A Process Of Diplomacy

So as I have steadily built up my collection of Learning materials and continued with my meditations I have found myself more and more coming to the conclusion that Diplomacy Skills are seemingly lacking within some quarters at the present time. We can of course see a present day dispute regarding some letter that has been sent out to Mosques from some Government official-and slings and arrows being fired to and fro as to interpretation. My own view on that issue is of course wrong in the sense that my overall impression of the excessively RADICALISED is that they were often already BARRED from many of their own Communities due to the extremism. Anyone such-as myself who had a “Church” upbringing for several years “KNOWS” that factions and groups very often form within many a RELIGIOUS organisation and very often find themselves being kicked out or asked to move on elsewhere where their own Teachings and Learnings are perhaps more accepted or however one wishes to describe such things. Some simply move to alternate Church Communities and others form their own. Likewise we see the same in Politics hence groups of former Tories and Fascists uniting to form UKIP. We also see the same in Football-how many a local team was “FORMED” out of the remnants of some prior club breaking or splitting up. I know from a time that I myself played for a little while that such activities can be generational or quite simply people moving on with their respective lives from some STAGE or POINT that they hold within the Noggin.

So you once went to Church or supported the Tories or BNP or belonged to this Saturday or Sunday local Sports Team and a year or two down the line-disagreement or dissatisfaction occurs whereby you decide that you yourself might be more appropriately suited to finding more compatible company or peoples to carry your favourite activity out with.

So yes I look at the present Headlines and instead of the direct arrows of commentating without “KNOWLEDGE” of a particular subject we often have to look to those who have performed such roles. I see some Film by Clint Eastwood is presently under scrutiny as to how his film glamorises or otherwise Snipers-the interesting fact of course that in many ways negatively perceived commentary might be regarded as sniping. Given the IDEA of WAR and having all options available I do think clearly that some SKILL must surely be involved within such activities and we do of course see marksmen like sports within the realm of the Olympics also so that urge to pick up a stick when younger and fence with it or use it as a gun perhaps one of those non-conscious activities that us males indulge in irrespective of attempts by parents to shape a child’s learnings and lessons of life and so on. We can also ask how many a person groans at failure to shoot the star out of the paper when a fairground comes to visit. Likewise I have chatted with some colleagues who are occasional clay pigeon shooters and even they suggest that such activities require a certain level of dedication to raise your own STANDARD-I myself of course use a High Pressured Water Pistol on a daily basis (within the working life) and such things again require some practice-some might roll their eyes at the IDEA that a water pistol requires some basic action and pressure control and so on-though I personally think it is something that many people lack or fail to get to grips with.

So I myself have eventually received my “SOUND” related order-though not without visiting a Post Office on 4 occasions and eventually experiencing the fortune of bumping into the Delivery Driver after having wondered as to “WHY ME!” Yes I have had packages in recent years sent from America via international delivery services and packages from Europe via international delivery services and all came rapidly and arrived within scheduled or designated windows and allotted timeframes. I pay for some super speedy delivery (something I usually avoid in favour of X “working days” type selections) and fail to get delivered to by the so-called British crème de la crème.

These things do not mean such events are going to be repeated on each and every occasion of course though I can look to the IDEA of “WITNESS” as to date or day and other Spiritually Inspired awareness’ as to potential cause and effect and ask those more rewarding questions as to what can I learn from these events and how can I ensure that my awareness on other occasions with similarly known Universal Patterns and Cycles is geared toward positive Results.

What else is going on-well we are seeing the Ukraine issue once again being brought to national attention and of course my own view on that topic was related to a clockface of compass about that particular Region in the sense of going from X-Many Countries to a new X-many Countries about a particular spot.

Yes it is to early to know if any alarms or triggers have occurred in relation to the Audio-Visual type materials I have acquired though in terms of CONTENT it is interesting that many a Movie soundtrack is wrong or inappropriate to a “TRAINED EAR”. That is of course according to writers and authors said to have trained ears.

How does that relate to other areas-well in fact it is once again a matter of PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS. Where sound is originating and located within a given sequence of shots or animations and so on. These days of course we all know that DIGITAL SOUND SYSTEMS and PROCESSES are far easier to manipulate and move about within a LOCATION or VISUAL REALM than they were within the realm of Analogue.

What cross-overs have I not presently mentioned?

Well in looking at a roll of “classic” film we can often see that each photo is a frame and of course that might be akin to the steps on a visual of a LADDER-Though we do not call ladders H-LADDERS-It could well be a useful IDEA for those interested in the IDEA of INTERSECTING INBETWEENS. The letter H of course could also “REPRESENT” multiple L like conjunctions and mirrors were we to recolour each section accordingly. So in “CLASSIC” analolgue photography we usually had a film running VERTICALLY or HORIZONTALLY and they would have some pre-designated “LENS” SHUTTER “SPEED” such as so many frames per second. We see similar within Cartoons also where it was arbitrarily decided that a minimum 12 per second was required to give a smooth motion image.

I could go into further graphical explanations of ways and means that Companies such-as Disney and ILM got around Technological deficiencies though it is in print for those who do their homework. So with the ADVENT of DIGITAL came the ability to once again operate within a COMPASS-BUBBLE. We have perhaps all blown liquid bubbles and watched as they drift about prior to popping and so on. Anyway digital is just representative numbers held with a memory location without all the sequential pre-ordering that comes with analogue. The number of so-called DIGITAL EFFECTS that can be performed are seemingly limitless and have now been used to great effect within multiple realms for many years. Most men and women have heard of things such-as AIR-BRUSHING how many a CELEBRITY PHOTO is enhanced or given a touch-up and that is a DIGITAL EFFECT. Yes someone somewhere often took a great deal of time to carry out such activities with older Technologies though again such things are swings-and-roundabouts. I think that some films such-as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN actually sought to give a visual that related to the TECHNOLOGY of the particular ERA. So we think WOW and so on at many effects though many are in fact simply DIGITAL VERSIONS of former ANALOGUE technologies and techniques and so on.

So even when the WORLD has moved on from many a Technology-A new AUDIENCE can EXPERIENCE older techniques and technologies without them necessarily knowing that is what has occurred. Only the die-hard CRITIC perhaps interested in dissecting films for “BLOOPERS” and so on. According to the work I have been studying huge numbers of “SOUND” bloopers exist and it might be regarded as an area that is always looking to improve techniques and control and so on.   I think we have all been wowed over the years as to some SOUND RELATED SPECIAL EFFECTS (SFX) even if we were unaware just how much the sound “CONTRIBUTED” to a particular VISUAL that we were impressed by and so on.

Anyway that’s enough for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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