So Here We Are Another Saturday

Yes so I found myself interested in returning to Facebook and then recalled how much nonsense I experienced previously self-inflicted or otherwise and treading where only fools rush in is of course one of those habits that wisdom is supposed to clear from ones system though in honesty I think what was said in the recent write well write fast write now session was quite accurate in encouraging people to get things out of system whether through just writing and writing as I myself do or simply posting things privately-you can of course go heavily into overcomplicating things as I often am known to do or follow the RULE OF KISS, Keep it simple sweetheart, though clearly who is following who becomes less important perhaps as to knowing that you have or are experiencing some synchronicity with other likeminded individuals in that YOU ARE NOT ALONE style that Michael Jackson sang about all those years ago.

Again I was thinking on this issue of clues though in teaching some of the strategies I do have some realisations that I have perhaps become further and further away from many a taken for granted thought or premise that many a regular person “HOLDS” to be true though very likely has gone UNQUESTIONED for most of they’re respective life. That is not important if you are older and feel relatively successful at what you do though likewise if like myself you have had far too many highs and far tom many lows then you come to see that like the CHARIOT CARD within the TAROT you want some balance and EQUILIBRIUM of some kind. Yes breaking free of left versus right hemispheric type issues is perhaps a stepping stone and likewise you even when you hae cleared as much as I have you still need to be able to function in some relation to your own understanding of your own feedback and so on. I suggested SPECULATION as to COMPETITION WINNERS and likewise noting comparable month-to-month or year-to-year type dates and so on and all these things can make you realise just how interconnected many things actually are.

I think what is interesting perhaps for myself is that I recently commented upon a LACK of what I regard as good quality books based around some of the products I recommend though again these are perhaps “game of black and white issues” in the sense that I personally would regard a good quality book as one that gives you those fast track breakthroughs and realisations where it often seems to myself that many a long term user has simply milked and milked an audience for any spare change without actually leading anywhere beyond giving differing angles on the same interpretation as what they previously gave, yes easy to criticise though I have not done that myself to any great level and yes Learning Strategies can demonstrate that all there courses that I have experienced are examples of the products and likewise as Mr Harris said not everyone wants to go charging through the levels as fast as the crying game would take them-though harnessing wellness and relief from years of bad dosage or brain hackers and so on is of course again one of those issues.

Typical example I live within a town that perhaps has inbuilt security requirements for particular mmbers of society and likewise we see Dignitary protection squads all over the World for higher level establishment figures-though surely some of the strategies that such Organisations provide actually become a bar to those other members of Society within similar living zones and regions and so on. So difficult to judge really. Would having the Prime minister living next door make give you reassurance as to security or worry as to being collateral damage.

I would also like to say REST IN PEACE of course to Leonard Nimoy whom I grew up watching as the Star Trek ever-present character SPOCK. I also recall him from seeing the Original Mission Impossible TV show that used to be on and also I think in one or two cowboy roles-so whilst the Space Epic captured the many peoples of the World’s Imagination, created as it was during the height of the COLD WAR and INTER-RACIAL SEGREGRATION it was interesting in how thy managed to just simply make a NONSENSE out of many a PREJUDICE that many of us also seemingly take for granted as being unchangeable. Reverse Psychology perhaps a big issue in that we either reject something as not being suited to ourselves or indeed embrace something else as being what we consider appropriate. The problem with any kind of strategy that INTENTIONS a REVERSE psychology of course is that it requires LIKE MINDED SOULS or INDIVIDUALS thinking along the same kind of IDEAS. If you regard yourself as being upbeat and positive and then someone constantly belittles all that you do whether in working life or day-to-day life then debate can be had as to who is rubbing whom up the wrong way and so on. Everyone perhaps having their own respective cross to bear though likewise we can I think learn to steer more favourable courses for everyone than constantly becoming confused as to reasons behind some motivational strategies.

So I was also going to write one of those letters to myself though again think I want to again take my focus elsewhere than where it has been placed in recent years-perhaps flitting to much among differing issues rather than developing a style that is clear and UNDERSTOOD however anyone want to see it so to speak.

So I recently found myself thinking about what would Bruce almighty have been like had it contained some Felix Lighter type CIA character and that of course takes us into the realm of international espionage and those kinds of films that many of us took for granted when growing up and so on. Who is kidding whom and is it worth knowing whether we regard particular influences and direction as being good or bad-I said that I follow news regular and likewise have a look at market data from time to time and again we always seem to have local to regional to international and ever greater levels of structures and understandings. Typical examples of course that we are seeing worrying trends as to conflict once again between EAST and WEST and one can say that in monitoring such things one has had a gutsful though likewise if I turn to sport and so on they are all once again about tribal conflict and so on. Great if you can see it not so great if you cannot see it. Whilst all the talk of conflict goes on at all levels we still see that the most basic of commodities are still sold and exchanged between the differing realms. So most of Western Europe gets gas from Russia and likewise we are hearing that data speed laws are being introduced for the internet though I cannot see such things working particularly well-quite simply you end up with calls for a task force to police suspected cheating and the million and one speed checking utilities all come up with differing results for the end users anyway even with the most simple thing as a ping-back.

Likewise when you have OVER RESEARCHED if you consider yourself o have done as I have with all my book reading and so on you come back to seeing that pretty much everything comes full-circle to the same kinds of answers as to how can I change or benefit from these learnings and so on. The most basic teachings seem to come from the so-called ARTS realms and likewise developing or getting going the respective brain hemispheres in some kind of cohesive equilibrium and even when we do that on a personal basis we are likely to become frustrated at others not SEEING in the same manner or fashion or regard-I think I am currently once again at those STALLED PLATEAU type moments where I am unsure as to what can I now do that I have not tried previously given that most of life seems to be about repetition of learning what we already know deep down on some intrinsic level. Yes I think I know I will do this and then oh shrug well what about oh shrug, so another issue I thought interesting was again related to the Write well course for older people and how those of us that have accumulated some vast ages go on to appreciate such things. Well of course I keep returning to Learning strategies courses that obsess with living the good life and repeating and handing down teachings though given the lack of personal benefit I feel that I have had in recent years despite the fantastic input and assistance that I have been given I perhaps have some other understandings or realisations to come too. I cannot recall ever being inspired when younger to want to grow old and grey. I mentioned watching Logan’s Run as a youngster and that was reprocessing humans who reached a particular age and likewise I remember seeing Highlander with quotes such-as “better to burn out than fade away” have my opinions changed in the intervening years-well in fact I think like many a person you have a tendency to get locked into a particular set or sequence of patterns perhaps during younger life and it can be problematic in not experiencing harsher realities when compared with external peoples and persons and so on. I for instance live in a Country that does not accept Euthanasia such-as that of Logan’s Run though likewise have never felt strongly against it as many peoples seemingly do. My guess is perhaps that having been told to by myself a walking stick at 17 and then societal like “that’s your group over there” is somewhat less than inspiring. I mention that because I see Prince Harry is considering his INVICTUS games a success for those injured military personal taking part (and I in part agree) though likewise being LESS THAN whether Body and Soul or Spirit is always going to be sabotaged or played upon by externals if you allow such things or likewise find rejection at whatever level or stage of your life you are at. How much we do for ourselves versus how much others can do for us one of those issues that will forever seemingly keep coming back. So we have to find motivation and genuine interests and likewise seek to find positive likeminded and upbeat groupings rather than those who drag all about them down with IDEAS that they believe in that others have not bought into or been sold in any positive fashion or manner.

Decisions Decisions Oh Pay Me was some kind of game that I recall from childhood though likewise I do feel that constantly being placed in a position of defending against nonsenses requires higher levels of motivation than any given group I have encountered has so far been able to provide. Why do I lack spirit-perhaps I lost spirit at such a juvenile age that uphill nonsense when you are already incapacitated in multiple ways is just urrrghh.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Top Of The Agenda For Many People

So top of the agenda for many people and persons this past week has perhaps been the EFT Tapping Summit that is held annually and of course I am personally well used to the EFT Tapping styled Modalities having Begun in many ways via the tapping type modularity’s. Of course some folks have progressed and developed such business’ and expertise within that sector and I can state that in terms of earlier on breaking through mental walls and long held belief barriers-cutting through a lot of that mental flotsam and jetsam that such techniques can work-however many of course are producing high-end materials and selling people and persons on-line courses and all the rest-when what many a person simply requires are a couple of the so-called cheaper beginner type books-many are of course intertwined and inter-related and some come seemingly with less strings and buy-ins than others.

I could commentate though in honesty feel that whilst I enjoy and have used the tapping that in many ways it becomes less of a requirement as differing people progress-you can of course go to someone such-as Erika on my website and she has relatively good courses for people at multiple levels of experience and is someone who has developed her own system at I believe she has also developed other female audience styled websites and of course has a history within the so-called dating game via her long established links with the PUA community.

I have repeated previously as to how as an older guy out of any long term relationships-I thought that getting together with likeminded peoples and persons and sharing experiences and so on was a bit of fun, though reaction to such things was perhaps given a somewhat SEEDY image, again all things whether it’s about dating and relationships or man versus woman are within the eye of the beholder, so whilst some audiences react badly to some teachings many of the IDEAS and so on are quite simply attitude and behavioural development and people and persons of both sexes can find wisdom from some of the outlets and resources-irrespective of long-held or ingrained beliefs as to cause and effect. Likewise from the PERSPECTIVE of the present course that I am taking part in “Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now” such groups & personalities are worth exploring simply from a RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE if nothing else. I believe they have annual events in places such-as Las Vegas and that perhaps adds to the Mafia & seedy sexuality image that many a person laps up in book and film whilst living a proper and prim life day-to-day existence. IT IS ALL PSYCHOLOGY.

So again what else-well I grew tired and weary of trying to PLEASE other people or indeed get dragged into other folks psychological issues, hence my setting up a blog and just writing and likewise when others progressed, levels of nonsense went down and I was able to state that things had drastically improved for many people who (perhaps similar to myself) had spent a lifetime SEEKING answers to higher types of spiritual questions and so on. So it might be said that earlier on much of the writing was quite harsh as to thoughts and feelings and reactions that were being experienced though likewise we each or all of us have a CHOICE or OPTION as to RESPONSE and indeed our ABILITY to respond given present knowledge to what was known previously.

So I of course spent a year or two interacting on the Holosync blog and likewise then progressed to my own blog where I have sort to benefit others from a more NEUTRAL place on the hill-whereby I do repeat quite often that this blog is for those peoples and persons who have chosen to follow or purchase some of those product recommendations.

So we can say that the World is revolving and everyone wants a bit more cash in the pocket and likewise not to be smeared so to speak with false labels as to the awareness and knowledge that meditation seemingly brings us too.

I of course said pick a sport any sport and then relate all and any information you regard as a CLUE to the sport you are following. In terms of COINSIDES each and every coin has two faces and a positive clue for 1 sport might be a negative CLUE for another sport. How does that work-well I have repeated such things quite regularly.

A typical instance was that I was walking down the Street earlier this year and heard a guy say “CHELSEA for the cup” and I though hell yeah, I’ll pass the tip on to a Chelsea fan mate of mine. He places some money the following week on his Team for the FA CUP and KABOOM-THEY go out of the FA CUP. So “FOR THE CUP” is somewhat useless as a TIP and I was then BERATED for being a rubbish tipster-it was not necessarily RUBBISH though clearly no date was given no time was given no year so how can any of us ISOLATE any given “CLUE” to a particular “THREAD OF INQUIRY”, that again of course related to “POTENTIALLY to experience and personal development or “HAVING A VESTED INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME”.

So one tip that I thought might cut through such issues was start out on sports that you have not got an interest in. Predict an OUTCOME and then see if that MATCHES the ACTUAL RESULT without placing any money. So you make it a game, favourites are favourites for a reason though likewise some UPSETS do happen.

This weekend is massive for quite a few fans here in Hereford and the Wider United Kingdom and likewise sporting choices are typically at odds with one another-so building a collective of likeminded souls may also be a way forward-we have typical Premier League Football this weekend as well as a cup fixture on Sunday and likewise the Rugby 6 Nations-my clue suggests ENGLAND though given previous experience (the Irish beat us last time) and indeed I am English (inherent bias likely).

So is there any way to become truly NEUTRAL and that is perhaps so Teach and SELL your teachings as to why you are falling into the various pitfalls and traps. How can I become upwardly mobile in trusting incoming information and feedback given my own “potentially” troublesome BIAS.

Likewise that is one game from the Rugby and Wales I think are also playing-my daughter of course Welsh as were some older relatives when they were alive and I have enlightened people to my having been something of a British Mongrel when I look at the respective ANCESTRY.

So one of the reasons I took this course was to improve my basic statement type setting of intention and command and control of thought type usage-again much junk TV and MEDIA harnessed during youth potentially acts as a SABOTEUR NOW hence my meditating so much for a couple of years and likewise charging through so many differing DEVELOPMENTAL type courses.

Anyway I have some private notes to write up so will leave this public one here though may write further later on-should any further thoughts occur as to how can I improve upon systems that have been demonstrably not working for myself up until this point in time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

I’m Late, I’m Late

So I have of course written and written and intertwined to varying degrees teachings and lessons from various accumulated knowledge bases and experiences-in the last few days I have seemingly found myself experience “WHITE RABBIT” syndrome-he of course one of those Disney Pixar type characters that many of us encountered during childhood via Disney Pixar type films or indeed the original Alice book stories.

So as some are aware and others not so aware I regularly take notes and if I am honest I have had a tendency to only carry out that activity on a particular sequence of trips and journeys though you can of course document your entire life should you so wish to do so. Such things as we progress with the awareness and meditation technologies do seem to fall into place in many ways-though likewise getting your own TRUST to return once again as to some of the shocks that some of us experience is not necessarily going to happen all at once-especially for those of us who took the top-down bottom up approach at the same time-yes I liked and recommended the FAST-TRACK APPROACH though likewise have potentially suffered at the same time through my lack of differing awareness’s as to what differing modularity’s actually do-so many mental changes and thoughts and feelings have occurred though I can also say that some have been more beneficial than others and given the FAST-TRACK approach it might be suggested that I got ahead of myself in many ways via one learning and lesson not having sunk in prior to my moving on to the next best thing-whilst at the same time-I was rushing up through various “SHAKE THE TREE” type levels of meditation.

I think multiple others have followed similar paths and courses of action and as we have each progressed have come to see more and more of some of those greater wisdoms that are brought about and likewise some about ourselves seemingly still seek to reinforce DENIAL type attitudes to various goings on etc.

That perhaps akin to saying you can take such-and-such out of the so-and-so but you cannot take the so-and-so out of the such-and-such. So whilst early on I did spend time studying how differing words and phrases and languages worked along with one another and likewise came to see that even those most basic of learnings and teachings can in many a circumstance simply be jettisoned from your life and so on. Someone has laid out well studied training plans and routes and accesses to higher levels and modalities and constantly struggling against the so-called World is a CHOICE or OPTION that some of us potentially experience more than others.

That of course suggests that only the big loudmouths and “EXPERTS” know anything when in all likelihood some lesson is awaiting to jump out and catch many a person out. The maintain you focus on areas that will benefit you and friends and family or indeed work circles and so on does seem to be a constantly reoccurring theme or template in multiple ways.

I bring that up of course because I recently took a work related on-line survey based in the idea that the parent corporation has for collecting and collating feedback from the staff-and I think that is a good thing-the downside “POTENTIALLY” that any manager higher up within any organisation will ask themselves as to who they believe is sabotaging there personal rating and results-strangely enough it can often lead any of us at any level to wonder who is sabotaging our personal results though of course people perhaps higher up have more to lose than those of us lower down. The Psychological Impact then is that you may find individuals losing FOCUS on what they are supposed to be focussed on-again such things perhaps related to ego maturity and intention.

From my own historical data collecting awareness and knowledge it is very often the grease-ups and suck-ups and so on who do the most SABOTAGING of presumed FRIENDS and circles and so on-sounds strange though psychologically it has been a demonstrated issue-where people in constantly “PLEASING” JUMPING and bashing head on glass ceiling mode take the opportunity to release or get things out of ones system-likewise computer systems of please select from given criteria answers make genuine feedback more difficult-everyone of course has their own respective “TURN OF PHRASE” and ways of communicating.

Such interaction can of course be positive in the sense that a formulated Questionnaire can bring many people into greater alignment with overall infrastructural planning and the Company’s intended direction-though likewise it can often be those with long-term accumulated “fighting the good fight” attitudes that suffer most-quite simply because they are unable to let go of ancient or historically ingrained patterns and behaviours established before the Corporation “came to the rescue” or however one wishes to describe such things. That of course another issue of how any given sequence of events is interpreted by any given individual.

We can also at the present time state in an somewhat all-encompassing fashion that the business unit I work within is actually in FLUX in terms of best established practice and knowing the best way forward-multiple changes have occurred in quite rapid quick succession in recent years and we once again find ourselves having to adapt and adjust to the establishing of some new working practices to accommodate the various changes that have occurred through-out the differing departments and so on-in simple terms many training or on the page task procedures are completely out of date with present systems of process and likewise new systems are presently being established with varying degrees of success though the only real constraint is of course feeling that we are making best use of the available time to fulfil the given work challenges.

Anyway most folks within the Company who have been around a few years know all that sort of detail anyway though it is always worth reminding ourselves as to how things have been Historically compared to how they are now.

I will leave this one here for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Once Again Find Myself Being Referred To Ian Morris

So I recently found myself being commented upon for an article that I wrote some time ago in relation to the Historian Economics Author Ian Morris-whether intended or otherwise I had commented that for whatever reason I had found those particular books to be highly compatible with the various Holosync Levels that I was rushing through during the early days of Meditation. That is not of course to say that other books are not also highly compatible-though quite simply put in terms of greater stimulus and cognitive reorganisation they really did make something of a difference to myself personally.

So what else-well I have of course just written on the Cern related Large Hadron Collider Tests and Experimentations and further Particle Physics research apparently for something called supersymmetry-unsure as to how such things genuinely work beyond this idea of finding a system that works and then following the CLUE TRAIL. So a TYPICAL example for myself was that I of course signed up for the Learning Strategies Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course and was indeed invited to join a Facebook Group-I having previously declared myself as being OFF Facebook in the sense of not having participated for several years-feedback issues and separating so-called wheat from chaff-drop a bomb and everyone potentially gets caught in the shrapnel-as is known by folks who run around with shotguns and associated cartridge pellets-hunting and bullet design has of course moved on a great deal from the earliest of so-called Fireworks Technologies originating in China-I throw that in because we ae hearing that a mass Exodus is occurring around the World at present as many Chinese Nationals have returned to the Homeland or Mother Country for Seasonal Festivities and so on.

Anyway that again another of my wondering digressions-so I was invited to join a Facebook Group and not wanting to continue using present long-term account tried to create a new account and was informed that the details I tried to use were invalid according to PARAMETERS within the related Software. I could have simply cheated though in the end simply decided as the Group was a closed group anyway that I would use old account.

So what do I then discover-well it was mostly just people giving introductions to one another and discussing related course topics and materials-for myself in terms of CLUES it was again VERY INTERESTING from a HEREFORD MILITARY point-of-view. The name of the group chief was KADI STORMS and of course we are hearing WEATHERWISE about many incoming STORMS about the Planet-we in the UK are quite focussed as to local weathering though Hollywood Down pours could of course be seen through-out the Oscar opening and closing RED CARPET materials. The event being reported as lacklustre-I think UNFAIR, most folks grow weary viewing wise for anything longer than 1.5 to 2.0 Hours hence so many directors cut versions of long films and so on. So when you know that tiredness is going to set in you could (for instance) do what TV Charity Show do in the UK and change presenters midway through-no great hardship-though the American Academy perhaps has to negotiate with Presenter Stars who do not like sharing TOP BILLING and so on.

Anyway so STORMS by name can of course Trigger fear of storms by nature-though many TEACHINGS and LEARNINGS are in fact about this IDEA that NATURE IS FAKE and that ALL IS NURTURE, I am not truly one hundred per cent in alignment with the IDEA though am gradually being steered toward such CONCLUSIONS and obviously what you resist persists so unwise perhaps to resist WYSIWYG Conclusions of your own Heart, Body Spirit (so to speak).

So one aspect of Storm and of course the Hereford link is related to Middle-Eastern SAS & BROADER Military operations. So Desert Storm was the name of the Kuwaiti Operations following the invasion by Saddam Hussein all those years ago and likewise where Andy Mcnab and Chris Ryan first rose to prominence within the mind of the wider world population and public. Likewise lesser known though just as many other IMPORTANT individuals made writing and authorship information related to Storms. The British Forces operational commander was I think General Sir Peter De La Billiere and his immediate book after that conflict was Storm Command (and various later published related works), another specialist from that time period was Peter Ratcliffe (I think) and his autobiography was again I think entitled The Eye Of The Storm.

So we the public of “Hereford” in becoming attuned to Greater Worldwide knowledge and THEORY of the various SYSTEMS that are in place via handed down awareness knowledge and teachings-can potentially consider ourselves as being in METAPHYSICAL TERMINOLOGY within that EYE OF THE STORM (we are often told that the CENTRE is the safest place in terms of the CYCLIC type patterns and so on that Storms and many weather systems operate within and when we look at the UK as a WITCHMAP with related GEOGRAPHY and or number systems (LAT, LON, ALT) etc. we can come to see why we often strangely go untouched by many extreme weather conditions whilst the Surrounding Landscapes are often suffering HUGE DELUGES and dollops of extreme weather conditions-this of course not an ABSOLUTE FACT though one that can be traced down through the various weather monitoring patterns and so on.

So perhaps we the public should have greater respect and show some appreciation and gratitude to those who are sharing the respective knowledge’s and in turn putting themselves forward for slings and arrows and so on. A CLUE is a CLUE and all these things are of course inter-related to levels of personal growth and development and dare I say it EGO MATURITY, as we each of us grows older and HOPEFULLY WISER we come to change or place greater importance on differing aspects of life than we may have done when fresh faced out of school and keen to show our CAN DO attitude and willingness to be a HERO or HEROINE and so on “whatever the cost may be” to quote Churchill.

So I have written a thousand words on inter related materials on storms without even considering going into the inside-outside view that my daughter and elder sister (as an example) suffer EPILEPSY and that is akin to having MISFIRING SYNAPSES about the brains hemispheres-a Naturally occurring BRAINSTORM.

So what else is TRIGGERED by this information-well I can of course given several topics so-far included bring up the so-called SUBJECT MATTER of PURE ENERGY (PE). We are told that ENERGY can be changed and modified in shape and form though ALWAYS EXISTS because “all is energy” according to EINSTEIN related theory and so on. Likewise I was trying or wondering as to CHAOS Theory whereby we were told that a Butterfly flaps its wings here and a storm occurs There. In energetic theory that makes PERFECT SENSE as to events that have occurred within my own life.

I of course through fortune or otherwise (my other tattoo is FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE bloodied knife) have a name that potentially INCLUDES PURE ENERGY or indeed ST PETER type references as to the gates of HEAVEN-I once lived at St Peter’s SQUARE and that brings us potentially back to non-conscious beliefs in ANGELS and of course I have repeated many times over that SATAN was an ANGEL, so whilst some consider absolutes within all realms the so-called extremes are often demonstrated to be the same-hence my often calling on various FACTIONS & GROUPS to seek to tread a more moderate path-do not lose your head when the blueprint or model that you are currently operating from is higher or lower than the blueprint model that someone you encounter is operating from-the positive attitude is perhaps one of WHAT CAN I LEARN or TAKE FROM THESE TEACHINGS that I have not already considered up until the present moment in time and so on.

So yes I will leave this early morning writing here though say Congratulations to the assorted OSCAR WINNERS we in Great Britain seemingly have a number of Victors that we can pat on the back for having represented British Interests in the somewhat more fickle American Arena.

What else can I comment upon-well quite simply in CROSS-REALM terms it does seem that many a course or module often leads myself to an INTEREST in particular reading MATERIALS-so you might say I am following in the footsteps of-those who have developed and created the respective course materials-and that of course is a demonstration of personal progress for they themselves and perhaps potentially ridiculousness on my part-though I still have that inner child aspect that contains some curiosity and questioning as to what do I know have to do to demonstrate or improve upon what has been handed down previously.

When we consider the all is now aspect it can seem that SUPERSYMMETRY whilst being SEARCHED for in SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION terms of HYPOTHESIS already exists as does anything that appears within the mind of anyone at any given moment or time of their respective life-hence the my future self will save me-when in fact it might be that my past self has also saved me-the REINVESTIGATION of IDEAS that were before or ahead of the time in which they were due to materialise or come to FRUITION.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Say Ah At Heist Repent At Leisure

So I see some further final preparations are underway for the Oscars and their I was saying I would write some bizzare weird and wonderful lines as to pointers and clues to winners-even though I cannot consciously know who any of the Golden Statuette Awards will be presented to-though having seen the list of nominations and not having viewed or so much as heard of many of the STARS probably leaves me genuinely clueless as how I can approach such an activity.

So inference can be given in many forms whether we are taking clues from about ourselves in what we read and view in our day-to-day lives or likewise simply go with herd like attitudes-I want this that or the other person to win because it was filmed in Great Britain or the Actress is one I like or that actor was good in such and such-today I finally got around to viewing a kindle book that I had pre-ordered some time ago entitled This Idea Must Die, and the book was considered a commentary on IDEAS that are at present preventing WORLDWIDE PROGRESS-many of the ideas presented are in fact SCIENCE related-what does present research demonstrate into this IDEA and why Author thinks Sciene has gotten it wrong or requires re-evaluating historical ideas with what modern statistics and discoveries are uncovering and so on.

So just as some ideas are expected to be passed by newer and more prosperous lines of enquiry-we also have the aspect of returning to old ideas that could not be explored due to limitations within the science realm as to Technology-think of medieval times and they not known that the World is not flat or that the Solar System contained 6 planets not 4 planets and you get the gist-someone comes up with a new method to prove some previously thought written in stone belief WRONG.

So I could of course seek to write some POETRY oh know Dave not your poetry say one or two voices or likewise a Bongo and Mona series of Letters-Dear Dave I wish you would come up with characters that people actually relate too.

Yes strange as it may seem you really do get to see that all life is suffering and that navigating a course through all the assorted comparison based opinions really does simply place you in a fast track lane for the grave.

So we have done the inside-outside thing for a while and likewise played around with the idea of tunes and further to that I recently saw details on the next agenda of Cern and the search within the realm of Particle Physics for SUPERSYMMETRICAL SPACETIME, apparently now convinced that the Higgs Boson has been covered and that the Large Hadron Collider can move on toward more interesting research that will bring about a new Physics beyond the so-called currently accepted STANDARD MODEL.

Will the Perkin’s monologues ever become polylogues and why do we never speak in multiple voices when in fact is has of course been demonstrated with puppets and ventriloquists and of course voice over on radio and commentators telling you what to think. Clearly some are worthwhile investments whilst many of us upon finding Meditation Technologies and having experienced varying lifetime degrees of suffering would rather have a flotsam and Jetsam clearout-some things that many of us were likely taught or indeed exposed to via family friends and social learnings or watching TV and Radio and Film and all the rest of INFOBESITY really can come back to haunt yourself and it really can be worthwhile making what I consider to mostly be seriously cheap investment in going to or using technologies that leave everyone in no uncertain terms as to the truth of real reality. I use the phrase AT HEIST in the title and that is of course the problem with SCIENCE and SCIENTIST and people who call themselves ATHEISTS in general-the equivalent of declaring yourself a liar and a thief and potentially many other labels of negative conative meanings and why of course why I myself encourage adopting more SPIRITUAL styled beliefs rather than the embodied beliefs of many a science. If you are dying of this that or the other condition then surely you want an all possibilities option to become available that can in step-by-step level-by-level fashion let you know on a deep down basis that you may have to re-evaluate some deeply embedded beliefs and thoughts on how you think feel and act in the World.

So I was thinking of course what have I actually done for anyone anywhere that might act as a stimulus for people taking up Holosync and in truth despite this blog having been going on for a couple of years-the only story that I would perhaps want anyone to take and re-write (names have been changed to protect the innocent) is in fact the Princess Diana Story June 2013 Archive (I think).

Beyond that of course and due to the fact that I simply had to withdraw from Facebook and so on I have just carried out respectable level courses and hopefully taken various accumulated learnings and teachings on board that can serve myself a more rewarding and prosperous future than that promised by the many naysayer types.

That is of course a side issue and not one to easily debate-though I still have not given anything that might indicate Oscars or have I?

A window in time and space where Sherlock shoots a gun and never the pal on NTSC says sky belongs to thee the childishness of fools I could write on and on though all one needs is a prophesy of who will win you see.

Yes easy to lay a clue trail that includes all and everything though it can of course be clearly demonstrated that when we ZOOM in and out and read diagonals and the lines at the edges and up down and across from HIGH-LIGHTED words and symbols that we are encouraged to break through present mental bottlenecks as to how we are at present viewing and seeing the WORLD.

So does it really matter who wins the Oscar when you yourself might like to take home the award having arrived just like everyone else potentially at some kind of process akin to silvertoevelocity as one of my websites is known.

Anyway I do think that if I were in the Academy I would seek to award quality productions irrespective of whether we agree with a presented subject matter and that is of course where many a public opinion falters-most going for surface value shallow options above and beyond deeper hidden meanings and insightful presentation and script and all those things we forgive our soap opera actors and actresses for not having developed-apparently-yes of course if we are all to varying degrees actors and actresses then any performance that is BELIEVABLE is surely worthy of recognition if no-one is going to give you recognition then adapt your presentation and style and marketing or indeed maybe invent an award body where you can present yourself with top prize each year-much like Sepp Blatter at FIFA seemingly being immovable for multiple generations of football fans-there are of course levels of corruption within many World Governing Bodies and Likewise keeping up with the political aspects of any given realm can be a nightmare-hence my withdrawing so much in the first place. Why compete over things you may or may not have any real knowledge or interest of-yes I can commentate though most opinion is Historical knowledge based rather than NOW based and that is falling into pitfalls and traps of course. Who sucks who into what belief and why?

Well this will be the 2nd posting today and I have avoided saying any names outright because I only see inferential detail such as so-and-so is hosting and I have never heard of so-and-so and likewise this actor famed for this role is up for that role-whose identity is it anyway one can perhaps potentially ask.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well and further more GOOD LUCK 😉

Do Your Own Blueprint Principles Leave You Suffering Oscar Guilt

So many teaching methodologies are perhaps about developing lifelong learning strategies and also of course adapting said strategies to present day awareness and knowledge-a typical example of this are some newly recorded versions of some older Paraliminals that I found myself receiving related information & data too. Quite simply a shift from “TAPE” to “SHAPE” has perhaps occurred as day-to-day send and receive technologies and networking technologies and computing and calculating systems technologies have advanced through the 20th Century and into the 21st Century and likewise the main reason given for the new version is indeed the removal of the word Tape from the recording. I of course have stated that I purchased a complete Ultimate You Library at a time when I was still early into Meditation and likewise now see additional Paraliminal’s available within the collection that I purchased and had delivered to my home-NOW however I would like the option to purchase at reduced price only those Paraliminal that are new and likewise have them within my online Library as opposed to the now seemingly redundant CD/DVD technology.

We can all accept that such things are “PROGRESS” and indeed the Company will want to charge myself for any Transference of aforementioned Libraries or indeed additions-further to that of course is possibly this issue of CRYING. I have written on being someone known for not crying for many years and then being somewhat forced into relative overwhelm as a result of the holosync audio tones technology that acts as a stimulus to various TRIGGERS that we encounter as we go about our day to day lives.

The problem or dilemma I now have is that it seems to myself that the initial attitude I took early on with respect to Hypnosis Technologies was positive and outgoing and in accordance with the scripts and sessions therein contained within those Technologies-however I quickly found myself being on the receiving end of Highly negative campaigns from people in denial of the Truths that such Technologies bring about.

So a couple of years go by and I am reduced to nothing, no home, no money-whilst others who SECRETLY took up the technologies often continued to Target myself as someone who had stuck there head up above the Parapet. This is of course an IMPORTANT DILEMMA ASPECT as to feelings of NO WAY OUT!

Clearly it can of course be demonstrated that I was born and bred in a City with particular History and likewise various groupings that have grown as a collective within the Region do go about performing in SECRET (so to speak) as to the duty & services that they perform as part of other greater collectives.

So anyone anywhere in the Global World about us can see that whether we are talking about international Corporations or Royalty or Army or indeed Criminal Mafia’s or Swiss Banking Mafias or Scientific Research Technology Mafia’s that the HAND-THE-DEBT down or PUSH-THE-DEBT forward generational model can be adapted and modified for given experience and circumstance by anyone be there INTENTIONS good or bad.

I have also of course spoken on the CLASSICAL IDEA that many writers of each generation has used of “My Future Self Will Save My Present Self From [INSERT CRISIS NAME]”. That of course perhaps similar to that Dr Who whizzing through Variations of time and space and altering timelines and interfering with the Lenses and Filters of Paradoxical Parallel Universes and so on.

So Who has a blueprint that is genuinely viable and reliable with integrity and above board operating procedures and processes and principles and who has opted for choices that are not necessarily in anyone’s best long-term interests.

So the Teaching Model has been clearly established within Country’s such-as The United Kingdom and Europe & The United States and indeed the former Soviet Block Countries though as we have progressed into the 21st Century we are seemingly possibly falling back into Regional Conflict and Confusions as to where we are best operating both at a personal level and at a teaching model.

The reduction of information to keeping things simple in terms of allegorical and metaphorical teachings only strangely works up to a particular point before you once again have to reformulate the so-called Navigation Compass.

I have previously spoken on IDEAS of Compass in part because my Grandfather Jack’s Compass was handed down to myself when he died and likewise I have listened to Courses that speak on Compassion and indeed the IDEA of the so-called Feng Shui Compass. Many of these modules often seemingly working via numbers and mathematics and so on and of course how developed and intuitive or intelligent any of us perhaps is-really can be difficult to gauge. I can look through the course of my life and think-well those events that occurred then are in cause and effect terms possibly related to that course that I more recently took and so on. Cause and Effect “UNDERSTANDING” does not necessarily provide a “LINEAR” way out and the getting the Creative juices flowing and so on is a struggle when you seemingly have lived a life based in “MATERIAL-I WANT” type attitudes and so on. Everyone wants though likewise we can quite often return to the most basic needs as to what it is that we want NOW.

I have been through so-called Psychological Model’s often built around pyramid styled attitudes and structures though likewise often feel that I have not progressed in any kind of all-encompassing position beyond the first couple of sectors of the foundational baseline. The classic story of building your structure on sand or rock and so on perhaps a typical example given the British weather predictions-should inland Islanders have to pay for those who choose to live on effected COASTLINES and INSURANCE ISSUES will surely be what we are about to see brought into QUESTION?(so to speak).

So you effectively set yourself up as a FEEDBACK & RETURN MODEL seems to be the step-by-step process proffered by many an EXPERT-feedback good=more of the same, feedback bad=change some parameter.

Flexibility of mind and thought then potentially another aspect to take into consideration-this blog and older posts can be read by anyone-where now many more recent posts are simply listed as private-that a parameter change brought about by undesirable feedback. Many folk of course have followed similar learning model and structured courses to myself and I hope they are living more rewarding and prosperous lives as a result-though not to my own personal disadvantage-hence my constantly repeating IDEAS such-as do write by those that seek to do write by yourself and understand that in terms of conflict and confusion everyone can do better without others having to LOSE.

We LEARN the Patterns and Cycles and then give or teach or sell them on to others so they themselves can pass them on and also adapt and come up with new remedies and ideas that may have been beyond Historical Technological Capabilities.

So we are each a blueprint and we can be a positive rewarding and uplifting blueprint for those that we interact with or likewise we can become derailed in some fashion through neglected teachings and learning that have the potential to return and bite us in our own respective asses so to speak.

Anyway these are simply meanderings related perhaps to this IDEA that everyone is an ACTOR or ACTRESS no matter how much they seek to compartmentalise differing areas of life and so on-if you act above board across all areas of your life you are less likely to suffer than perhaps others who choose to cheat and lie with regard to this aspect over here and then behave differing in this other compartmentalised role over here.

Again the Thought in a body teaching can only take you so far-though clearly we can all now perhaps step back out of the immediate story and Witness more than we were perhaps previously capable of and likewise we can seek to imagine Future Worlds and Technological Innovations and wonder as to the steps that may bring about the events and occurrences to make each and every one of our lives and Worlds more survivable in this so-called immediate moment in time now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


So of course I have as per usual neglected posting some appetizers to keep folks interested in reading and many a person when anyone who is followed in any fashion will often go and do something differing instead.

However I have seen one or two reports linked to The Oscars, Are they soon? And likewise news this morning as well as various witnessed indicators suggest we are in the Spring time proper hence the above title-yes not every fire has to be local or regional or Country or International Country block or however though when you have done some of the courses you will see that we are in that kind of a time zone phase of synchronicities. Animals within UK type climate’s are generally regarded as coming out of Hibernation and immediately going into eats shoots and leaves type mental modes (little double entre for the adults) and possibly a Panda Bear reference of course they being classic examples of black & white animals that do not do very much.

So what does David actually KNOW about the Oscars-well I did actually used to watch those shows and we were always being told how hot the competition was for the award this year and how favourites either picked up a high percentage of the given nominated awards or indeed made the nominations and then failed to deliver within the Academy Voting Circles.

Elsewhere we are often also told that pre American academy shows (such-as Cannes and Baftas, etc.) act as indicators for who may or may not pick up some extra credits as to international influencers and so on.

Do the bookies ever really know? Well I think and have said that in many realms Favourites are Favourites for a reason, how many of us have gone for that big outside bet and lost when a smaller win on the favourite would likely have carried us through. That of course how bookmakers and so on often work-especially these days with moment by moment swings and roundabouts and so on occurring and I believe most such systems are automated a team loses points the odds go up and down during competition.

So I have despite not seeing many a film and so on seen reports and articles and clearly anything that anyone says anywhere at any point in time or otherwise might be a CLUE. However early on such things can drive you somewhat crazy in selection. Especially when it comes to the coin side issues of knowing what any given series or links of clues may actually be for.

So I could come up with some CRAZY indirect INFERENTIAL type sentences as a TEST and then monitor results afterwards to see if my zany weird and wonderful clues actually relate in any way shape or form to the actual AWARD.

I was also thinking at this point about speaking on how these PRIZES are handed out. So we the British public have classic shows such-as The Generation Game and Crackerjack and Bullseye and so on whereby winners would be loaded down with prizes to take away and meanwhile top performing stars and Celebrities get to carry of stage a little statuette (or so we are told) we are often now also told that each award often comes with all sorts of EXTRA DONATED PRIZES from SPONSORS so we see them with gold statuette and they collect the mobile home car and holiday in the Swiss Alps at a later time, the sponsors get to advertise as awarded to Celebrity.

Anyway all I now have to do is think of some lines that may or may not have in-built seeing what you want to see references.

Clearly I could for instance reference a male, a female, a director, a producer, a best supporting and likewise could give inference toward film names (were I to actually know any) I do have an inherent bias of course as do many people and it is often our own biases that send us into CRISIS.

That separating out of fact from fiction, when in fact each person in a room could be telling the truth a fact as they themselves process such things within their own mind. However we all do also experience SUGGESTION, such-as within my TWILIGHT NOTES whereby I walk to and from work within what are often regarded as TWILIGHT times and whilst most people can say that car is this that or the other colour-twilight renders such systems of operating USELESS. I can generally switch between suggestions of light and dark and possibly give indicators to street lighting and so on.

So a suggestion is given though it is never the same as seeing it with your own internal (so to speak) processes or learnings and so on.

What else is referenced? Well we do of course have best music score and best cartoon and best Special FX and all the rest. I woke up this morning after a very short sleep and will probably have an afternoon nap instead. Anyway my thoughts on waking up were that we have Mother and Smother though we do not have Father and Sfather and that of course takes us into the breakdown and processing of differing languages and so on. We become accustomed to our own inflections and tongue and facial contortions based around our own language and it is actually quite amazing when you think about it how difficult some unaccustomed languages can be to those unfamiliar with both symbolic and spoken reference. I have many international work colleagues who speak good English though many admit to being useless when it comes to words and alphabets and likewise my own experience historically with languages has been similar-unsure how many MASTER both language and SYMBOL though I would likely give GOLDEN STARS to those that do especially those older or later in life who perhaps like myself have perhaps become old dogs learning new tricks and so on.

So yes I will leave this one here though am thinking about a post with some strange sentences simply out of having an experimental attitude. Likewise some WONDER as to really getting thouse CROSS-REALM linkages going and I am often UNSURE-though I think in feedback terms you can create a diary like journaling blog like this one with long winded paragraphs and meanderings and then be it on a monthly or a yearly or calendric type date place feedback upon your own posts. So few people have ever read or responded to my postings (SOB) though that does not stop myself from carrying that out for myself as a kind of repetition as to where I can best benefit from feedback systems.

Yes the external World has many though getting some clarity on your own thoughts and feelings and actions is all part of the learnings and so on that we are each of us at our own respective paces stepping towards.

Thank you for reading and yes I will seek to give some sentence like weird clues though do not wait if you in the meantime find your own INTUITIONS picking up-these things really are all about practice and practice and so on-they say practice makes perfect-then someone else says perfect practice makes perfect results-should David give up on highlighting words within these posts above and beyond other words when it is ridiculous compared to regular readings and indeed I could not get away with such a strategy easily on a professionally printed book. Would I be helping in creating a book in that fashion. I remember some game books when I was younger by a dice and roll it to see which page you had to jump to next within the book-probably still available though I was reading though many years ago when still at school.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

How Can I Better Understand This…

We can of course fill in the end of this sentence with quite a few differing words though obviously some might carry heavier weight or meaning than others and likewise some may be acutely specific to some sequence of events or strategy or likewise simply irrelevant-the many courses I have seemingly worked through and carried out the various procedures and processes within of course can often be described as BEGINNINGS rather than endings-and we are often asked to question as to what can I hope to gain or learn from some particular event or otherwise.

I was thinking about this because of course I signed up to be part of a Mastermind Group and such things almost immediately can bring about our respective curiosity or inquisitive nature’s and so on. I being Dave of course have thought about questions such as does the law of attraction really work-these IDEAS that we should simply put out a request to the Universe and then await response and RECOGNISE that response in whatever shape and form such things OCCUR to ourselves.

It can of course be said or suggested that Society At Large has beliefs in particular things such-as the PARANORMAL and PSYCHICS and so on though likewise such things are often frowned upon-or even grouped into “other than myself” type categorizations.

So it seems to myself that as I have progressed with meditation and the technologies and TESTING THEORY as to what some of the various teachers and masters say-that I do have to WONDER why was I placed within this particular mastermind grouping (as an example). So what are the IDEAS that I may have rejected or indeed what are the IDEAS that other group members may have rejected that we may well be forced to face (so to speak) in being placed within particular groupings.

We have of course had some basic contact information passed around and likewise will likely get to know a little further detail when we touchdown so to speak on our organised deadline date. W in the meantime will of course be continuing our respective lives whatever they happen to be and I as suggested above often take a differing angle to my inquiry system.

What does that mean exactly?

Well typical information that we shared with each other was our respective names where our present address or living location be it a City or Region and so on were and obvious NOSYING or INDIRECT INVESTIGATING might of course to simply carry out a quick WIKI look up of such places-and I can say in both in instances-send me a plane ticket, they both seemingly have to my English mindset that International Appeal that anyone living in any given location is often overly used to-I wrote previously about thinking Herefordshire Hilly until I lived in West Wales for a few years and then Herefordshire seemed positively flat-and likewise as anyone who travels further East bound knows the land does very often become somewhat flatter.

Anyway that is a digression and of course I looking at indirect methodology can say well what other FUN IDEAS can be introduced that can be played around with-I of course rushed to my favourite anagram engine and popped in each of our respective first names to see what might be induced via our group psychology and so on-again some interesting ideas became apparent and likewise I from a releasing and letting go perspective can wonder as to “do I feel any negativity or indeed positivity as to many of the expressions” that a somewhat NEUTRAL anagram engine comes up with. is generally the one I have a tendency to presently use-others are available though likewise these are simply THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS.

All meaning of course within the mind of the beholder though likewise I could for instance simply from a NATIONALITY rush to an obviously known STEREOTYPE and then find myself later communicating with people and persons completely differing in nature to what I myself have painted within my own minds eye. So yes many a salesperson wants to hook the audience and any kind of writing is perhaps the same in the sense of ESTABLISHING IDEAS as to getting within the mindset of a given audience or buyer and so on.

Yes so as I have suggested I seem to be more interested in my group than perhaps I ought to be though likewise they do from my mini indirect searches (so to speak) I have not gone chasing about trying to find CV’s and BLOGS and all the rest of such detail because I am sure that an invite might be forthcoming (if such things exist) in time anyhow-everyone often wants to save something back for later. How true is that? Well clearly we think we can discover a person’s mind from reading and carrying out the practices and procedures that we are presented with only to later find some new twist occurs that we have completely failed to recognise-much like the Facebook person constantly taking the mick (making fun) out of some grouping never realising that multiple people on their friend list are part of such a grouping. How many wheel chaired or disabled folks or other what are considered minority peoples and persons show pictures of such things. Clearly some people EMBRACE or have a high threshold and SELF LOVE to spread around irrespective of some associated negative thoughts and feelings as to conditions and can always ask, how can I change or best reframe this issue so it melts away or falls away and so on.

So it can be interesting to carry out such investigative type activities though likewise not place to much faith in such randomness. I know that it has been suggested that some things are inescapable though likewise have come to appreciate and feel greater levels of gratitude as I have progressed.

Quite simply keeping a regular blog or diary and so on has been laborious in many ways though demonstrates quite simply just how many FALSHOODS are perpetuated throughout society as a whole simply via IDEAS as to what are and what are not good issues to deal with and so on.

So clearly we can say that particular IDEAS work for differing groupings of peoples and the only way to reframe is too often ask those awkward self-inquiry type questions that many of us spend lifetimes avoiding.

Yes so anyway I clearly have to get some writing and drawing and IDEAS down during this week and I really do have some potentially workable Solutions to some of the issues. One of the teachings that I heard on multiple occasions was to get the hard stuff out of the way first and I think in becoming a regular grafting blog poster I have achieved that and likewise can perhaps stop beating myself down as much as I have in recent years.

Anyway reducing everything to signs and symbols and days of the week and numbers and so on all seemingly work in many ways and I think that is interesting because I of course over the years researched many so-called PSYCHIC type activities and much of the writing on such topics obsessively dismiss such things. How can I look at a same date within my blog with my own eyes and constantly see the same cycles and patterns HAPPENING year after year and so on-so you can say well that is SCIENCE or indeed you are reframing to see what you want to see-though clearly many make a respectable living at such activities and that perhaps part of this being open to be able to sell and explain the strategies that will work best for anyone at any given point or time of life as to what they themselves want to invest time and effort in and so on.

So blogging sites are freely available and anyone can blog and then do feedback notes on what they are seeing and likewise such activities can be carried out publically or privately and all the rest. I looked at some of my posting for this week over the last couple of years-it is perhaps interesting that I mentioned seeing some film and television and pantomime and that has often mostly occurred during school holidays when my daughter has been on a visit-now she is a little older and does not always come down choosing to stay with immediate family and friends and so on-so I perhaps feel I have more time to put into getting some project up and running that will eventually provide dividends to a given populace or audience and potentially provide myself with an income doing something that I have a passion of some description about.

That perhaps a strange word to use-though I think even those far more advanced and so on still experience thoughts and feelings and a love of some description for the teachings that they hand down to the rest of us seemingly from upon high.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So What Other Cross Realm Checks Are Their

So clearly I have mentioned sport on many occasion and for most followers of any given sport you will find that they have a SPORTING YEAR CALENDAR. So whilst we in Blighty might get all excited about a particular sport when it is happening in front of us in our homeland-we can of course adopt a greater or broader view of watching any given sport during its World Wide Manoeuvring and direction of rotation. How successful any given person is at such activities I am unsure though clearly I would personally really like to see a book from a long term Holosync user that is divided up into chapters that give clear indicators and clues as to the sport for that particular chapter. Clearly it might be suggested that such books might exist already though given my own couple of years of constant interaction with Bill Harris and his massive long term following-it may well be suggested that most have opted for completely differing subject matter altogether than what most of us would prefer or like or indeed have simply opted for a given chosen sport-typical examples I think that I mentioned going through multiple business type books that had a large aggregate of Golf type terminology. Great for Golfers and that is perhaps regarded as the sport of business owners and so on though as suggested by myself I despite taking up photo-reading and ploughing through a multitude of materials have yet to uncover an all brought together under one umbrella COMPENDIUM for the wide and varied sporting events around the planet. One could of course be staring myself in the face though I suspect most peoples have thought-that is going to be to difficuly to attempt or achieve.

I however disagree; quite simply as I have progressed and gone through various modalities and indeed followed instruction I have had some of those mental shifts-so originally It was simply obsessive clearing out of what I regarded as too much undesirable bad dosage of this that and the other-be that information flotsam and jetsam or real genuine quality material-my approach was everything must go in some kind of mad rush and that can be demonstrated throughout those interaction on the Holosync blog. Likewise a year or two down the line-I eventually succumbed to some of the associate advertising materials-predominantly those that claimed or stated that they were using the Technology I was aligning myself with anyway.

So why do I believe that such a system or guidebook is not beyond what can already be achieved now by some long term user or proponent of these kinds of Technologies.

Well quite simply when we look to History we can see that whether we are Church and Religion watching or Royalty watching that an establishment of varying descriptions came into being at some point in time and despite international wars and calamity and so on has generally gone unchanged for a fair few centuries. So we in Great Britain and indeed the Common wealth or any other former colonial powers can perhaps regard ourselves whether consciously or otherwise as highly likely already having much of the desired Foundational or Fundamental information and so on already within our respective noggins and many of the modalities encourage following practice and exercise to bring such information into our respective conscious windows or awareness where they may or may not be more USEFUL.

Likewise there is this constant IDEA as to technology moving forward-so I have seen many a reference to ANCESTRY recently saying did you know there are only 7 categories of Surname or something akin to that. Most in more recent History came about through related TRADE names. However we can also of course state categorically that any given name is of course akin to being to much in the story when the desirable position is said to be stepping out of the immediate story in some fashion.

So Technology for cameras of course took up the IDEA of lenses and shutter speeds for differing effects and also the IDEA reused of film rolled about a reel that would spin through a projecting device showing moving pictures. Likewise we in more recent years have seen the advent of DIGITAL.

It is DIGITAL that enables (In My Opinion) a compendium type work to be created should some long time devotee to Holosync, take up the challenge? Why?

Well with digital and the usage of switches and filters you could regard each chapter as having its own sequential set of TRIGGERS that place you specifically within the zone for a specific sport.

A typical example of this IDEA is 3D movies where if they wanted to they could design a film within a film much like the “ANCIENT” IDEA of subliminal messages. So in older film format it was said you only required so many FRAMES to occur to give the ILLUSION of moving picture. Now when computer technology began taking of people realised you could have all the EVEN frames (for instance) as one film and all the ODD frames as a differing film. Likewise 3D with differing HIGHLIGHTED sectors or sections of an image is in fact much of that IDEA & PROCESS. So the same IMAGE and material can be seen by an AUDIENCE though likewise each member of the AUDIENCE could be seeing through a differing LENSE TRIGGER. Again these things perhaps differing depending on where an individual’s own focus is at.

As I have concentrated more on the associate production line of products over the last couple of years I have perhaps come to see that eventually just about everything can be about this IDEA of LENSES & FILTERS hence we wanting to in stepping stone step-by-step fashion develop our respective knowledge as to how we can SWITCH between differing points of interest (via lense r filters) and so on. The big broad lense that I rushed toward initially has possibly lost some of its appeal and I really am now thinking more in terms of concentrated focus on particular areas with differing attributes and values. So in the so-called real world development we are seeing the release of a contact lense with a ZOOM. You give a wink and the contact lense zooms in much like you can adjust a digital camera or indeed a classic film camera.

So that is one IDEA as to SOLUTION, take a pre-existing and for the most part successful model and then dissect that model to see where cycles and patterns occur. We can do that for Sports such-as Cricket and Rugby and Formula one and Tennis and Boxing and well all sports really-you just need to be aware that you are acting upon one specific frame or data sequence and cycles.

Other realms that I have strangely become more aware of are actually those of AWARD SHOWS and so on. So I gave up watching TV and FILM for the most part though am not completely TEE TOTAL as the AWARD sector is once again very interesting in terms of rotations and again we see INTERNATIONAL INTEREST versus LOCAL INTEREST. So Bafta recently held an award show here in the UK of local interest and many European Nations have similar type award bodies that are quite specific to Country. Bafta in recent years became two shows-separating out the TV industry awards from the Film industry Awards and that again is part of the progress and perhaps finding ways and means to establish a means as to accommodating the respective audience’s. How many FILM & Television people can attend an event with seating for a fixed amount of attendance? So split the awards up and you afford the opportunity to perhaps only attend one event in the calendar and likewise improve the possibility of having an audience that respects the awards being given. Yes every realm has stepping stones though likewise some prefer their realm and genuinely have little interest in moving to the other sector. They say this that or the other realm is CUT-THROAT though I think we see that all areas come with their own respective pitfalls and traps and so on. Success in film does not mean success in TV or indeed THEATRE. I mention theatre because I noted another award show today related to West End Theatre a new production of MISS SAIGON apparently taking the majority of bows-likewise had I followed my own clues and links from the last post and gone through year earlier posts and so on the clues were perhaps contained therein-had I made the CROSS-REALM LINAKGE so to speak for that area.

So the cross realm focus can take you all over the shop and deciding where you as an individual are going to concentrate effort and so on really is an ongoing dilemma unless you can as suggested get a calendar and mark out the respective patterns locations for the varied sports that you personally follow and location and likewise you (perhaps) local or regional AWARDS.   So I can demonstrate that despite not watching film and television and little in the way of Theatre (beyond Pantomime) in recent years that I still provide CLUES and POINTERS as to likely WINNERS and so on.

So that perhaps al about the NEUTRAL UNIVERSE and clearly it really can take a couple of years of solid meditation to relieve yourself of many a long-term TRAUMA.

The NEXT QUESTION perhaps for myself is this one of CREATIVITY-early on again I seemingly find myself going through the ASSOCIATED linkages for varying CODE SYSTEMS that I have learnt such as those within the Spiritual Code Course and likewise other courses also provided similar breakdowns of IDEAS in relation to colour and sound and all the various ISSUES that we present ourselves with as to EXCUSES for not being successful and so on.

So I at present am not in THE CREATIVITY ZONE although I perhaps need to be to get on with seeking to write a book idea and so on-again I do have multiple ideas-though some (to my mind) are simply no go areas whilst others I could happily go-though again feel are subjects and topics best left to other peoples and persons.

So where does David go? ARRRGGHHH. Elsewhere of course I found myself once again thinking of those ART linkages we seeing some Copenhagen Action and whether it is the right or wrong Country I found myself thinking about Hans Christian Anderson once again. We can of course when looking to HISTORY see the same cycle being repeated over and over. So in BRITISH BANKING HISTORY we see that much PRIVATE BUCCANEERING ENTERPRISE’S were funded by the DUTCH and I really am unsure as to how much the cycles are going to DIVERGE from these seemingly pre-orchestrated lines of inquiry-what does that mean?

It means that no matter how much I have STUDIED INTERNATIONAL POLITICS and HISTORY that we will see the same cycles and patterns over and again in many ways-as an EXAMPLE you might SUGGEST that we see COUNTRY HOPPING.

So we have just done Denmark and that borders Sweden where ABBA who have had a resurgence over the last couple of years appeared from during my own youth. Likewise those Nordic Scandinavian Countries always given way to us here in the UK before we move to mainland Europe and France and Germany again and so on-yes HISTORY can be said to be occurring within all the Countries irrespective of where DAVID is monitoring though in BRITISH HISTORICAL CYCLES we really do see the same linkages going on and our choice is perhaps to get ourselves OPEN enough mentally to start or begin IDENTIFYING the patterns with greater accuracy.

So I will leave this one for now though as suggested having accumulated and carried our much mental clearing and so on-I have come to a point where I think I can whether consciously or otherwise IDENTIFY many a cross-realm money making scheme simply through getting a calendar and noting SPORT WINNERS and GEOGRAPHY and likewise AWARD WINNERS and GEOGRAPHY and so on. Clearly we all want to set our own success agendas though likewise are perhaps better of being attuned to already pre-existing systems of success than otherwise-and likewise coming to understandings of WHY any given individual feels that this that or the other event has to occur in order for progress to be made. Can enough peoples and persons COOPERATE with some of DAVID’S more outlandish teachings and IDEAS in a positive and rewarding FASHION that our cooperative groupings and so on are all looking out for each other in something of a positive and uplifting fashion rather than constantly twisting in what we think are external knives when they very often relate to ourselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Who Can and Who Cannot See All That I Right

So this perhaps not a particularly inspiring question in the sense that I carry out a regular almost daily (week days) note taking exercise and likewise over the last couple of years of doing that activity I originally or initially wrote much of that kind of information publically-at least that is what I presently recall. However after a certain amount or time period I simply began opting to simply place such detail within private blog postings.

Again we have seen a great deal written recently on CYBER SECURITY though my own experience is that any system set up usually will have holes or floors of some description that can be circumnavigated or exploited by would be HACKERS or SPIES and so on. The typical reasoning I think I have written previously is this one of ERROR CHECKING by programmers for bugs within Software. That perhaps again akin to the IDEA of differing LEVELS of access.

So whilst I do still write and carry out the fairly regular note taking exercises-much of what has occurred in the intervening year or two of privately publishing such detail is still often predominantly the same kind of information and given that scenario-I really am not going to great lengths to protect such information-pass word protection and checking visitor type statistic pages are all available though I generally know that anyone with the intention to hack or attack my website and so on can probably only ever really be DELAYED rather than defeated or blocked outright-I think. Likewise many a CONSCPIRACY of course comes about because the developers of particular Software and so on-move on and a few years down the line could potentially be those responsible for hacking systems that they originally developed-for other purposes or parties or entities.

That of course is the same as the idea of Poacher turned Gamekeeper though likewise I wrote and liked an expression I heard suggesting that a DOOR ONCE OPENED can be TRAVERSED both ways. Is that TRUE-well I think we have all possibly encountered doors that defeat such sayings-though eventually given that all things can occur in all directions to anyone at or within any point in time or life (so to speak) many IDEAS simply come down to ATTITUDE toward events and how and why they are occurring.

So many “old notes” visibly available to a wider public are still VALID when you understand that the cycles and patterns seemingly continue in various loop fashions about yourself. Of course when you have experienced or experimented with one modality or sequence of IDEAS you often move to another or indeed seek to integrate the best from among those already experienced.

So regular diary and note taking can seem at times like a chore though over the longer time-as repeated many times over we can look to carry out CROSS REALM REFERENCING on any accumulated data that we have-hopefully creating a mini-report so to speak on what we believe we will WITNESS at any given time or juncture. So today is Now 15th February 2015 in the early hours and I can look to 15th though-out my diary or indeed to previous year or multiples there-off as to what I may or may not expect to witness within present cycles and patterns. Likewise it has been suggested by many an EXPERT that we want to FOCUS on the REWARDING and UPLIFTING and let go of the so-called NEGATIVE’S and clearly if we keep a RECORD such-as a diary or blog we can point to seeing what might or might not be regarded as being which is which as to coin sides and so on.

So the really hard part can often setting some time aside to begin writing and then following your writing up with more writing and indeed carrying out cross realm information linking or REFINING your own feedback mechanism’s. I suggested Sport as a popular activity though likewise we have many that these practise can be carried out with and likewise when we look to Markets and broader or Wider World News and so on we are only every going to see ADDICTION to suffering and the reporting there-off. My own suffering must be a delusion because that Country is in a war zone crisis and that country is in a starvation crisis and that Country is run by evil Dictators and so on. So as we progress with meditation and so on we want to become attuned to more rewarding cycles and patterns and IDEAS as to how we want the course of our own lives to run. Likewise any of us can stop carrying out such things at any point or time of our lives or likewise we can become dedicated to such activities in a how can I improve upon what has currently been created type fashion. Is the saying “there is nothing new under the Sun” TRUE etc. So technology is always shifting and being refined and so on giving seemingly new twists and turns as REMEDIIES to problems that some people within some realms have suggested as blocks to their own advancement or however. IF ONLY THIS EXISTED I WOULD NO LONGER EXPERIENCE THAT-perhaps another of those to be explored sayings.

No matter how high any of us thinks ourselves upon a hill or stage of experiential development it does seem that someone else can always demonstrate greater power and ability and so on. The issue then perhaps as to WHO we genuinely desire being guided by and whose IDEAS are those that no longer fit how we ourselves desire seeing the World.

So yes I note and note and eventually have built up a collection of notes-mostly privately published though older notes were all made public and can be referenced by anyone who may or may not feel they are lower down the developmental model in some fashion.

Likewise from a personal point of view-it really does seem that whilst you want to help or develop improved life experience you have to also put some effort and work into making your own reference base of data and so on. So I took up that modality and followed the Teachers learnings and so on and then compared what they were stating and claiming to be true with what I myself was making and taking note of. How true is what I have experienced-with the model proffered by this that or the other person.

Clearly I having rushed through multiple earlier levels of assisted Meditation whilst at the same time trying out associated product lines perhaps was sling shot into some Parallel Universe in many ways as to the witnessing of what goes on about myself. Likewise my slowing down in meditative advancement has perhaps come about as a result of wanting to follow the instructed guidelines-however we all of us perhaps have issues within our respective lives that are not simply going to vanish disappear or go away simply because we want them to.

So my reduction in daily publishing’s is perhaps because little can be said at present that has not been demonstrated at some previous point or locating within these couple of years of regular publishing’s. Likewise it might be suggested that a NEXT POINT of personal growth experience and so on is called upon for myself it might be the writing of a book for instance hence the “write well, write fast, write now” course though likewise given the number of years since formal education and all-round life experience, being MOTIVATED is perhaps potentially where I am lacking. So I still have not yet decided exactly as to what my project is going to be and the clock is ticking down like a bomb ready to go off for the Mastermind group meeting and indeed the next on-line course session.

So yes-my lack of recent public publishing is predominantly because of where my own present focus is rather than any given trigger or negative stimulus that I may experience. Only so many hours in the day and a free blog is not presently where I can allocate appropriate time on top of all the private note taking that continues.

So follow the recommended note taking exercises for yourselves and try the linking a cross realms in terms of data usage and try some of the technologies for yourselves before making absolute judgments-the evolving world principle seems to be in effect no matter how any us would prefer otherwise so we may as well flow with greater realities than be at constant loggerheads against them. That of course comes down once again to personal development and growth and no matter how anyone would like to think the World is events can occur that demonstrate new aspects and angles previously unconsidered by even those most advanced within any given area of expertise that exists at present.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉