Do Video Slots Take Learning Strategies Coinage

So I recently received a seemingly somewhat random comment and the link took myself to some VIDEO-SLOTS on YOU-TUBE and I have of course recently mentioned LAS VEGAS somewhat “famed” as a gambling “MECCA” with Casino’s full of such machines. Further to that of course we have among many a Learning Strategies Course a SYMBOL. The symbol very often being a DA-VINCI lie arms and legs stretched out within some respective COLOUR BUBBLE. Were we to turn such a cel on its side it could well of course be thought of as some kind of INTER-DIMENSIONAL spinning liquid bubble or indeed a coin or within the cellular realm as a CELL.

Yes this is just a PSYCHO-BABBLE MEANDERING as to various combinations of ILLUSIONS and how such things have come into BEING. I once again experiencing some VARIANT with known parameters of cyclic patterns and events. Yesterday of course I wrote mentioning Diplomacy and Standard and for the sporting WATCHER it could be related to a game of CRICKET perhaps. I am not absolute on what Distinguishes one group of sporting fan’s from another though heard a report on cricket at some point during the night.

So that of course takes us to CLASS DISTINCTION’S perhaps in the sense that differing groups of populations have differing FOCUS as to the sports and so on that they follow and again we can SPECULATE what a person at this “PRESUMED” mental level within Society might be interested in viewing or following or watching. That just another ANGLE to consider. Again being British and so on and this refers predominantly to Commonwealth type sports. So my referencing BETWEEN FRAMES using H could also refer to forthcoming RUGBY competitions.

Yes it does seem that any realm we find ourselves within whether when young or old can be mentally geared toward “SEEING” through the various immediate cycles and patterns to potentially more rewarding activities and IDEAS as to how anyone can become a FISHERMAN rather than the CATCH (or otherwise-if you have vested interested in SECURITY or other such issues).

The security issue is interesting in the sense that it often causes people to not go through the TRIGGERS & DANGERS whether real or imagined-many of course IMAGINED OBSTACLES based in “OLD” patterns and cycles that many have within some collective Herd like PSYCHE.

Creating your own blog or video industry and reports whilst learning from those who have blazed trails previously can really be the best option within the IDEA of switching into beliefs in prosperity and health and wealth and so on. Many a person says “CHANGE THE RECORD” in respect of those now ancient turntable music players-though likewise within IDEAS such-as WISDOM you really only want to replace KNOWN “EVILS” (so to speak) with positive and rewarding reactions and perhaps some personal proactivity. Yes NAVIGATION and DIRECTION is ongoing for many and I recommend and utilise technologies and abilities and skills that enable anyone to make those changes-though choice of course means good or bad as individuals and as various groups or collectives.

So we are always asking HOW CAN I DO THIS and likewise reminding ourselves that if all is now then many an event within anyone’s lie can already be considered to have occurred within some fashion. If we had a negatively charged event we can LEVEL it out so to speak in re-interpreting from a HIGHER place on the HILL or alternative angle or perspective.

Many of my later learnings and reading and studies are perhaps areas and topics that on a non-conscious basis I have previously carried out or covered. Things such-as my re-studying electronics and computer systems and music and sound effects and so on. All areas are ones that I grew up with to a certain extend prior to later returning to them from alternate angles. Okay so I can joke that I may have been a NATURAL DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR simply through my initials though clearly we want to sort through opposing beliefs as to ordering and organisation and so on and the belief of course of NURTURE.   It does appear that NURTURE is more important than nature and it might be suggested that confusion and conflict comes about for many people simply through seeking to have a “best of both Worlds” that simply cannot be resolved at the level at which such things were created. Clearly many a futuristic Science Fiction speaks on Cyborgs and computer robotic like peoples and in many ways society does follow such patterning and behaviour-whether consciously or otherwise. Stripping away mental filters of all types and reorganising your own beliefs whether in a compartmental fashion or otherwise rally does seem to be the best option. If it works for the so-called ESTABLISHMENT though-out the World then it can surely work for myself also-at least in those areas where some foundational teachings and learnings are no longer in conflict with a prosperity consciousness and so on.

So Story boards are given us regular as clockwork on TV and FILM and we very often want to believe that they can work for ourselves and likewise some seek to use all-encompassing labels and ideas that seemingly do not genuinely exit beyond some imaginary realm-yes imagined abilities and strategies and techniques have been demonstrated and proven to work over a long period of time-though the stepping into the shoes and witnessing is surely better than experiencing some events and TRAUMAS.

So apparently some of the things I write about have been tried within the Film and TV industry and even given names-we are all of course aware of IDEAS such-as Time share Holidays and in terms of being SIMS and ANGELS or however one describes such beliefs it might be suggested that we also have timeshare minds-and with correct approach to teaching and learning we can raise Threshold and choose what components and modularity’s we personally ASPIRE to-within of course the all-ncompassing IDEA that the only limit really very often is IMAGINATION whether you regard that as some numbered frequency of waves or rain within some Technology or real world stimulus and experience-prior to being physically born we can ask what were we-and where we we?

Yes some folks try to demonstrate that you have to become this that or the other in order to continue to exist-when in fact if you were a GLOBAL THOUGHT or however then surely such a thought exists throughout all of creation whether now of a future now or a past now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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