Now How Can I Best Answer

So as I suggested in an earlier write-up I listened in attentively to the 1st FREE SESSION of Write Well, Write fast, Write Now and then of course mulled and played around with some of the ideas presented-do I really want to purchase all the Sam Horn Books when I have read a multitude of “how to…” styled craft books on the subject of reading and writing and my answer ‘given that I was impressed with the way she communicated her teachings’ was “YES” I will very likely make some of those purchases-simply to carry out that “walking in someone else’s shoes” process. Again many of these things are of course psychology related though Teachers from within the realm of the Transformational Leadership Council do generally command large paying fees for the services and knowledge that they disseminate among their respective followers.

Further to that-I was sent on on-line version of the W5 Questionnaire form accompanying the course for those interested in becoming involved within new mastermind groupings for the respective area that they are setting a creative intention for. I of course have written this blog regularly for a couple of years and so days have gaps whilst others have multiple publishing’s. All meanings again given by the reader-though in this particular case the gap of the last two or three days might simply reflect my opening up that form and STARING AT IT and STARING AT IT over and over again asking myself how can I best answer these questions. You might say that on the evening of the session I wrote notes throughout and indeed proffered answers as to the questions-though perfectionist critic perhaps popped up and said-you can write better answers than that and presto I once again found myself oh can I-what would be the best answers that I can write to these questions within my current level of awareness and knowledge and teachings and so on.

So I have mulled and mulled over the questions solidly for several days “FROZEN” almost, perhaps by this issue of setting DEADLINES and also other METAPHORICAL / ALLEGORICAL events that have occurred during this past week, and a few years ago I might have even felt sickly or fearful-though I then recalled that in fact I have actually carried out and worked through many of the questions and so on via these regular blog writings and any DIRECTED teachings to any given area held within the questionnaire would perhaps occur almost naturally without over analysis and seeking to over intellectualise these things.

So today I eventually after a seemingly long nap opened up the associated email from Learning Strategies and selected the questionnaire link and then proceeded to answer the questions in as best a manner as I felt could be established at the present time-current level of awareness and cycles and patterns of time notwithstanding. So what next?

Well I did of course also receive a link to a Facebook group for the course and indeed some contact details for other members of the group that I was being placed within. Again such things can take you into the realm of “SHOCK HORROR”. In the case of Facebook-the issue is one of previous History. Do I want to return to a Format that was used by people to maintain negatively inspired campaigns against myself, keeping myself very much in NEGATIVE VICTIM thoughts and feelings when much of these teachings are about transitioning FOCUS and so on to POSITIVE & REWARDING thoughts and feelings and so on.

I think it was in the “Happy For No Reason” course that a great deal of emphasis was placed on CONTRACTION versus EXPANSION and I early on within my studies and learnings (on return to HEREFORD) was very much about EXPANSIVE thoughts feelings and attitudes and teachings-though as is well documented particular environments and peoples and persons there within-are all about maintaining and keeping people in CONTRACTED thoughts & feelings and that PSYCHOLOGICAL PATTERN is one that for the benefit of ALL people within such realms requires shifting focus from. An interesting DILEMMA perhaps-given how repetitions occur over and over again-many choosing to learn and gearing the overall strategy and approach more thoughtfully whilst others come along who simply fall straight into some of the easiest HAZARDS & TRAPS that can be fallen into.

So I should be able to think WOW how cool is that a FACEBOOK GROUP FULL OF LIKEMINDED INDIVIDUALS YEAH. Though instead feel that FACEBOOK is a FAIL for this person and not somewhere I am likely to return. So irrespective of that I do of course have a MASTERMIND group of people’s who I will undoubtedly be hearing from at some point-how long do I politely wait prior to taking the initiative and contacting them myself-do I wait for a nod or some external sign and symbol suggesting they are “SAFE” contacts or do I waltz in and immediately open up another can of worms.

Yes of course within the thoughts and feelings as to what can run through any given person’s heart and mind and so on we are once again in the realm of DILEMMA the proactive approach that I in many ways instigated for many peoples can be said to have “WORKED” however as is often the case-you then get 2nd and 3rd and 4th generation individuals come along who as is suggested above once again cause havoc and chaos to all about themselves through lack of awareness and knowledge and so on. It can of course also be STATED that I myself am a 2nd or 3rd or 4th or even 5th or more later Generation WAVE individual to many of these things to earlier adopters of the Technologies.

So all things considered nothing to worry about then-he says-YES I could have been paired or grouped up with some highly skilled and capable individuals who can give myself many an alternate angle and view of my writings from having been far longer involved within the assorted networks or likewise could find myself strangely feeling at odds with companions-though having said that the CRITERIA by which we are to arrange things is quite STRICT in the sense of ALLOWING or ENABLING the respective party within a GROUP to develop confidence in what they themselves are speaking upon. So whilst we can “walk in the footsteps” we do not have to necessarily feel obliged to copy or take the exact same route or fashion that someone else provides-a loose framework perhaps rather than a straightjacket-harry Houdini immediately springing to mind at this point-he of course famously escaping padlocked straightjackets whilst submerged in underwater floating tanks and all sorts of feats of illusion and daring.

So plenty to wonder upon-I have not been appointed Host for the first contact-so will perhaps wait for the designated leader to contact myself first as a courtesy measure-though likewise we all have differing International Timezones, LOL, that could make things even more interesting. I of course live Greenwhich Meantime (GMT) usually referred to as “LONDON” time. However further to that I do within my top secret life work NIGHTS as an Industrial Cleaner and that is perhaps more akin to a USA or SOVIET DAYTIME (Northern Hemisphere) were I to parallel (Southern Hemisphere) things could become even more interesting again.

I shall wait patiently and if you as a member of the appointed Mastermind Group have adopted an International Espionage Approach to seeking myself out-do not be overly concerned as to the meanderings and so on within these blog articles-I write many private notes also and those perhaps far more interesting to some than others though likewise I have a specific project that the group is to be used for so other writings such-as this blog are perhaps not so interesting or important within the greater scheme of things.

What else can I comment on-well in keeling things simply I shall leave this one here and perhaps write another article of some commentary style on the greater or Wider World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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