“And The Winner Is” A Hushed Silence grips The Audience

So of course we who watch presentation awards often have or witness that LULL prior to a name being announced for some particular trophy or award though WHAT-IF you were to write a comedy Film entitled “A Hushed Silence Grips The Audience”. Such things have over the years of course been ATTEMPTED within various realms whether sporting or indeed film & TV whereby someone has a name “COMPLETION” to an INTRODUCTORY sentence or however such things occur and likewise attempts to circumnavigate that FAUX PAS are greeted with varying degree’s of success.

The most obvious for Europeans over the years have of course been the Eurovision Song Contest-where every nation seemingly has some STRANGE & EXOTIC sounding name to the other NATIONS and likewise we see similar issues occurring within International Sports such-as the Olympics and many who have presented such things for TV & Cinema within their respective Autobiographical accounts have often used such anecdotes as to why they carry out much preceding “RESEARCH” having stumbled and stuttered at some lower level at the beginning of a career in TV & Journalism and so on. Even then with some events we can “SWITCH” channels to a live event and hear a differingly researched PRONUNCIATION and likewise likely when we see the Graphical Symbols pop-up on screen come up with our very own version.

So who is CORRECT?

Well clearly any individual can know how they themselves desire to be referenced in accordance with pronunciation of a given name and likewise some folks often change names when orking and living abroad-simply because such things are easier than having all about yourself struggle with some unpronounceable dialect from some middle-of-know where ISLAND. Is that true? Well I of course work for an employer who has such individuals who simply “TAKE-ON” some English name for simplicity and I think the same happens with corner shops and Chinese and Foreign food outlets where some “NICKNAME” becomes the option of choice rather than have 100’s & 1000’s of people struggle.

So again this perhaps not something I personally experience because I do have a “given name” that is INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED in most parts of the World-though the laws of “cause & effect” do suggest that no matter how much you take your own versioning of reality for granted-someone somewhere can demonstrate that you are in fact an EGO in your own mind when it comes to even the most simplest of language issues.

We in the UK also of course have long History of tongue in cheek humour when it comes to international names and I am sure that some other Nationalities also have some tongue in cheek attitudes to how our wordings and PRONUNCIATIONS sound within their own languages.

That perhaps takes myself back to something I have not spoken on for some time-RHYMES. We can of course when in crowds become confused as to what we are hearing and a given SEQUENCE OF NOISE can throw up within the hemispheres between our ears any number of wordings as to what is being heard-likewise many of us walk around with headphones or work with some ear protection covering that again can introduce VARIANCE into the mix of how our brain PROCESSES incoming SENSORY information.

Can a SOLUTION be provided? Well clearly we can seek any number of ways to change what is occurring-so Meditation for instance seemingly helps in slowing down or equalising hemispheric syncopation within the brain-enabling us to not get drawn into external SYNCOPATION that may or may not be good or healthy for ourselves. A great deal of research has occurred in relation to IDEAS such-as syncopation and pattern matching and cycles in sound in general over the years and having now meditated for several years I would recommend anyone who struggles with SEPARATING out the HARMONY from the DRUM from the Lead Guitar from the Baseline from the Brass section and from the Strings section and from the percussion section and so on to not become overly concerned as they all do seemingly become easier once you have begun adapting to your NEW WORLD experience and the change the Technologies provide. Likewise some folks will always charge in where everyone else FEARS TO TREAD and trample all over the best laid plans of Mice and Men and the SYSTEMS that have been coordinated and put in place for reasons of “SAFETY” or simplicity.

I remember when I used to get DIY packages to build wardrobes and so on and then leave instructions in the box and wonder why I am struggling with construction eventually returning to retrieve instruction and complete in rapid time(These days instructions really are useless anyway for many devices-they often including one line instruction to visit website in 400 page leaflets & languages). Likewise anyone who has saved up for some Device or Gadget over a longer period of time knows perhaps that feeling of “I’VE FINALLY GOT IT” for some much sought after machine of some description.

The best analogy is perhaps that one of a “CAR ENTHUSIAST” with the “LETS SEE WHAT THIS BABY CAN DO!” type attitude to putting new gadget or device or system through its paces-very often against the desires and wishes of those who wrote the instructions or indeed FUNDED such ventures. Clearly when we look to Cinema that might be the same as James Bond being told to go carefully with the new wristwatch or car or other gadget he has just been handed by Q.

So clearly it might be suggested that the characters surviving by the skin of the teeth such-as Bond are employed for possibly being “LUCKY” above and beyond any genuine appeal or ability. That might be akin to Stephen Hawking writing “A brief history of time” and then surviving his health condition for x many years whilst most of the Worldwide Audience has not a clue as to what he is being GENUINELY credited WITH. That perhaps sounds harsh to some though I having funded his life through reading some of his books and so on would have liked to get to a stage where I can say “OH YEAH” or whatever-so clearly much THEORECTICAL SPECULATION into THEORETICAL SPECULATION is a well-crafted and maintained industry within the HALLS OF SCIENCE and REALMS of HIGHER EDUCATION.

Ours Is Not To Reason Why-perhaps another well maintained quotage that can be demonstrably flawed in many ways when anyone takes the time to simply stop and listen and dissect what many “EXPERTS” whether via a Religious Superscience or otherwise are claiming about the World in which any of us live.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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