Wow All These Story’s And Nothing Too Write

Yes we do see people over and again saying nothing to do or bored or more interested in watching than participating-though interestingly the more you take notes of what you see and hear and think and feel as you go about your own life-the more you perhaps introduce variation into your own particular life. So where once you may have been mostly unconscious as to the reactions you are having at the external stimuli surrounding yourself-you can more and more feel in control of your own sensory abilities and filters.

I noted that the new Windows is going to be a free upgrade for those of us already using their devices though have not heard anything further-they do usually send out fairly regular email updates of forthcoming software and offers and Microsoft related “goodies”. I mention that because we are seeing that Microsoft are entering into the realm of Holographic Computing according to multiple outlets-in Fact I think I did see some article in the past related to testing of such equipment. They having taken a differing approach to that taken by Google and other Companies seeking to work within that realm.

Companies such-as Google can of course even if abandoning particular projects (such-as Google glass) seek to use the respective data for new IDEAS and Versions or opportunities that the research provides. Microsoft using a model that suggests that a Model World can be projected about any user of their software/hardware developments and research.

I myself of course am known to taken regular notes on several of my fairly regular walkabout’s and one of the most noticeable things for such IDEAS as projection glasses and other interactive devices is the ISSUE of LIGHTING. I myself regularly traverse particular routes in Late evening / early morning like hours where light is TYPICALLY differing to that of the noon-day Sun and any devices would perhaps have to be “THEMED” to accommodate differing light conditions-much as we have differing “THEMED” equalizers for music on some of our MP3/MP4 Gadgets. Yes where you can select a music or sound theme for Rock or Classical or Pop or [insert favoured musical variety] and Headset devices would (in my opinion) have to operate along similar lines. Of course it can be said that some realms already have THEMED “LENSE FILTERS” for differing effects-such as Night Vision and so on though that is a differing ability or requirement to what a “MASS” Public device might be required or expected to have.

The problem then perhaps with all VIRTUAL REALITY type research and development is the appropriate usage and again we can see that research developed within one realm can of course be used elsewhere or within other realms-the issue then perhaps becomes an issue of how to CONTROL such developments-if we have any such desire to control. In terms of databases for instance a DEVELOPER can have a HIGHER PASSWORD CODE than perhaps an end user of some INTERNAL COMUTER SYSTEM. (Many business’ have such password levelled systems and many an end user has options available based within a particular working environmental requirement or need). Typically within the NHS (for example) a Clerk might have a differing level access than a nurse and likewise “DIFFERING” THEMED FRONT INTERFACE. The INTERFACE perhaps an idea that I have not spoken on very much though-it might be suggested that our Windows and Android operating systems and so on-we predominantly use as end-user interface levels. Software developers for differing systems-often have the same software though ACCESS is granted to other Higher Level PROCESS sections within their USER-THEME than us average day-to-day Mr & Ms Bloggs.

I rambled on somewhat for that section-though yes anyone can often buy software development tools and then arrange differing levels of access for differing users and indeed create differing theme for differing requirements from differing sectors of any Organisation or Business.

Clearly you then perhaps can fall into the REALM of ESPIONAGE whereby some folks want or believe themselves as requiring access that they presently have not been granted. Swings and roundabout-though most requirements can be accommodated within many a development TOOL.

Elsewhere in the news we are hearing that a former home secretary has died and is on the receiving end of varied number of obituary like statements. All I can really say is that within the rank and file of the Thatcher Years Government he perhaps was presented as a more moderate image and so on than a number of his colleagues. I think again he was one that had a particular “STEREOTYPE” image and was given appropriate jobs that reflected such things as “STEREOTYPES”. Some may say of course than any individual in wanting to break with any given DOCTRINE may well want to set a NEW STANDARD in not “FITTING” some pre-designated assumptions and presumptions and so on.

That perhaps something else I have learnt from continued WRITING of NOTES and MONITORING my own WORLD. Whilst I also continue to MEDITATE-I have often found that thoughts feelings and actions can be “LEFT OUT” of write-ups and very often being “IGNORANT” to some external stimulus can also bring about more positives within your life or ECOSYSTEM or ENVIRONMENT over the Longer term. That perhaps a “FAMED REMEDY” used by those who have been locked-up and have taken to writing. The Nelson Mandela type individuals or indeed Jeffery Archer-he one that spent time behind bars and wrote upon his experience. Behind bars of course meaning HMS Prison rather than public houses and Night Clubs and so on.

So I write and write and make regular notes and people get interested and then disinterested as it becomes an established Environmental Event. I did during work breaks at one time “READ BOOKS” at break time and that was ALSO taken up by a number of other Colleagues-though of course things change and people and person’s move on and a new group appears with other activities such-as playing cards. So lots of differing groups have far more varied and differing activities that they can do for ten minutes of however long it takes. I say this because it is easy when in any NEW ENVIRONMENT to feel EMBARASSED or PRESSURISED into some undesirable COMPLIANCE with a given “GROUP” or “CONTROL FREAK” status-quo. Anyone can IGNORE given status quo and accommodate themselves (within reason of course). I think that is a lesson some learn and others do not. Again the do I feel FREE & COMFORTABLE doing my own preferred activity or am I feeling HARASSED into some GROUP COMPLIANCE that I am not keen upon.

That sounds troublesome-though in FACT might be regarded as being like a fight for a TV REMOTE CONTROL. One person wants to watch “BIG BROTHER” like channels-whilst others prefer a Movie channel in the background-or other CHOICES such-as chatting with colleagues and so on.

As I say the more DIVERSITY that any given populace is able to operate and feel comfortable with the better (In my opinion). So anyone in understanding the RELECTIVE INTERNAL-EXTERNAL INSIDE-OUTSIDE PARAMETERS can seek to alleviate their own “SUFFERING” (if any) by simply seizing their own choice of activities and interests and topics of conversation without forcing such choice on others about themselves.

So some folks have an interest in positive uplifting and rewarding lifestyles and the pursuit of excellence or learning and crafting improved skills and personal development whilst others do not.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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