Who Would Be You

A strange question perhaps though one that many a person asks themselves throughout their respective lifetime in one fashion or another. We can as per usual look about the World to see what news or incoming information is of most interest to any given individual within any particular realm.

So during the last 24 Hours we have seen the US President’s Annual State Of The Union Address to the respective Houses of Congress and The Nation. We of course can look on to see the general course or direction in which he is intending to take the United States for the remainder of his Presidential Tenure. I myself like most people merely saw brief media edited high-lights and as with all politics-that particular address is seemingly a Tradition where everybody is “Polite” irrespective of political slant-and of course a Republican response was also given. So we here in the UK have weekly Prime Ministerial Questions within the Houses of Parliament though am unsure as to occasions where both houses are represented-I think Black Rod and Staff Ceremonies are usually inclusive of both houses for The Queen’s speech.

Elsewhere we are hearing talk in relation to RANSOM demands-and I am quite sure within the realm of Business and in life in general that similar negotiating tactics will be being seen even if they are not interpreted within the cross-realm allegorical context that I usually seek to introduce to any so-called analysis. So we might suggest given the Democratic President is now in a position of having two Republican houses running the Country that he may well be regarded as a lame duck-as has been seen previously with other President’s-he himself perhaps only able to gain support in relation to areas that are supported by all-sides those very often of course being areas such-as Military budgets and spending and so on.

Here in the United Kingdom we are seeing that the Harry Potter Author has won some court action against a newspaper for printing early aspects of “HER LIFE STORY” that she herself feels has been misrepresented-somewhat strange going’s on (in my opinion) given her present so-called bank balance and wealth and general all-round success. Though I think we all have that desire to represent ourselves as to how we are perceived and portrayed and of course many can relate to the idea that “mud sticks” irrespective of such things being truth or lie.

We are also of course seeing that Weather related stories are ongoing with typical pictures of heavy snow in some regions-we here in Hereford seemingly fortunate beyond the chilly nights of having often missed many a more extreme Weather Condition-often said to be caused by the surrounding valley’s-unsure as to truth of such claims though locally I am sure many a person has seen a Weather report and waited for “weather condition” only to be “LET DOWN” in some manner. Yes new computers were introduced to better predict such patterning’s though it can often seem as though a rain cloud or snow cloud took some “Bugs Bunny” turn at Albuquerque-the question then becomes what district or town can be used as a UK-ALBUQUERQUE.

The Big NEWS for people who are dedicated Computer Fans is of course the all-new polished and pristine Windows 10 operating system-much criticism was given of the predecessor Windows 8 though I in all honesty actually like 8 and am using that particular operating system to write this article with. Much competition exists within the so-called PAD-TABLET realms though I bought myself this one as a personal treat a couple of years back and have been quite strict as to usage and what other programs and so on I allow on the device. Where once with Computers and Laptops I had multitudes of software from all Companies “TAKING OVER” the computer and becoming impossible to use-I deliberately kept this machine predominantly free of software from other alternate vendors and that strategy has actually worked-this perhaps being the only “GADGET” complete with a fully functional operating system and software such-as the Office Suite that I have never had any reason to complain about in any fashion. So vendors sell and give away multitudes of trial software and teasers and “must haves” and we have choice and unlike my earlier computers and laptops I opted for a “minimalist” approach to see what might ACTUALLY occur with that particular approach. We do of course have the so-called “dumb terminal” issue with many gadget’s anyway though I know from experience of witnessing people with phones and other android like tablets that you can still become ENSNARED by many things that are unnecessary-again perhaps simply through that Societal like greed of keeping up with the Jones and so on.

That is not to say that I may have missed out on some good stuff though it is often suggested that what you do not know you cannot miss so to speak. So that once again an issue of DIRECTION & FOCUS.

I should of course today in pre-meditated fashion promote www.silvertoevelocity.com given that we are of course also seeing talk of THE JEWS within the media-planning some exodus according to some reports whilst the German Leader of a recent anti-islamic march has been ridiculed with pictures from within his own History as his dressing up of his beloved Hitler.

So none of us can escape such things though we can meditate and slow our thinking and be better prepared as to interpretation of such cycles and patterns-and perhaps release and let go those thoughts and behaviours and actions that do not necessarily serve ourselves.

Many a person of course seeks to be “IN ALIGNMENT” with family or group or herd or employer or Government and so on and that is all well and good if such activities are empowering and to the overall benefit of such groupings though very often we find self-saboteur like behaviours occurring from people’s at any level of Organisation who claim to be representative of said Organisation though are simply “DEFENDING” some personal position to the “DETRIMENT” of the Organisation. Whether such things are being carried out consciously or non-consciously in stepping stone or step-by-step fashion you do have to question your own reasoning. The “jump” “how high” command and control attitudinal fashion that some Companies give to management or chain of command and control like personnel often becomes “CORRUPTED” via personal interpretation as to cause & effect.

So we can all of us monitor cycles and patterns and we can all of us choose to make Wiser choices within any area or aspect of life. This perhaps one of those times where we may once again see “WHISTLE-BLOWERS” coming to the fore-many a realm or person is often encouraged from a young age to not like “grasses” and “informers” and “tell-tales” and other variations on such wordings.

My own view is that various levels of such behaviours exist-does an International Spy tell-tales when reporting to bosses. Who has turned upon whom and what again is “The Motive”. Yes dissecting motive of any given behaviour whether your own or someone else’s might again be regarded as The Booby Prize (throw that in for the Page 3 Debaters). Another subject that has been appearing recently.

So whether someone is a man or woman or child-choice exists as to most appropriate course of action and very often of course people are operating within higher levels of mental complexity conflict and confusion than is often given credit for. I have of course mentioned studying Psychology materials within my research and again that is often about separating FACT/FICTION coin sides.

We can each of us only truly know our own personal motive of cause & effect behaviour. Elsewhere I found myself again taking notice of so-called POWER & ENERGY related issues-that differing to power-mongering-I simply mean bodily power and keeping the Heart Beating and so on. We are intricate cellular beings that can be attuned to The Greater Realities though likewise we do not necessarily have to know full working knowledge of IDEAS such-as computers and electronics and logic gates and so on to know that these things can be brought on-line and work for or toward our own personal Health and Wealth and Well-being and life intentions and so on. I have drifted into the World of meanderings again so will leave this one here.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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