Is Accuracy Avoidable In The Now

Another strange question-though one worth considering. I noting various “WARNING” like news items such-as the failure of a Snowstorm in New York, USA, to materialise and likewise we are hearing from Holocaust related Auschwitz survivors and all these reports are often of course debated as to accuracy and fact/fiction. So in the case of the New York Snow Storm of January 2015 they can say that a storm has occurred just not to the “Major” degree given in the realm of “SCIENTIFIC” prediction. Likewise whilst most people accept that MASS MURDER occurred within the German run World War II Polish Death Camp Auschwitz-the level once again has always been debated as to actual number of deaths. Clearly such things might be regarded as meaningless or acting as filters to underlying TRUTHS. Were we part of some collective been subjected to enslavement and subjugation and torturing and so on then we ourselves would likely feel very differing in attitude to very often pre-established attitudes and behaviour’s.

So I recently mentioned the IDEA of Lenses and Filters and very often interpretation of events is related to presently established beliefs and of course hour well developed our respective brain is in relation to the way in which any of us view the World.

Another area within another realm currently undergoing great debate are of course the various OSCAR nominations-the reason that I bring this subject up is in fact because I mentioned image streaming from the Genius Code course and prior to that write-up had indulged myself with some of the included practices from within that course.

So strange though true part of my image streaming was again a seeming repetition of some events I had experienced on an earlier occasion whilst carrying out that activity and was perhaps linked to Oscars.

I recalled seeing the Oscar Schindler ACTOR from Steven Speilberg Movie “Schindler’s List” the film about the industrialist who allegedly saved large numbers of Jews from death simply via the allocation of jobs within his factory’s contributing to the German War Effort. The only difference was that within my image stream I had imagined placing some scroll into a honey comb like wall whilst his figure loomed large over myself. Unsure as to interpretative meaning though always worth jotting such things down. Reality of course can be that we have rather large quantities and collections of imagery within our respective noggins and techniques and strategies to tap into such things still later requires DEBRIEFING as to the signs and symbology and interpretative meanings given.

So the fact that I had been placing scroll into some catacomb like wall suggests possible BEEHIVE like insect realm activities. Likewise having a figure looming large over myself possibly suggests “BIG BROTHER” type issues or indeed PARENTING were I a child being made to tidy up in some fashion. Likewise because an image thought links to that particular ACTOR within that Particular Film it may well of course link to the so-called DEAD SEA SCROLLS that were said to have survived within caves for quite long periods of time simply placed there by Jews escaping persecution within that particular region during that particular time period in History.

In allegory of course and interpretative meaning it might be suggested that is the Model Used by the Elites for however long to control the masses. The I will provide you with work model-the debate then of course as to whether the work or environment and respective ecosystem is worth surviving within.

That can of course always be debated as to merits and otherwise of any employment environment though clearly if a particular realm has regular or reoccurring “negative” events then one has to perhaps start questioning the CONDITIONING that causes such events to occur.

Yes each generation can “LATCH” onto negatives within any realm for instance in the GP and NHS realms you may expect to regularly see death-likewise within the Military Service Realm. A tradition of family joining armed services often see “INTAKE” reduced during times of WAR. So a psychology exists within individuals of “WANTING” a career and so on though the negatives associated with particular realms can come to the forefront when such things are being constantly high-lighted within the media realms. Likewise these things perhaps down to what you yourself are paying attention to.

I myself admit to keeping an eye on the New and Wider World-though such activities from a personal development point of view might be regarded as negative. Likewise you can point to people and persons who have no interest in the wider World beyond watching “people like myself” soap opera’s and public entertainment shows. Put yourself forward to be lambasted and gain some recognition or otherwise if your vocabulary includes the downsides of any given activity.

Does WISDOM include DISCERNMENT is another question I found myself wondering about-given the nature of AWARENESS and various aspects of the Learnings and Teachings we can come to see that the IDEA of “ME” and the IDEA of “NOT ME” is in many ways a double-edged sword in the sense that “do not do as I do-do as I say” is another popular activity saying among the masses and of course also the Elites. Though clearly most want to be higher in a pecking order than otherwise.

The issue potentially then becomes one as to whom is advising any given STAR PERFORMER within any area of life. So someone can come in to a work environment and have great CV and prospects and appetite for personal development and growth and then gradually become indoctrinated by the peoples and persons that they find themselves among to the degree that they are no longer operating from “possibly” the wide-eyed innocent and motivated position that they began with.

Such issues can of course lead to congruence issues whatever your own respective level of awareness and of course it was exceptionally easy for people early on to lambast myself in some fashion though I do think that as larger groups have become more aware and enlightened that an overall greater equilibrium has come about in many ways among various realms that I find myself within.

We do have it repeated that what does not serve you falls away-though clearly there is probably an ongoing MEASURABLE CRITERIA by which such IDEAS are marked. Many a realm chooses BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW though clearly in the double-edged sword stakes we can suggest that however much a “COMMUNIST” all things being equal IDEA exists that in fact GREED and so on or ulterior motive as to influence and manipulation means that wisdom can often be ejected when enough pressure is brought to bare on any given individual.

So who is saying what about whom and what realms are empowering in acknowledging understanding of supernatural events and so on and who is still maintain a status quo that no longer fits the environment or ecosystem that they find themselves within.

We all for the most part or largest constituency have eight fingers and 2 thumbs spread across our two hands (if we have those) and likewise similar amounts of digits at the end of our legs on our feet. So counting is as old as time itself and perhaps one of the earliest forms of measuring that anyone learnt.

I have begun meandering again so will perhaps leave this sequence as it is-I have actually taken the night of work tomorrow Wednesday in order to participate in the new course Teleseminar though will of course have to translate the timetable accordingly for UK-TIME. I think that perhaps an issue for us in the UK-where by in seeking to take courses from international companies the time zone issue can cause problems. What we need are perhaps equivalent Organisations and Teachers elsewhere in the World than perhaps the World Centric United States. We then have to perhaps ask-why do these enlightenment technologies freely exist outside of our own particular realm whilst we seemingly have no such equivalents acceptable within our own growing up cultures and so on.

Yes debate to be had on what is and what is not acceptable-I will be looking again toward the Oscar issues-I see that Sherlock actor apologising for saying coloured people rather than black after being lambasted by political correctness. How few of these people campaign to call pink people pink rather than white. Likewise I would not refer to my mixed race daughter as black because she does not fit that PERCEPTIONAL MODEL any more than a china man or indian does or any other ethnicity. The referring to people as black is clearly biased toward “PURE” African persons of colour rather than the multitudes of other shades and varieties that exist around the World. I throw that in because we are of course hearing of Genocide within some African States and those responsible are of course no better than Hitler. So you cannot replace one type of Genocide with another type of Genocide is perhaps one of the Greater Truths-hence my repetition of treating anyone from any culture with dignity and respect until “perhaps given reason to otherwise”.

I can of course say that I respect that point of view though can explain why I personally disagree with it-in many an instance of Political Correctness gone MAD.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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