So What Does David Know Of The Magna Carta

Well on a conscious basis perhaps very little-though I am quite sure that over the longer haul of my studies it is a document that has been cited over and over again-and my mentioning now is simply related to the fact that some surviving piece documents related to the Magna Carta of 1215 have apparently been brought together for the first time in however many years by some museum.

The four pieces of course remind myself of Four Powers for greatness and likewise we are presently seeing Government talk as to aspects of the Education System and how if “THEY” win forthcoming elections will “CHANGE” things about. I noted within my reading on the Education System that some International league table system known as PISA was cited and again reference was given within that toward Reading, Mathematics and Science-I also noted that the year 2020 was once again given as some “TARGET” related to Education-I of course linked 2020 to materials that I had previously read to The re-organisation and restructuring of The British Armed Forces that is taking place-so clearly we who are Witnessing can tap into these particular given years and dates as to cross-realm linkages perhaps within our own Studies. Some might say well I set myself this Goal of having achieved this Target by that particular year though clearly as has been suggested-my own progress suggests that no matter what targets anyone sets personally for themselves or indeed a group-the Horizon will always remain at the same distance from wherever and whatever POINT you believe yourself to be progressing from.

I have of course in the past suggested the closing of eyes and meditating and I have also mentioned those Astronaut like Gym Gyroscopic Exercise Machines and for the keeping things plain and simple reasoning-you can actually get to a point whereby your WORLD INSIDE and OUTSIDE is akin to being on a TREADMILL (within a GYM) treadmill meaning those walking running jogging machines, where you expend a great deal of energy whilst on the SPOT. That of course similar to the IDEA of shutting your eyes and imagining or picturing yourself within some Holo environment and then writing about the DRAMA and events that you take in about yourself whether through sight sound touch smell taste and so on. I of course have spoken in more recent times on IDEAS such-as storyboarding and those might be akin to stepping stone points along that not existent movement toward a stationary Horizon.

I have also of course spoken on the IDEA of INTEGRATION of the various sensory abilities and likewise it can seemingly be demonstrated that others elsewhere are always seemingly one-step ahead whether through INTENTION or indeed having asked the questions needed to be asked prior to my own asking of those same questions.

So some Companies provide models that enable or make it easier for people to SWITCH between particular MODELS that we can hold within our heads and many of us especially with Meditation perhaps sought to CLEAR-OUT much pre-existing accumulated patterns-though likewise at some point you come to the realisation that you will or are going to see the same cycles and patterns over and again so you may as well seek to find the BEST ESTALISHED PRACTICE or LEARNINGS from those events. We can live in RESISTANCE to such things or indeed NAVIGATE ourselves a path and course of least resistance towards goals and aims and strategies and all the rest of it.

It does very often seem like you should INTERVENE when you witness other peoples and persons falling into particular patterns and cycles that you know (for instance) are detrimental-however having sought to have done that previously and having been excessively targeted for burning one tends to become RELUCTANT to intervene and likewise if such ACTIVITES are continuously HIGH-LIGHTED then one has to perhaps seek out HIGHER AUTHORITIES and that of course brings us back to the Magna Carta-the document famously stating something akin to know one being above the law and including the King of that time period and future King-ships within the document. Many International Governments used or created SIMILARLY styled documents at various points within their own Histories once that IDEA was established within the Hearts, minds and bodies of the various populaces. Prior to that we can pretty much state that being KING was linked to that of being DEITY or GOD and so on-a typical example perhaps being the Japanese Model prior to the end of World War II. The “GOD” or “KING” or “DEITY” gives orders and then everyone kills themselves as part of their duty or however one is to describe that IDEA & MODEL-perhaps similar to those societal wide like issues that occurred throughout Britain during World War I; whereby huge amounts of PEER PRESSURE and PSYCHOLOGY was used or occurred throughout Society that suggested it was better to be in ALIGNMENT with that declaration of allegiance and pledging of Loyalties and so on than not. However in the SCALABLE or FACTORIZATION models created within more modern times we can demonstrate that no matter how BIG some SELF-APPOINTED King or God or Deity believe themselves to be that someone somewhere else can pull the rug from beneath the often over large and un challenged EGO. I can state that I have EXPERIENCED such events over and over again and that is perhaps how we as individuals can develop WISDOM though likewise as was suggested in another recent ARTICLE some folks go unchallenged for far longer (perhaps) until they have far greater falls from race and so on.

What else is being high-lighted well I noted something about the American Superbowl and have of course mentioned quite enjoying watching that years ago though the games do drag on somewhat-I recently found myself hearing that we have attention spans shorter than Goldfish our 8 seconds or milli-seconds to their 9 seconds or milli-seconds and that of course fits in with why using meditiation and slowing your World down can be of great benefit-I have found or used many courses that demonstrate ACCELERAMENTS and accelerated learning and they are great though likewise in many respects it can be akin to so-called MATRIX TIME-many of us have perhaps seen those visual illusions and slow-mo-s of Hero’s and Superhero’s moving faster than oncoming bullets and shrapnel and however one is to describe such things.

So one can of course wonder as to whether accelerating time is and external or internal function and ability though these things again are perhaps related to how far any given individual has advanced with such varied and assorted processes.

Elsewhere I noted that the Police were being complained about in higher percentages-though the drama many of these things create is of course STATISTICS. Does a 15% rise in complaints compare well with a 20% increase in population or 30% increase in costs-yes I made those latter two up though STATISTICS are simply HIGH-LIGHTED reports from perhaps deeper or larger datasets and can be demonstrated to work in MULTIPLE ways. We see this in POLITICS a great deal of course though getting to a point where you are not getting sucked into every “THIS MUST BE TRUE” because so and so says it is.

So given any body of knowledge and some level or greater degree of awareness can always be debated though it can be wiser to often step back and not get drawn into repetitions that someone somewhere thinks is ORIGINAL when those more advanced or experienced know full well that many a behaviour and action or event can often be demonstrated to be boring and tiresome to those who keep diaries and journals and blogs and are more greatly attuned to Witnessing and translating information’s across differing fields of inquiry and realms and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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