So What Did This David Make Of That

Yes-so I was informed within a recent meeting that I have several unbooked holidays owing to myself and that they (The holidays) require using up and given that circumstance-I thought I would select dates that fitted in with other activities or courses that I have personally signed up for.

Having said that I somehow managed to stay up this morning and fell asleep later than perhaps intended-when I came to my computer and checked my emails-I found myself wondering as to why I had not received any confirmation details for the New Course that I had signed up to. On this occasion I was once again at fault-I having given the provider of the course an alternate email to that used as standard and the email address included is rarely used and I had not checked as to the filtering system-I found myself with confirmation email and indeed further update knowledge hidden away by the sorting mechanism of that particular email address.

So I breathed a sigh of relief that I have not been forgotten about and that Learning Strategies had indeed actually followed my instructions-integrating the course within my regular on-line library account whilst using the alternate email address for correspondence than the address that I usually provide.

I then read through correspondence eagerly checking for what I needed to know about the course and my pad being a somewhat integrated device often automatically takes myself to follow-up links and so on. I read through the provided materials and hit the button to check “time-zone” I not having a clue as to what the given time would translate to here within the United Kingdom location of Hereford. I arrived at the screen to be informed that the live event teleseminar began at somewhere around 7 pm GMT UK time and I myself of course went into shock/horror I’ve missed it looking at the present time of somewhere approximately 8:30 pm GMT.

So anyway after hitting another link I was immediately afforded the opportunity to listen in to an immediate replay of the live event and so listened to that event as though it were live-I potentially perhaps missing out on goodbyes and so on as the end of the replay seemingly cut-off whilst going into a mini-meditation session toward the end of the allocated time period.

Anyway as is familiar to anyone who has followed myself for any given length of time-I often give a review of some description as to these courses and the materials held or contained within. I felt that I listened in quite attentively and followed Sam Horn and Pete Bissonette as they interacted and Sam explained how some of the step-by-step thinking strategies and processes would work and had come about and how the underlying criteria for the decision making processes included within the course was demonstrated in many Real World examples and anecdotal “Stories” that she shared within this-the preliminary course opener (for lack of better description).

So learning seemingly came about almost immediately as I made notes whilst listening in and jotting down some of the stand-out points that were made during the course. Much was perhaps dedicated to DEADLINES and the usage their-off. We all of course potentially have a multitude of deadlines that we have to work within during our respective lives and it can of course be demonstrated that some are more feasible to operate within than others-hence inviting the possibility of a what is the problem and how can I turn this problem around or into a Solution and all carried out via a guided decision-making process.

So I have the course materials and I have listened in and also have the online library for repeat sessions and some transcripts will also arrive within my Library when the session has been reformatted into the written word.

Another interesting parameter I was highly interested in-was the IDEA presented of creating Mastermind Groups as a way of becoming motivated and inspiring other people toward any given publishing deadline that we (as a group) have set ourselves-likewise several “OBSTACLE” type attitudes and questions were presented and explanation given on ways and means to RETHINK our approach again to the decision making process.

I of course am known to have shut up shop in many ways-due to highly negative bombardment of continued abuse and attack and so on-so how can somehow “given that background” find ways and means or alternate options to so-called survival and clearly a typical Solution is teach and bring others to greater levels of awareness for themselves and likewise perhaps go beyond ideas as to present limitations. I cannot get my message out within present situation or confines so I will leave or look for peoples and persons further afield who can be contacted and who may share my own ASPIRATIONS and MOTIVATIONS and so on. Finding alignment with any given group and of course seeking to create positive and rewarding self-full-filling prophesies is in many ways what many of the overall strategies to enlightenment are all about.

So for myself at least I have written out some answers to questions presented within course materials and likewise can hopefully use such information to propel myself and any of my own readership and contacts and mastermind groupings forward in a positive and uplifting and rewarding sequence of events and criteria.

The way in which many of the processes and step-by-step nature of the processes occur is of course taken at any given individuals own speed-though likewise in transformational coaching terms I am already looking forward to future sessions-and the “leave them wanting more” approach is perhaps again-as old as time itself.

So I can highly recommend the course to peoples and persons who have perhaps stuttered as to where to begin (in simplifying things) or indeed as another powerful foundational coaching layer or knowledge base-the proof is often said to be in ACTUAL PHYSICAL REAL-WORLD RESULTS that we personally EXPERIENCE, therefore my initial encounter with a new Teacher is positive though giving a STAR RATING at this early juncture or point would be a counter-productive bias as I am sure the Many Teachers and Trainers and providers of these Technologies may or may not agree or disagree with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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