So This Week I Have Watched & Listened

So this week I have watched and listened to “EXPERTS” as they have given various Analysis as to what they believe happens “NEXT” within particular realms that they themselves monitor-this a typical morning news viewing that Dave often see’s for a short period of time each morning before heading to bed and very often they are carried out in the “CONTEXT” of newspaper like reviews with a daily look at very often how International affairs and politics is going to affect the Markets within any Global Regional Economy. The only real debate I have as to the reality that these experts claim is often that they usually appear quite educated peoples and persons and appear to be speaking from qualified positions hence they being called onto the News Networks and channels to give such knowledge to a wider audience in the first place-and my own opinion is often that they are opting for the EASY & OBVIOUS over perhaps more intricate explanations.

So for instance one chap who was on toward the end of the week was I think commenting upon the Ukraine Crisis and saying that the Peace Deal being sought by France and Germany would be shown up as Western weakness by Putin and his respective Russian allies and that America would also appear weak as a result-and I could not help to think that at the end of the day-these are European Countries talking about European Affairs so in multiple ways-whilst the US might seek to advise and give support they can only ever become attacked for “INTERFERING” with Politics in a differing region or Continent of the Planet. Likewise we in Britain are perhaps also potentially adversely affected in the sense that we are often regarded as UN-European when it comes to much of the European debate-much in the way that we INVENTED or CREATED many known INTERNATIONAL SPORTS such-as football and then seemingly lost out when it came to International Sporting Bodies or Governing Body’s and so on-typical examples are well known though we can always of course ask that age old question “IS IT TRUE” and indeed does it actually matter to us personally or however. Very often when young we are encouraged to develop personalities and interests and political debating leanings and so on though overall it does seem that such ways and means as used within the Education System are working against the individuals that the systems are said to be in place for.

Those of us in the lower echelons of Society “for instance” often get to complain about being the first thrown to the dogs or wolves when it comes to WAR being able to CITE Historical Draft and Conscription examples and the so-called taking of the Kings Shilling or Crown (as in coin rather than Head or Headware). Yes I think I have only seen such things within old COMEDY type film though believe the general idea to have been REAL.

So are the experts correct or do they simply set themselves up as Company with smart suite and tie and then advertise as “expert” based in having this Diploma in Bullshit or whatever the respective QUALIFICATION GOVERNING BODY happens to be. We did of course see a few years of so-called SCANDALS within the British Media realms as to CELEBRATORIES claiming to have University Degree’s only to then later hear that they were awarded by some suspicious on-line company from within the United States where I think they still have a policy whereby just about any group (within reason) can set themselves up as EDUCATORS and then proceed to SELL or CREATE on-line content and courses that have various Certifications and so on enabling CELEBRITY to have letters after there name.

So we in Britain are quite INSULAR with regard to EXTERNAL AWARDING BODY’S of qualification and so on although at the same time we are do the so-called INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE TABLE COMPARISON and so on. Is that WISE? Well we are of course through various Government led initiatives and Global Politics part of the Wider World and many International Body’s came about through planning or the intention to safeguard FUTURE GENERATIONS. So much of the European Debate over the last Century is said to have come about through the intention to stop or PREVENT WAR or the RISE of EXTREMISM. However at present even though it is a LEFT-WING extremism we are seeing in GREECE these things might be suggested to have been cause by the very policies designed to circumnavigate the issues.

How often do we in Britain complain of “RED TAPE” simply at local Government level-so imagine how complicated “RED TAPE” or “PAPER WORK COMPLIANCE” and “JOBSWORTH” nonsense can become at Higher Degree’s of Political Bodies and tables.

Yes so anyway experts can claim to know what will happen next-though very often it seems to myself that all of us no matter how well studied become BLINDSIDED in some fashion by some unexpected developments occurring.

A typical example of such a scenario could well be what we are seeing over the last couple of days in relation to an American ISIS Hostage Death within the ARABIAN PENINSULAR. So A War plane came down later last year and the pilot was taken Hostage. More recently it has been said that he had been tortured & murdered some time around XMAS and in response his Country of ORIGIN “Jordan” I think (not to be confused with Katie Price of Big Brother winning fame), embarks on a larger bombing and targeting campaign of ISIS strongholds. So cause & effect is that POTENTIALLY an International hostage has died and is part of the so-called “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” of the CONFLICT.

Of course it can be said that any International Worker within any other region outside of the one from which they themselves Originate is potentially placing themselves in the line of fire within some areas or landscapes about the Globe-some Countries come with KNOWN RISK whilst others have or contain risk for anyone and everyone who is unused to any given Country’s custom’s and way and means of life. Typical examples are Westerners drinking banned alcohol within some Arab States or facing death sentences as Drug Mules or simply getting mugged as TOURISTS. Yes strange though true if a Tourist is mugged or murdered abroad we in this Country are often shown graphic details of the TRAGEDY and how incompetent the OTHER Country is in dealing with the case, whilst when an International person is victim to such events in this Country we tend to have little or quite vague reporting of such things. Swings and roundabouts of course and perhaps part of that “Stay at home; and be a LOCAL for LOCAL PEOPLE” indoctrination perhaps.

So overall we can I think be pleased with our respective Police Forces and Military Forces and the way they conduct themselves though likewise in the so-called “There is no such thing as bad publicity” stakes all situations and scenario’s can once again be said to lead to FINANCIAL POLITICING. We could have dealt with this issue or it can be demonstrated that were we to have had the same funding ratio as we previously had that this TRAGIC event may have been avoided or not occurred-very often the LINE of TACT taken on some issues.

The sad truth that many FRONTLINE DUTIES in many walks of life are STRANGLED by the REQUIREMENT for SIGNATURES and PAPERWORK beyond what the average person in the street could cope with. We saw with Policing that a system was developed to ENABLE better coordination of such issues though likewise the same is true for pretty much ALL AND ANY REALM where “LEGALITIES” can become introduced. So for instance it can clearly be demonstrated by many workers in many areas of life that the SIGNATURE is not worth the ink used to write it down with though the debate then becomes changed or shifted to further “WHAT-IF’S”.

Why say what if? Well we have of course recently seen I think a death of someone called GOTO an that of course to those who took up home computing in the 1980’s was a quite popular type BASIC LOOP STRING.

Anyone and everyone new a couple of lines of “BASIC” that could be entered into a Spectrum or Commodore 64 or BBC Microcomputer. 10 Print “name”; 20 Goto 10; 30 Return

Something along those lines-so that very simply algorithm is actually not all that differing to so-called data-mining algorithms used within Artificial Intelligence Systems and so on. Yes one EXPECTS to get COMPLEX & COMPLICATED for the price you pay and indeed much overblown software features huge quantities of BELLS & WHISTLES to hide that fact that the INDUSTRY has perhaps been getting away with it, for Far too long. Though we can then say well actually when you compare across other realms you can see that they are simply establishing themselves as WORTH for service and time just as other PROFESSIONS DO. None of us think LEGAL FEES are value for money though soon complain if affected adversely by not having taken Legal Advice. Likewise Private Hospital care and so on is often regarded as value for money when you have experienced regular NHS-the real debate there perhaps as to sharing of facilities.

So all these DEBATES through MEDITATIVE Technologies can be reasoned and rationalised and experienced away within your own noggin until your Threshold is raised to such a level that just about everything seems as some kind of EXISTENTIAL “DO I WANT TO CONCERN MYSELF WITH THIS” type question and likewise of course we then have those who have played around to discover the very best that can be achieved with so-called Technologies though in all honesty some are perhaps genuinely far superior than others. I perhaps STRUGGLE as to knowing the best combinations of usage-so sometimes think I am on CLOUD 9 Health wise (as an example) and then a short time after feel as though I have been hauled over the coals. This perhaps one of those issues as to personal history and whilst we can learn our own lessons within our own respective history and indeed take WISDOM advice from elders & masters within any area or aspect of life-at some point you do feel as though you yourself have to contribute in some fashion and of course that also requires FUNDING your own desired life and getting some of those rewarding and uplifting INTENTIONS operating.

So I have not publically published for much of this week though have still been writing and likewise it does seem that I may have to take more notice of the realm of celebratory whether I like such realms or otherwise-even if I myself am not acting and performing-we can all but GUARANTEE that others about us are and some things are working in coordinated benefit for everyone whilst other smaller unpublished aspects are perhaps REMEDY’S for previously created issues.

Yes this something that I through my notes have experienced at varying intervals throughout the year and of course various levels of WITNESSING whereby event repetition cycles OCCUR. So someone in an undesirable loop creates a situation whereby they themselves are require as HERO to sought out created mess.

In the TV & MEDIA realm it is equivalent to the Fireman starting a Fire or the Policeman carrying out a murder or the typical fayre OUTSIDE INVESTIGATOR DETECTIVE STORY. Yes I like and am known to have grown up watching and reading many “WHO DUNNIT” type Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes styled storylines and likewise my own leaning is toward those sorts of THEORETICAL UNRAVELLING of the FACT from the FICTION.

So we begin with a multitude of REASONS (story’s as to why we cannot do this that or the other) and ste-by-step process-by-process we come to see that in fact we can get to a POINT OF RESULTS through tirelessly making the effort to break down the components of the various aspects of any given story and reinventing or redesigning to fit a particular purpose of however. Change the tune and fix the Orchestra.

A casual observance of many FAMED Orchestral and indeed Author is that they have some unfinished or incomplete WORK that they die prior to completing-though I in many ways when you read through some of these peoples and persons HISTORY perhaps come to think of those EMPTY blank pages as the INVITATION for someone somewhere to STEP FORWARD and see if they are able to SOLVE THE RIDDLE OF TIME.

Anyway I have written a little longer than I might had I been writing each and every day publically and I can look through these writings for the days in the most simply of numbering related IDEAS and see if CLUES already PRE-EXIST as to the various stages that any of us find ourselves going through. Some days I have written strangely finely CRAFTED ARTICLES whilst others are strangely scattered to the FOUR WINDS. Was I acting on non-conscious INFLUENCE & MANIPUTATED informatics or simply suffering from HIGHS & LOWS and PEAKS & TROUGHS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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