Eye Witness or Ear Witness

Yes so one of the courses that I once again found myself returning to recently was Sonic Access and that is perhaps regarded as a compendium of the best elements from other courses within the Learning Strategies product range. After going once again through part of the Sonic Access Meditations I found myself thinking that I would probably as what is the difference between this version and that version their also being a Four Seasons follow-on product to the original. From my own point of view I would perhaps suggest that it is the type of course that can alleviate any felt need to rush through many of the early Holosync Levels and so on although I of course cannot know that because that was pretty much what I myself did. Having said that I did leave a rather large gap between sessions of Sonic Access and in returning to listen once again to a couple of the meditations was pleasantly surprised in the reinforcement like effect that occurred in the sense of the combinations of technologies used. That product perhaps a demonstration of what can be achieved through the bringing together of some of the very best learnings and techniques that can be created to improve whatever area of life anyone happens to be seeking some improvement within. I was once again thinking personally in terms of Health and in redoing that particular course I did think I felt some almost immediate beneficial like changes-so as I have suggested previously-if you take up Holosync and then think you want to rush through all the levels as I did-you could slow down and do no worse than use Sonic Access as an accompaniment enabling yourself to perhaps follow the recommended guidelines for each level and so on within the various Companies and Associates Product Ranges. I as I said previously stuck rigidly with one company at a time-where possible to alleviate my own finance stresses and so on and likewise you do find that various courses can be taken for free at the so-called lower product level-the choice then as to whether you want to study any particular element or learning modality and so on.

Elsewhere I strangely decided to have a break from writing for a day or two-simply to access how much progress if any I have actually made. I do think in many areas of life some great strides have been made though likewise practice of any particular activity does of course take time. I use time to write these boring and bland blog articles. I also take time when making notes of any travels that I carry out and so on and likewise take time in transferring such detail into a presentable format. My notepad tends to be a combination of multi-coloured inks and sketches and notes around notes and all sorts of little additions of awareness that seemingly spring back at differing times. So for instance if I go for a walk and decide to take notes afterwards I might say I saw a pine tree and a couple of birds were tweeting and I saw a person on a bike and someone else in a purple BMW saloon and lots of little factual snippets of information that have zero relationship to anything else-beyond any potential link that can be made within the hemispheres between ones ears. So for instance I might suddenly think-oh that team or person playing this or that sport has a bird sound for a name or a club plays in purple tops and so on. Likewise I will often ask what else was I not paying attention to when I was focussed on the birds or the cyclist or the car and so on. Yes it sounds strange though the more and more I have continued with note taking the more it has become a conscious routine and wakefulness and awareness has grown as a result of those kinds of activities. Most of us according to study use exceptionally small percentages of our potential brain power and likewise learn from an early age to shut out much of our sensory intake.

So the more you pay attention to what you are noticing the more you can see what things are potentially more or less important within your life on a day-to-day basis. Likewise within my reading I did find myself wondering as to this IDEA of EYE WITNESS versus EAR WITNESS. Quite simply the ear witness was a phrase I noted in some now quite old book that was converted for kindle and I of course happened to buy the book and then found that phrase and wondered.

What comes first given that in general whilst we do have quite wide forward staring eyes-when events occur from any position about ourselves we are usually ACTING upon other sensory information prior to the eyesight (so to speak) clearly many a meditation is often about closing your eyes and possibly doing some chanting or indeed visualization exercises-though likewise we can ask as to what other senses are we using within those visioning’s and so on. Do you dream in colour with sound and smell and touch and so on. It has of course been found that many a person having particular dreams has later awoken to find themselves disoriented in some fashion or other. Likewise the greater or improvement within the integration of the differing sensory realms does seemingly take time to adapt to-we all know that as I recently wrote a clue that is a positive trigger for one realm could be a negative for another-hence the repetition of perhaps focussing on a very few realms that you develop real interest in. Far too become a fan of any given player or team or nation only to later constantly seeing them fail in some fashion. Yes all clubs go through peak and troughs though generally from a proactive and-or pragmatic point of view there is little benefit in taking up some of the technologies I recommend and then remaining intransigent to thoughts and feelings and behaviours that are not going to see yourself prosper in some fashion.

We are of course soon entering into the Month of February already and will soon of course be told that Spring is just around the corner though for many I am sure that these few weeks since Christmas have probably been blitzed though somewhat. Not that I count days-just that it can often seem like just yesterday that I was doing this that or the other or having this conversation with so and so and here we are x days, weeks, months, years even down the line. So one learning that never goes out of fashion for many a person at any age is still thinking and feeling as though they are at some younger time of life and so on. Youngsters of course will complain of oldies acting out and having all the best kit and gear and so on-though likewise why should anyone of any age feel obliged to fit some expectancy of behaviour from externals who may or may not have suffered as much as they themselves or indeed people who have never shown any gratitude or appreciation for the people about themselves and so on.

Well I will leave this one here and say

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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