In the Year

In the year 1985 a TOP-SECRET CRIMINAL ORGANISATION formed within the criminal underbelly of Hereford City-UK. The organisation rapidly spread tentacles of influence throughout the City and the wider locality-the organisation came to be known by the UMBRELLA label as INTERFOWL by those monitoring the local Criminal Underworld. In response to the rapid growth of the criminal classes-it was decided that a NEW INTELLIGENCE Organisation would be developed and created within the Region to monitor and curb the activities of the Criminals-whose negative influence had begun creeping into territories and realms once controlled by more aspirational and rewarding groups within the Region. The HVH would itself remain TOP SECRET. Knowledge of operational Agents and networks would also remain TOP SECRET. The Cat-out-of-the-bag formula used by many former INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES & other Establishment Organisations the World-over would not apply.

So “How difficult is it to start writing-and then continue writing and drafting and storyboarding and so on?” Well I have repeated quite over over the last few years that I went through PHASES whereby I sometimes felt that I wanted to “GET ON” with writing articles and at other times required pushing myself through some “MENTAL WALL” or barrier that was seemingly preventing myself from utilising my time most effectively. As I have continued writing articles and studied various courses and continued broadening my various knowledge bases and “understandings” of the Technologies I have of course found some aspects easier than others and likewise some things that were pre-occupying my time and mind fell away whilst other more interesting activities took over. Likewise in relation to that you do gradually more and more come to see that many of the Teachings and Learnings are networked together in many ways in such a formulaic fashion that choice’s and options as to what requires or indeed does not require doing next “becomes obvious!” or not. Yes I have also experienced those feelings of thinking I am at some PEAK and at other times that I am at some TROUGH though overall as I continued the overall EQUILIBRIUM of my Learnings and rolling with it I came to see more and more that THRESHOLD ISSUES really exist across more than one aspect of life. Whilst I took up meditation and Holosync that was predominantly “ENGINEERED” around the IDEA of raising Threshold in a somewhat GENERIC fashion-I also later took courses from Learning Strategies such-as The Genius Code whereby Threshold was mentioned in relation to imagination and visual exercises. Likewise continued STUDY of Photo-reading has lead myself to the belief that THRESHOLD really can be applied to more than one compartmentalisation that we hold within our hemispheres between our ears-and likewise switching or exercising communication between the accumulative Thresh holding abilities within an INTEGRATIVE model really can potentially be the best all-round model to seek to raise yourself up with (so to speak).

So I have mentioned recently about studying CARTOON materials and a word such-as TOON does of course have an ambivalent or switchable type nature in meaning suggesting sound as well as vision and likewise my study of behind-the-scenes type materials has given myself greater INSIGHT into the realm of Movies and Television and SFX and so on. Likewise some may wonder what I moved onto next and again you do not necessarily follow the same kind of path that I have followed-though the REALM of Sound Design and so on is one I have returned to. I think I spoke previously mentioning a couple of music and sound related books-and I have returned to that realm from an “ALTERNATE” position of sound design and so on related again to the behind-the-scenes movie and television type sounds.

Will such materials mean another full-circle of completion like event occurring-well these things are of course debatable in the sense that I studied lightly on this topic and that topic and then returned to this topic and when you look at it from such a position you might be regarded as being “ALL-OVER-THE-SHOP” or being a Jack-of-all-trades master of none-though further study does suggest that from an AUTHORING or DIRECTING like position-you really perhaps do need that OVERVIEW like position from which to operate-whereby you can then perhaps zoom into more detail on particular topics that you feel are out-dated or can be returned to with greater INSIGHT. That typical of my suggesting that some things within some courses do not make full-sense until you find yourself studying another course that brings realisations back to the prior study course materials. So you could study all or just one or two courses from a Corporate Entity and be happy with the learnings and teachings or you could continue as I have done with the little bit of this and a little bit of that picking snacks at the buffet table approach.

So within the FILM & TV industry you actually find that many of your regular day-to-day programmes are created out of the sequencing order that you view them. This scene was created and filmed prior to that scene though in the COMPLETE VERSION post-production editing and so on and so forth is used to bring all the various ENTITIES into the STORYBOARDED at the beginning MODEL.

So you perhaps create a STORY and then ask questions as to what differing departments and organisations are required to bring your story to some wider AUDIENCE. Very often of course you have many ART related Companies and professions-people such-as Make-up and Costumes and “SET DESIGNERS” and everyone working within some budgeted timetable and SCHEDULE for their bit of the PRODUCTION.

So the GRAND FINALE of your particular CREATIVE ENDEVOUR could well be done first and the first bit second and the middle bit last-depending very often on how much work any given individual is able to match your own schedule with. Very often these days especially within film and TV-WE hear or are told that Special Effects (SFX) are taking up large budgetary requirements and will take longest to add to various productions-that of course also the same for sound and so on. Very often these days multiple versions of particular SCENES are recorded again with differing views and slightly altered scripts and then the post-production editors decide how they themselves feel it is best experienced.

Many a person has perhaps watched some program about the making of and you often used to see a ROW OF CHAIRS with titles upon the back such-as Director, Producer, MR STAR, MS STAR and so on and likewise the CLAPPER BOARD with chalked writing upon it-these days we also see DIGITAL CLAPPER BOARDS and who remembers the TEST CARD & TONE that they used to BROADCAST when a TV STATION was not broadcasting regular programming.

So again an industry creates an industry to fulfil a need or requirement and eventually we get to see some FINISHED VERSION of a FINALISED PRODUCT. Yes we all know of out-takes and directors-cuts and so on-though again variations as to IDEAS will always keep happening within any realm of life and I speak on this CHOPPING & CHANGING and the INTEGRATION of out-of-order sequences to once again give emphasis to the IDEA that life very much in REALITY happen or occur within that fashion.

So some non-conscious events cause particular things to happen at some point in your life and it is often only when going back a few years later and reviewing such events that you come to realisation as to possible CAUSE & EFFECT. Likewise some folks are dedicated toward awakening and enlightenment professions and often demonstrate a great deal of PASSION in what they themselves believe they are doing. One of the biggest quests that I have undertaken (though perhaps a side issue) is in relation to cause and effect and when and where were particular “possibly non-conscious” INTENTIONS brought into being. Again we often not “SEEING” our prayer to GOD or SCIENTIST or whomsoever being answered due to our PERSONAL FILTER MODEL. My own view is that within the teachings I have studied you really can be better of integrating the best of what has gone previously simply to set yourself up with a working foundational model that can be successfully built upon rather than constantly finding yourself having set up on a beach full of quicksand.

Yes unsure what I should be monitoring in the wider World at present though several arena’s and “EXPERTS” have suggested that this particular week is often regarded as a make-or-break for those that made NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and so on-will I fall into the same old patterns and cycles or are the resolutions working-how can I flick the switch into a new mental World and Model that works each and every day-again something I have written-we can be resolute in all intentions that we give ourselves each and every day-if we develop a passion for what we are studying or learning or putting together such things can be motivational and incentivising. Yes I think even within the realm of TRANSFORMATION and so on-that it can be about letting go of restrictive IDEAS such-as glass ceilings and so on-many a belief unfortunately taking an instant to explore and come to a decision about.

Well enough from myself-I have of course been writing quite consistently for some time now and many events and so on that I encounter and witness are always in always decided upon as to how I do or do not choose to experience life.

They say that many things are simply “HIDDEN” by our filters though I have come to think that the IDEA of ALTERNATE & PARALLEL REALMS and so on really does EXIST and the issue perhaps becomes one then of “LIFE ON MARS” styled issues within one’s own head. So we can all be our own superhero or superheroine and all use our all-encompassing sensory model of reality to step-by-step make the conscious choices as to how our own body heart & soul operates in projecting or generating our individual uniqueness within the Greater World.

Do you want to be in the HVH? Yes that of course just another variant of an interesting dynamic I found myself recently contemplating and of course it can seemingly be the choice when going across realms of Heaven Versus Hell, or Hollywood Vegas Hereford, that IDEAS of competition and what is genuinely rewarding versus otherwise. So creative energy exists within all of us-not just those who embarked upon such existences earlier in life and we do of course have EXAMPLES of people who demonstrate over and over again that all life can be mentally tuned and navigated into improved Health and Wealth and Prosperity and seeking to do right by those that do right by yourself. Many a course I have taken gives Principles and Teachings and Universally Accepted Generational Hand-me-down like teachings that can bring us to such lessons and learnings and realisations that give greater understandings and synchronous events within the Wisdoms of Time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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