock is also within the CONTENDERS.

Yes that is for the Ladies of course though I have noticed that lesser light has been given to reporting of British Female Stars (for us blokes) this year-we do of course have some well known award winning actresses though likewise the so-called “making it in Hollywood” perhaps has a GLASS CEILING for many an actor and actress and performer of any activity really. We must not forget that many prelude events occur and also that many award TV SHOWS cut so-called “PRELIMINARY AWARDS” those that are for many of the “COLLECTIVE” BEHIND-THE-SCENES type individuals. We do of course get a certain amount of Cross over with some behind the scene awards-Musicians and famed singers often cross-over into the realm of acting or recording a “BOND THEME”.

Yes so many hundreds of “AWARD WINNERS” with Shiny Statuettes on the mantelpiece or propping open the garage door and so on and us HUNGRY viewers wanting or desiring to know if our particular favourite manages to gain RECOGNITION that we know they deserve. Swings and Roundabouts of course-we can all quote names and I have previously many a well-known Movie Industry Personalities and film makers and STUDIO BOSSES that never seemingly appear to win the top prizes. Eventually some do manage to gain recognition though such things are debatable as to worth. Is recognition by the Academy (Within any Country) going to put food on your plate-do tactics such-as high-lighting the lack of recognition work-or are you really better of not getting drawn into such disputes and continuing to graft and craft ever greater levels of skill and ability and wider popularity audiences and so on.

Clearly it has been demonstrated over and over again that many a personality eventually gets recognition because they perhaps become highly listened to and regarded and influential within their own particular field or whatever that they have devoted a life to. Many of us can “complain” at lack of recognition for many a regular life activity that seemingly gets high-lighted as meaning this that or the other within some STARS life. Though as is often the case with the Technologies I promote you do find that to prosper you really do want to record and note only the rewarding and positive and uplifting type thoughts and feelings until at some point much of the game of black & white negativity falls away within your own Heart & Soul and Body and so on. Yes sometimes folks think that they can up the ante and such things do happen-though likewise you can ask the more rewarding like questions as to what can I learn from this particular response from these peoples and persons. How can I improve upon and build upon any improvements that I have experienced up until the present moment in time and so on.

Yes so what else-well I should be HIGHLY ANNOYED-I seemingly having missed a parcel delivery today have to now wait until Monday prior to being able to collect some goods. Having paid for speedy delivery of course means that I am now out-of-pocket though clearly in not being available to take delivery the responsibility falls with myself. A postcard note was left suggesting a local collection point that I visited twice and was told “come back Monday”. Some drivers do of course “TRY AGAIN” visting addresses later and whilst other drivers perhaps have tighter schedules to work to or indeed simply cannot be bothered-had an estimated delivery time been given in advance I would have made myself available though one was not given a time on this particular delivery.

So no awards for that delivery company when a better service was received from an alternate service provider from the same Purchasing company-even more annoying-I had presumed delivery based on Historical deliveries and the usage (unbeknown to myself) of a differing service provider caused my not getting “my stuff”. Plenty of other things of course to think about in the meantime, yes Not sure when the Oscars actually are though given that everyone is an actor / actress and everyone has choice-especially those who have become more aware and awakened to greater realities and attuned to various cycles and patterns that occur within the World and Universe whether you regard such things as internal or external.

So why say Hollywood-Vegas-Hereford as a title-well clearly we in the UK of a particular generation are of course used to watching a famed COMEDY with LONDON-PARIS-NEWYORK written on the side of a three-wheeler. Any comedy based in Hereford should surely have HOLLYWOOD-VEGAS-HEREFORD written on the side. Yes Hereford does actually have some internationally known performers-I think we have had some singer in recent years and of course the City typically does get itself high-lighted via The Computer Games Industry often simply due to a famous internationally regarded Regiment being mentioned within various War Game and 3D shoot-‘em-ups. We who are not involved with such activities beyond living within the City do of course potentially suffer “Comparison with the garrison” that I think I wrote about at one time-though like all aspects and areas of life many things are simply about what you yourself focus and pay attention to and so on. So whilst many a person who joins any Military perhaps aspires to famed peaks we within other realms can continue to want to be James Bond or who-ever we personally had a Hero’s as youngsters. That perhaps an issue I found myself thinking about-the “FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT” issue perhaps works or worms itself into many a person’s consciousness when young whereby things are taken for granted as being how they are within the realm that you live. It is often only when you are in a differing MODEL environment BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY or indeed have moved from that arena to a small quiet locale within some village that you can appreciate perhaps more of what you had in any given other environment.

Yes Appreciation and Gratitude was recently brought to my attention once again-and as I say very often you have to have left or moved on from some pre-established limited Model of the World to somewhere new or differing to really “GET” Appreciation and Gratitude for the things that deserve such things within your life. It really can take time getting reacquainted with differing life arena’s and the inclusion exclusion within your own hemispheres between your ears of what you yourself to be good and bad aspects of life the universe and everything.

In terms of Herds we do see that many of these OUTSIDERS & REBEL like individuals (AWARDS) often become part of ESTABLISHMENT and in alignment with the teachings and principles and systems that have been handed down within such realms for many generations-though likewise it can also do no harm in exploring what niche and abilities and so on can you yourself contribute that has not been previously contributed and so on. I of course like the break down the components and complexity down into segments and then reformulate them into better complexity though again such ideas are easy to describe and understand to yourself and likewise potentially confusing and conflicting to others.

A description perhaps of imagine that you create a jigsaw puzzle with play-dough or clay or some other moulding like substance. I am sure we have all at one time in our lives mixed up differing colours of such substances and it can be difficult to separate them out-though likewise one can think that they do not need separating out so much as removing the mental model that say there is something wrong with this that or the other in the first place.

Yes I will be reading news on the OSCARS and then perhaps writings some opinions and commentaries as to what or who or otherwise I think is deserving of universal acclaim and gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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