Writing The Wave Elizabeth Ayres

So a book I have previously recommended both here and elsewhere was of course the above titled book “writing the wave” and of course it might be regarded by some folks as somewhat very basic in terms of what is being taught and so on-though as I have suggested previously if you have spent most of your life not writing or documenting and so on and do not want to feel as though being hit over the head with “Lectures” and so on then that is perhaps a more fun mannered fashion or style of book that anyone can follow quite easily to get themselves into some writing habits and idea generations and so on. Likewise I myself am looking forward to the New Learning Strategies course that begins this Wednesday Write Well Write Fast Write Now-this of course a matter of opinion as to need though I have gradually come to adopt an in for a penny in for a pound approach to the courses and teachings and learnings that I can ascertain from the various disciplines and likewise I often find myself surprised in some fashion as to something apparent occurring that I was previously unaware of-I should say in advance that I am not a “NATURAL FIT” for the course in the sense of having I think read a SAM HORN (The course Lecturer) booked entitled “POP” that was among the photo-reading course recommendations. The book perhaps not one that I would have read beyond it appearing upon the reading list-though as many of these teachers demonstrate over and over again they are famous and successful with No.1 positions on acclaimed Bookseller Lists and highlighted as Shining Stars whilst I myself am “potentially” a demonstration of Talent and Abilities being under-utilised in some fashion. These things are of course swings and roundabouts in the sense that anyone within any realm can be “HERALDED” as a knowledgeable and worthy of reading who has never been heard of outside that realm. I of course have read many such books by such peoples and persons across many realms simply through the enjoyment of the study and likewise fill in areas that I perhaps regard as being gaps within my knowledge set.

So something new for myself to look forward to-though likewise many a process is seemingly carried out in step-by-step fashion where you potentially have to do some basics of some of the recommended activities and so-called activations and so on to begin genuinely getting some of the gradual shifts and changes in awareness and your own level of skills and abilities and likewise repetition whether we like such things or not can be included within such IDEAS.

Typically for instance I made a trip to town this morning and when I arrived home once again made myself some notes-further to that I can once again say it did seem very much a Deja-vu sequence or repetition and because I do take such notes and indeed write this blog regularly as possible I can look them up and see when the previous occasion occurred-was it on a same day-easy to speculate as many of us fall into routines for days of the week-though in terms of PATTERNS & CYCLES I really am talking of all-encompassing like sequences of events of peoples and positions and locations and so on.

When you have those kinds of experiences you can then perhaps have an ah-ha as to concepts such as patterns and cycles and likewise the IDEA that in many ways we operate in highly unconscious sim like fashion.

I was once again thinking about how I could explain many a detail to the uninitiated and beyond personal experience of the Technologies and so on-such explanations cannot do them justice.

I previously suggested that people perhaps sit and close eyes and practice visioning and imagining and then writing such things down and it was The Genius Code Course I think that went further with the IDEA of image streaming and likewise writing the wave above has a similar “LAST NIGHT I DREAMT…” whereby you then can write out a real dream if you can recall such things or likewise simply make something completely up and of course perhaps a day or two later or even further down the line go back and compare what you wrote to how things are now. A popular strategy is often placing goals for the year in an envelope and then opening it again the following year and seeing how close you are to having achieved such things. They are of course self-motivating strategies and I think potentially one of the areas I struggle-oh no you don’t, oh yes I do.

So a typical example was that years ago I did as I have repeated on occasion study electronics and indeed went on to University to Study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and that was for myself a stepping stone toward a particular goal that I had set myself at some younger stage of life in relation to robotics and androids and the creation of a walking talking machine of some description. Yes my studies demonstrated that many a robot is actually designed for purpose rather than many of the all-encompassing Human-like creations such as Star Trek TNG characters Data or indeed Star Wars C3PO or other “Fictional Realm” humanoid like creations-that perhaps a typical example of “people like myself” syndrome that the Authors may or may not have been considering when coming up with such things.

Likewise now the diversification and modelling of nature and purpose led engineering and so on has generally led Science to actually “for the most part” avoid humanoid like robotic creations-yes we see some occasionally famous creations costing Millions and Billions of research and funding-though those are often high-lighted simply because overall the industry has seemingly moved away from the human model-however that is a differing “PERSPECTIVE” to that of someone such-as Ray Kurzweil who is perhaps a leading light in the Cybernetic Research and nanotechnology realms-the integration and AUGMENTATION of Humans and Machines.

Some will say what is the difference though again I set myself goals in relation to seeking to bring character “Data” like creations into reality not “Borg” like creations-they perhaps a typical example of The Mad Scientist like effect-though clearly we have already seen people being given artificial working limbs and hearing implants and even sight implants-so it is not something to be sniffed at in the sense that when IDEAS are shared and-or research into differing realms stalls for whatever reason another cross-realm like research or re-direction can occur to make or take the best learnings and apply them in a sensible or constructive fashion or manner.

So anyway I have of course also set newer goals in relation to several courses that I have taken and a number of those have begun coming to fruition in one fashion or other so perhaps for myself in many ways merely a matter of persistence. Even when REPETITIONS OCCUR we can note things that were not necessarily apparent on a prior occasion. So typically I can mention walking around town and on one day I might think I will count the number of shops within a precinct and on the next occasion see how many logo colours I can recall from those within the count and so on. Differing triggers and so on very often begin appearing almost naturally when they are needed or required most.

Elsewhere I have actually since speaking on studying behind-the-scenes TV and Movie industry research and Directing and Storyboarding and moving onto SOUND related behind-the-scenes research have found myself thinking a great deal about so-called LENSES & FILTERS.

Clearly in the awareness stakes it could well be suggested by some folks that all hinges upon LENSES & FILTERS though-potentially more than that I think when we understand some of the sound-wave dynamics and so on we come to see that all is in many ways generated in an engine like fashion within your own respective mind and body. So much of my lifetime of many areas of studies into many realms has actually led myself to Companies that have created or Engineered various MODULE like components of best practice that anyone can use to benefit themselves within any area or aspect or field of life that they so wish. I of course continue to perhaps desire to move forward with some of my long lost goals though clearly (at least within my own mind) many of the tools designs and modular fashion and study material has contributed to perhaps a greater wealth of knowledge in the overall plan-if I can say I ever consciously had a real plan.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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