So I Can Demonstrate Having Become A Regular Writer

So I can of course demonstrate through or via this blog having become something of a regular writer for some extended period of time and the question perhaps now that I have to ask myself is what area of Life The Universe and Everything could I sink my teeth into with any kind of passion as a longer term project. These commentary type blogs can perhaps give pointers and indicators to greater realities though my own experience suggests that you really do have to make a strong commitment to any investment in time and energy that you are going to dedicate to a more secular project development.

Likewise as I wrote recently I perhaps had that momentary type blip of waiting for contact from other group members and whilst some contact has been established you do of course all come from differing backgrounds and life experiences and any number of questions as to what it is appropriate to discuss and-or of course otherwise. I having studied vast quantities of “How to…” styled books and tend to have quite a broad threshold for many a subject matter or areas and topics that anyone can perhaps think to write about though likewise we will all perhaps have differing views as to what it is that any of us wishes to impart to our respective audiences.

I have very much perhaps opted for surface value like commentary style within these blog articles though really do think that any project I settle upon will require greater depth or perhaps a passion or motivation that can carry myself through those moments where I feel I am having a block or perhaps struggling to adopt to a given style of a selected theme or area of interest.

So many of the technologies that I have recommended have of course been demonstrably about perhaps greater or improved attuning and likewise very much about how to achieve success or popularity and that perhaps a dilemma for myself as I actually have a strong liking for greater anonymity given some of the undesirable events and so on that have occurred through or during my life up until this point in time.

So am I once again coming up with reasons and excuses for delay in a somewhat haphazard fashion or simply being pragmatic as to being of a given age where I can categorically state in many a topic of debate “been there, liked it loved it, worn the T-shirt” great of course if such statements are about uplifting and rewarding subjects and topics though not so great if they are about other areas and topics that simply remind yourself of lost opportunity or undesirable events and so on.

So Dave requires a project and is now fretting and worrying as to where he can turn his attention to that might have a genuine purchase value to a given audience-yes the World has a very large 7 Billion population and a large percentage perhaps can read and write though as suggested above I was wondering if such dilemma falls within the realm of COMPARISON or whether it really is that I would like to be a successfully published author with proclaimed works on bookstore shelves whilst at the same time having anonymity. We can of course look at book shop business and statistics and many first time Authors and so on actually without support of publishers can find it very difficult starting out to simply gain any kind of accreditation and so on-by that I mean support and backing to actually be included within promotions and advertising and of course the willingness of authors to take part in such events also very often goes hand-in-hand with such expectations.

So I signed up and have multiple decisions as to topic and subject matter and layout and story arc though likewise have not yet chosen an area of interest that I myself would really want to read and write about-I think that is OFTEN one of those great tests that is said many authors carry out in a self-inquiring fashion. As to the truth of course one can debate such things until the cows come home-many very simple writing formulas for books and so on exist and I am sure many writers and authors live very comfortably following such systems. This once again perhaps that STARS IN YOUR OWN EYES issue of perfectionism, all or nothing, that often ends in lost opportunity. I think that Lady in the news at present-the Author of “To Kill A Mocking Bird” is an example whereby they are intending to release her earlier work now-that somewhat famed Novel named above created after she was told to put the earlier work aside as not being good enough and so on. That can of course be sensible or otherwise depending on your own confidence and belief in yourself and abilities and skills though mine is perhaps a situation where I really would struggle to take any further setbacks and so on after any investment of time and energy in a particular project. We often hear and are told that we should seek to take the positive seed or equivalent out of any scene and scenario irrespective of a situation being good or bad-adapting to feedback accordingly. Though likewise it can be demonstrated that people with other interests and desires and passions and intention are unlikely to ever reward someone who is “potentially” working with other dimensional models and realms and approaches to the way they go about particular IDEAS & ACTIVITIES.

With or without the recommended technologies many a training system of any kind includes reframing and looking at events from alternate angles and perspectives-however given how intransigent many of us become at quite young ages to some ways and so on of seeing the World or indeed abiding by pre-existing or pre-established systems (whether regarded as working appropriately or otherwise) the ability of anyone to change the mental model that they are working from perhaps really does require following in the footsteps or taking advice from those successful in the area that you actually want to be successful in. The criteria or measures and scales of such criteria can then also fall into question.

So I think though am not fully sure that both the persons I have been grouped with are actually successful people and that of course could hopefully rub off and or indeed propel myself forward in some fashion though clearly the success may not be related to being able to “write well, write fast, write now” hence they themselves also taking the aforementioned course.

So the greatest pressure then; that which we perhaps place upon ourselves-though likewise I really am stretching the so-called mental boundaries as to what would I want to read or indeed what niche can I create or develop that has not yet been thought of previously and that I can invest or find some passion in the time and investment being placed within such a project.

I will leave this one here I think and once again sleep on it in the hope that I can wake up with a new original ah-ha like idea that can be perhaps sustained for far longer than it takes to whip up these more occasional blog articles.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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